love is not just a verb quotes


So @zombiejette and I have made mad lib inspired fanfictions. Check hers out here. If you and a friend want a good laugh like we did, feel free to fill these out. We’d love to see reblogs of what you come up with or if you make one of your own. Fill out the bold bits, you can change the they to he or she or just leave it, adjust verb tenses if needed, have fun! Oh and its a lemon, yes. How intense depend on you.

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 Wine Not?

     "Expletive!“ You look down at the mess of your outfit. Your clothes are drenched and now smell like a noun that’s been verb-ed. Of course you wore your favorite outfit today. A adjective, color top with fabric pants and adjective animal skin boots. Irreplaceable boots that are now ruined. You are tempted to verb the broken bottle of booze that you had dropped. But, before you can do anything you hear a adjective voice behind you ask, "Are you alright?”

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She was a
Master of Communication,
And me,
Well I was a master of
Always translating,
Her nouns of normal conversation,
Into verbs of flirtation,
Leading to the goal of penetration…

After some time,
Her mind,
Began to wonder,
If I loved her,
Or did I love being inside her?
Did I love doing things with her,
Or did I love doing things to her?
Was my “great attention to detail”
Just a facade to get some tail?

She would talk to me about it,
Talk about her insecurities with us,
Her worries of just being another notch,
On my life’s belt,
Told me how she felt,
Sadly stupid me,
Only cared how she felt physically,
I consider myself a body language genie,
A body language guru,
But I some how only knew she was sad
When tears left her eyes,
And when I’d go to hug her and hold her,
Well to my surprise,
She’d push me away telling me she
Had tried and tried for days and weeks,
To verbally explain the pain and fear,
She felt and I never hear,
How she felt,
For I was no busy worrying about how,
She felt…

She left,
And I can’t blame her,
All she wanted was somebody
To care and listen to her…

—  JihbazFubyok