love is like a dream

what’s in my mind...

is hard to explain.

i’m in a state of mind where i get ideas - that appear through visions i see at random times, like at dinner, or during tests at school - and they don’t leave. they only leave if use an outlet, that being writing or music. but even sometimes, i can’t let out the idea. i need the idea to be played out visually before it can leave my head. before i can rest peacefully. 

i don’t know how to handle it. sometimes the visions become overwhelming. even to the point where i can’t sleep at all. last night was a night where i couldn’t sleep. i woke up every 5-10 minutes. 

i have certain visions in phases. right now, for example, i’m having visions about exploring. the one imagine with corbyn and going through a mirror maze was a vision i had at my friend’s house at the dinner table. i can’t control the visions too well. i’ve learned through the months ever since they stared how to push them away during important times like if i’m reading aloud in class. 

it’s frustrating. most of the time, i’m incapable of letting the ideas out. some ideas just do not leave. it hurts me sometimes. 

i get visions i want to share, but no one understand or cares.

i’d edit them out, but i can’t. i’d direct a film that shows what i envision, but that’s obviously not possible. i’d write them out, but it’s too complex to write. i’d sing or play it out, but the vision wouldn’t be completely imaginable with only notes.

i don’t know why i wanted to share this, but here i am so. i don’t know what’s going on with me.

i need help, i just don’t know what kind.

I’m not even sure if this position is still open on the TTS crew. Maybe they filled it already. Maybe I’m not good enough.

But god damn it I have never wanted so badly to work for a series as I have with this one. I’ve got to try. Just gotta finish these two storyboarding scenes in my project, and then I can apply. I can do this in a week.

It’ll work. I gotta chase this dream.


You’ve heard of Dream Daddy, now get ready for… Cute girls around your house dating simulator



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye


Happy Birthday to my sweet Ashley! (๑♡3♡๑) ( @ranpohedogawa​ )
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Sometimes a Family is One Daughter and Her Eight Dads

“You told me not to make a big deal but you seem to have forgotten that my entire mission in life is to make a big deal out of your accomplishments. So consider this your graduation party. Surprise!”

“Dad, everyone’s here!”

“Well yeah, everyone wanted to come and support you.”

“Is that… a mac and cheese… bar?”

“Sure is. Fully customizable, down to the type of mac. And there’s an ice cream cake. The good kind with the crunchies in the middle.”

“I… don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything. Just go have fun with your pals, alright? I’m so proud of you, Amanda.”

the softness of your skin haunts me. last night while i was kissing your collarbone i heard you ask me: we’ll end up with someone else, won’t we?


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One of the worst things about being a kpop fan is when you start school and all of a sudden you have to pretend like you want to socialize all the time and care about your school work but in reality I’m just waiting for comebacks, photo shoots, and anything else that will kill me