love is louder that the pressure to be perfect

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things. - Demi Lovato

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seungcheol + ‘I’ll fuck you if you let me, baby.’

also known as dean’s new song keeps doing things to me And I Can’t Write Smut Except For When I Feel Like It

word count: 512

His hands roamed over your body, carefully peeling off every garment he could. Every nook, every cranny he made sure to hold within his grasp. He simply adored every inch of you, a sacred vessel that held the love of his absolute life.

There were only two garments separating his mouth and your pleasure barriers. His hand roughly forked through the one closer to your core, and his lips fluttered against your neck. He savored every emotion and sound that came from the shaking body under him. The bed creaked every now and then, but it was all a pure mixture of love and limbs.

You groaned as his mouth finally left your neck, but he sat up straighter, dragging your hips closer towards him.

His tongue was magic, feeling through every fold. It was all so beautiful, so raw—he couldn’t help himself from sticking a finger in. His intricacy, mixed with his finger movements had you reaching cloud 9 quickly. “C-Cheol–,” you choked out. “—Gonna c-cum.”

He removed his fingers, although your whine nearly convinced him to let you have the small moment of pleasure. “Not yet, darling. Not until I have you on me.”

Seungcheol moaned low, sucking noises making the experience even richer for him. He despised foreplay most of the time, but watching the most beautiful person in front of him suck him off was something he’d be willing to give all the attention in the world. He didn’t fuck your face, much to your displeasure, but his moans of content and his cute little thrusts every now and then was worth it all the same.

“Ah–ah, ah, ah—!” His moans raised in pitch and frequency until they cut off roughly. He moaned, annoyed, half-glaring at you. “Not until you’re in me,” you playfully muttered.

“I love you,” he whispered, but you were only able to gasp, feeling him enter. Every inch, every small sliver of skin—he was yours, and you were his. It was bliss. Your arms found purchase around his neck as his hips moved. He rocked his hips slowly, moaning low with every thrust, your moans mixing with his in a perfect harmony.

Still not having come down from your previous near orgasms, you could only whimper, feeling that same pressure, but stronger. Seungcheol felt it as well, biting his lip, pressing your foreheads together. “I’m close,” he whispered your name. “I love you, I love you, I love you—” He came first, yelling in one guttural cry, and you milked him until he was dry, feeling his seed travel through you. The bed creaked louder as he rocked his hips faster, wanting to take you there. You cried his name out in response, keeping eye contact with him as you convulsed around him, clenching.

“I love you,” you whispered as he pulled out, and felt his lips capture yours in a sweet kiss. “I know,” he grinned. 

“Forever?” you asked, intertwining your hands and looking in their direction. Seungcheol nodded, watching as a silver gleam came from the bands around your ring fingers. “Forever.”

“love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.” - demi lovato


“Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.” 
–via @buttercupbarnes, qtd. by Demi Lovato

motivation quotes 12/?

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random bios

sorry mom I don’t have a social life.

shut the fuck up!!

she can fuck you good but I can fuck you better.

god loves you but I don’t.

who’s gonna be the first to say goodbye?

My heart say yes but my mom say no.

love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.

One love, two mouths, one love, one house

the promises we made were not enough

three word story: pain changes people

everytime you smile at me i fall in love over and over again

But if you loved me, why did you leave me?

stop being cute or come being cute in my bed.

Who’s around the world? GAYS

Nobody dies virgin life fuck us all and I can fuck you too.

dont touch me

bios em português

Deus te ama, seu crush não

Deus te ama, eu não

rosas são vermelhas, violetas são azuis, eu nunca yte peço nada mas vai se foder por favor

com (nome do seu idolo) no mundo e você achando que eu ligo para você

vamos ser legais para o verão

nao me toca

meça seus mimimis parça

voce nao é ave maria mas ta cheia de graça

olha para o meu twitter e me responde, você realmente acha que eu tenho vida social?????

não preciso ser boa em matematica para saber que minha vida não é da sua conta.

vida, quando eu falo que minha vida não pode piorar, não é um desafio e sim um comentário

ciume não mata, quem mata sou eu

quando eu acho que não posso ser mais trouxa a vida me surpreende 

para falar comigo primeiro fala seu signo vlw

like pleaseeee

Niall we can’t be doing this

“Niall….we can’t be doing this…”

“Shh…” he says with his lips right at my ears.

His bare chest is pressed to my back; his Calvin Klein boxers are hanging low over his blue jeans making my resisting him even harder.

“Niall…” I say my voice trailing off as I feel his soft lips on my neck offering gentle kisses.

