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Okay but was there even a point to FT 517

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picture: frank and gerard cuddled close in one of the buses tiny bunks. franks arm is around gerards middle and hes pressed against his side while they talk quietly. they talk mostly about the band, how quickly everything has happened and how excited they are but also kind of terrified. gerard voices his concerns to frank and frank listens to every word before he smooths gerards hair back off his face and kisses him so softly their lips barely touch. he tells him that hes scared too but

‘we have something really special here’ and he’s not actually sure if he’s talking about the band, or him and gerard. probably he means both. they definitely both give him the same sense of pride and nervous butterflies for what’s coming. this band and this boy are the most important things in his life and they are so intrinsically tied together he can’t separate them. he’s never loved anything more than this

;~; this is so fuckin pure oh gosh

Okay that last post got me thinking… What if Magnus took care of a baby dragon?

Just imagine it belongs to one of his warlock friends, who’s kept dragons for centuries. And one recently gave birth, and Magnus is tasked with taking care of it for whatever reason.

And then imagine Alec freaking out when he finds it. And he’s just ??? “Dragons are real???” (He doesn’t know why he’s surprised, look at the world he lives in, he just is.) And Magnus chuckles and “yes, Alec, dragons are real.”

And Alec and the baby dragon keep their distance at first, they don’t seem too… Fond of each other. Until Magnus asks Alec to watch him. Alone.

And Alec is kinda freaked out but he finds he really likes the dragon. Its playful and cuddly and just wants to be loved. And Alec really does fall in love with it.

And when it’s time for Magnus to give the baby back, Alec is a bit heartbroken. Until Magnus’s friend sees how close they’ve gotten, and tells Alec to keep the baby. (With understanding from the mama dragon because you don’t just take someone’s baby.)

And then as the baby dragon begins to grow and can no longer be kept in the city, Magnus buys them a house somewhere in the mountains, where their dragon will be safe. And where Max and Raphael can play with it freely.

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hi! just got a question whats fawl?

hi!! fawl stands for From Almaty, With Love which is @boxwineconfession‘s longfic and pretty much the most Iconiqué ota/yuri fic out there

its the most perfect slow burn fic ever??? you’ll probably cry a lot bc of both the sads and the heartwarming scenes and theres plenty of smut too (although i didnt read them haha oops)

basically it’s 71k words of pure gold and its killed every ota/yuri fan who’s read it and ur its next victim

a weekend away

request: could you write a oneshot where Harry and y/n have 3 sons and y/n has to go away for work and Harry’s looking after them and when she comes back she’s all 😍😍😍 for her boys please? And can you include the type of banter you had in last Christmas? I loved that!!! Thanks for sharing! X

this got kind of long lol but i really liked writing it, i hope you guys love it too! no warnings, absolute fluff once again.

I was awoken by a five year old climbing into bed between myself and Harry.

“Jayden?” I heard Harry’s sleepy voice croak.

“Hi daddy.” I smiled at the sound of my son’s voice.

“Hi buddy, what’s going on?”

I felt Jayden cuddle up next to me, “Mummy’s leaving today, I wanted to say goodbye.”

I laughed, fully awake now, “Bubby, I’m not leaving for a long time, probably not until the twins go down for their afternoon nap.” I said, glancing at the clock that said 3:17 AM.

He looked at me with the widest green eyes. My three sons were all replicas of their father. Which was nice, because, obviously, they were beautiful, but I was a little jealous and hoped at least one of them would begin to show a feature of mine as they grew. “Please don’t make me go back in my room.”

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Mini Me vs. Me //

Tagged by the ever so lovely @the-princejinyoung ~THANK YOU DARLING YOUR PICS WERE SO CUTE AND I LOVE YOUR HAIR OMG.

I enjoyed the moon and space as a child as much as I do now, hence the rocket ship on the outfit my mother stuck me in lol. And we all know I love the puppy filter on snapchat. 

TAGGING: @engraved-in-the-moonlight // @missblackmcstar // @jingogi // @marktuansflip // and of course anyone else that want to!

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I've been watching this show since I was 10 it was one of the first "adult" series I was allowed to watch and I got so attached to the characters and storyline but the way they ended season 4 just makes me so sad. They could've made television history. They could've made it so amazing. I'm disappointed and heartbroken and honestly I don't know what to do...

It hurts too much. Not from just a shipping view. But from the angle that we pretty much fell in love with the show itself.And it’s not the same show anymore. It’s just sad.

Unexpected (Kyungsoo Fluff)

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A/N: Honestly, who doesn’t love some Kyungsoo , it’s not a very big scenario but I still hope the person who requests this likes it, and I rarely write Soo stuff so I feel he deserves more space in this blog, this goes to the anon who requested it and to my best friend , if you are reading this , it’s a prediction of the future, bye

After what felt like two days of work  into one and you got home to the surprise of your husband not being there (when he said he was going to arrive home early) and your 2 year old son was extra energetic today , the boy just wouldn’t sleep at all, you tried everything but he still made you read him almost 10 stories till he got to sleep, so after spending almost an hour and a half putting your son to bed , you heard shuffling in the kitchen , which could only mean one thing ; Kyungsoo was finally home.

