love is easier made than kept

Out of Patience

A/N: For the anon that wanted a BBC Sherlock x reader where the reader expresses their feelings but he isn’t ready for a relationship, but John asks the reader to be patient. It was my first time writing for this fandom, so it was a little harder to write, but I hope you enjoy this!

Summary: The reader expresses their feelings for Sherlock, and he does not react well.

Word Count: 972

Warnings: a little bit of angst, but it’s not too bad

This was it.

You had taken as much as you could bear. As much as you loved him, Sherlock Holmes was just too arrogant. Too callous. Too smart for his own good. He was so convinced he knew what weakness was that he had no idea he was crushing you at your weakest.

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Your hand pressed into my spine.
Gripped with intention - 
you held me like you could somehow save me from drowning in the water we both already found ourselves in.

Every breath of air that escaped me
slid into the corners of your mouth,
and that’s when I saw you learn that pain,
was the only door that offered the opportunity of saving.

With promise, you latched onto the frame of my vision
and peered into gates of my soul.
You kept me focused,
steady, on you, so like a mirror, you could see yourself, but only the way that I saw you.

You were high,
on a different altitude than either of us knew existed,
but there, somehow the air breathes easier -
though that seemed impossible.

Our muscle memory turned natural and we started to find hope in our misery,
the way release brought refuge and made my skin quiver pink in redemption.

Your arms were bigger than mine
and had a strength dedicated to holding me
once, with comfort.
The next time, with love.
A third, when we were drunk
and I melted into the palm of your hands for you to consume.

Wet with power, I was a river whose current filled you in,
and as calm as leaves falling you curled into my lap broken - but ready for all your fibers to break down further and bind with mine.

We pressed our hands together so tight that any of the space between us could seep out through the tunnels our finger prints made.
And when that wasn’t enough,
you took the time to carve your name in the palm of my hand.

Somehow, you never even hurt me.
No, you blessed me in poetry.
Your hands carried weight that now colored my skin with holy water.
You were my excuse from reason,
and I begged you to cut me open.
I knew that bleeding would prove that there was still a life inside me.

So I am now salvation, quivering pink
and weak in the palm of your hands.
I’m a place for you to rest your knees to confess
and together we will ring in hymns of rebellion to water pride on the roots of dead flowers.
We will bring hope to a future and let our ripple of tides give enough reason to justify a once drowning past.

—  Salvation. ( whenthefuturearrives )
Dear, Secret Admirer | Part 1

Hoseok x Reader & Member x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut

Words: 3k

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easily hurt

Baz [01:48 AM] Can you come home please?

Baz [01:50 AM] Simon, please come home.

Baz [01:51 AM] I miss you. I’m sorry and I miss you so much.

Baz [01:51 AM] I’m so terribly sorry.

Baz [03:26 AM] Simon, please. I can’t live like this.


I didn’t want to get out of bed that day, only so I could eat my breakfast without Simon, watch tv without Simon, be around without Simon. I didn’t want to get out of bed the next they either… or the day after that. 


Simon didn’t come back. He didn’t show himself in the places he knew I would look for him. He was really done with me.

The thought gutted me. How was I able to hurt someone I love so easily. It shouldn’t have been that easy. It shouldn’t have happened at all.

Simon I’m so sorry.

Then again, hurting Simon had always been easier for me than being true to my feelings for him. 

But I love you Simon.


I wanted the numb feeling to away, and then I didn’t.

I knew that when the numbness would go away it would be replaced by pain.

I wanted to feel good again. I wanted to get lost again the way I got lost under Simon’s touch. 

Just hearing his name echoing in my own memories made me choke.

I don’t want us to be over, Simon, my love.

But I knew we were over. I knew going back was not an option anymore. So I just kept walking and let the darkness of the night take me whole. The sounds of the city surrounded me, but never reached me. 

I passed closed shops and opened night clubs. I heard happy people noises, but they woke nothing in me. 

I walked through the dark alleys; the only place I didn’t feel out of place. Lonely and forgotten.

Except, this ally wasn’t lonely and forgotten. 

Two set of eyes stared at me as I rounded the corner. One set was blue, familiar and mine, but not mine anymore. The other set of eyes was unfamiliar and unwelcome. 

Get away from my boyfriend.

But he was not my boyfriend anymore. 

Simon had another man pinned against the wall in the ally. Their hand were tangled in each others hair. My fingers tingled as if they had remembered the feeling of Simon’s soft hair and were screaming for it. 

Simon looked at me and then gave me a wicked glance before he pushed his mouth against the mouth of the other guy, hard. He knew I was watching, this is how he wanted it. If I had eaten at all, I would have thrown it all up right there. 

