love in he eyes and flowers in her hair

The old gods are dead

Zeus sits at the bar, he’ll buy a thousand and one drinks and the girls who he smiles at will raise their eyebrows and think of the pepper spray tucked into their sleeves.

Hera waits at home. She knows the numbers of all the girls and she has their facebooks open on the computer. Her hands hover over the keyboard., She wants to tell them that men will always lie. She wants to take her own advice. She never will.

Apollo and Artemis travel the world. They are chasing the sun. Chasing the moon. They will never catch up. Their hand are curled around each others hip bones. Never in public though. They look too similar for that now. Society has learned judgement and so they keep their caresses safe in the shadows.

Poseidon wanders the shore. He wears a plastic poncho and carries a bag of trash. His tears mix with the salt water. No one can tell the difference. A girl with hair that moves like serpents trails after him, retribution in her eyes.

Hades lies in bed, his wife curled around him. He smiles because people will always believe in death and finally, finally he has beaten his brothers at something.

Athena paces through college campuses, handing out pamphlets on architecture. She scoffs at professors who are simply going through the motions. She carries signs in her hands as she marches through the streets with the students, screaming about the newest problem. She laughs wild, these children, these fearless children are her people.

Hestia wants her family to come home. She waits in the doorway, arms outstretched and a smile like forgiveness waiting to embrace the siblings whom she knows will never return.

Demeter counts down the days until her daughter returns. She smiles when children cheer over the snow days she gives them. There was a time when she had a child like that.

Persephone kisses her husband and grins when people tremble. She is vengeful and wears flowers in her hair and she will make damn sure that the world will never forget her name.

Ares walks through the Middle East, picking his way around the ruins of an elementary school. He stopped understanding war a long time ago. This was not brave, this was not heroic. This was senseless.

Aphrodite narrows her eyes at boys in cars who yell obscene things. She’s long since stopped romanticizing love. She is gaunt and over worked but sometimes she sees a teenage girl handing her baby over to an older couple who had tried for years and she feels young again. Sometimes, she sees Ares from across the room as soldiers embrace their loved ones and they smile at each other. 

 Hephaestus limps through his shop, his hands are worn down, his back is still twisted but people don’t seem to notice anymore. He makes their furniture, their toys and trinkets and they thank him, they pay him.

 Hermes runs through the streets of New York, Tokyo, London. He is young in this time, young and beautiful and slipping between business men, his hands finding their way into their pockets. He never stops laughing. 

 Dionysus mixes Zeus his drinks. He watches his family grin and cry and get sick in the back room of the bar. He holds back their hair and hands them another drink before they even ask. He’s been here a long time. He’s seen them drunk more often then he’s seen them sober. He is watching them flicker out and fade. 

 The gods are dying. The gods are dead. The gods are us.



I’ve seen a lot of this so I thought of doing it as well. I showed my 12-yeard-old brother these pictures and this is how it turned out.

So… I’m proud to present: 


  • Good person
  • Gets angry a lot
  • Defends his loved ones
  • Japanese
  • Likes leading, punching and travelling
  • “His hobby is being your wallpaper”


  • Will fight you
  • Japanese
  • He’s on the good side
  • “In his free time he likes to… fight”
  • Tired™
  • Needs a hug


  • Shy
  • Spicy
  • Intelligent
  • “It’s a girl? Then, she is MRS. Spicy”
  • Good side
  • From the USA
  • Likes cooking
  • Types at the speed of light


  • Pokemon trainer
  • Trains dragon type pokemons
  • Gyrados, Aerodactyl, Charizard and three Dragonites
  • Jhoto, born and raised
  • “Of course he is good, he is Lance”
  • The prettiest
  • Gay
  • “Lance is the best”


  • Loyal
  • Good
  • Venezuelan
  • Likes eating
  • Would win Master Chef Venezuela


  • Katara after the fire nation attacked
  • Old
  • Fast and fourious
  • Good
  • A fucking goddess

“If they have those helmets, they are good”


  • A little vain
  • Rich man
  • Moustache 10/10
  • Good
  • “Where is he from? The internet!”