A small moan escapes my lips and I feel him smile on my skin. I wrap my arms around his neck as he kisses up and down mine. He grabs one of my hands and gently glides it down his body down his chiseled chest right above his boxers. He starts sucking my neck as he grabs my hand again and moves it to his clothed boner making me feel how I make him feel. He puts pressure on it with my hand small moans escaping my lips and his lips.

He slowly starts to take off my shirt and I watch it fall to the floor. I know what he wants and I want it too there’s no denying it anymore.

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One Last Time

This is the 2nd part to One More Time… lol thought the title was appropriate. I was a little inspired by Ariana Grande’s single ‘One Last Time’Here is the link to the first part: One More Time

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Justin heard a knock at the door. Rushing to the door to end the knocking before whoever it was woke up Jia.

As he opened the door, he looked at whom he thought he would never see again.

“Justin, who’s at the door?”,  I came down in a little robe that left very little to the imagination.

“You’re not going to invite me inside, Justin” Keisha smirked.

Keisha. Jia’s mother.

I looked at the despicable women, what the fuck was she doing at my mother fucking house?

Why would this bitch decide to come back now out of all times.

I all of a sudden felt insecure to Keisha who was around Justin’s age range. I remembered how much Justin was in love with her, I looked at Justin to stop my irrational jealousy of Keisha. But it only made it worse.

Justin was lost in a stupor. Keisha knew the pull she had on him.

I had to be strong for the both of us. I felt myself internally scream. I quickly got my shit together.

“You need to leave”. I said harshly. “Comeback in the morning if you want to talk about shit, good night”, I slammed the door in Keisha’s face.

Justin looked over to me like he was about to explain his trance.

“Don’t. Spare me the details” I said weakly. I rushed into the room before I could do something stupid like cry.

to be continued….

I was so upset. Too angry to cry, I wanted to hit myself upside the head for ever believing him. I saw the truth written all over his face.

I paced up and down my room.

How could Keisha just come back acting like she didn’t leave her daughter. She didn’t even want Jia to begin with. All of sudden she wants to be in the girl’s life.

After I raised the child, loved the child as my own. I was Jia’s mother, I don’t care what title I was given. I provided for her, I took care of her. I think of her when I’m away, she is my concern, even when Justin and I are not talking.

Keisha threatened my relationship with Jia. She was going to take away my daughter from me, my family away from me. 

Fuck that bitch, she was obviously unstable. I mean she was over here waltzing looking for Justin, like she never had a daughter in the first place. 

I wanted to punch that bitch into next week. She only cared about herself. She was selfish. 

Why all of sudden she decided to come back now. 

I wanted to adopt Jia.

Of course he was still in love with her.

I couldn’t compete with his first love, she was Jia’s biological mother. 

Not to mention she was fucking gorgeous even with her psychotic attributes.

I saw my perfect family slipping away from me. I felt so weak. I just gave myself to Justin. I wanted him, the whole him. I realized that I couldn’t have a deeper relationship with him.

It was because he was incapable of loving me back. 

It hurt. I could feel the walls of my chest caving in. Too much pressure. There was a tightness in my chest. I felt my shoulders rack with quiet sobs.

I held in the pain making each cry louder and louder. I cried for the loss of Jia, the loss of Justin. I already gave up. Why set myself up for failure? I needed to prepare myself for the hurt that Justin was about to put me through.

I heard a knock from outside of my door. I hurriedly wiped my tears before putting on a brave front. I was gonna get through this.

I forced myself to open the door, and a dumbfounded Justin was under the door frame.

We stared at one another before we both started to speak. He was probably studying my puffy face.

“I wanted to-” 

“What?” I sighed. “You go first” I bit my lip.

“I wanted to talk to you about what just happened” He looked at me cautiously.

“You don’t have to, I understand you don’t want me-” 

“Sasha will you shut up and listen for once. Stop assuming things and acting like you know shit when you don’t” He quickly cuts me off. 

“Fine” I said petulantly.

“Sit on the bed, we are going to talk about this whether you want to or not” 

I obeyed him angrily. He trapped me into a figurative corner.

“Sasha, there is a lot going through my head right now. I always want you. I’m going to want you until I can’t do anything about it anymore. But that doesn’t change our situation. I will always love Keisha, she is the mother of my child. What kind of person would I be if I denied the rights to Jia’s mother. Wouldn’t Jia be angry with me in the future. Listen, I’m trying to do right. You know how my life was growing up, I didn’t have good parents until your father took me in. You’ve got to understand why I have to give her chance. We might have to put us on hold for right now, but don’t make any hash decisions” He finished. 