The numb feeling decided to leave me and I wanted it back so bad. The pain crushed me to the ground. I was on my knees as I looked at Simon making out with an unknown man. A sob left my mouth. 

I wasn’t able to move, I wasn’t able to look away. 

Simon, please don’t do this to me.

They kept kissing and moaning. I kept watching and sobbing. It had to end at some point, hadn’t it? 


It hadn’t stopped. 

Even after I got home, even as I lay down in bed. I kept seeing them kissing and kissing and grinding and kissing. 


Baz [06:09 AM] I still miss you.

Simon [11:34 AM] I feel terrible.


The knock was hesitant but loud. I opened the door and found a red-eyed Simon standing in the doorway. 

I feel terrible.

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered. 

Simon choked out a sob and was in my arms within seconds. We both cried. 

Hurting you hurts me more than anything in the world, my love.

The Only Exception

Author: Mikala

Characters: Bruce Banner x Reader

Word Count: About 630

Warnings: Mentions of the divorce of the reader’s parents, I think that’s it.

Author’s Note: Here’s another song drabble! Based on the song The Only Exception by Paramore. I’m not entirely sure, but I think I’ll be working on a Steve one next, so check back for that soon!

“How’s it going over there, sweetheart?” Bruce asked you from across the lab. You glanced up at him, taking in his disheveled hair and the glasses that were beginning to slide down the bridge of his nose, and gave him a smile. You pushed yourself away from the table you were sitting at, using the wheels on the bottom of your chair to propel yourself towards your boyfriend. You’d come down to the lab to be close to him while he worked, as you did some paperwork for your own job. You brought your chair to a rest next to where Bruce was standing, looking down at the mess of science equipment in front of you.

“What are you working on?” You asked him, knowing he’d be eager to talk about his current project with you. You didn’t understand a word of it, of course, but you liked listening to him talk about something he was so passionate about. You looked up at him, watching his eyes light up as he began to explain the progress he’d made, and you couldn’t help but melt a little bit.

How did you end up here? How did you end up falling so deep in love with someone? All you’d ever been sure about when it came to love was that it always seemed to end, so it wasn’t even worth dealing with in the first place. You had stood by and watched as your parents’ marriage failed, and you promised yourself you’d never fall in love. You knew that it never lasted, and you accepted very early in life that you’d always be alone, because that’d be easier than heartbreak. You consistently kept a comfortable distance from people, even family and friends, swearing to yourself that loneliness was better.

But when you’d met Bruce, all of that changed.

“Are you okay, Y/N? You’ve seemed sort of… Out of it, all evening.” Bruce’s voice pulled you from your train of thought. You had made your way up to his room with him, and you’d been laying on his mattress staring at the ceiling while he got ready for bed. You sat up slowly, reaching out to him. He took your hand and sat down next to you, giving you a questioning look.

“Bruce, I… Well, you know about my parents… And I’ve been thinking my whole life that I’ve got a good grip on reality, that I’d never put myself in a position to lose someone the way they lost each other,  but…” You trailed off. He squeezed your hand gently, urging you to continue. You took a deep breath. “But still, I fell in love with you, Bruce. And it terrifies me, because you’re so wonderful and perfect, and not a day goes by that I don’t think ‘This all has to be a dream, it’s too good to be true.’ I’m scared that one day I’ll wake up and you’ll be gone… I don’t think I could handle that,” you finished, looking pointedly at the floor. You felt him let go of you, and immediately both of his hands came up to gently cup your face, lifting your chin to make you look at him.

“Y/N, I can promise you this: I’m not anywhere. I never thought it’d be possible for me to fall in love either, but somehow, you’re the only exception. I’d never give this up; I can’t imagine my life without you,” he told you, leaning in to kiss your forehead. You sighed in relief, pulling him with you to lie down on the bed. You positioned yourself in his arms, relaxing in his warm embrace.

“I think I just may be on my way to believing that, Dr. Banner.”

How JohnLock is canon (a meta)

Before the shit storm that is:
I wanna say:

Okay, so the kiss didn’t happen! Whatever!
If you can look at that episode and tell me it’s not canon…
You’re crazier that Eurus.
It is canon and they do love each other.
Just give them time…

First off:
221B burned down.
Their safe house, their place behind closed doors got destroyed. They were completely out in the open with everyone seeing them. They were safe in 221B, Mrs. Hudson was the only one who really knew. Now with no place to have privacy and be what they want, they can’t really be that. (More on that in a future meta)
They’re not yet ready for that.
Not just yet.