  • Evil
  • Emperor
  • Leader of the mean kids
  • Defensive
  • From Germany
  • Can find love


  • Red Skull’s girlfriend
  • “See? I told you he could find love”
  • Satanic
  • Her eyes were took in a surgey and replaced with light bulbs
  • Evil
  • Dementor
  • Her hobby is scaring Harry Potter
  • From Hogwarts


  • Quiet
  • Neutral
  • The same surgey as Pink Skull
  • From The Magic Mushroom Kingdom


  • Spicy
  • Mrs. Spicy’s brother
  • Complaining™
  • Scientist
  • Would fly to planet Irken
  • Good
  • “He is gay? Then, he would date Jhon” (I’m so proud of this boy)


  • Evil
  • “Eviling” is his hobby
  • Takes flowers from his armpit
  • Mashroom Kingdom


  • Dating white-haired Waluigi
  • Depressed
  • Likes watching gladiator fights
  • Evil
  • Mashroom kingdom


  • Burned Starfire
  • Likes throwing lasers
  • Spicy faces
  • Evil
  • “Eviling”
  • From: Bolivia but in Tamaran
  • Prettiest evil girl


  • Evil
  • Hobby: controling things
  • Throws “The Chancla” to her kids
  • Mean kitty
  • From Neptune


  • Screaming™
  • Cries because there are no eyes on her face
  • “She uses a cat to see” “How did I knew? She always has a cat on her shoulder”
  • From Europe
Feyre Head Canon

During her time in the Spring Court, she still paints. One night she could not sleep, so she starts to paint her room, just like she did the Cabin.

Instead of being obvious like the cabin, she hides her family in the colors. Shades of Mor’s hair. Flowers the shade of Rhys’s eyes. A sparkling pond swirls the same shade of silver as Amren’s eyes. She paints a birch forest with the shades of hazel eyes. The reds in her room are the same as her favorite wingspan. Her blacks always have a hint of blue. Her blues a hint of cobalt. Her room is covered in all the colors of the rainbow.

Every night she is surrounded by those she loves, her home.

One day Azriel is able to finally access the Spring Court. He waits in Feyre’s room and is shocked to see the endless mural that hides from her enemies her true home.

When he returns to Velaris, he shares the image with Rhys. Not to sadden him, but to remind him that they will always be her home.

dissonance [4]

summary: James apologizes. || hades!bucky x persephone!reader

warnings: none? 

note: Feedback is always appreciated! I hope you guys like this!

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i recently hit a huge milestone & reached the 2nd birthday for this blog, so i wanted to do something cute to give back & say thank you !!! with that being said, under the cut you’ll find 828 quotes that can be used for character musing tags ! they’ve been categorised into different labels ( eg. the baby doll, the lothario, the vixen, the cataclysmic, etc ) so some quotes may appear under more than one category. i do, however, recommend checking out all the categories !! they were just listed by my own interpretation and definitely aren’t limited to a certain label in the slightest. the pronouns used are simply what was used in the original line but can obviously be changed to fit your character. depending on personal preference, some may be a little too long but can be shortened down pretty easily. a general trigger warning is to be placed for these as they do reference some sensitive topics ( drugs, alcohol, sex, etc ), as the tags on my blog do. i believe that covers it all !! if you find this useful, please do like and/or reblog ! also, please let me know if you’d like to see a part two of this ! you can find the lyric version of this right here for more suggestions !!

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Full Bloom

There was a slam from behind him as Bucky kicked the door shut with all the might his ten-year-old body could muster, and then the sounds of distant yelling from inside the room he’d just stormed from.

He didn’t care. The people his mom had taken him around to visit were assholes. He just felt bad for leaving Stevie in there to fend for himself- although to be honest, he was probably just having to be held back by Mrs Rogers as he made a desperate attempt to smash their kneecaps in.