I gave him an incredulous look. Make any hash decisions? No. What happens to me if he chooses that bitch, what happens to me. He has got me ten types of fucked up if he thought I was going to just sit around here waiting until I was booted out of my own damn house.

“You know what Justin, don’t act like you are doing something for the greater good, like you are looking out for me and Jia, when you are only looking out for yourself. Our father was your real father. Blood doesn’t prove family, actions prove family. Keisha left Jia, left you. What makes you she is gonna up and walk out again when shit hits the fan, when being a mother gets to be too much for her again. She didn’t even want Jia in the first place, you had to beg her to keep Jia. You want Jia to know about that. You should know better than anyone what a parent is. I survived with out my real mother. Jia doesn’t need her real mother. I take care of her, I feed her, I love her, I will do anything for Jia, you honestly think I’m not that child’s mother. I’m the closest thing she has had to a mother” I breathe in, I continue my rant.

“Justin, what do you mean not make any rash decisions, huh? You mean leave, so you want me to watch my family invite some other woman, into my house, watch her build a relationship with my daughter and my fucking man while I’m kept on the sides. Fuck you Justin, I hate you so much. I don’t know why I always have to prove myself to you. I’m worthy of you Justin, and your the only one who doesn’t see it. I will do anything for you and Jia. That’s erased because Jia’s birth giver has walked back into your life. You don’t love her, you love what she represents, and she represents that age you want, the realness you strive for because you wanted your real parents to love you until you realized they were never gonna give a shit about you” I said in a heated breath.

“I won’t allow you to hurt me, not anymore” I croaked. My eyes watered down my face. 

He wrapped me in his strong arms and I felt my hardened exterior weaken. I cried into the side of his neck, I felt my warm tears wash any anger I had for him away. I already knew what was gonna happen.

I was too scared to give him an ultimatum. So I held on to what I could before I had to say good bye to the only man I have ever loved.

She will probably give him everything I could not. He is everything and I’m nothing without him. Who was I kidding?

How would I move on from this.

But I had to. 

So one last time I held him in my arms. Just one more time.

I didn’t care that she still took up space in his heart. I just wanted him to hold me in his arms one last time before I had to let him go. 

We laid in my bed as my tears dried. I know he could never love me. I know she was everything. 

I hope he finds the love in her that he couldn’t find in me. 

I kissed him one last time.

I held him one last time.

I loved him one last time.

I finally let him go.

We sat at a public restaurant, Justin sitting next to me while Keisha sat across from us. 

I was silent. Justin basically chose her over me. I was simply replaced like a new doll. 

I hadn’t said anything to the woman. 

We both looked at Keisha waiting for her to speak with us. Redeem herself.

“Why is she here?” Keisha flared her nose. I simply looked at Justin with a raised eyebrow.

“Well when you decided to leave Jia in the hospital and disappear for three years, my adoptive sister took care of Jia, she is Jia’s mother figure. You have met Sasha before, don’t act brand new” Justin snapped.

“That’s not fair” Keisha whispered.

“That’s rich coming from you, you left Keisha, you didn’t want to be in my daughter’s life” Justin heatedly growled.

“I understand that I might have begged you to keep Jia and that was wrong of me to ask you to keep her. But you had her Keisha, I thought for sure you would fall in love with her once you saw her, just like I did. I apologize if I made you feel alone, I’m so sorry if you went through something, but I would have never known because you left with out a goodbye. I loved you Keisha with everything, I wanted to marry you some day, you left me and your daughter with nothing but to guess that we were the reasons you left. Tell me why you left”

“I didn’t want to be a mother Justin, I was too young, I had my life in front of me, I thought I was making hash decisions, I didn’t know if I could spend the rest of my life with you, I had to know I wasn’t making the wrong choices. My father gave me a way out, he said he would fly me away and I could start over. So I left” 

“You are 30 years old Keisha, what do you mean too young. We were engaged. Jia wasn’t a something you decide to return back. Did you even think about us”

“I thought about you everyday Justin, you have to understand”

“Did you think about Jia, at all? What makes you want to be a mother now”

“Uh I love you Justin, can I at least meet her” Keisha hesitated. 

Thats when I felt a fire emerge from within my core.

“No you don’t, if you had any remorse, you would have told Justin why you left from the start, if you weren’t so fucking selfish, you would have explained to him, wrote him letters, you wouldn’t just pick up and leave, leave your fiancee and your kid behind, what kind of person does that to the people they love. You don’t have any clue what love is. I would say you love yourself, but you don’t, because if you can’t even love something that is a part of you, I don’t think you can love the whole you. Since you came back, its all been about Justin, what you think Justin is just going to take you back and act like you didn’t break his heart, that when Jia was screaming and crying for a mother to feed her, Justin couldn’t do anything for his daughter” I scoff.