The “I Love You”
Sherlock forced Molly to say it and it was PAINFUL. Now people are going to say: “He like Molly! He likes Molly!”
But that’s not true. He does care for Molly and want her safe, and it hurt him to make her say that. Because he couldn’t return the feelings, since he loves someone else. He said it meaningly but it was obvious he was thinking about someone else. He closed his eyes and didn’t really “look” at Molly, only to see if she would say it.
And when he destroyed the coffin it was out of anger with himself. He never wanted to hurt Molly and he felt bad for doing it. If he actually loved her he’d be all like “ Yay I can be with her now cause I know she loves me!!!”
But he’s not. He’s angry at himself for his feeling. His feelings for John.

The choice.
He immediately gave the gun to Mycroft and not John, knowing what it would do to him. Knowing how bad it would make the person who did it feel. He choose to give that burden to his own BROTHER than to give it to John. And when Mycroft refused he was uncomfortable and pissed with making John do it.
And then the choice. He pointed it to Mycroft and then to himself, NEVER TO JOHN. He would much rather kill himself and his own blood before he killed John.
Who does me have stronger feelings for?
Mycroft and Moriarty knew this too. So much so, Mycroft tried to make it easier for Sherlock to kill him and Moriarty only filmed the “Holmes killing Holmes” clip.

Victor being a mirror to John.
We know the writers love mirrors. They adore them! And Victor is a mirror for John. If we think of Victor as RedBeard we know that Sherlock loved him deeply. We know that RedBeard kept him calm and made him feel safe. Who else does that? None other than John Watson.
I enjoy the head canon of Victor being Sherlock’s first real romantic attachment, his reaction says it all.
Just the fact that both him and John died and were going to die the same way, and that Eurus was jealous of both, makes it seem all the more plausible.
Once again, if Sherlock had such strong feelings for someone else, Eurus would have gone for them and not John.

Miss you.
“And without me there, I know what you two can become…”
Now don’t come with all that “she meant amazing men” bullshit cause they already are amazing men and amazingly close. And why was her being there stopping them from anything else but a romantic relationship?
(Also that little bit with Rosie… if that wasn’t them taking care of their precious daughter idk what is life)

So please, give them time.
They just tied up Moriarty, got 221B back up again and are now okay. There will be a season five so do not fret, and just be patient! It’s a slow burn and it doesn’t need to be spoken. Lots of amazing love stories aren’t spoken! (Ex. Rouge One, Passengers, Hannibal, etc.)
So please don’t curse the writers to the east wind or anything drastic.
It will happen.

We’re just not quite ready yet….

((Btw this is my first meta, don’t kill me plz ;-;))


A year ago today you changed my life forever and made me the happiest person alive. You were the best thing to ever happen to me. You kept me going. Kept me alive. You made me feel worth something in life. You made me feel good enough. More than enough. You made me feel beautiful. You made me feel perfect. But you were the one who was perfect. Perfect to me. Perfect for me. For each other. I still think about you every single day. I still miss you every single day. I’ll miss you forever. I will love you with my whole heart for all of eternity. I could never forget you, even if I tried. Nothing’s gotten easier without you here. It’s just gotten easier to fake that I’m okay and hide the pain. Every day is harder as time goes by. I don’t know how I’ve made it this long without you so far. I still long to be with you every waking moment of my life. It pains me every second I realize I’m alive and you’re not, and that this is all real. All too real. All too wrong. You should be here right now. You deserve to be here right now. Another chance at life. I’ll never be able to fathom why God would take someone like you so soon. Someone who is worth keeping alive. You did great things, and I know you’d be able to do many more. You were so talented. So kind. So handsome and beautiful. Such an amazing person to have known. To have loved. To have planned a future with. You will forever be my one and only. The one who will always have my heart. My soulmate. I love you so much, babe.

A Little Something About Faith (Part 3)

Here it is, the long awaited part 3. Please don’t hate me lol. Part 1 Part 2 



“You came back to me,” Harry cried into your hair.

“Of course I did. I’m here. Shhh. I’m back, H.” Right now your role was to soothe him and try to put his mind back at ease. As much as you needed to be comforted and held, you let him have his moment. You still felt like he was being selfish but now was not the time nor place to say so.

You stayed like that for a good five minutes, just swaying from side to side. Harry whispered “I love you” and “I’m so happy you’re here” continuously but it wasn’t making you feel any better. You gently placed your hands on his chest, trying to get him to let go of you a bit. He loosened his hold and placed his hands on your waist.

Not able to look him in the eye, you asked, “Can we sit? We need to talk.”

You both maneuvered on the sofa so you were facing each other. Neither one of you knew how to start this conversation but it was a necessary evil and your relationship would only continue to turn sour if you avoided it. 

