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amelia! any ideas on what her breeds might be? shes a mutt whos 40 lbs and 21 inches at the shoulders at 7 months. shes very lazy but loves to catch toys outve the air and run in a circle for 30 seconds before taking a 3 hour nap


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Considering the 2nd season of love live sunshine is airing this october. Do you think a movie will follow next year? And possibly end the love live sunshine franchise? Or do you think this time they will be milking as much as they can from sunshine? Just wondering because u's Love live ended after two seasons and an anime from which spanned from 2013-2015.

Hmmm I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a movie, but I’m not super sure how many seasons we’re gonna see. It very much depends on what the plot for season 2 is gonna be and how it ends. But considering that the original Love Live cast was around longer than the anime, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sunrise tries to spread Aqours’ story out. 

Idk I might just be biased, but having Aqours around for just two seasons and maybe a movie feels so short? Muse has been around (and is still around) for so long like it would feel so weird for them to move on from Aqours after only a year with them. Like idk I think they deserve a little more time in the spotlight, y’know? I would def expect a third group after Aqours’ time is done, but I rly hope that isn’t anytime soon. 

Richonne 7x12 Party

Day 1: When did you start shipping them?

I was kind of a late comer to TWD.  I started watching during the season 3 hiatus, prompted by a co-worker.  It was really background noise I watched on my days off.  So my superfan obsession didn’t start until one episode, Home, when I fell in love with Daryl Dixon. (Don’t even ask why that’s not a thing anymore).  Anywho, I say all that to explain why I missed the initial Richonne signs.  I was never much of a shipper, and just wasn’t on my radar when watching this show.  Then season 4 started.  I was watching in earnest because of my newfound obsession with Daryl Dixon, and I started to really take notice of these additional characters.  Then season 4B started.  I caught up with the live airings.  I officially fell in love with Rick, Michonne and Carl in “After”, when before I didn’t care for them much at all. Then, I noticed a little somepin’, somepin’ in After, with the “It’s for you” scene.  Then, claimed as Rick checked out Michonne, and she was being so attentive to both Grimes boys.  Then it happened.  "A".  Rick was worried about how he was going to be perceived after ripping out Joe’s jugular.  Then the “I’m ok, cause I’m ok too” scene happened. I was literally alone, and looked around the room, to ask the non-existent person, “Um, what? Did I just? See? Something? Happening?”.  Luckily the non-existent person didn’t answer, and it was just me officially on board the Richonne train.  From that moment on, it has been a wild and wonderful ride.  Bumpy at times, all from outside forces negating and hating.  But I never lost sight.  And was only rewarded at every turn with more evidence and reason to know it wasn’t a matter of if, BUT when.

So my long explanation is to say, even though I didn’t see it at the fence, or other since before, it was because I wasn’t paying attention.  On rewatch I’m like, DUH. Anyway that’s my story.  the scene I started shipping Richonne……..

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I liked how there were so many parallels between Aang and Zuko throughout the show from The Storm episode to The Awakening to Avatar and The Fire Lord and how Roku is connected to both Aang as his past life and Zuko as his great grandfather and how each book resembles the element Aang is mastering and also what and were Zuko is and doing, it's incredible this show is truly these two characters show, also how do u think Book 4 would've have these 2 characters paralleled like we see in prev books?

I liked all the parallels between Aang and Zuko, too. So, Book 4 is Air. The Heart Chakra deals with unconditional love, and its element is Air. The entire story was setting up the plot for Aang and Zuko to deal with learning unconditional love eventually. So, I think that would be the main parallel between them in Book 4.

Aang’s love for Katara was the love he had for the Air Nomads reborn. Aang would deal with his inner darkness, and his jealousy over Katara and Zuko’s closeness. He would need to learn about how to love Katara in a more healthy way by overcoming his attachment and finally letting her go. Finding the surviving Air Nomads will help him overcome his grief, and then let go of his jealousy. Then he can love Katara unconditionally.

Katara and Zuko met in the cave of glowing green crystals, and they were supposed to fall in love in Book 4. While they spend time together, they work together to help restore the Southern Water Tribe, which has been devastated by the Fire Nation’s war. In line with the Heart Chakra, and the Air element, Zuko’s journey through Book 4 is also about unconditional love. Healing, empathy, intimacy, forgiveness and letting go of the past.  

The meaning of love 
Is deeply personal
Many who speak
The language of love
Spontaneously create
New meanings as they go
An interlanguage syllabus
As their love grows
How open you are
Leads to new space
For loving is not limited
To what is on the face
There is a body of love
Beneath the skin
Below the water
Waiting to be explored
It can be discovered
All you have to do is wait
For the warm embrace
And soon you will be
Able to find a place
In the culture of love
But there is another side
The language breaks down
Desire may cut into your skin
Bleeding you dry it can
Leave you breathless and
Not knowing why you may
Go through days with only
The surface protruding
The air out of love
For someone who
May not care.
—  Love as a semiotic

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Those first 3 GIFs though. Look how happy they are with each other.

Every time I rewatch I notice another smile or arm smack or something. One thing I love about their writing is how layered each of them air, and that each one of them has a layer that’s entirely unique to how they behave with each other. Eve is all tough and athletic and military, and Flynn is so focused on his learning and fairly socially awkward, but when they’re together? They become the cutesiest, flirty-est, most teenage-like couple ever. All they do is smile and giggle and be adorable as hell, not what you’d expect from either of them. Eve swoons like crazy. THEY ARE SO HAPPY WITH EACH OTHER AND I CAN’T STAND IT JUST LET THEM GET MARRIED FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Ahhh, the smell of fresh air and gasoline that is your home town! As you walk back to the place where you lived all your life, the moonlight radiates over this fantastic place…

… okay admittedly it’s not perfect it’s actually kind of crummy…

… but in a nostalgic way! It feels good to be back after dropping out of college– hotel management’s for suckers, anyways!

