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Behind the Scenes of Army of Ghosts/Doomsday (Part 5)
Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s article in DWM #372

Are Daleks difficult to work with?

“Not at all,” insists the Doctor himself, David Tennant.  “The guys who operate them are so good at it, they whizz around, and there’s a beautiful bit - I don’t know if it’ll make the final cut - where they do a little… it’s almost like a dance, when they go around the Genesis Ark, in perfect harmony.  They seemed to have total control. It’s fantastic, especially when you get Nick Briggs [who voices both the Daleks and the Cybermen] barking at you, and it’s all happening live. The great thing about working with the Daleks is that it’s all created in the studio - the monsters, and the monster voices, aren’t added in afterwards - so you’re not having to make any imaginative leaps, and you really can sort of face them off. I only had, really, one scene with them, but I did feel finally kind of blooded. You’re not the Doctor until you’ve faced the Dakels.”

“It’s probably a boy thing,” chips in Sophia Myles, who played Madame de Pompadour in The Girl in the Fireplace.  She’s visiting David on set, and she’s not all that impressed by Daleks. “I can’t see why the boys get so excited,” she admits.

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Blue dragon: Not my best sckech but have this as a prezent. :3

This art is by @undertalefan012

(I call this cutie Blue dragon)

Starry-p: oh my gosh :‘3 this is so adorable, i really like how you drew Zuura as a dragon and an animal! Did you know that Zuura can turn into a big shadow wolf? Isn’t that cool?

The drawing with Zuura and Slushie smooching is so precious!

I really love the one with Alfred and Zuura too! Is Alfred a full on goat XD ? That’s so cute!

Oh my gosh you even drew me as a dragon! WOW I look so cool! XD that’s totally me/ I’m always falling asleep drawing and talking to you and my other friends!

Thank you so much for your art and support Blue Dragon! You are so sweet💙💙💙💙


(arty look how cute :3c we getting fan art! )


When You Are In Class But You’re Thinking Too Much About BTS™

ARMY really is the “ask and you shall receive” kind of fandom.

Bts: Melon Award

Army: done

Bts: Daesang

Army: check

Bts: billboard award

Army: finito

Bts: “Her”

Army: #1 pre-order on Amazon bbys

Bts: Anticipate the “DNA” mv :)

Army: *files nails* 30 million views in under 48 hours

Bts: Hot 100

Army: *looks up from nails* do you even have to ask anymore?

Bts: go study

Army: lol what