You felt happy that he was finally there just so you could see his smile after a rather tiring day, as you got near to the kitchen you smelled something good….. food!

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I love the Sherlock fandom. I understand people’s denial and hope. I am proud of the brave souls who try to make sense of the utter nonsense that is TFP. But, at risk of being unpopular, I have to admit that I’ve got no faith left. I don’t think there will be a fourth episode. And if I’m wrong and there’s one, what guarantee do we have that it won’t be another hurtful, laughable and overindulgent mess like TFP? I don’t think I’m being negative: I am just being logical. We gave the writers so much credit, we trusted them, we forgave them everything - only to be mocked and slapped on the face. I’ve been getting desperate messages from people contemplating suicide in the last few days. I’m afraid of getting more when the last hope is crushed. Please take care. Use your energies for healing your pain and for rightful indignation. Be kind to each other. Create new art and new fiction. Do not accept less than you deserve. Do not tolerate abuse. Rise and shine.

Why I’ve called my cat an asshole today:
-He stuck his paw in my iced coffee to get at my freezable fruit shapes
-when he didn’t get his way with the coffee, he batted it around until I caught the glass from falling
-he keeps trying to push my jug of water off the counter
-he grabs my arm and gnaws on it when I’m trying to do homework
-he got into the litterbox while I was scooping it
-he woke me up at 2am bc he wanted to go out of my bedroom into the bathroom I share with my roommate… why… don’t fucking ask me

But I still love that asshole no matter what

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Hi! Ahh can I request kid soukoku headcanons please? Like what were their first impressions of each other, or how they trained together, or how kouyou/mori disciplined them when their arguing got a bit too far..


~Admin Kat



  • mainly raised by Mori
  • “older brother” type when compared to Chuuya
  • type that was talented without effort
  • didn’t give a shit about anything
  • favorited by Mori so subordinates were scared to piss Dazai off once Mori became the boss


  • mainly raised by Ozaki
  • hates Dazai since Dazai effortlessly accomplished things whereas Chuuya tried, but always came in second place
  • had a more caring upbringing with Ozaki as his main mentor
  • was physically super weak since he never had to use physical strength due to his abilities
    • Dazai always made fun of him for this and this made Chuuya focus and become a master martial artist


  • Dazai was always the little shit, teasing Chuuya until Chuuya got mad and broke something
    • Kouyou would scold Chuuya for being careless
    • Mori always saw through it and would lightly taunt Dazai about being an ass
      • But Mori being Mori couldn’t ever bring himself to ever scold the duo, so he sometimes gave in to their shitty behavior
  • Mori was the one that got Dazai his handheld when he was little and he hasn’t parted with it since
  • Chuuya got his obsession with hats in an attempt to copy Ozaki’s fancy nature 
    • he also got his first taste of wine when he broke into one of Mori’s wine cabinets: “Ane-san said that this was her happy juice” after some instance of Dazai irritating him
  • one time, Chuuya was mad and sitting on the ceiling upside down with his abilities and Dazai poked him and made him fall down
    • a lot of cursing and fighting ensued
  • disciplining was just Ozaki giving them extra chores and being irritated because Mori couldn’t bring himself to discipline them when they were younger i want Mori babysitting scenarios now

As for when they first met…

“Chuuya-kun, I want you to meet your training partner. He’s been staying with Ougai-dono.”

At the tender age of 10, the two boys looked at each other with disinterest.

Dazai Osamu stared at the redhead. 

Nakahara Chuuya stared at the brunette. 

Dazai examined his new acquaintance before making a decisive statement.

“You’re short.” 

And thus the years-long rivalry began.

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I bet Hunk loves Never Been Kissed, Lance loves Mean Girls, and Pidge is a huge fan of Heathers. I also bet they fight over which is the best "chick flick". It gets pretty heated. Keith got in the middle of one of these fights and came out with a concussion.

Keith would probably be like “Chicago was a p good chick flick” and they’d all be like ???¿¿?? and he’d be like “there were a lot of women in it….isn’t that what a chick flick is?”
Everyone: *inhales* boi


soo I can’t believe I missed it by a day, but it’s been one year since I’ve seen Hamilton (1.17.16, just in case you’re wondering what that lovely date in my bio is)

It’s been quite the year! Here’s the pictures from my seats- I waited in the cancellation line on a cold sunday morning and got the last ticket to the matinee! I saw the whole OBC except Hamilton was Javi (amazing) and Burr was Austin Smith (his first performance!)

look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now ⭐️💛

B.A.P Reaction to You Making Breakfast in Just Their Shirt

Warning: sexual references

Send me y’all‘s requests though <3 Enjoy~!
*Note: Enough is enough I HAVE HAD IT WIH THESE MOTHA F*CKEN NOTES ON THIS MUTHA F*CKIN BLOG! … {basically, I own none of the gifs}
Yongguk- Love and admiration. He would love waking up to see you because it was rare due to his music and the group. So, he’d cherish every morning he got to wake up by your side. He’s like Himchan. He has a lot of self control and won’t act out so early in the morning, but no one said afternoon sex is out of the question. Regardless, the love he would shower you with will be your constant reminder of why you love him.
(insert gif)
You looked up seeing Yongguk staring at you from the island in front of you, “What are you staring at? Do I have something on my face?”
“No, you are just so beautiful in my shirt; you should keep that shirt. Plus, your food smells amazing.”