Harry was the first to speak. “I thought the saying ‘I was worried sick’ was just a saying until I actually got sick from worrying.” He looked up at you, “Where did you go? I don’t know if you listened to my message but I went looking for you.”

“I listened to it,” you said, continuing to play with your hands in your lap. “I didn’t get it right away though, I kept my phone off for a while.” Harry nodded. “I drove around L.A. for a bit but I didn’t want anyone like a pap or fan to see me, so I drove to Santa Barbara and went to a beach. Tried to clear my head but it didn’t work very well.”

“I think we need to clear our heads together.” You didn’t say anything. You felt like another argument, an inevitable argument, was brewing and at this point you just wanted to forget anything even happened. Three days ago everything was fine; it felt like it was ages ago. “How come you left? I knew you were upset, I was too, but neither one of us has ever left. You scared the hell out of me and -”

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Falling Slowly: Epilogue

Summary: When Henry is kidnapped by the Evil Queen, Emma rushes to save him. Along the way, she receives the help of a ship’s captain with a shared past, though she has no idea just how deep that shared past really goes.
Rating: E
Warnings: Kidnapping, language, explicit sexual content
Beta-readers: @scapeartist, @zengoalie, @optomisticgirl, @swankkat
Cover and art: @swankkat (@snokone-lady)


Tumblr: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - epilogue
Artwork: Cover - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - epilogue

Please check out @swankkat​ (aka @snokone-lady​) and reblog this chapter’s art!

Thank you all so much for your love and support. I’m floored that this story won best Enchanted Forest AU in the CS Fan Fic Awards–thank you so much! I hope that the ending lives up to your expectations.

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The child of a dead beat father and a junkie mother, Samantha Groves didn’t have it easy from the start. Her father left before she could remember him, and the men that kept coming and going afterwards were not people she would ever call Daddy.

Her mother’s erratic moods often switched between loving and hating the child that was smarter and prettier than her, leaving bruises on soul and body.  It was a miserable life really, and would have continued being so if not for two things. The dawn of the computer age and the Santiago family.

While computers were easier for her to understand than humans, her friend Raphael made sure she didnt lock himself up in a room with them. Friends since they won the rebellion against the big kids in kindergarten, those two went through everything in life together.

Raphael’s mother became her mother, and she was more often at the Santiago’s than she was at her own place.

Still, you couldnt keep her away from computers, the only challenge she could really find for her mind, and when her mother dies of an overdose shortly before Samantha’s seventeenth birthday, the girl takes her chance and disappears.

It’s a life that keeps her entertained,  the name Root becomes well known in certain circles of hackers and the organized crime. But when years later she hears that Raphael - now the new Don - is looking for her, she comes back.

Because if there is one person she is loyal to? It’s Raphael Santiago.

And she’ll be at his side in whatever he may need her.


While Root does still take independent jobs now and then, most of her focus these days goes into working for Raphael. She handles the day to day business, always two guards at his side when she is out for the family. 

Root is bisexual, but doesn’t do relationships, as she feels that at the moment it would just compromise her, and honestly she has never really been the romantic type. Or monogamous. 

Root is deaf on her right ear but does everything she can to hide it. She has a scar where she got shot once in her shoulder, but besides that only a few small ones from her child hood spent mostly on the streets. 

When out on her own she mostly drives a motor cycle, not really a fan of driving cars. 

She lives in an apartment on her own with a heavy security system, and spends most of her free time there or in random cafe’s if she feels like being out and about. 

