love in the time of scurvy

I legit laugh every time I watch the poptart scene. Like. It’s so hilarious though.


Killian’s legit talking about not getting scurvy.

Henry is legit upset about his poptarts going in the trash.

And it all is to lead into the storyline of Henry accepting Killian as family.

What even is this show? I love it.

@my-blood-runs-blue said: I love Serahlin approximately 1000% times more now because clouded leopards are one of my favorite big cats

I loooove clouded leopards and they’re not recognized nearly enough for how cool they are! 

I remember watching a documentary series when I was younger called Growing Up (NOT Disney’s Growing Up Wild, that’s new and a movie) and there was a clouded leopard episode where two baby clouded leopards were raised by humans because they were rescued in some way and their mother couldn’t raise them. They ended up getting placed in a zoo in China. I love the very popular big cats of cheetahs, lions, tigers, and leopards - but there needs to be more appreciation for other big cats such as the clouded leopard, the amur leopard (of which is currently going extinct), asian lions, snow leopards, jaguars, and even mid-sized cats like servals, ocelots, caracals, and all of the lynx species and variation. There are many more cats in the wild than we really think about.

Anyways, that’s my pitch. I love animals, and the cats have always been a favorite of mine.

It’s time for a round of How Disappointing is My Unicorn?, the game show no one wants to win.*
*I think this might have been unclear to some people, but disappointing is absolutely a term of endearment in this context. These unicorns are awful and I love them.

This unicorn is sort of disappointing, like maybe it could be someone’s dog with a toilet paper roll taped to its head? But it’s probably a nice dog.  6/10

This unicorn skipped school to play World of Warcraft 4 days in a row. It is going to die of scurvy if it doesn’t consume some vitamins soon. Look at that lank, receding hair. Stare into those sunken eyes. 3/10

This unicorn has eaten all the snacks and left silly string everywhere, and it’s not even sorry.  That is bloodshot eye of the terminally unemployable. At some point you’ll turn around and it’ll have a lampshade on its head. 2/10

This unicorn made an elderly relative cry at its last family dinner.  It’s not even trying any more, see how its tail vanishes into greyish fog?  Even its raised hooves and frolicksome posture can’t hide the desperation in its eyes. 4/10

This unicorn partied so hard someone called the fun police. Here they are with their old man socks and bulging calves ready to take it away so it can think about what it has done. 5/10

This unicorn owns every Alice Cooper album ever made and spends its parents’ money on liquid eyeliner.  It’s thinking of getting a tattoo. Maybe a skull, you know, or a bleeding heart. 4/10

Look, I know I should say something about brawling and youth violence, gosh isn’t it terrible, I blame video games, but this unicorn is fighting bears.  That is possibly the most metal thing a unicorn has ever done?  I’m not disappointed at all. 10/10 would buy the comic and the feature film.

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endless list of actresses i love: [2/*]

 Clara Paget

I play a lady called Anne Bonny who was a real pirate in the 1700s. I went to what they call “Pirate camp”, which was basically lots of training, boxing, to get us to a certain shape that the pirates would be. With the the ringings, the scurvy; and their starving at the same time. And so I’m looking like Iggy Pop- it’s sorta Iggy Pop and Madonna and I definitely chose Iggy Pop. I just love to be different people, it’s so exciting! I love the research that you get to do, every single addition is kind of every different era- or in the future. You just learn so much. Don’t take life too seriously, no one makes it out alive anyway. 

kalasad  asked:

Can we see the i58 skins you worked on? I'd love to see the details of the final version as well as the concepts :D Thanks for all your work on making LAN great~

You’re welcome, we’re glad people enjoyed it as well as enjoyed last weekend’s games! 

@scurvyorangesfm​, @ootheca and I were this year’s team for the skins, with Jasbutts taking the reigns for Jasmine Tea’s designs and Scurvy basically pulling a lot of the legwork with skins. You can see the JT designs and how they look in-game here.

We had a bit of feedback in previous times we used skins - not as much as I wanted but just enough. The consensus was that it was cool to see team jerseys, but the jerseys were criticized for breaking the TF2 style or being too flashy. This year we aimed for two new changes from last year’s style guide:

  1. retain more Team Spirit palette on things like pants, helmets, belts, & bandoliers
  2. ditch RED = black Medic coat; keep Medic’s coat white for both RED & BLU
  3. ditch logos on the front of jerseys (this was a time management thing more than a style consistency thing tbh)

This year, the custom skins were FROYOTECH, Jasmine Tea, and Crowns Esports Club. For FROYO, we put less emphasis on the lime. For Jasmine Tea, Jasmine rolled with a blown-up JT logo. For Crowns, we went off their actual jerseys. Due to time constraints, we recycled and edited Classic Mixup, eLevate and Ascent’s skins for Team XENEX, Full Tilt and Comfortably Spanked respectively.

Scout, Medic, Demoman, Soldier, Sniper and Spy matched a design style. Heavy, Engineer, and Pyro only had logos added to arms & backs due to - you guessed it - time constraints.  (We were also really considered about effort vs. reward as we were disheartened last year by some non-constructive feedback on skins, hence why we didn’t go all out for the specialist classes.)

There’s a lot of things that break from texture to the models in TF2 - there’s not much we can do about that e.g. stripes and logos stretching. I have yet to test it on the high-poly models but I think the streaming crew just ran with highest settings possible for streaming. We wanted to apply bumpmaps this year but time constraints/time worth it?/etc, so the only class that has a custom normal is Scout’s bandages painted over for ~*GAMER GLOVES*~.

Other than the picture used for the TF2 blog, we ran a Twitter campaign Scurvy designed on’s account to promote the teams as well as the skins. 

.At some point, the idea of using custom models a la League of Legends’ team skins style came up. We scrapped it because we were afraid to fuck with the silhouettes as well as Valve’s design for a major LAN. We also struggled to figure out how we’d differentiate Scout and Demo since Scout’s team colour would probably be on his pants - therefore mirroring Demo’s colour recognition. Best to save it for a cosmetics pitch, we reckoned.

All in all, it’s good to see the skins again and the hype factor around them - but we’re not entirely sure about the payoff and how much time we spent on them for something that was only one time, and something that has a lot of mixed opinion regarding it. I can’t recall if Comfortably Spanked was even casted. I do know some people wanted the viewmodels also edited - that’s an additional 200 something textures. We edited about 120 VTF textures, including attaching Scout’s normals to each VMT and Medic’s backpacks. 

By the way, client-side skins and promotional materials will be going up soon when I get the chance to upload them!