love in world

there has been so many incidents the past few days, it’s scary how unsafe the world we are living in is right now…

i hope all of you stay safe. be vigilant of your surroundings at all times. help people who are in need. support each other.

please be safe. my prayers are all with you.

pray for the world ♡

what happened in manchester last night was absolutely heartbreaking. a concert should be a safe and fun place for kids, not a unsafe scary place. my thoughts are with the families who have lost their children in this horrible tragedy and i will pray for all of those who are still missing and hope they are found safe and sound ♡ 

and what is currently happening in marawi is absolutely heartbreaking as well. if you didn’t know already then isis has taken over the city of marawi in the philippines. houses, schools, and jails are being burned down. they are trespassing into peoples homes and killing all of these innocent people. if you live in marawi then please please PLEASE stay in your houses and lock your doors, please stay safe ♡ 

and if that isnt bad enough then guess what? there was a bomb attack in bangkok as well in a hospital, and a car bombing in syria. the world is so messed up. how disgusting can people be? why do they want to kill all of these innocent people? i am truly heartbroken and disgusted by all of this. 

i will be thinking and praying for all of these countries and victims and i hope everyone stays safe ♡ 

OH MY GOD!  You just can not imagine how I TIRED!  Guys, the days are so slow and I’m waiting for this school year to end!  Next year I will have to take exams and … I’m just horrified!  What items do you want to take?  Or have they already passed?  How are you doing?  I wish you good luck and patience!  I love you, guys!