Nurse Rob headcanons
for dearest @grumbl3r

  • Once Aaron is back from the hospital, he practically has to ask Rob to leave him alone just so he can breathe. He loves that Robert cares so much, but it’s a bit stifling. That evening he’s been dropped on the sofa and there’s a full medicine cabinet, a stack of magazines, a new phone, a laptop, a snack, a cup of tea, and the remote scattered around him, all within arms’ reach. Robert thinks he’s not obvious, it’s endearing really, but Aaron’s not blind. Robert keeps popping upstairs to get or do something, and comes down with something else he thinks “Aaron might like”.
  • Robert likes to act cool, but he’s a serious worrier when it comes to his little family. If he hears any sniffles or coughing his ears perk up and he starts stocking the cupboards with lemons and honey.
  • He’s also even easier to fool with period related business than Aaron, because he worries so much. But Liv learns the hard way that it’s better not to play him, because when she told him her tummy ached to skip school, he decided to work from the pub and kept checking up on her. He made her soup for lunch, and went out to get her some chocolate and the fancy crisps she loves. In the end, she felt bad for lying and even suggested a Star Wars marathon, much to Robert’s surprise. And Aaron’s, when he got home to find Liv and Rob asleep next to each other on the sofa. She loved that day, though.
  • He’s also that super annoying food guard, that always reminds everyone of what they shouldn’t eat. “Aaron, easy on the jalapeño, you know you’ll regret it.” “Liv, maybe don’t order the fried ice cream, you remember what happened last time.”
  • The only thing he doesn’t fuss over at all is bruises. He’s been hit far too many times, and knows Aaron is pretty familiar with them too to think they’re worth worrying over. Except if they’re on Liv, that’s entirely different, of course.
  • Rob would never admit it, but he doesn’t mind too much when Adam and Aaron decide to get bladdered, because as grumpy as he may get, hungover Aaron is actually adorable. Robert always feels like being a little cruel for the fun of it, and making as much noise as possible, but one look at Aaron’s little hungover face and he’s getting him paracetamol and frying up bacon for a sarnie. Liv makes enough noise for the pair of them.
  • One time Chas gets a really nasty cold, that last ages. Cough sweets and herbal teas made in her special mug that Liv had bought her start randomly popping up everywhere around the pub. She figures it’s Marlon at first, but when she thanks him he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Neither does Vic, or Liv. Neither does Aaron. She even tries Noah and Charity. Until she walks in on Rob making himself a coffee and a cup of lemon tea as well. Rob blushes red as a lobster. Chas pats his arm and takes her cup of tea with her without a word.
  • Rob knows he practically has to force Aaron to stay home if he’s sick. So he does. That’s one of the perks of being self-employed, they get to take a day off or work from home if they need. He practically locks Aaron in with him, and looks after him. Even if Aaron grumbles all the way through it.
  • When Aaron gets food poisoning once, after the only time he actually listened to Robert and ordered something he’d never tried at a restaurant, and Rob spends over 24h changing sick bowls, Aaron is even more certain that he’s doing the right thing marrying Robert. He’s not sure he’d have done the same if the tables were turned. The next day, when Aaron is done throwing up but still too ill to go into work, Rob stays in bed with Aaron, rubbing his tummy when it cramps up and making sure he’s actually resting.
Imagine #90

Character: Newt

Rating: M

Words: 1,368

Warning: smut AU

Request: Can you do an AU where you want to study but Newt keeps interrupting you because he wants to cuddle. Can you make it super fluffy please? 🙈


You sat on your bed, looking down at the stacks of papers you had spread out over the place. You had one leg tucked under your leg, and the other dangling off the side of the mattress. You had a pen over your ear and a highlighter in your hand, highlighting any important information you needed to know for tomorrow’s  Biology test. You were trying your damnedest to focus on what you were reading, but it was impossible with your boyfriend Newt kissing the side of your neck. 

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I wish they had kept this in the finale. It would have made the ‘impact’ of the finale so much easier to deal with. For years, Robin denied her feelings for Ted. She thought there was nothing there… even though Ted confessed his love for her many times. And when she finale realised that she felt the same way (right before the wedding) it was too late. Ted was moving on.

And now, with hearing Robin say that Ted was always 'more than just a friend’… argh, it makes so much sense.

“For a relationship, you only need 2 things. Chemestry… and timing. But timing’s a bitch.” - Robin S07E01, when talking to Ted.

Indeed Robin, timing’s a bitch.

‘It took me years to get over you.’ I said. Because it did. We weren’t dating or anything, we were just friends. Good friends. But good friends don’t hold hands in public or make out in private. Good friends don’t sleep together and then wake up the next night like it never happened. Good friends don’t do things that couples do. So maybe that made us more than friends, yet we were never anything but. And when you left, not by your choice, I realized that I loved you. And then you left again, by your own regards, and I realized that I was in love with you. But I knew that you weren’t coming back so I sucked it up and kept going, day by day. Eventually it got easier. I met someone. But that doesn’t really matter, because me and this someone didn’t have a relationship like you and I did. And here we are now, looking at each other, standing in the foyer of my parents house. And you’re telling that you’re in love with me and you want to be with me and that all those years ago when it was just me and you, you want that back. I looked at you and smiled sadly. I knew I had to, but I wasn’t sure how to tell you that upstairs was that someone I had met while getting over you, and a little, 4 year old boy. Upstairs was the life I had grown into and fallen in love with along the way. You left me and I moved on. You can’t expect me to go running back to you at your convenience.
—  l.r.//excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7, moving on

anonymous asked:

why do you really hate pearl

Why do I hate Pearl?

Alright well, buckle up and prepare yourself.

To be fair, I once loved Pearl as a character. She was great and elegant and lovely. But since Warp Tour, everything she does is horrible.