“I am Jia’s mother, so I wouldn-” I stopped her from talking by holding my hand in her face.

“You are not her mother Keisha. You didn’t hold her at 3 o’clock in the morning while she had colic, you didn’t rush her to hospital when she had a fever, and you didn’t kiss her hurt away when scrapped her knee outside, you weren’t there for her first word, when learned how to walk or to talk. YOU WEREN’T HERE. You didn’t change her diaper, you didn’t potty train her, you don’t even know what she is allergic too or what her favorite juice, you don’t know what she can and cannot eat, you don’t know her favorite book or her favorite cartoon, you didn’t love her enough to tell her goodbye. I pack her lunch, I take her to day care, I ask her about her day, I bathe her, I put her to bed, I play with her, she is my everything, there is not a moment where I am not thinking about Jia, she is my family, there is not wall I wouldn’t climb for this girl. I sure as hell wouldn’t leave her and that was the first thing you did. So you are not her mother, she doesn’t know you. I hope she never will” I breathed. I had tears streaming down my face. I quickly wiped them. They were from the anger that burned through out my veins.

“It so fucked up because the first thing you wanted was Justin, dude shouldn’t you be asking for your kid. You carried her for nine months, don’t you feel anything. You are putting on act, I see right through you. Justin might forgive you, but I will not, I won’t put my daughter in harms way, especially in the likes of you. You can’t take care of a kid, you don’t want to take care of a kid. You hurt Jia in any way I will fuck you up, I don’t care, you fuck with my family and I will end you” I glared at Keisha.

“This is my fami-” Keisha began I was about to cut her off but Justin was quicker.

“ENOUGH. Keisha, I was going to give you a chance, hear you out, but you’re so selfish. You are not here for Jia, you are here for yourself. You have no where to go. You signed away your rights, you didn’t want Jia, thats the last thing I had ever gotten from you, that was your goodbye. You threw us out like we were trash. Jia is nothing to you. We are not family, Jia is definitely not your family. I am not your family. You have a nice life. C’mon Sasha we are leaving” 

Justin got up from the table and threw a couple of 20′s on the table before he grabbed my hand walking out of the restaurant. 

Once we got to our car, he look apologetic.

“I’m sorry Sasha” he hugged me. I just nodded. “I want to ask you something, I know we have been wanting this for a while, but I want you to be more than Jia aunt, you were her mother from the start, I want you to adopt Jia” 

I felt my eyes water. I couldn’t contain my emotions. Of course. I loved that kid so much. I looked into Justin’s eyes. I hugged him fiercely not wanting to let go. I nodded before getting out a few yeses.

I thought that was going to be the last time I would hug Justin.

3 months later……

“Okay okay okay, one last time before we go to bed” I giggled at Jia.

“Okay mommy” Jia smiled amusedly. She knew I would give in to her. She thought she was slick but I knew exactly what she was doing. 

I kind of wanted her to ask me again anyways. I loved her.

I began to read her bed time story once again. Half way into the story, Jia was knocked out. I closed the book and kissed my baby on her temple before tucking her in again once more. 

I turned on her night light before shutting the ceiling light off. I watched sleep soundly.

To think that I was almost going to give her up to Keisha.

We ended up getting a restraining order against her. The court ruled me legally Jia’s mother. I never cried so hard in my life.

I stood in the door frame one last time before leaving, I closed her door ajar before leaving the hallway. I went to turn to my room but I bumped into Justin’s strong body, bouncing me back.

“Shit, you scared me” I put my hand on my chest.

“Well, its not my fault that I got to sneak up on you in order to talk to you these days” He shaded me.

“I talk to you” I said. It was for Jia’s sake, I wouldn’t say we were close.

“Not like you used to” Justin sighs.

“Well, you know why?” I avoided confrontation and passed by him. I was quickly pulled into him.

His face so close to mine. I pushed his chest further away from mine to give me some space.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” I squeaked and turned my face, curving his intense stare. 

“You know why?” He breathed on to my neck. I closed my eyes loving the feeling. I felt my panties become moist.

“I can’t compromise my relationship with Jia. I’m sorry but I don’t want to be your second choice Justin. I will not allow myself that. We both have to move on.

