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dancer au anyone?

Fenris, a prestigious ballet dancer too focused on structured movement, meets Hawke and is introduced to street dancing. And a little taste of freedom, while we’re at it.

also known as how the fuck do you do this posture what the fuck–


it was national siblings day the other day so i wanted to draw my fav ones hhh

i’ve also been meaning to draw em w tats so killing two birds with one stone here i;m a weak man,,,

and haha no nip steve

The Stars in Your Eyes

Request from anon: hey, can you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are best friends and the reader just LOVES constellations? So at night they sit together and look at the sky and the reader starts naming the constellations which makes Draco fall in love with her? Thanks x

Thanks so much for requesting, incidentally, I love constellations! As soon as I’m old enough I want to get a tattoo of my parents constellations! I think the stars are so cool (probably because i’m a ‘science nerd’) anyway, I’ll stop blabbering now 😂 I actually added some stuff about the constellation ‘Draco’ because a lot of the HP characters are named after constellations.

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You stand, your hands gripped gently around the rusty railing of the astronomy tower as you stared up at the stars. You’d always been mesmerised by the infinite possibility of what could be out there: it excited you, but not nearly half as much as it worried you. You always enjoyed stargazing at Hogwarts because it was in the highlands; back home, there was light pollution and most nights you could barely see the night sky.

“You gaze at the stars like they have stories to tell.” Draco, your best friend of God knows how many years justifies with a smile on his face. You break away from looking at the glistening white dots for a few seconds to glance over his features that were lit so perfectly in the dim light. “They do,” you began. you pointed up at the sky, showing Draco the loose outline of the constellation you so often admired. “This one’s Cassiopeia. It’s named after a vain queen named Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her incomparable beauty.” You smiled, quarrelling the reality of Greek mythology. “And this one’s Scorpius, notice it’s scorpion shape?” You note, as Draco watches you intently, realising for the first time how much you really knew about the stars. 

“What’s that one?” Draco asked, pointing at the cluster of stars that lay near the horizon. You thought for a few moments before answering. “It’s Ursa Major. It’s so beautiful.” Draco smiled at your passion. He watched as you smiled up at the sky. It had hit him like a tonne of bricks, but he began to wonder when you’d become so beautiful; he’d never thought this way about you before, but all he wanted to do was lean over and kiss you. You looked so gorgeous. 

“What’s your favourite constellation?” He asked, not daring to look away from you in case he missed anything. “You’re not going to believe me.” You chuckled, breaking away from your mesmerisation with the sky to look at Draco. “Try me.” He said, a smile forming upon his lips. “Okay, well, it’s actually Draco.” You breathed. You could’ve sworn you saw Draco blush but you couldn’t tell because of the black and white light that had been cast from the night sky. “Look.” You began, gently placing your fingers under his chin so that he could see the constellation that was by far the prettiest of them all. “Do you see it? It looks like some sort of dragon-snake hybrid. It’s amazing.” You whisper, smiling as you take in it’s beauty. 

Draco nods, turning to look at you once again. “It’s amazing, Y/N. You’re amazing.” He mumbles, scratching his neck. “And, it’s named after me.” You chuckle. “Well, technically, you’re the one named after it.” You justify. You both stand in silence for a few more moments, analysing each other. “What are you thinking?” You ask after watching Draco’s expression turn into a smile. “It’s weird,” Draco begins. “I swear I can see the stars in your eyes, Y/N.” 

Chapter II | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

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Word Count - 5000…ish

“You like the natural musk, though…” Eden teased, her arms around his back and her face looking up at him.

“Sex, Eden, not gym sweat…” he hummed back at her, his arms going around her shoulders to hug her towards him and hold her damp hair against his chest, completely forgetting about his new little secret. “Fuck…ouch,” he winced and Eden instantly pulled her head away from him, taking her eyes back up to his.

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