Indirect Kiss.

This episode was before Warp Tour and while it has a lot of evidence behind it, I find something in it to help my reasoning.

Steven is telling the story to Connie about how Amethyst cracked her Gem and once Pearl finds out, she give a comment about how they had Rose for situations like this. REMINDING STEVEN THAT HE IS A CAUSE FOR SOMETHING THEY LOST THAT WASN’T JUST HIS MOM.

Either way, the entire time Pearl is just telling Steven about how gay she is for Rose and all that stuff. You can really see it in this episode, the devotion or rather idolization Pearl had for Rose.

At the end of the episode, Steven retells the story with Pearl saying “Oh Steven, you don’t have heling tears, you’ll never have any real magic powers, and we don’t want anything more to do with you.” When Connie questions Steven if that’s what she actually said, he says no. But that’s what it felt like. Pearl made Steven feel like he didn’t belong, that if he never developed powers like the ones his mom had, they would have no need for Steven anymore. And while this episode really brings into light about how the gems make Steven feel bad for not being Rose, I must move on.

Warp Tour.

Steven, our lovable gem child. After having an allergic reaction to some plants, falls through the warp and sees a robonoid warping itself to another part of the world. Steven barely gets any sleep the next night and Pearls response to this is “This isn’t about the thing you THINK you saw, is it?”

Eventually they go to check at other places with Warps and Pearl confidently praises herself for knowing nothing was there. Steven tells Pearl that she is wrong, and Pearl is appalled that he would think so. Steven even SUGGESTS THAT IT COULD’VE BEEN FROM SPACE, and Pearl just brushes it off because of his tone of voice.

Pearl, the know-it-all Pearl. Tells Steven that “Nothing on Earth can use these warps but us.” She has literally grabbed his head between her hands and is forcing him to agree with her.  He yells at her, and this is surprising, because no one would question Pearl and her vast knowledge on things. Steven knows what he saw, and for some reason Pearl doesn’t believe that something from space could be here. Not even since occurrences like the Red Eye for example, but hey, it’s Pearl and she’s always right.

Either way, they end up at the Galaxy Warp where they have gone before to see if they work, and Steven has very kindly used his Breakfast Buddy stickers to mark them inactive. When they go back to the Galaxy Warp, this is when I hate Pearl and have since this moment. Now, this is what really upset me, Pearl chastises Steven, very demeaning like, and tells him he is wrong. She has literally grabbed his head between her hands and is forcing him to agree with her.  He yells at her, and this is surprising, because no one would question Pearl and her vast knowledge on things.

Then once everything is over, Pearl even claims to know how Steven is feeling. “Steven feels much better now.” He lashes out, and I would too. If the entire day someone was telling me what I thought was wrong and although no evidence was brought up to prove I’m right, decides to then tell me how I feel.

During the time when Steven and Pearl are yelling at the same time, Steven clearly says “It’s not like you guys care about what I have to say” Pearl tells Steven “You don’t know what you’re talking about” and Steven replies with a yell “Maybe you don’t know what I’m talking about.” This really gets Pearl riled up, to the point where Garnet literally steps in front of Pearl to stop Steven from saying anything further.

Either way Steven is right, Pearl is confused and they still find themselves in an unwanted situation.

Roses Scabbard

This episode is about Pearl trying to show Steven all the things Rose once had. A sword and scabbard, a secret weapon room. Eventually Steven tells Pearl that Lion has shown him most things that were secret to everyone but her and Rose. That her sword is kept inside him. Pearl is in disbelief and lashes out.

“Rose didn’t have a lion, if Rose had a Lion I would’ve know about it.” I’m sorry Pearl, but she had a whole herd of lions in the desert.

“None of you can understand how I feel, none of you had what we had.” Everyone spent time with Rose, but Pearl the most. But the relationship they had wasn’t a relationship. Although Rose loved Pearl, she never LOVED Pearl, not in the way she loved the Earth, or how she loved Greg, or even how she loves Steven.

“What do you know, you’ve never even met her?” This is last thing she says before running away. To the battlefield, where she spent countless hours protecting her, poofing herself to defend her.

“Go away” The first thing she says to him once he tries to figure out what’s wrong, he wants to know what’s wrong. Steven questions if he did something wrong, questions himself as a whole because of how everyone feels about Rose and how he isn’t Rose. The one Gem who keeps reminding him of this is Pearl.

Pearl, whether she knows it or not, is constantly reminding Steven more so than everyone else that he isn’t his mom. While he knows that the Crystal Gems love him, he knows that they feel deep sorrow in having to lose her.

