love is a miracle

Highlight Reel - Seokjin's Narration


起 : The Beginning

“Some moments become more vivid with the passage of time. Many encouters and farewells existed for this moment. A moment that made me believe no matter which alley, which crossroad I walk through, it’ll lead to this place in the end.”

承 : The Elucidation

“The sound of cicadas that chirred like showers ends in an instant. In the abrupt silence, I realize how beautiful the world is. Just the fact that you are in it makes all the difference. Even if all of these moments are just a lie, I still want to remain here.”

“Why is it that the happiest moments suddenly usher in great fear?”

轉 : The Twist

“Looking back, I have already knew it. That underneath the sparkling world before my eyes lay my deception. That everything was a dream to be crumbled away with a breath of wind. I turned away, eluded, closed my eyes. I was scared, scared of not being loved for who I am.”

結 : The Conclusion

“If we can rewind time, where should we go back to? Once we reach that place, can we correct all the errors and mistakes, and can we then become happy?”

“There are places that can’t be reached no matter how many seasons repeat. In the end, what we have to face is breaking through yet another storm. Loving without fear. Hesitancy and farewell. Living as who I am.”

I don’t think I want things how they used to be. That would be a lie, or it would require forgetting all these decisions and we can’t do that with the risk of similar mistakes. I was a different person, and so were you (I think I still love that version of you anyways). I just want things to be better, to feel better. To wake up and want to be there and if possible be with you. But I don’t believe in miracles, not really. Just the fact that you once loved me was enough magic for a lifetime, and you know how I feel about letting go.
I’m still trying but at least I can say I don’t love you anymore.
I hope you can stand the late night voicemails and panicked texts; I’m trying to survive.
—  Letter to a friend