“Sasha, I’m so sorry that I hurt you but you gotta give me a chance… I’m in love with you baby girl, and that ain’t gonna change any time soon. I have made mistakes and I was trying to make the right choices, I realized that you were there all along, I should have chose you but it doesn’t matter because regardless of the fact I’m gonna choose you over any other woman because you’re family. I’ll take care of you and Jia, and I will prove to you I’m worth that chance everyday" 

I could barely comprehend his confession. I decide to hear him out.

"I’m not gonna tell you one more time, if you mess up, we are done, you hear me”

“I promise” he raises his hands in defense.

He pulls me into a hug, into his warm strong muscular arms. I just sigh in content. This is all I wanted. I felt at home.

“So you’ll finally give me a lil something something” Justin whispered in my ear. I let go of his arms and walked into his room with him on my tail.

“We’ll see, Daddy” I winked before dropping my clothes on the floor.

That wasn’t gonna be the last time I called him Daddy either.

2015 is going to be my year!! I’m going to try my very best to stay clean! I’m going to be healthy, I’m going to carry on donating money, I’m going to be happy!
I am the only who can control my mind and my mental well being. I’m going to try and help others as much as I can! My ask is always open for anyone who needs to talk,
REMEMBER “love is louder than the pressure to be perfect” xx

Is it just me or is there something seriously incredibly sexy about an actual nice, gentle, sweet guy who can whoop someone's ass in a second? Well it turns me on so here we go...Badass Luke

You and Luke had went to a club after his rehearsals. You both had been drinking a bit and he had went to get you a water to help you sober up before heading home. As he got out of your view a tall brown haired boy with beady green eyes had come to keep you unwanted company.

“Hey beautiful” He said.

“Hi.” You said clearly uncomfortable.

“What’s a gorgeous girl like you doing standing here alone?“ He asked moving closer to you.

“My boyfriend went to get me some water.” You said rolling your eyes and moving away from him.

“Ahhh the old boyfriend went to get me some water trick. What’s the matter, am I not attractive enough for you? Think your better then me bitch?” He asked sternly.

“N-no, I do have a boyfriend and I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me alone” I said a bit afraid now as I tried to leave.

“Nuh uh come back here” he said grabbing my wrist.

“LET GO OF ME!” I yelled and tried to get away.

“Hey bro get your hands off my girl”, Luke said sternly at the beady eyed man.

“Go away little boy, we’re busy”, the man said motioning for Luke to go away.

“Look fucker I’m not gonna tell you again get your nasty ass hands off of her.” Luke said calmly but sternly, teeth gritted and eyes dark blue.

The man let go of your wrist and you grabbed it, looking at the mark with tears in your eyes.

“Or what little boy? What are you going to do?” The man asked smirking.

Luke just looked at him and smirked. Fists balling up and cheeks flushing red.

“You know you really shouldn’t leave such a sexy little thing all alone, someone else might just snatch her up.” The man said winking at you.

You gulped and grabbed onto Luke’s arm. His eyes became wide as he seen your wrist. You grabbed it, but it was too late.

Luke gently pushed you out of the way and stepped right in front of the man.

“What little boy you wanna throw down? You gonna hit me because I marked your girl? Do it then you little bitch!” The man spat.

Before you knew it Luke had reared back and punched the man with every ounce of strength in his body causing the man to go down-hard. You heard his head hit the floor with a sickening thud.

“Get up prick!” Luke hollared. “Fight this little boy like a man!”

The man wiped his mouth that was covered in blood and gave an angry glare to Luke.

You went to grab Luke’s arm.

“That’s enough Luke.” You said scared now.

He just shook you off. “Over there. Now” he said sternly to you.

You obeyed, panic in your eyes.

“Get up bitch!” Luke said again.

The man stumbled up and punched Luke in his lip.

Luke wiped his mouth with his thumb, looking at the blood on his finger and smirked. That smirk made your blood turn to ice. You had never seen Luke this way, this angry, this full of hatred. You watched him as his eyes burned a hole through the man.

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Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect

A Little Fall Of Rain

 Hello!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day :) I was hoping that you could write a Y/N and Newt imagine where the reader gets seriously injured in the scorch after saving Newt from something (you can pick) and she is dying in his arms (can you make it really tragic?) just like the scene from Les Mis during the song “A Little Fall of Rain” I love your writing btw and thank you so much! :)
Character: Newt
Warnings: Death, blood, sadness, being shot, kinda says stuff about Newts limp and how he got it, CHEESY OVERLOAD! Maze Runner SPOILERS (duh),
A/N: pffft, what no, I didn’t cry while writing this…. (yes I did), I used TEEN WOLF lines in here and some LES MIS to kinda.

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