love is a weakness regina

Imagine the Boss filling their pads across the city with stray animals. Animals that have been abused, animals that have been neglected. The gang is confused at first but quite quickly come to accept that they’re going to share their cribs with animals. They soon have favoured cribs where their favourite animals are. Some even adopt an animal they’re particularly close to. Johnny has total control and say over the Cat Crib. Shaundi has gotten surprisingly fond of the Reptile Pad. Everyone finds themselves unsurprised when Pierce starts naming every single dog at the Dog Kennel. Kinzie has trained the goats at the Farm House to bleat whenever someone interrupts her.
And the Boss will come at you with a righteous fury if you try and hurt any one of them.

He hadn’t shown up the day the girl was born. Cora had waited for days, weeks, before she realized he was never coming for her child. So he had left her with the girl, a cruel joke. Thank goodness that she had taken out her heart so she didn’t get attatched to the baby. After all, love was weakness. She names the baby Regina, and she had to go through the horror of raising a child, every scream, every dirty diaper, every time it was hungry, she had to put up with it. And Cora hated that she had to do that. She had to raise her daughter so she could be worth something.

Untold Stories Theory

The Evil Queen wants to use Regina and Emma’s untold story to destroy their happy ending.

We open Jekyll’s back story with him explaining the serum to Mary’s father.

“This serum.. once perfected will be capable of separating a man’s personality in two and dividing the higher more noble aspects of his nature from the primitive beast of which every man is born.”

Mary’s father doesn’t want to help Jekyll so after they leave in comes Rumple. Now Rumple obviously has his own reasons for pushing Jekyll into using the serum but the dialogue throughout most of the Jekyll and Rumple scenes are very telling.

Rumple says to Jeykll:

“Have you ever stopped to consider that what you think of as weakness is really strength.”

This is important. We already know that Cora has ingrained that “love is weakness” into Regina/The Evil Queen. She says this to Regina after killing Daniel.

Rumple then says to Jekyll:

“Perhaps using that serum to get in touch with your deepest desires is exactly what you need.”

The Evil Queens deepest desire is to destroy everyone’s happy ending and for Regina to embrace her darkness but Regina’s greatest desire is to have a happy ending and show she’s redeemed. Now what is Regina’s happy ending? I believe Regina has feelings for Emma but she knows Emma is with Hook and she believes Emma is happy. She fears rejection from Emma and ruining Emma’s happy ending, however The Evil Queen isn’t going to hold anything back. She wants to ruin the Charmings happy ending and Regina’s happiness so she embraces the dark part of her.

In 6x02 Regina says:

“The people in the land of untold stories aren’t the only ones with tales they don’t want told and when your stories finally play out, I’ll just sit back and watch you tear yourselves apart.”

If Regina’s untold story is that she has feelings for Emma then this will obviously create a lot of problems for everyone especially the closeted Emma Swan and her pirate boyfriend.

After Jeykll uses the serum we have Hyde say this line to Rumple:

“I don’t look like a man or feel like one. That’s because you’re PART of a man. The part that Jekyll wanted to hide from the world.”

Regina tried to kill The Evil Queen because she doesn’t want to be seen as evil anymore. She’s worked so hard to redeem herself through many seasons. Regina has changed. She’s not selfish anymore. She’s not going to put her deepest desires before the happiness of others.

When Hyde speaks to Mary’s father she mentions that he wouldn’t want people knowing about the affair he’s having with his new assistant who’s young enough to he his daughter. He says “now there’s story you wouldn’t want told.”

Again we have another mention of the “untold stories” theme.

Now this one especially got me thinking. Rumple to Jekyll:

“That party was full of suitors. You wouldn’t want anyone scooping her up now would you?”

Jekyll: “She doesn’t even know how I feel.”

Rumple: “Why don’t you tell her.”

Jekyll: “Well I wouldn’t even know how.”

Rumple: “Just swig some of that serum and let Mr.Hyde do the talking for you.

Emma doesn’t know how Regina feels. I think Emma fears rejection from Regina also as well as dealing with her insecurities about embracing her true identity and being bi or gay. The Evil Queen doesn’t care about Regina’s fears or Emma’s supposed happiness and I believe she’s going to either tell Emma how Regina feels or pretend she is Regina herself and tell her as Regina.

Hyde meets up with Mary. He says he’s there on Jekyll’s behalf.