Bucky growled at nothing, kicking a nearby rock as he marched through the unknown village. The place they were in was foreign to him; the rich side of town where Bucky rarely even heard about, let alone visited. Only reason he’d been dragged along in the first place was because of the new job his and Steve’s mom had both been offered, and their potential new bosses had wanted to meet for dinner to discuss ‘arrangements’, whatever that meant.

They probably didn’t want to discuss anything now- not after the way Bucky had reacted. 

Which was great. Meant his mom had lost the job offer. Again.

And Bucky had tried, he really had- best behaviour and everything that his mom had asked him to- he knew that this was important to her. And Sarah. Probably more so to her; she and Stevie struggled to put food on the table as it was.

And he’d ruined everything.

Sniffing and adamantly refusing to cry, he kept marching, unsure of where he was going, but uncaring too. He just needed to… to find somewhere quiet. 

He’d be in so much trouble when his momma got hold of him.

It was only a few minutes later when he came back to himself, realising that he’d somehow managed to wander into a field, filled with pretty flowers and lovely green grass. It was surrounded by trees perfect for climbing, and the sun shone on it in a way that made it all glow.

Not that Bucky cared. Right now, he just needed a place to sit and be grumpy.

Throwing himself forward, he fell to his ass with an angry little growl and tucked his knees up against his chest, staring moodily ahead of him. There were little flowers dotted around the grass, and he picked at them absently, ripping their petals off and then letting them flutter to the ground or float away in the light breeze.

“Hey! Don’t do that, what did the flowers ever do to you?”

Bucky jerked and turned around immediately, eyes wide and searching for the owner of the voice. He definitely hadn’t expected to be found in a place like this- not so soon anyway.

Ahead of him, there was a skinny little boy, his warm brown eyes as big as saucers as he stared down at Bucky and the angry look that was still etched on his face. The boy was dressed in clothes that probably cost more than the contents of Bucky’s entire room, but there was grass stains and muddy patches all over them. His curly hair was falling into his eyes a little, but he quickly brushed it out when he saw Bucky looking; probably out of habit.

“Those… those flowers are pretty. Don’t ruin them,” the boy said weakly, apparently losing his confidence as he saw Bucky’s grumpy look.

He probably did look quite scary- a boy already tall for his age, in the wrong part of town and picking apart flowers in this fancy field whilst wearing a look of absolute thunder on his face. No wonder the newcomer was looking a little shifty.

He made an effort to smooth out his face a little, but he doubted it did much. “Sorry,” he said gruffly, shrugging his shoulders, “I’ll find somewhere else, I didn’t know you were here-“

“No, I didn’t mean you had to leave,” the boy said hurriedly, taking a brave step forward, “I just heard you storming in, and wanted to see who you were. That’s all. And there’s better ways to make use of the flowers than to rip them up, you know.”

Bucky looked at him quizzically, and then his eyes drifted down to the little chain of colourful flowers the other boy was gripping in his hand. Apparently losing all confidence again when he caught Bucky staring, his eyes widened and he hid the offending object behind his back, taking a little step back once again. It was like he was dancing, he moved that much.

“They’re just flowers, it’s not a crime, boys can like flowers too you know, I don’t- don’t beat me up,” he stumbled, holding his chin high in defiance but failing to hide the panic in his eyes as he took another step back.

Bucky furrowed his brow in confusion. Why the hell would he think he was gonna get beat up? Bucky didn’t hurt anyone- not unless they started it first, anyway.

“I’m not gonna beat you up,” he declared, shaking his head, “and I know it’s okay for boys to like flowers. I was just angry, and I wanted to fiddle with somethin’. Sorry if I hurt them,” he said, biting his lip.

He didn’t want this boy to think he was mean. Even if he probably looked pretty mean right now- Bucky didn’t want him to be scared. He looked as if he was scared quite a lot, actually.

