love is in the air

Lucifer is all about choice. And he just found out that Chloe didn’t really have a choice, at least in his mind, of loving him or caring about him. Meanwhile, Chloe just finally kissed this guy, that she’s been fighting herself against and then finally got an intimate connection with him and the end of 12 it’s all, there’s just genuine connection between them. And then she gets sick, and when she wakes up – he’s gone. So, from her perspective – she’s missed all this story. *He’s a jerk - Ildy* So there’s some righteous anger and a lot of other things on Chloe’s side and then Lucifer’s side he’s on a journey of trying to figure out what do you do now? And in his mind, he’s in a protective mode of her because how he feels is that if God sent her, she has no choice in her feelings so they’re not real. And that’s not fair to her. So he’s like “how do I break this, how do I undo? How do I undo it for her sake?” She doesn’t deserve to have been put on a burden called Lucifer. She was put on his path, she deserves to make her own choice but how do you do that when she is sort of chosen to love you but… it’s that ultimate conundrum. For somebody who is about free will, that’s his thing, that’s all he is. He’s like “this is the cruelest thing you could’ve done is put her in my path” but what’s ironic is that of course, she’s the only human who is immune to his powers so everything was her choice but he just doesn’t understand himself. That’ll be the thrust of our midseason premier and that’ll push the dynamic for the last 5 episodes.

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