Being back home after years of being away fills you with… wait, that doesn’t sound right.

Okay, so backstory time: about a year and a half ago I made a series I called Undertube, which basically inserted Jack into the world of Undertale in place of Frisk, the main protagonist. Every time a part came out, the day it was uploaded, I would put in my absolute best effort to create a picture centering around that part.

And it was so much fun– so much so that, for the past few months, I’ve been highly considering doing the same thing with another game that Jack puts on the channel…

… and lo and behold… Night in the Woods comes out and punches me with delight right into my facehole! Seriously, my first impression of the game is that it is PERFECT! The dialogue is freaking glorious, the art style is something to drool over, even for something so simplistic, and all the little details from writing on movies and posters to the people simply WALKING and MOVING… it gives a natural atmosphere that I absolutely LOVE seeing! So you know what? I’m doing an Undertube… KINDA sequel… and doing what I did last time with every part of this series uploaded!

at least i hope there’s a part 2 please tell me there will be

I never heard about this game until Jack’s playthrough, and I’m sorry for the people in the fandom (I’m sure there’s a fandom for that, at least :P) for making our foods touch on the same plate, but even still, I don’t just love it as a series– I love it as its own thing. Here’s to a great series, AND a great game! >:D

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Name: Jemma

Nicknames: Jem, Jemmy, Pines (from friends on here)

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Height: 5′1′’

Orientation: I’m actually…not sure right now? So…questioning. I think it’s more a matter of labels and if I feel comfortable using them…

Ethnicity: From my mom’s side Italian, from my dad’s side Russian Jewish.

Favorite fruit: maybe blueberries…

Favorite season: Hmm,,, i think the springtime, when everything starts growing again.I also love fall though.

Favorite book: i guess the Last Unicorn, that book also moves me.

Favorite flowers: Daisies!

Favorite scent: I love the smell of rain on ground, of the ocean air, and of campfire.

Favorite color: many. lots. ALL??? if i HAD to pick a color, forest green.

Favorite animal: gosh, probably wolves? maybe because they are close to doggos. but i love learning about different animals.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate: right now, tea. it is a soothing thing.

Average Sleep Hours: i need approximately 8 hours otherwise i cant function.i have no idea how people can pull all nighters bc if i get only six im a zombie.

Cat or Dog person? Doggos. I like cats but i cant live without my dog.

Number of Blankets you sleep with: I always need at least one, but i will usually sleep with the comforter even if it’s hot outside?

Favorite Fictional Character: Grunkle stan of course

Ideal trip: I’d love to  one day take an American cross country roadtrip, see all the landmarks and tourist traps and national parks. I also want to go to Japan one day..

Blog created: Dec. 2014? so long ago…  I didn’t go on it until months later though.

Number of followers: 5,285 O_o thank you guys

I tag: @artsymeeshee, @skillfulstudio, @fexalted, @digikate813, @peekabooitsmiko, @silver-stargazing if you want to do it!! And anyone else who wants to

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Por ahí dicen que hay un librero muy atractivo y soltero que tiene un gusto muy llamativo por cierta inglesa cuyo nombre rima con Velaís, y lo mejor es que al parecer también es viceversa. *guiño* *guiño*

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Anaís DelaFont y Maximillian Ardelean

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“Love is in the air ~ ♪ ♫”

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Hi! Mind if I get a Slytherin/Thunderbird/Saggitarius post? Much appreciated -Coinclink 😈🐍

No problem at all my dear! Sorry about the wait!

Slytherin Thunderbird Sagittarians are:

  • Restless, they love moving and adore being in the air on their brooms, it gives them utter joy and they do make fantastic beaters and great chasers,
  • Are very in touch with their emotions and have a philosophical outlook on life and are quite wise.
  • This can lead to some incredibly interesting and deep conversations and friendships,
  • Yet they love a laugh, joy and happiness are very important to these Thunderbird Slytherin Sagittarians, as is their sense of freedom
  • Can seem rather forceful, as though they barrel their way through life, when it’s jus their emotions and ambition giving them an unstoppable drive,
  • Independent and naturally charismatic, they draw people to themselves without trying,
  • Love nature and energy, are very in touch with both,
  • Naturally lucky and have incredible foresight,
  • Great improvisers and big dreamers, not the biggest planners, yet they offer some of the clearest perspective to their housemates,
  • These Slytherin Thunderbird Sagittarians have committing fully to a plan, they are aware that sometimes the best things in life come unexpectedly,
  • Eerily similar to Slytherin Pisces with their Thunderbird sorting bringing around their deep emotional side, and their natural way with others,
  • They are generally team players, they support all their housemates in green and silver with enthusiasm and perspective,
  • Very flexible unless they have something they want to achieve a certain way because of the emotional attachment,
  • Their road to success is their adventure, full of love and laughs and sometimes a cry here and there,
  • Any failure is seen as a temporary set back and a lesson in what not to do next time, these guys are really optimistic and chill
  • They can sometimes be naïve and clumsy on their path to greatness, but like a foal on unsteady legs they will find their way
  • Their determination, confidence, generosity, energy and individual charisma inspires others,
  • Even when their strong personality can come across like a bull in a china shop, they can help bring out inner strength in their shyer housemates