Hyde: “The doctor has great feelings for you.”
Mary: “I care very much for Henry but I don’t think I could ever be with him in that way.”

Now.. I could imagine Emma saying something very similar to what Mary said. She’s scared of her feelings for Regina and disappointing her parents. She thinks she needs to be like her parents to be happy and this is why she has clung so much to the idea of Hook as her happy ending.

So The Evil Queen will say something like “Regina has great feelings for you.” Emma might say to The Evil Queen “I care very much Regina but I don’t think I could ever be with her that way.” The Evil Queen gets exactly what she wants. When Regina finds out what’s happened then she will struggle with her emotions and get closer to the darkness. Emma will question herself and her happiness with Hook and close herself off to everyone causing even more troubles. Thus proving that the untold story could be about Regina and Emma.


anonymous asked:

How do you think Regina really feels about Belle?


Ugh, I wish the writers would spend any time on that relationship at all, because damn is it interesting. 

Essentially, Belle and Regina are two sides of the same coin: they both believe that they alone see Rumplestiltskin for what he really is. But they see two completely different people. 

Rumple is absolutely central to both of their lives, and how they came to be who they are now, as of season 6. Belle is the woman he loves, who he shows his best to and who expects him to try and be good; Regina’s the woman he abused, who he showed his worst to and who expects nothing else. And that colours her whole view of Belle. 

Honestly, I think Regina sees Belle as a very naive, emotionally young woman with no grasp of the real world, who loves Rumple because she’s too blinkered to see him for the monster he really is. I think part of her sees in Belle the same blind trust in Rumple that Regina herself had for a long time, trust he abused to turn her into the Evil Queen. She believes Belle loves Rumple because Belle is inventing something good in him that doesn’t really exist, seeing what she wants to see. She didn’t believe until Neverland that Rumple was capable of love, and once she realises he is, Belle just graduates from ‘pawn’ to ‘super-useful pawn’ when she needs to act against Rumple. 

Their whole relationship has been defined by their first meeting on the road in Skin Deep. Belle is cautious of her, but listens to Regina when she manipulates her to get one-up on Rumple. Belle is trusting, optimistic, hooked on the ideal of bravery and heroism, and deeply in love with Rumple. Belle believes in love, and - at the time - Regina believed love to be weakness. Her treatment of Belle is a perfect example of Regina reinforcing that belief in herself: Belle’s love for Rumple is what brings her into contact with Regina, and turns her into a bargaining chip Regina can keep locked away for when she’s useful. In Skin Deep, Belle’s love for Rumple makes the pair of them weak in Regina’s eyes - it makes them both emotional and susceptible to Regina’s manipulations.

I don’t think that perception of Belle ever really changes, even after Belle confronts her in s3. Partly because Regina can’t allow it to, and partly because despite her outburst, Belle’s love for Rumple makes Belle cave. Belle believes Regina’s apology (weak and manipulative as it is) and leaves it at that. Belle is a weakling twice over, because now she can’t even hold a proper grudge. Belle is weak and naive by virtue of being trusting, loving, and forgiving. 

But then, Snow White, David, and Henry show all of those qualities, and Regina perceives these (especially these days) as their best qualities. So why is Belle different? Well now, knowing as we do that there was always a part of Regina that wanted a sexual/romantic relationship with Rumple (the Evil Queen) her treatment of Belle becomes more complicated. Belle is not just a young, naive girl who loved a monster and got hurt for it: the woman Rumple loves. Belle is not the only woman he’s ever brought to live in his castle - Regina and Zelena both also fit that description - but she’s the only one he fell in love with. He’s never tried to corrupt her or destroy her, or use her for his own selfish purposes. His relationship to Belle is loving and selfless: a direct contradiction to his abuse of Regina.

Honestly, never saw Zelena as more than a nuisance, and his relationship to Regina - while complex and interesting, with definite potential for growth - was essentially loveless. He couldn’t see her as a lover or as a daughter - two roles she desperately wanted to fill with him, hopefully not at once although some of EQ’s lines will never leave my brain - because - as we see with Belle and Bae - he can’t bring himself to use or hurt the people he loves. She was a pawn to him - he said it himself in ‘Changelings’ - but she never accepted that. Belle was never a pawn. Belle wasn’t even on the board. 

What it comes to is that Regina believes she alone knows Rumple, because she was exposed the longest to his darkness and his corruption. 