There was silence, as the boy ran another hand through his hair and bounced on the balls of his feet. He was keeping his eyes fixed on his floor, and Bucky was just about to get up and say he was leaving when the boy suddenly spoke up again.

“I come out to this field when I get upset, like you. But… uh, I use the flowers too. I just mess with them in different ways,” he said, like that was supposed to explain something.

Bucky looked at him in confusion, and after a few seconds the boy’s hand was slowly removed from behind his back, revealing the pretty chain of flowers again. “Have you ever made a daisy chain before?” he asked tentatively.
Bucky shook his head, wondering where the boy was heading.

“Okay. Do you want to learn?”

He was being looked at almost fiercely, and the boy’s knees were crouched a little, like he was preparing to run at a moment’s notice. It made Bucky frown again, because why the heck did this person seem so convinced Bucky was going to try and hurt him?

“Yeah. Okay. I’d… I’d like that,” Bucky answered, trying to smile a little, despite his foul mood.

The boy’s eyes widened, like that had not been the answer he was expecting. Bucky noted that he had very nice eyes. And hair. In fact, he was even prettier than Dorothy- the girl who sat in front of him at school. Everyone loved her- but she didn’t share a patch on the boy stood in front of him right now.

“I’m Tony,” he stated, finally stepping forward and holding out his hand.

“Bucky- nice to meet you.”

“Come with me,” Tony said, pulling on Bucky’s hand and leading them to the left, where the trees met field, “I know a place full of so many flowers you won’t even know what to do with them all.”

“So why were you angry?” Tony asked, his knee knocking against Bucky’s as he carefully wove a tiny little stem through the gap in another.

Bucky paused, face clouding over. He put his chain down carefully, in case he ripped it in his frustration. “Mine and Steve’s momma met their new bosses, and they’re really stupid.”

“What did they do?” Tony asked, “did they not know how to count to ten?”

“No, not that kinda stupid,” Bucky waved him off, “they were just mean. And wrong. There was an advert on the TV and it had two boys in it and they said that it was disgusting but it isn’t disgusting. I like boys. I know I’m not disgusting. An’ I told ‘em that much myself, ‘cuz I ain’t afraid of no dumb adults,” Bucky said defiantly, hands fisting against his legs as he thought back to their gross faces.

Tony was staring at him, and Bucky realised that maybe Tony thought he was disgusting, too, so he jumped to his feet angrily. “If you don’t like it either, you can take your flower crown and scram, ‘cuz you’re just stupid too-“

“No!” Tony raised his hands, eyes wide as he looked up at Bucky, “No, I don’t think it’s disgusting. I just think you’re… you’re really brave. I could never do that to adults. I tried to do it once, when my dad called me an idiot, but then he just hit me and so I didn’t do it again,” he said, looking at the floor again like he was… like he was embarrassed or something.

Bucky frowned again, confused. Why would his dad have hit him? Weren’t parents supposed to keep you safe from being hit, not be the ones to do it in the first place? 

That being said, Bucky had noticed the angry red mark that was cutting through Tony’s cheek, and wondered if that was the reason he was in this field in the first place. And if it was his own dad that was doing that, it made everything even worse.

“I’ll beat him up if you want,” Bucky said, sitting down again so that his leg was pressed up against Tony’s. “Like I said- I’m not scared of no adults.”

Tony’s eyes were wide, and he was staring at Bucky like he was his guardian angel or something. Bucky liked Tony looking at him like that; it made him feel all fluttery inside. “You’d really do that? For me?”

“Yeah,” Bucky nodded his head adamantly, “definitely.”

Tony smiled, but then shook his head and sighed. “No. Dad’s strong, and even if you’re strong too, he’s big. I don’t want him to hurt you too. That’s why I come out here. I like flowers. They’re pretty. And dad can’t yell at me when I’m here.”
There was a short pause, and then Tony’s eyes widened as he turned to face Bucky. “You can’t tell anyone you saw me here, okay? If dad finds out I like flowers he’ll call me stuff and hit me and stop me coming, and I really like it here, so you can’t, okay, you can’t-“

“I ain’t telling your dad shit,” Bucky told him, liking how the curse word sounded on his tongue. He wasn’t sure what it meant, but he’d heard someone yell it on the street, and thought it would be a good thing to use here. “I like flowers too. And you. I wouldn’t tell him anything that might hurt either of ‘em.”

