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i keep thinking there's no way for bellarke to get more intimate without kissing, but they always do. Where do you go from a kiss on the cheek, holding hands, and their way-too-long-to-be-platonic hugs? Well apparently there's also shoulder nuzzles and an almost love confession. I didn't even consider shoulder snuggling as an option for potential intimacy between them. Makes me wonder what else is left for them to do so the writers can keep drawing it out lol (please be platonic bedsharing)

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I’ve had this problem for the last two half seasons. Intimacy keeps building and you don’t think they can deepen it anymore without crossing that line and what happens?

Fingers brushing lips.

Reaching out for hands searching comfort.

Standing so close  we thought it was photoshopped.

Saying “together” and looking at each other across a crowd because it means THEM.

Watching him sleep.

Putting each other’s names on the list!


…and then that stupid running away, and yet, they are separated and he’s missing and she’s by herself and her concern for him grows and everyone sees how important she is to him and he turns out to be captive and she whispers “Bell” and they share that undivided, intense look across what could become a battlefield and she ends up getting called on her feelings [for him] and sacrificing 50 people for his life…. and yet when they reunite, all that happens is they stand apart and she goes, “you okay?”  ???? ??? ????

So now they’ve been yanked apart, and Bellamy is steering away, but Clarke is still soul-connected to him although she’s maintaining the distance for the most part, except for a bit of groping when the Ark is going down. She doesn’t even hold him as it falls, but his sister, although she’s still connected through her.

And she turns to someone else. 

And he’s not happy. What is it Bellamy?? Why are you so gruff with Clarke. Oh it MUST be Octavia, right? Gotta be Octavia. They can talk about Octavia. Let’s be intimate and partners and talk about the person who has always kind of been a bridge between them. The person who caused Bellamy to turn to Clarke in the first place, so they could find her. The person who Clarke used to remind Bellamy who he was. The person who served Clarke as a stand in for a distant Bellamy more than once. The person who has been a way for them to talk about feelings without them talking about their feelings for each other, more than once. Forgiveness. Love. Purpose. Family. Hope. 

And yet. When he thinks she’s been killed, he can hardly face it. And when she’s in danger, they work together seamlessly to save her and the world. And end with that actual smile of joy and relief.

But he decides to go back to Arkadia. Because he’s being pulled away by his responsibilities and burdens. And she uses Octavia again as a bridge to show him how she feels. “She’ll see how special you are.” Only this time she knows she’s doing it and she knows she’s pushing those boundaries that he set up and she’s trying to maintain. That look of loss and longing and love before she stares away. Ugh.

And his attempt to bring it out. To say what he’d want to say to her if he never saw her again. 

What is that? The end or the beginning. Hope or Doom. Too much and it scares her. And this time she steers away.

But there they are separated. And she stares longingly at romantic Emori and Murphy. She sleeps alone in the empty, soft, romantic bed. 

And he, pushes himself further and further to save people who can’t be saved, people who don’t want to be saved. And in the end, he gives it up and takes a moment and lets it go, and asks for something for himself. When has he asked for something for himself? He’s always devoted himself to the service of others, whether his sister or the delinquents or humanity. And he puts that burden down.

And here she is, picking it up. Doing the right thing, saving who she can save today, even if it means taking the risk herself, like he does. 

What happened here? What happened? This was not supposed to go on so long. I got sucked into the intimacy and romantic journey of Clarke and Bellamy over the last two half seasons. It carried me away. 

Stupid writers. Sweeping me away with their stupid intimacy and slow burn and steering away and character growth and romantic dance. 

What are you going to do next @the100writers? What non romantic thing are you going to turn into another thread connecting them intimately? hurt/comfort? bed sharing? one of those epic fights where the feelings come out? another hug? little touches that for anyone else would be platonic for linger for them, too long, too intimate? another admission of feelings that does everything but say the word “love” but still means love? another demand that the other doesn’t sacrifice themselves but if they are going to dammit their going to sacrifice themselves WITH them. 

give me a break.

How about a kiss? 