So much of Regina is built on her relationship with Rumple, and so in true Stockholm Syndrome fashion, she believed that they had a deep, special bond that no one else could come close to. To preserve that delusion, she had to believe that what she knew of Rumple - the cruel, corruptive monster - was the truth of him. That it matched and belonged with the cruel, corruptive monster he awakened in her. If Rumple’s cruelty is a mask - if a good man lurks beneath - then what is she? She’s false, she’s built on a lie, she’s alone and there’s no one out there who can understand her. Therefore, she has to believe she knows him better than anyone, when really she barely knows him at all. 

You only have to look at the EQ’s sneering about Belle to see the evidence of that. Belle does see the truth of Rumple (when she’s not being manipulated by Black Fairy Dream Baby), and expects him to push through his worse impulses and be the good man she sees in him. She is disappointed and hurt when he fails, because she knows he’s better than his destructive impulses. 

This, to Regina, doesn’t make sense. If there’s a good man in there, how could he use and abuse her the way he did? Why couldn’t he love her, the strong, powerful Queen he cultivated, when he could love a bookish maid with her head in the clouds? He couldn’t: therefore, it is Rumple’s love for Belle that is the delusion, and Belle’s faith in a ‘good man’, and Regina’s knowledge of his dark side is the real truth. 

One of the first things Rumple ever said to Regina was “We’re back where we belong: together”. Regina took it to heart. Regina has believed that line, heart and soul, since the moment she heard it. 

So essentially, what we have here is a logical fallacy: Regina belongs with Rumple. Regina is dark. Therefore, for Regina to belong with Rumple, Rumple must also be dark. 

But she clearly doesn’t belong with this ‘good man’ Belle keeps fighting for, and if we take as firm truth that she belongs with Rumple, then logically that ‘good man’ can’t exist. Therefore, Belle has to be a silly girl chasing a fantasy, and Regina becomes the hard-nosed adult who understands the darkness and can look him in the eye. After all, she trusted him implicitly when she was young, and he used that to destroy her. She (at least, as the EQ) believes she knows him for what he is now, and can embrace that.

Ultimately, I think she interprets Belle’s feelings for Rumple as a very intense schoolgirl crush: unrealistic, rose-tinted, and ultimately foolish. 

And, I think that view extends to Belle as a person (if Regina has any concept of her outside of her relationship to Rumple, and her use as a research tool). But I also think those feelings are entirely a projection of her own insecurities and feelings about herself and about Rumple. Belle is her mirror image, and I don’t think she can see the real person behind it. 


those times robin rushed to kiss regina
like his life depended on it….

Days of Outlaw Queen

If we go with the theory that the wish realm is actually based on Regina’s wish then it definitely opens up a glimpse into Regina’s psyche.

1. Emma is completely passive and has everything she ever wanted.
We already have heard Regina say that Emma had everything in season 3a while Regina had nothing. Plus are we really surprised that Regina views Emma as weak? Regina is all about control and love being a weakness, no wonder she sees Emma as nothing more than a passive princess. Add in Regina’s envy and lack of empathy for others and we have Regina painting Emma as vapid and weak when really Emma is kind and fair.

2. Old Snowing
Why was Snowing aged up but Granny was not? Well who has Snowing spent the past few seasons parenting? (Hint: It’s not Emma.) No I think Snowing may have represented the parents that Regina sees them as  - for herself. So of course, in Regina’s wish realm they’d be the physical representation of the parents she sees them as. And the fact that she killed them - well we already know Regina is capable of both matricide and patricide. So why wouldn’t she do the same in her wish realm?

3. Knight Henry
 I think the EQ’s monologue about raising a prince in 6x08 answers this question. Or even what Regina says to infant Henry in 3x09 about raising a prince. Henry was the representation of what Regina wanted for him.

4. Young Robin
Sorry but Snowing being in their 60s while Robin was still in his 30s definitely makes this Regina’s wish realm. (But the dark hair must indicate that this isn’t the Robin Regina loved so I look forward to that falling apart.)

5. The EQ being banished
The other striking thing about the AU is that the EQ isn’t dead, but merely banished. Is the banishment of the EQ suppose to mirror Regina’s own internal struggle with the EQ? Regina thought she had the EQ banished, but I think we all know by now that Regina still has the EQ within her and ready to return - even if Regina thinks she ripped her out.