Tony relaxed a little, and nodded gratefully. “Thank you. And by the way, I definitely don’t think it’s disgusting. I like boys too- more than I like girls. But I just don’t tell anyone because I don’t want people at school or home to beat me up more,” he admitted, worrying at his lower lip and avoiding Bucky’s eyes again.

“But… why are you telling me then?” He asked.

Tony looked at him, and then shrugged, his cheeks beginning to turn pink. 

“’Cause you’re my friend. Right? And friends can tell each other secrets.”

Bucky thought about every secret of Steve’s he had kept, and then nodded his head. “Definitely.”

“Good,“ Tony broke off, finally finished with the little chain of daises he’d been making through the conversation. He raised it up and smiled at his work, before shuffling forward a little and carefully placing it around Bucky’s neck. “It suits you,” he said quietly, and Bucky thought the blush that was spreading through his cheeks again was very pretty.

Bucky nodded looking down at the chain around his neck and smiling. “You can wear mine when I’ve finished- it won’t be as good though, ‘cuz you’ve been doing it longer and I’m still learning-“

“I think it’s great anyway,” Tony assured him, picking up the half-finished masterpiece, which was a little uneven and splayed. But Tony was practically beaming at it, and it made Bucky feel lovely and special.

“BUCK! BUCKY! YOU HERE?” A loud voice interrupted, and both of them jerked, Tony’s eyes flashing with panic as he dropped the chain and turned. Bucky made note that he didn’t like loud voices.

Quickly grabbing his hand, he caught Tony’s attention. “Hey- don’t worry, that’s just my friend. He’s called Steve, and I’ve been gone a while, so everyone’s probably worried. And mad. But not at you,” Bucky explained hurriedly. “Do you wanna go, or do you wanna meet him?”

Tony paused, before looking across at the boy who was even tinier than him, shock of blonde hair falling over his face as he stumbled through the long grass and searched for his friend. “I’ll stay.”

“Good, because he’s great- you’ll love him,” Bucky grinned, before pulling them both up and waving. “STEVIE!”

Steve turned, eyes locking on to both of them immediately. He frowned a little at the sight of Tony, but it was gone in a second and replaced with a friendly smile. “WE’VE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR YOU, IDIOT,” he yelled across the field, beginning to jog across until he had caught up with them. “Your mom’s gonna give you an earful when you get back, you know?”

Bucky grimaced. “Yeah, I know I was stupid- I ruined their jobs-“

“No no, they don’t care about that. The people were assholes, they turned down the offer as soon as you slammed out of the door,” Steve explained, “your mom’s mad because you just wandered off for two and a half hours in a place you don’t know. Idiot.”

“I had Tony,” Bucky said defensively, “we made flower crowns. And now we’re friends and he’s gonna hang out with us, okay? He needs to teach you how to make flower chains- he’s awesome at them,” Bucky explained, squeezing Tony’s hand and smiling, gesturing proudly to the chain around his head.

Steve stared at it for a few seconds, and Tony was all jittery again, but then Steve just smiled in wonder and stepped forward, examining the work around Bucky’s neck. “That’s so cool! Can you make me one?” He asked, eyes wide.

Tony practically beamed, and nodded his head happily. 

“But I get to make Tony’s,” Bucky added quickly, shooting Steve a look. 

“Why can’t I make one for him too?” Steve asked, frowning.

“’Cuz I’ve known him longer and I asked first,” Bucky replied.

Tony giggled a little, and Bucky’s stomach went all fluttery again. “You can… if you want, you can both make me one?”

