love in the animal kingdom

When U Start A New Serie ...

Animal Kingdom

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And Is Good … Like Very Good

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Also have very hot men

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And A  Gay Character…

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(A Possessive Gay Character )

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Cody Boys Read Tweets | Animal Kingdom | TNT


the animal care team from six flags discovery kingdom does the #mannequinchallenge

“ I wish Flower from Bambi would return to doing meet and greets at the parks. So far the only Bambi characters to been spotted are Thumper and Miss Bunny (Thumper returned in the mid 2000’s). But I still hope Flower might someday make a return at any of the parks. I’m already imaging his meet and greet area and location to be surrounded in a flower patch or flower bed since Flower loves smelling flowers. This area would be perfect somewhere in Animal Kingdom. He hasn’t been seen since the 70’s.”


Deran in every episode  1x03 “Stay Close, Stick Together”

No way was Deran’s dad a killer whale and mine was a goddamn seagull!

Actually, Deran’s dad was a selfish prick. And short too. He left Smurf two weeks before you were born. I had to deliver your ugly ass myself… in a gas station bathroom. Slid right out onto the floor.

Hello Everybody!

My name is Birdie and I just recently made a new blog! I’m also known for being on my previous account starlit-oblivion which I have deactivated for personal reasons.

Since this is a new account and I would like to start fresh, I wanna follow more of you lovely people and to see more stuff on my Dashboard!

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And that’s really about it! I hope you all have a lovely day and stay classy!