  • EQ: You wouldn't...not for her.
  • Regina: Really? Let's find out.
  • EQ: ...wait!
  • Regina: What? Are you scared?
  • EQ: Why on earth would I be scared?
  • Regina: Because you still think love is weakness...and because you know how far I...we would go for her.
  • EQ: ...You can't...
  • Regina: I have can lie to yourself and to me all you like, but we both know that for Emma we would do anything.

I’ve seen a lot of people really psyched about Regina saying “I need you” to Emma.

But think of the implications. Regina was taught by her mother never to love. Never to need anybody because “Love is weakness”. She was taught that to love someone meant to need them. And she was taught never to need anybody.

And she’s had it proven to her over and over again. If she needed someone. Really needed them, they left her. Daniel. Her mother. Her father. Even Henry sided against Regina when Emma came to town. 

And that’s why “I need you” a bigger deal than “I love you.” Because needing someone is Regina admitting ‘weakness’ in a way that’s more open or honest than a declaration of love. She’s making herself vulnerable and opening her heart to Emma, despite the pain love has caused her in the past. And in doing that, she finally beats the fate that was created for her.

I just realized that this season we’re gonna see Regina admit out loud for the first time that she fell in love with Robin.

OQ Fic Recs [1/?]

Fester by Whas'up (68k++)

“Regina lets the wounds on her arm fester. She leaves them be, night after night, staring at them, dark eyes empty, breath easy, and she could be sleeping, if she weren’t in so much pain. But henry is gone, her baby, and the pain will never go away. Infection is no laughing matter, and when Roland witnesses her fall to her fever, it’s his father he runs too.”

Multi-chap, WIP, updated frequently - extremely well-written and deals with OQ falling in love in the Enchanted Forest during the missing year and their struggles with Regina’s internal turmoil and trauma. Lots of Roland/Regina, too. And suicidal Regina. Really great read, and it’s from the POVs of both Robin and Regina too, so that’s a nice touch. []

Not Quite Whole by miladiarchers (11k++)

“Robin should have a decision to make, but his heart already knows.” Post 3x22.

Three-shot, I think. Still in progress but updated frequently too. Deals with Robin and his confliction. Told from Robin’s POV. Wonderful characterization and depth. The pain and anguish and longing really reflect in the writer’s choice of words. There’s also Roland/Regina which is always a nice touch. Extremely well-written. []

Support Pillar by The Darkness Factor (3k)

“Emma won’t like it, but right now he’s the only one his mom’s got.” Post 3x22.

One-shot. Mostly Henry/Regina in the aftermath of the finale. Henry’s finally there for his mom. [] [AO3]

and so you, bread and light and shadow, are by biggrstaffbunch (4k)

“Her mother always told her that love is weakness. 

Regina knows that is a falsehood; love is strength unrivaled. Love is lasting. It is unforgettable. It might fade, but it never disappears, however much a person might wish it would go.

Love outlasts ambition and power. Love is what is left when everything else turns to dust.

There was a moment when that thought might have been a comfort.

These days, it feels like a warning. 

Regina, after Robin and Marian." Post 3x22.

Again, extremely well-written take on Regina dealing with the aftermath of Marian’s return. And Robin makes a choice. [AO3]

I Make My Own by Luthor (5k)

”Zelena is put on house arrest at the mayoral manor.“

Mostly Regina and Zelena becoming sisters. One of my absolute favorite fics. They just grow into this complicated familial relationship and it’s wonderful to read. There’s also OQ, with Robin and Roland making their way into Regina’s life and Robin having to deal with the fact that Zelena will be in his too.

everything by sgtmac7

And no, "everything” isn’t the title of the fic. Read everything, as in all of her fics. Her characterization of Regina is just so spot-on and brilliant. Lots of post-episode prompts and “missing scenes”. Love everything she writes, although this is my personal favorite. [Tumblr]

Accidental Listener by miladiarchers (3k)

“Robin has a bit of trouble adjusting to his new phone, and Regina hears more than she probably should when he accidentally fails to end their call.”

Rated M, but also really adorable. Just really cute. And I’m really looking forward to more fics by miladiarchers because she’s a really good writer too. []

So, that’s all for now. I’m still filtering my way through God, it used to be so much simpler and user-friendly and now it’s a mess. I especially hate that there could be more than one pairing in the filter now so there are some other ships clogging up the Robin/Regina filter, ugh. Which also makes me love AO3 so much more. I am also about to venture my way into finding an LJ community, so expect more fic recs during the summer!

