love is not a color photograph

Week 3: Artistic- Ice

We’ve had several cold mornings here and I was able to catch the frost one morning when I was at work, using my iPhone 5c. Some contrast and color edits in Pixlr.

Hi @delicious-journey, I’m having similar weather and I was out photographing frost the other day, it’s an interesting subject to catch, the intricate details of every little piece of ice that you’ve caught on the blades of grass with just a little bit of sunlight, the kind of January mornings I love!-Mojo.


i asked my friend to finish this sentence: “in my childhood, i was often teased for being _______.” 💭 his response was short & ugly ☹️ so i asked him if i could take pictures of him today. he nervously said yes, but i told him don’t worry! the photos will come out great 💙