love is not a colour


“See I can reach you!”
“You’re literally standing on my foot,” he laughed.

Thank you @yandesurei for the prompt! Sorry the colouring is not great I tried so many other things and it was one of those days where no matter how you coloured it just did not work XD. Hope you still enjoy cause it was super fun to draw out. 

leave him alone alksdjksf

a concept:

sebastian stan plays an art history expert working as a curator at the galleria borghese in rome. he starts every day with a coffee at a small hideaway coffeehouse with big bay windows, perfect for people watching, and gorgeous art adorning the walls.

timothée chalamet plays the barista that serves him every morning, and is also the son of the coffeehouse owner. he is also the artist responsible for the art in the shop.

jessica mcnamee plays lifelong friend to sebastian, and is now the wealthy director of the museum and also a private gallery owner. when sebastian discovers timothée is the genius behind the art, he enlists the help of jessica to get timothée’s work seen by more than just the coffeehouse.

as we follow his path to success, we learn through memories of the arts creation, exactly how he ended up on this path.

it’s directed by xavier dolan.


Army Challenge ♡ Favourite Pairings (¼) → 2seok

HS: Jin-hyung is a member that nags a lot. He has a great personality, really. He thinks about the members, he takes care of us. So I just want to say thank you.