Highlight of the episode. Really. Can it be analyzed too much? No, no it can not. Let’s break it down.

You might want to go pee, or grab a drink before this, it’s gonna be a long one.

Swan Queen is apparently done rom com trope style. Luckily, Swen are well versed in this. We’ll start the scene with a classic pick up line. Smooth, Regina.

Yes. It is Regina. Wifey coming to check how you’re doing

Friend. This is where they’re at now in the classic rom com trope of 

“Enemies –> friendly –> friends with feels –> lovers” 

We’re close, Swen. Hang on.

I’m guessing Emma voices this because she has a hope Regina will have a short cut. Maybe Regina can tell her that “of course you’re ready to let go of darkness, it’s something else keeping you”.

But alas. No such luck. Regina lays down the truth, and I’m really loving Emma’s sassy little head shake when she scoffs “Regina”. Emma really wants that to be a hollow observation. She doesn’t want to want to keep hold of the darkness.

And Regina is being all kinds of awesome. Tells Emma she’s not the first, nor will she be the last, to be tempted by darkness. Reassuring Emma, she’s okay.

And it does comfort Emma. Snowing might’ve gone with the “you’re the savior too good to *whatever*”. But Regina. Regina knows what it’s like, and she’d never fault Emma those feelings. There’s no good or evil. Just real people with real problems.

Excuse me while I go grab a tissue. These two are so hell bent on helping each other to be the best version of themselves. They’re connected in a way the others will never be, they get each other. “But with you Regina, I always know when you’re lying” *rom com zoom* . And here, “you can’t lie to me”.

Emma immediately goes “I know I can’t, but I can deny deny deny”. When all else fails, play dense.

Regina knows she may have pushed a little too far a little too quickly, so she dials it back to “common ground”. Where she validates Emma’s dark feels, talks about them as they were her own. Make Emma not lash out or retreat.

Because they do get the lure of darkness. Both of them. Emma finds comfort in Regina knowing how it feels. Having moved past it. Emma’s always seen Regina as Regina and not the Evil Queen. If Regina now sees her as Emma, she doesn’t feel as bad.

This sentence was clever. “Doing whatever you want” aka “Living your hearts desire”. This is the freedom. If Regina can make Emma see her deep secret desire as her way to freedom, instead of a prison, then maybe she can make Emma open up.

Regina’s made her comfortable enough to open up. To be honest. Because she takes a leap of faith that Regina won’t judge

“Is it wrong?” meaning “Do you see me differently?”

And this. This is why Emma and Regina are freaking awesome. Regina says it like it is. Yeah dark actions are wrong..

“.. but your feelings are human. You’re feelings are completely okay”. Best possible way to handle it, and Regina delivered.

Trying once again to make Emma see what is keeping her to the darkness. There’s comfort, but there’s also reality. No more, delicate. Truth time. (Do notice the lovely half blinks. Emma’s hiding her reaction. Regina saying she knows her makes Emma feel things she can’t act on)

Regina’s laying it all out there. 

Waaaait, wait, wait, hold up. “You’re not as weak as I once was”. “Love is weakness”. Regina knows! Regina knows Emma’s true heart’s desire is love. But she doesn’t see Emma weak, she thinks Emma’s brave enough to admit it. Regina’s like “Emma, love is strength, you can do this”. Emma knows what Regina’s getting at, look her squinting her eyes.

Again, Regina validating Emma’s feelings. “You have good reason” (remember, Emma keeping shit from Regina in Storybrooke, because she had *good reason*? Yeah, me too). Anyway, Regina isn’t downplaying Emma’s feelings, but she wants Emma free of the curse so badly, she’s willing to push to free her.

Regina’s at the end of her wits. She’s been as delicate as possible, as supportive as possible. This is Regina’s last chance for Emma to come clean without a forceful push

Oh Emma. If only you could say that with a straight face. She’s lying so badly here, it’s almost funny

Except Regina sees no funny. But she will slam you with the truth

Regina sees through Emma’s shit. I’m not condoning Regina’s next actions, but til this moment, Regina’s raw honesty with Emma was delicious. She refuses to coddle Emma, she’s always been *harsh* with her words, but they’re honest

Emma knows things are about to change, she’s not sure how though. Talk of Emma’s walls. Yeah we remember talks of those from another scene


Look at Emma’s face. That’s fear. She does not want Regina to know. Emma knows the truth. The only reason she wouldn’t want Regina to know is because it a) involves Regina or b) Emma will lose Regina and Henry

Regina’s trying very very hard to look like this does not bother her. She fails.