Pearl, I feel is the worst in hiding her true color about how she feels. She is usually the first one to chime in at how everything would be easier if “Rose was here” or how they lack certain guidance because “Rose isn’t here” or how she has kept secrets from Garnet and Amethyst about what happened before and during the war.

Pearl has continuously made Steven feel like he is WRONG for not being just like his mom. His healing powers stopped working because she questioned if they actually worked on Greg. Pearl reminds Steven of all the amazing things Rose did, and never of all the amazing things he’s done.

When he learned how to fuse with Connie, Pearl called it inappropriate. When Steven fuses with Amethyst she yells “Tell me everything” which is then followed by “Oh no.” When Rose meets Greg Pearl tells him that he’s nothing more than a delicacy.

If you want to know why I hate Pearl, it’s because all she ever does is want Steven to be his mom. I know nobody wants to bring it up, but we’re all pretty sure Pearl would only be a little upset if Steven was gone and Rose was back.

That’s why I hate Pearl.

letters to shepard

“Shepard,” Miranda said, her voice gentle. It was unlike her, but since their return from the Omega 4 Relay, Miranda had softened significantly. The ship was theirs, free to go about their business defeating Reapers. Shepard actually had a new sense of arrogance after telling the Illusive Man to stick it where the sun shines. All the money and resources put into her and this ship, and it was all hers now.

“Miranda, what’s up?” she said, looking up from her cup of coffee and datapad.

Miranda flipped open her omni-tool, and Shepard’s own gadget buzzed at her arm.

“What’s this?”

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Chloe’s Tri Bullet Necklace

I only got this for a Chloe cosplay but now I pretty much wear it everywhere because I love it so much. Also, I didn’t buy it off of someone on Etsy - I made it myself for almost half the Etsy price using Neptune Giftware’s bullet necklaces from Amazon.

Etsy price: around £21/$30/€27
Amazon price (product + shipping): £11.96/$17.05/€15.62

Simply put the three bullets on the same cord and tie it up again. I kept the same knot as it is easier to adjust the length than undoing the tie and redoing it every time.

And there you have your own Chloe Price necklace!

Amazon - (x

1. nothing.
2. my baby sister’s teeth clasped around a clarinet reed trying to ignore the way her boyfriend’s lips tastes like other boys instead of her. she never cried. she let him go. she did better than me.
3. I ate lunch in the cafeteria alone. everyone looked at me when I passed and if I dared to look at them, I would find terror and eyes cast downward.
4. I stopped eating lunch in the cafeteria. I ate lunch in the library.
5. I stopped eating lunch.
6. a boy that I loved stuck his hand inside of me like I was a broken bird he was trying to make fly. he didn’t know my wings weren’t there. I convinced myself it wasn’t his fault. living with lies at 16 is easier than accepting that he really didn’t care that when he pulled his hand back out it was completely covered in blood.
7. he told me we needed to talk. I told him he was weak. he cried first and I will always carry that trophy on my nightstand.
8. I made good friends and kept none of them.
9. they told as many ears they could reach that my palm was a handgun and my blood was made of bullets. that I was going to open fire at everyone I saw. they didn’t know that my tendons were flower chains and my bones were rabbit’s fur and they tore it all open and ate it up. they stole everything. everything.
10. nothing.
—  things that happened to me in high school, by windy sharpe
Sexual Tension// A Pietro Maximoff Imagine

“Can you write a oneshot for this one “Imagine the reader sexually teasing Pietro during a mission and he gets frustrated.”?” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     With the battle with Ultron approaching quickly, tensions were running high with the Avengers. Many were pissed at Tony for creating Ultron, and then attempting to create Vision, especially since he was told repeatedly that creating artificial intelligence is a bad idea, and that pressuring Bruce to help him is also a bad idea. But with two other Avengers, the tension was different. As soon as they saw each other, they felt an attraction between them that drove each other crazy. Those two Avengers were Pietro Maximoff, and (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

   (Y/N) was a not-so-new addition to the Avengers. She had been apart of the team for about 9 months, and while she was fairly new, she felt very at-home with the rest of the Avengers. Although she doesn’t harvest any powers, she still could kick ass.

  When (Y/N) first laid eyes on Pietro Maximoff, she had to refrain from pouncing on him and ripping all of his clothes off so she could take him. But, (Y/N) was classy- at least most of the time. She didn’t want to fuck him, she wanted to make love to him. She wanted the experience to be passionate, not only for her, but for Pietro’s sake also. So, (Y/N) kept her distance, but she didn’t forget to drop a few hints every now and then.