Steve opened his mouth to reply, but upon seeing the desperate looks Bucky was throwing his way, he slowly shut it again, comprehension dawning on his face. “Oh. I didn’t realise… uh, you know what, Tony, I think I’ll leave it to Bucky. He’s better at them than me, and he did ask first.”

Tony just shrugged, and then smiled at Bucky again. They were still holding hands. “Okay.”

“Uh, Buck- I hate to break this up, but if I don’t come back with you soon, I think your mom’s gonna call for a search party,” Steve said sheepishly, interrupting their moment and rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. 

Bucky sighed grumpily, but nodded his head. “Yeah yeah, whatever. Tony, do… do you want to come ‘round to my house sometime? Steve will probably be there, and there’s a nice meadow behind our garden. You can teach us how to make even cooler chains than before, and… and I’ll be able to make you one all on my own?” Bucky asked it like a question, and looked stubbornly at his shuffling feet as Tony’s hand squeezed around his own.

“I’d like that, yeah,” Tony said softly, prompting another beam from Bucky.

“Cool! I’ll… I’ll meet you here at the same time tomorrow, and we’ll walk down, okay? Sound good?”

Tony nodded happily, a little stunned expression on his face as his gaze jolted from person to person, as if he expected the joke to be revealed.

Bucky squeezed his hand a little tighter and then let go, the great big grin still on his face. Bad moods seemed impossible now. “I’ll come find you tomorrow then, Tony,” he called out behind him, walking up to Steve and then making their way toward the roadside.

There was a pause, and then the sound of hurrying footsteps prompted Bucky to turn around again. He only had a chance to look at Tony in surprise for a second, before suddenly the smaller boy had leaned up and planted a kiss on his cheek. 

It lasted 0.3 seconds and the butterflies that Bucky had been feeling all afternoon suddenly exploded in his tummy, lighting up his face bright pink and turning his knees to jelly. He felt like his heart was doing somersaults as he watched Tony lean back down again, covered in a pretty blush of his own, and then turn tail and run back through the grass, waving behind him as he went.

Bucky stood there, stunned, until Steve suddenly burst out laughing and elbowed him in the ribs. “Bucky and Tony, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-“
“Shuddup,” Bucky said gruffly, unable to take the smile off his face as he shoved Steve gently.

Steve continued to giggle all the way home, but Bucky didn’t even care. He was going to look up how to make the best flower-crowns that night, so that he would be able to impress Tony when they next met tomorrow.

“I think he’s gonna be real good, Buck,” Steve said, suddenly solemn, as he nodded his head pensively.

“I know he is,” Bucky agreed, head still tilted in the direction the other boy had run.

He was gonna make the best flower crown for Tony. Just you watch.