Regina really does know that this is not totally okay. So she makes sure to tell Emma she’s doing this for her. It’s still wrong, but Regina does it to help.

Emma clenches her jaw when Regina calls her “Dark One”. Emma does not like. When Regina goes on to “tell me”, Emma tries getting eye contact. Probably to try and make Regina stop.

That’s an intense stare you got there, Regina

The completely stoic face and hard eyes is enough to know this isn’t Emma’s secret. It’s a truth. A partial truth. But it’s not the truth.

You can’t lie to Regina. Regina knows it’s deeper than that.

Regina’s really trying her best to keep it together

Emma would not be pleading with Regina to drop it, if she had already spilled the truth. Emma’s scared.

And so is Regina, who can’t keep on the facade anymore. She goes completely desperate heartbreak, and she looks remarkably like young Regina here. This is a very vulnerable Regina.

That look is pretty heart breaking. Regina encourages Emma to break down her walls. To be brave. 

This look really says “I can’t”. At least not in front of Regina

The dagger can make you look. Right now Regina controls the dagger, which means she’s essentially saying “I can make you look..”

“.. But you have to choose to see”. Emma has to choose. Regina’s pleading “please see it. Choose to see it. Choose to tell me.”

Emma’s resisting all she can, but she can’t resist much longer

Regina looks like she’s about to burst into tears. She’s pleading for the truth. Just like she will do on a porch in three weeks-ish time. And then of course they’re interrupted. No rom com has ever delivered a confession without having the first attempt be ruined.

H00k’s aggressiveness here is very very interesting

He tries to comfort Emma

But H00k just yelled at Regina and ripped the dagger out of her hand so forcefully Regina almost fell. Emma might’ve been angry with Regina for wanting the truth, but you do not yell or push Regina. Emma’s pissed. (At Regina too)

As we know Emma bails and the others scold Regina. Regina’s trying to be cool, but she’s shaken up.

Not your fault it’s painful. I’m sure Emma would beg to differ

The Undeniable Ways in Which Swan Queen is Unintentional

-The scene in the season 1 finale where Emma goes to get the true love potion to save Henry, slaying the dragon and saving Queen Regina and prince Henry is literally the True Love moment of the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty.

I got this from the Disney parallels video you showed me @smirkingtoqueen :D

- Magic is emotion, strong emotion. Since by the start of season 2 Regina and Emma do not hate each other, some other emotion must have powered Emma and Regina’s magic, allowing them to open the portal.

- The Rom com zoom in 3x13

-The scene in 3x17 of Regina teaching Emma magic on the bridge literally parallels a true love moment from another Disney Classic, Aladdin.

-Basically the entirety of season 3 is an Emma and Regina love story, two actually, with one being acted out alongside the actual one through another couple to give insight, if you’re willing to see it.

-The True Love Theme playing during scenes between Emma and Regina in 4x12 (Operation Mongoose scene) and 4x13 (Lunch scene). 

-The way they are dressed as/paralleling True Love Couple Snowing in the season 4 finale and half of season 5, not to mention during at least one scene in 1x12 on Valentine’s Day. Also, note the conversation Snow and Charming have with each other wearing said clothing and Emma and Regina’s own exchange.

-Emma and Regina parallel Romantic, allegedly True, Love Couple Guinevere and Lancelot in saving their loved one about to be killed by the darkness. The only thing missing in Emma and Regina’s version of the scene is the kiss.

These are the most obvious ones, but there is so much more. The way they act around each other.

Regina’s face when Emma gets sucked through the portal.

Regina going off the rails when Emma falls through the portal. And then again when Emma loses faith in her. She has done this before, for very specific reasons.

Emma protecting Regina from the start when no one else ever has. Emma believing in Regina’s innocence when she gets framed, adamantly defending her, until the dreamcatcher scene and then she just gets so angry. You don’t act that way unless you feel something for the person.

Regina apologizing to Emma for insulting her outside the diner at Snow and Emma’s Welcome Home party, with tears in her eyes and a crack in her voice. Regina, who has made it a point to not care about what anyone thinks of her. Who does what she wants when she wants. And never apologizes, to anyone. Only Henry. And now, apparently, Emma.

