love is right


okay so i was watching ‘rebirth’ again and i noticed in allura’s speech to the balmerans, she was talking about how altea got destroyed and how she understands what the balmerans are going through right now, and afterwords you can actually see her tearing up and idk i just wanted to point that out

Yes, Emma was having her happy ending with Hook in the technical writing of the story, but if people project themselves into seeing Emma and Regina together, I love that, I mean, that’s beautiful.

Jennifer Morrison at her solo panel at OUAT New Jersey


#bernthalweek | day 3 - favorite photoshoot: SHARP MAGAZINE 

i love this whole photoshoot, but this picture specifically is a favorite. this picture is the one, when i saw it i knew it was all over. i knew i had it bad for jon, but this one sealed the deal. 

Just because it is not happening now, it does not mean that it will not happen soon. Be patient, love. For it takes the right time for the right things to happen.
—  Lukas W. // The right time