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in honor of my team maybe going to the world series (knock on wood friends), how about some baseball shance??

like lance is the hotshot pitcher that just got traded to shiro’s team, and everyone’s on pins and needles as to how it’ll turn out. the lions have a long history, but they’re actually a really young team: shiro’s one of the few older players. 

there’s a lot riding on this trade. management spent a bunch of money on lance’s contract and the eyes of the sports world are on them as possible contenders for the championship. there’s also some unsavory rumors about lance’s ability to work with a team, so the lions are worried about that too.

only he fits in with the team like a dream, and he pitches like a nightmare. the kind of unerring precision and cool head that makes batters sweat.

the lions go to the playoffs for the first time in decades and everyone is super emotional. lance pitches a no-hitter in the qualifying game and shiro,  blurts out, “I literally love Lance McClain“ during an interview. 

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I‘m so sorry! But can you imagine how it would be for perry when khadgar dies first? As a human this would be heartbreaking, because of the short lifespan... Khadgar dies, not at war but at the age of 110+ maybe. Kids all grown old and on their own adventures, him sitting on a favourite place with perry, asking her to sing a song. As she sings, he closes his eyes slowly passing away, peregrin‘s voice breaks, the song continues in her head as she says goodbye to her beloved husband. .... ohgosh

Ow ! That would be heartbreaking ! But still a “peaceful” end. Probably the one he hopes for, but not her. She can’t even begin to imagine it, actually.
If their story was a movie I could see this kind of ending. And the image I see in my mind by reading your words is sad but somehow beautiful.
Thank you so much for this message <3 Sad or happy ideas/headcanons, I love to read all of them~ !

But gosh TAT I need a sad reaction gif. 

it’s 5 years since @taylorswift announced red. i would like to take this moment to thank taylor for giving me an album that saved me. my first listen to red was truly spiritual. little did i know how much those songs would come to mean to me. i loved those songs long before they gave me the courage to flee from an abusive relationship just a couple of years later. after particularity bad nights, i’d lay in bed and listen to “the moment i knew” and sob and tell myself some day i’d tell him off and walk away for good. in the break-up process that lasted over a year itself, i listened to “i knew you were trouble” and “the last time” on a constant loop. the lyrics and taylor’s soft voice helped soothe my tears. she helped me realize that this wasn’t my fault and i wasn’t a bad person for walking away - that he was the bad person for choosing the actions he did. once i survived the break-up process and he finally stopped calling and showing up drunk at my door, it was “we are never ever getting back together” that i would blast in my room and scream sing-along to. 

in another relationship just a year and a half ago, it was still red that i turned to first. upon meeting him and his promises he was different and he couldn’t fathom how someone could treat me that way, it was “begin again.” and it was “stay, stay, stay” and “everything has changed” were what ran through my head when he messaged me every day for the next year (we never missed a day), along with the words “i love you so much, god i love you.” and back then, when we were separated by 2,000 miles, it’s no surprise that my go-to was “come back… be here” and when that fell apart and i knew i had hurt him because of being scared to love someone that much, it was “holy ground” and “i almost do” that i’d listen to and envision myself singing to him, trying to make him understand that it wasn’t him and it never would be. he was an angel and i just wasn’t ready for him yet. and i’d always look back and cherish his existence in my life and i knew i wouldn’t want to live without him beside me in some capacity. he may be my greatest love and i may have ruined my chance at that, but he is also my best friend and always will be. 

and when i still long for him and long to be near him and long to hug him and tell him i love him and i can’t because now he’s in the military and moving on with his life, i still listen to “treacherous” and “state of grace,” songs that understand my longing, aching need to be with him. 

and then there’s starlight. though it may seem lesser in significance than the others i have listed here, it is still my favorite. and that’s because of my vast appreciation and obsession with the kennedy family. that song is dear to my heart because of how close it is to something else i’m extremely passionate about. it’s all of my favorite things: stars, the kennedys, and taylor.  

and i promise you these songs and this album will always carry me through my relationships, good and bad, and all of my blunders and mistakes. i know taylor will be there for me through every second of it. 

this album helped me realize, survive, heal, fall in love, and apologize. thank you, taylor, for all the words you wrote into these gorgeous songs that helped me say what i felt when i couldn’t use my own words. thank you for your encouragement and your understanding and especially thank you for keeping all of my laughs and my tears. 

and i look so forward to my 22nd birthday so i can annoy all of my friends by playing 22, and only 22, on repeat the entire day. 

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Heres another character ref!

And its for my girl Vi!!!

I wont be using Vi anytime soon but I love her haha