There are jealousy and sassiness and yearning looks and almost kisses.

There is Cora telling Emma that love is weakness. As she’s always told Regina. And Emma telling Cora that Love is strength. There’s Regina telling Henry that she loves him, as she’s trying to slow down the diamond in its destruction of Storybrooke, using magic. Then telling Henry that she wishes she was strong enough to stop it, but that she’s not. There is, Emma hearing that, telling Regina that she might not be strong enough but maybe they are, joining Regina using magic and stopping the diamond.

There is Regina wanting a good life for Emma…and Henry, giving them her happy ending with each other, when the only happiness she used to care about was her own.

Regina looking terrified and in denial when she makes the bridge collapse and Emma isn’t reappearing in 3x17. Then she tries to get Emma to see Hook is lying to her. After that, in 3x18, there is the awkward exchange with Emma, with Regina telling Emma to be sure to be ready. There are the looks at Emma as she leaves. Then there is the heart to heart with Snow. After which Regina gets with Robin. 

There is the “Miss Swan” when Regina finds out Emma wants to leave Storybrooke with Henry, when she’s been Emma for a while now. Regina asking Emma to deny that she wants to leave.

There is Emma coming across the Evil Queen first in the past as she’s been thinking about how her parents met, Henry and home as she goes through the portal. Never seeing The Evil Queen as anything other than Regina.

There is Emma getting a hold of Snowing’s True Love Ring in the past, ending up in a proposal pose in front of Hook, only to run off to find Snow (as her father did using that ring) and running into Regina instead. All of which parallels Snowing’s True Love Story starting with Charming being betrothed to Abigail only to use the ring he meant to give to her, to find Snow. It’s a parallel that’s harder to see, but it’s there.

There is Emma pursuing Regina the moment she gets back from the past for the first part of season 4, trying to be her friend and earn her forgiveness, evidently her brush with the Evil Queen and people’s reactions to her only making her want to be around Regina more.

There is the rest of season 4, with Regina going undercover to protect Emma at all cost and just protecting Emma in general, trying to keep her from going dark. And Emma trying to help Regina find her happy ending, ending with Emma sacrificing her own happy ending to give Regina hers with Robin. Only Regina isn’t happy in season 5, not once, without Emma there. She spends all of her time worrying about Emma instead. Trying to get her back. The way Emma pursued her and tried to restore and develop their relationship in season 4.

There is 5x02 where the ball is a small slice of happiness for the both of them. Regina actually looking happy as she watches Emma enjoy herself with Hook. There is “Only You”. There is them trying to one up each other with kissing their respective partners after Emma saves Robin. Looking at each other afterwards, instead of their respective partners.

There is Regina trying to reason with Hook to not kill Emma’s family. There is Regina following Emma to the Underworld and refusing to leave her behind, no matter what it will cost her. There is Regina rather suffering herself than seeing that pain on the people she cares about.

There is the powerful magic they make together, defeating the invincible, stopping the unstoppable, breaking the unbreakable (curse), creating the impossible.

There is Emma having an involuntary protective spell on her heart, making Cora unable to remove it when she tries. Yet Regina can.

There is mutual trust and belief and honesty. And so much more.

nothing is an excuse.

I’ve seen some comments (and have had brought to my attention) from people who find my post from Thursday a way to dismiss and excuse something that was seen by more than a few as shoddy writing and lazy storytelling. Despite the fact that I mentioned Kurt was out of character while having this romance (or whatever) with Nas which I suppose most people skimmed over in favor of their own opinion. So, I just wanted to clear the air. It’s like my dad has always said: Excuses are like assholes. Everyone has them, and they all stink. In that regard, I have no excuse for the writers or Martin Gero and won’t pretend to know why anyone on the surface of this planet thought that Kurt needed to be involved with Nas.

What I understand the writers were trying to do:

  • Show how emotional and vulnerable Kurt was/is.
  • Show how far he’s fallen.

  • Display his lack of rational thought process when his world is upside down.

What the writers did instead was all of that, plus:

  • Trust Nas seemingly beyond a shadow of a doubt even after she gave a half-baked response to ‘why have you been listening to all of my conversations (and Jane’s) with Borden?’ How could Kurt ever verify any of what she told him? He has to simply take her word? He doubted Mayfair for less.
  • Keep sleeping with her because ????????????