Himchan- He would feel offended and yet turned on. Offended because you looked damn good for having just woke up, but turned on seeing how great you looked in his shirt. However, he’d be pretty calm about it and have more self control than the younger ones.

(insert gif) “Oh, no no no.”

“What is it?”

“You look far too sexy. I think I’d want you for breakfast.”
Daehyun- You just woke up to make breakfast for Daehyun. It was supposed to be a simple peaceful breakfast, but Daehyun had other plans. He had planned on teasing you until you begged, but seeing you in his shirt… Well,he had other plans. He wanted to skip right past the teasing and getting right down to it.
“Hey baby, I know what would make your food a thousand times better.” He walked behind you and dipped his finger in the cream cheese bagel and hummed in satisfaction.
“What is it, Dae?”
He’d smirk as he leaned down to your ear. He scooped a small bit of the cream cheese up and spread it on the side of your neck before he licked it off, “It would be great if I had my favorite food of all to eat too.” He’d blow in your ear and a shiver went down your spine.
Youngjae- Blush monster. You didn’t understand how a man who could make fanboys and girls crumble from his sexiness, but you being half naked maybe him turn into a child. Of course, it would be different every time. Sometimes he would tease you, others he would skip the teasing and just take you to bed, and then there were these times.The times he was a blushing mess wondering what he had done in his life to get such an amazing view in the morning.

(insert gif) “Jagiya! You’re too sexy in the morning!”

Jongup- Turned. The. Fuck. On. Like oh my gosh. Just telling you, you’re food will get cold.

He’d turn off the surface and you’d look at him in confusion.

“I need to make breakfast. What’s wrong?”

(insert gif) “There is something I want more than that food.” He’d push you up on the counter, stood between your thighs, and kissed you.

You whined between the kiss about the food getting cold and his hands massaged your thighs.

“Since you’re so concerned, guess we won’t make it to the bed.”

Morning sex+ kitchen with Jongup= I need to write a smut scenario, yes? Please say I should!

Zelo/Junhong- He would love you cooking for him. Like he would be the one who would be fluffy af. Though he loves it, he would have loved it more if

(insert gif) “Jagiya, you are perfect! I don’t know what I like more. Waking up with you making me food in my shirt or waking up in bed with you having nothing on.” You blushed as you looked down at the food. He’d smirk seeing the blush on your face.


Antumbra: noun. The area outside the darkest shadow of a solar eclipse.

It was sheer luck that the wide space, part desert, part prairie, sand and sagebrush and yellowed grass, was currently being used for tactical practice when, on a clear summer morning, someone sounded the alert. A bright streak arced across the sky, flaming as it crashed. The D.E.O. agents reached the small pod in minutes.

“What is it?” One asked, peering at the singed metal.
“An opportunity,” the squad leader replied. “Call base. We need to get this thing underground. Move it, people.” He watched the pod, the way it lay still, a snake waiting to strike. Not if he could help it. He recognized a few of the symbols, soot streaked from entry into Earth’s atmosphere. They would take no chances with the creature inside.

It wasn’t until after the pod was secured in the nearest D.E.O. base, the occupant sedated and locked away without ever seeing sunlight, that news came that a second ship had crashed, this one larger.

Hank Henshaw glared at the man who’d brought the news. His work was never done, but it would be, eventually. It might take years, but Earth would be safe from alien influence under his watch, someday. Until then, he had calls to make, recruits to replace, and assets to acquire.
This new Kryptonian had brought disaster, but perhaps it would be useful as well.

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I was at a hockey game tonight and a player named Blake Wheeler got a breakaway but didn’t score and the 50ish man next to me shouted GOOD TRY WHEELS WE STILL LOVE YOU and if that doesn’t define Canadian hockey fans idk what does

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ur the person i look up to now tbh i love your blog and check it all the time (creepy???) and also i saw someone saying how otayuri is ~pedophilloic~ and i was like u gotta take a deep breath what would (insert ur name i dnt know ur name yet sorry) do??? and i calmed down (and unfollowed the person bc i just wrote a whole got dang otayuri fic where yuri was eighteen which is CONSENSUAL hello)

do you ever just want to marry an anon. bc. i want to marry this anon look i already have a ring pop prepared

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The first girl I loved: I texted her how I felt one day and right after she got in her car and drove straight to me. When she walked up to me I started nervous talking and she just kissed me mid sentence. When she did it took my breath away, this is how it was supposed to feel. After a few minutes she pulled away with a worried look on her face and asked if I was okay b/c my heart was beating like crazy. I laughed and pulled her lips back to mine. I new I would love her at that exact moment...

this is something straight out of a book i’m crying this is so cute