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BTS - THE JIMIN EFFECT [Compilation]
King of charming everyone with his natural aegyo and innate sexiness.

Yes!! yes!! this is the kind of content i signed up for !!! Yes!!!

Our Jiminnie being loved and appreciated is soo heartwarming *.* what else is there to ask for ? Protect him at all costs….*sigh*<3

On a side note, i think Jimin’s praise kink transfered to me… I’m way too invested in this shit … It may be contagious… the jimin effect indeed

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Remember when I said I had serveral age au thingies in progress?? These drawings were some of them. ^^ Wanted to give the age au sisters some love too, I wanted to draw girls too okay??

drew their younger brothers fixing up their hair cause I dunno I thought it was a cute idea~ (friendly reminder I kept Sakuya’s sister alive in this au, cause it is a family au ^^) 

Okami’s lil bros are bored or something so she’s letting them play with her hair, and Sakuya’s older sis, hmm probably going out or something. I wanted to have Lily doing Okami’s(Wrath) makeup or something but then I remembered in this au poor Lily’s still afraid of his sister….ahhh

too bad… he would’ve done a good job… :( and baby Tsu Tsu would just yank at Okami’s hair lol. Gonna have other au works soon ;D

Thank you!!

Ahh, I’ve just hit 100 followers, after 5 days, and so I’d like to thank some people who make me really happy and helped me get them.
@thehoneybuddhadefender my chip who is responsible for more than half my followers
@fritonavi Saeran, who always makes me happy
@distractorsaurus-rex Seven, who I love very much ❤
@immaredtomato My MC, who is a beautiful and kind girl
@poopingdonutz Yoosung, who has the best ass, 100/10 babe
@unicorn-mc-official Uni, who always cheers people up, even when they’re feeling down
@sckrim My Baehee, who mother’s us like mad
@thelostweebtrash and my V, who is super good at RP, and lights up my world
All of these guys are great people, so I’d encourage you to follow them if you don’t already. I love all of my followers, you guys are great ❤


Finally Home <3

I landed in Atlanta around 6 last night, my Grandma Nandi had dinner ready and waiting for me. I love this woman I swear. She made a dinner for me on her birthday like who does that? She said it was a celebratory dinner for the both of us. I’m just glad she likes the gifts I bought for her :). I’m planning an actual birthday dinner for her with my aunt, uncle and ousins. Hopefully we can come together and get it done right for Grandma Nandi. This woman is too good!
She also told me she got a boy friend now -.- what in the world am I gonna do with this woman! But she met him at church so that’s okay :) I kinda told her about a friend of mine… She expects to meet you while I’m down here :D Maybe we can do dinner, get fed by the woman who taught me everything I know lol
Alright, back to your scheduled program people :*

i wanna write a
for you every
you make me feel
but i feel my
could never do
to the depth of
you make me feel.
i am reminded though that we
every day. when you
when you
when you
in this world you make
come alive
and it is your
that is the poetry i seek to
so with this lackluster poem
seek only to say
accept the poetry i strive to
in every laugh and ask and im
that when i say i love you its a
and when you say you love me its a
and when i go to sleep at
i dream of the poetry you
me each day and hope to
with as much to
and as much to
with as much
in my own
as i see in
—  you’re my best friend and soulmate and I’ll write a poem everyday out of the love you give me // -aa. // for deven @numrich

「國際大屠殺紀念日」- The International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held on 19th Feb in Taipei,Taiwan by Israel and Germany’s Government officials, diplomats and ambassadors .

Photo Courtesy: President of Taiwan’s twitter         

「國際大屠殺紀念日」- The International Holocaust Remembrance Day was held on 19th Feb in Taipei,Taiwan by Israel and Germany’s Government officials, diplomats and ambassadors .

Photo Courtesy: Yu Chenghan (余承翰)