  • Get really domestic, really quickly because that’s exactly what your fanbase wants to see: one-half of the foundation of your show sleeping with a woman he’s known for about a month or so.

There’s no excuse for this. No one asked for something like that. After everything that happened with Jane, why isn’t the baby storyline (which I can only accept because Kurt Weller with a baby girl and being protective fucking beast mode about it goddamn delights me) enough for him? I mean he’s found out in no short order that: His best friend is indeed dead by the hand of his father (and Kurt buried her bones alone by himself), the woman he does indeed love was tortured for 3 months straight because he didn’t try hard enough to get to her, he’s going to be a father, and he’s been watched by Sandstorm for a huge majority of his life with no clue why. This should be PLENTY. Instead, now we have a relationship with Nas that to anyone shipping Jeller looks like a giant orange barrier telling us that Kurt likes making out with her at baby showers and bringing her coffee more than he wants to reconnect with Jane. But there are a couple things I’ve noticed - that anyone could have noticed and probably already has - that I’d like to point out:

When Kurt was with Ali, they went from zero to banging in like 30 seconds. They went out, they went back to her place and boned. And this was after Kurt was let down by Jane when he asked her to meet him in the park. After he let her off the hook by saying he was the one who didn’t show up to meet her. He was hurt, and guess who he knew he could count on for a good time? We never really saw them being tender with each other aside from that moment at Ali’s place when she was being serious and he was making jokes about how good he is in bed. That’s a pretty good indicator of where his head was at and a few episodes later, Ali called him out on it. Refused to play second string to a woman she knew he wanted to be with. And so, Kurt took a leap and kissed Jane again. This is a man who frequently heart eyes at this woman, who cradles her face when they kiss and instead of in that locker room saying “So now let’s go back to my place,” wanted to just be with her. He was never that comfortable with Ali. The times he was off screen with her, the emphasis was on all that wild sex they were having. The emphasis with Jane was always something more emotional.

And then you have this goddamn disaster with Nas and Kurt. I’ve already made my point about why I think the writers let it happen and it’s mostly the same reason he fell back into bed with Ali: Hurt, loss, feeling alone, needing to forget because he’s a dude and can’t just eat ice cream and brownies and watch tear-jerking movies like the rest of us. He has to fuck away the pain, but that’s not a new way for anyone to cope, even in real life, but the problem is this is a show that has given us a compass to what’s right and it isn’t Kurt and Nas, it’s Kurt and Jane. And yet again so far, aside from one moment at the baby shower, Nas and Kurt have been all about going to Bone Town instead of anything else substantial. But it has to end. Nas has to have the same realization Ali did or she’s got to show Kurt that Jane’s well-being is inconsequential to her.

Jane and Kurt, in their rebuilding, have mostly paralleled season one minus any kisses that happened and you know, Jane thinking she’s Taylor Shaw. I mean, think about it. Season One:

  • “I don’t know who you are.” - Season two, check.
  • “I don’t know who I am.” - Season two, check.
  • Dreaming about Kurt (even if it turned out not to be him in S1, she thought it was him to a point where she told Borden.) - Season two, check.
  • “If something happened to you…” - Season two, check.
  • Undercover married couple - Season two, check.
  • “You’re my friend.” - Season two, check.
  • Uncomfortable alternate relationships - Season two, check.
  • Rich DotCom entering to tell them they’re both fucking idiots in love - season two, check (with more to come).
  • Tasha and Reade noticing something is up and being mildly annoyed/concerned - Season two, check.

Don’t get me wrong here, I still think there’s a lot left. But like I said before - Jane has more in common with Kurt than either of them knew before. Now she knows Shepherd/Sandstorm wants him for something. Shepherd has literally been using Kurt because she knows it gets to Jane. If I could just borrow from this other show I watch and quote Cora/Regina Mills for a moment: Love is weakness. Every bad guy will try to exploit this but you can’t do it if it’s not there. Which means IT’S THERE. Kurt nearly murdered a dude this season for torturing Jane and yet everyone wants to worry that we’ll never get back to Jeller? Come on, guys. It’s going to get there, the writers just took some fucked up twists that were VERY UNNECESSARY and typical boring tv drama for the sake of drama. But we still have a whole half of a season to go and not that long before we get there. 

There’s no excuse for how fucked up and awful Nas and Kurt is/was but I have no doubt at all that we’re getting ready to blow right past it and get some payoff.