  • Marcus cries after the first time he and Oliver have sex.
  • He shouldn’t be allowed to feel this way, to have someone staring at him like he’s someone worth loving. 
  • Explaining it to Oliver is near impossible, but Oliver doesn’t push. 
  • Instead, he brings Marcus into his arms, running his fingers along the toned skin. 
  • For a moment, Marcus relaxes, his breathing slowing down until his thoughts creep up on him again.
  • Now that it’s happened, Marcus worries there’ll be nothing to keep Oliver. He’s been used and tossed to the side before, a part of him is sure it’ll happen again.
  • Oliver mumbles something Marcus barely catches, but the three words are unmistakable. His heart drops because, as much as he’s been waiting to hear them, it means Marcus has let himself get too far. 
  • With the impending future and Marcus already caught up in his family affairs, there is no option for love.
  • An argument the next morning causes Marcus to storm out, but he knows it’s for the best. At the very least, there won’t be a chance for Oliver to be used against him.
  • The years of the war trudge on, but Marcus remains strong, the thought of Oliver barely on his mind.
  • It’s not until he runs into Oliver at Hogwarts, wands pointed at each other, that Marcus’ doubts rise again.
  • Oliver’s face is twisted in pain and Marcus can see the questions in tear-filled eyes. All it would take is one word to finish all this, yet both lower their wands. 
  • Apologies spill out of Marcus’ mouth and he hates how Oliver only nods, as if understanding, accepting, forgiving. 
  • Marcus lets Oliver lead him back into the fight, but this time, Marcus’ spells hit those he called comrades for so long. 
  • It’s time for a change for how he sees himself, let alone the world, and Marcus can’t think of a better place to start than here in the battlefield with Oliver at his side.

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quick question, what are your plans for the future, like do you want to become a professional artist (if you aren't already, cuz ur art looks aMAZING !!:D)?

oH ahaha! Thank you so much!  ♡ 

Well my dream is to be able to work in a studio in Canada :’)
I did study art and basic animation over there for a year, and I immediately fell in love!
I’ve been applying to studios over there, some of them don’t seem very fond of foreigners though, or they would only hire Canadian citizens, so I am having sort of a hard time. That means I gotta get extra good and work harder than never before!

I am currently a Freelance Artist, working for single clients and small companies, but sadly, my lovely Mexico does not have much options towards art and animation, plus the pay on those jobs isn’t exactly great; so I am tight on money ahah

Wish me luck!
And thank you so so much Anon!  ♡  ;0;

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okay so haven't been on ur blog in a while bc wanted to avoid spoilers but after finishing the game I have returned with questions: have you completed the game/where are you if not? Who have you romanced/which has been the best so far? Thoughts overall? Commentary? (I'm addicted, can you tell? Also sorry for bombarding you with questions)

Have I completed the game? 

No I am 80 hours in and am in the Spaceship. I’ve been “taking my time” and I haven’t had much time haha

Who have I romanced?

ANNNNNN was the first girl I romanced… :3 it was absolutely magical in English because she was my true love.  I apparently tried to romance Tae and failed. I am so confused why. I told her I loved her and everything! Maybe it was a dialogue option I missed…. but that’s what I get for cheating on best girl. However, I am trying to date Kawakami, Haru, and Makoto right now,,,,at the same time. dskfdsjkf I am an awful person. 

Personally, I can’t choose a best girl (besides Ann of course) until playthrough 2. But….Makoto uh totally won me over xD Tae’s was fantastic and Kawakami is just YOOOo

Thoughts overall?

This is beyond the best game I ever played in my life. Having it in English compared to Japanese is an overall new experience and gah it’s fantastic. I’m in the process of writing a review for it!


Part 3 of Yuri!!! on Ice but with text-to-speech voices and pretty awful writing.

Part 2: Viktor’s Lament // Part 3: Pip Pip Yurio // Part 4: Eye of the Tiger

Bioware; A History of Gay

Beginning: You get one (1) gay.

Middle: We at Bioware pride ourselves on being inclusive, so we’ve provided for you many romance options of either sex, regardless of your main character.

End: You get one (1) gay.

this is what my art block looks like now. i just draw mccree

I couldn’t stop thinking about the post that @banavalope made about their interpretation on BOTW!Link, so I couldn’t pass up on drawing him. Their outfit/armor choice is just so nice? I admire the idea so much honestly.