  These hints were often discreet- because a spy couldn’t be that obvious- but every now and then, either Natasha or Tony would catch on to her game, but they wouldn’t say anything. Of course Wanda knew, but she didn’t do anything to interfere. Wanda had read Pietro’s mind multiple times, and was absolutely certain that Pietro was in love with (Y/N).

  Of course, Pietro would never admit that, and he kept leaving (Y/N) high and dry. But, (Y/N) was persistent, and she always got what she wanted.

  On the day that all of the Avengers, including the Maximoff twins, went to Sokovia to defeat Ultron, (Y/N) was tired of waiting for Pietro to make a move. So, when the battle started, she made sure to stick around Pietro as much as possible so that she could tell him what she wanted. This was easier said than done. Every time (Y/N) came even remotely close to Pietro, he would speed off somewhere else. Frustrated, (Y/N) decided to give up on chasing after him, and instead tried to draw him towards her. After all, its easier to attract the bees to the honey.

  (Y/N) knew that the other Avengers were using the same intercom, but she took a chance anyway. Whenever Pietro said anything regarding Ultron’s robots, (Y/N) would add a few compliments that had a hint of sex in hopes of Pietro getting the hint.

  As (Y/N) took down another robot, Pietro’s voice came in through the intercom.

  “There are too many robots!” Pietro exclaimed with a thick accent.

  “But you’re so strong Pietro, how could anyone ever beat you?” (Y/N) asked in a seductive tone as she bit her lip, hoping that he would get where she was coming from. She smirked devilishly as she heard him stutter ‘um u-uh’.

  “You’re fast, but I’m sure you could last just a little bit longer.” (Y/N) heard a nervous chuckle coming from Pietro’s end and she could tell he was getting flustered. She had him- hook, line, and sinker.

  When she saw him pass by, she shouted his name. Pietro stopped and looked in her direction and came running towards her.

  “Yes, любовь?” Pietro gazed at her as he took in oxygen. He thought that (Y/N) looked so gorgeous as a few beads of sweat rolled down her forehead. It made him feel hot all over.

  “You’ve got a little dirt right here,” (Y/N) breathed out as she reached her hand out and caressed his face gently. She looked into his eyes and dropped her hand down to his shoulder before running her hand down his chest. She saw his eyes turn a darker shade, and before her could speak, (Y/N) pulled her hand away from Pietro’s perfectly sculpted abs and winked at him. Then, she made her way to go save a child being surrounded by robots, leaving Pietro all hot and bothered.

  The battle with Ultron was finished, and all of the Avengers headed back to the Avengers tower on the quinjet. (Y/N) made sure to not so even as to glance at Pietro so she could leave him wanting more. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Pietro shifting in his seat and staring at her intently.

  Once the quinjet landed, (Y/N) made her way to her room, and right as she was about to reach her door handle, an unseen force grabbed her and abruptly pulled her into another room before she could react, and her back was met with the wall. As she caught her breath, Pietro appeared in front of her and grabbed both of her wrists and put them above her head. Before (Y/N) could speak, Pietro crashed his lips onto hers and kissed her passionately and roughly as she kissed back. Pietro quickly pulled back before smirking at (Y/N)’s dazed expression. (Y/N) made a noise of protesting as he pulled away, wanting nothing more than to have his soft lips back on hers again. Pietro began to kiss (Y/N)’s jawline before he moved his mouth to her ear and whispered:

                                  “You didn’t see that coming?”

  любовь: Love

anonymous asked:

(Fluffy romance) Mura and Muro on a three people date with their best friend+crush who happens to be the same girl. Just a friendly rivalry between the guys with no petty jealousy as they try to win her affection over. Please let her stay neutral in the end and not pick any bc she does like them both but doesn't want to ruin the tight friendship?

Murasakibara’s glare across the table was beginning to irk Himuro. Sure, he got lucky and you just happened to choose the seat right next to his but Murasakibara was being really immature with his seething. “What’s wrong, Atsushi?” You questioned and sounded absolutely adorable in Murasakibara’s ears. His lips immediately curled into a content smile at the sight of your puzzled expression. “Is the food not good?”

“It’s good, ___-chin. I was just hoping that you’d feed me.” He opened his mouth big enough for emphasis.

You rolled your eyes and shoved a slice of garlic bread into his mouth. “You’re old enough, you can eat on your own.”

“That’s very true, Atsushi. Eating on your own now will help you make it a habit for the future. You don’t want people to feed you all the time, do you?” Himuro taunted teasingly.

Murasakibara shot another glare his way. “None of your business, Murochin.”

“Why don’t we go to the arcade after this? It’ll be fun. I heard they have a new mini golf game.”

“Sounds good,” the two affirmed at the same time, only to have them end up shooting glares at each other again. You shook your head and sighed. Boys.

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