The old gods are dead
Zeus sits at the bar, he’ll buy a thousand and one drinks and the girl who he smiles at will raise their eyebrows and think of the pepper spray tucked into their sleeves.
Hera waits at home. She knows the numbers of all the girls and has their facebooks open on the computer. Her hands hover over the computer. She wants to tell them that men always lie. She wants to take her own advice. She never will.
Apollo and Artemis travel the world. They are chasing the sun. Chasing the moon. They will never catch up. Their hands are curled around each others hip bones. Never in public though. They look to similar for that now. Society has learned judgement so they keep their caresses safe in the shadows.
Poseidon wanders the shore. He wears a plastic poncho and carries a bag of trash. His tears mix with the salt water. No one can tell. A girl with hair that moves like serpents trails after him, retribution in her eyes.
Hades lies in bed, his wife curled around him. He smiles because people will always believe in death and finally, finally he has beaten his brothers at something.
Athena paces through college campuses, handing out pamphlets on architecture. She scoffs at professors simply going through the motions. She carries signs in her hands as she marches through the streets with the students, screaming about the newest problem. She laughs wild, these children, these fearless children are her people.
Hestia wants her family to come home. She waits in the doorway arms outstretched and a smile like forgivness waiting to embrace the siblings whom she knows will never return.
Demeter counts down the days until her daughter returns. She smiles when children cheer over the snow days she gives them. There was a time when she had a child like that.
Persephone kisses her husband and grins when people tremble. She is vengeful and wears flowers in her hair and she will make damn sure that the world will never forget her name.
Ares walks through the Middle East picking his way through the ruins of an elementary school. He stopped understanding war a long time ago. This was not brave this was not heroic. This was senseless.
Aphrodite narrows her eyes at boys in cars who yell a obscene things. She’s long since stoped romanticizing love. She is gaunt and over worked but sometimes sees a teenage girl handing her baby to an older couple who have tried for years and she feels young again. Sometimes she sees Ares from across the room as soilders embrace their loved ones and smile at each other.
Hephaestus limps through his shop, his hands are worn down, his back is still twisted, but people dont seem to notice anymore. He makes their furniture, their trinkets, their toys, and they thank him, they pay him.
Hermes runs through the streets of New York, Tokyo, London, and Paris. He is young in this time, young and beautiful and slipping between businessmen, his hands finding their way to their pockets. He never stops laughing.
Dionysus mixes Zeus’s drinks. He watches his family grin and cry and get sick in the back room of the bar. He holds back their hair and hands them another drink before they even ask. He’s been here a long time. He’s seen them drunk more often than he’s seen them sober. He is watching them flicker and fade.
The gods are dying.
The gods are dead.
The gods are us.

Ivar Headcanons: Ivar with only Daughters

@whenimaunicorn and I were discussing the other day how adorable it would be if Ivar ended up with only daughters. So I decided to write up a few headcanons of our ideas! Thanks for your input, love! I plan on writing a little imagine about this scenario eventually, but for now have some fluffy headcanons :)

-For the first two births, no one thinks much of it. But by the time the fifth child comes around, people are starting to whisper. “Why have the gods not granted Ivar Ragnarsson a son?”

-Ivar does not give two shits, and he tells his somewhat distraught wife so (she’s slightly worried he’ll blame her). “I don’t need sons. I have strong, healthy, capable daughters. It is more than I ever thought I would be allowed.” It’s true, he never thought he’d find love or marriage or children, so he’s over the moon, even if others find it shameful.

- As babies, he loves to rock them and let them play with his strong fingers. He is so gentle with them, a stark contrast to the fierce face he shows the rest of the world. In the private of his chambers, he is not afraid to let his daughters see his softer side.

- He is grateful to the gods that none inherit his brittle bones. Months and months and months of fervent prayer and sacrifice are well paid off.

- He loves his girls, and they love him. When they grow old enough, they follow him around constantly. Someone makes the comment they look like baby ducks following their mother. From then on, they are his “ducklings”. He lets them follow him to training, to council meetings, anywhere basically.

- They are trained in every weapon, every style of combat, from an early age. Ivar knows a woman needs to be able to defend herself and her family, and he will not see his little girls fall prey to the sword. He pushes them hard, and sometimes they cry for it.

- But afterwards, when he has cleaned every cut and wiped every tear, he lets them weave him flower crowns (he tried to say no a few times; the tears nearly crushed him) and braid his hair while he tells them stories. He loves seeing their wide eyes gaze at him in wonder as he recounts tales of Odin, Thor and Loki.

- He develops quite the knack for hairstyling. 5 heads is a lot of hair for his wife to do every morning, and he loves to see their happy faces and hear their little voices trill “thank you, Papa!” too much to let the servants do it instead.

- He teaches them love and respect for the gods. He does not hold back from showing them sacrifices, and lets them participate where they can. They are not scared of steel or blood, and he is proud when they do not look away.

- He is firm with them, but at the same time a huge pushover. They know that if they really really want something, all it takes is a few bats of long eyelashes and a few “please, please, Papa?” and he’s caving.

- He takes them for chariot rides, all at once, all of them shrieking and laughing and fighting over who gets to “help” him drive.

- When his third daughter begins showing signs of his Mother’s gift, he searches for the best seer to teach her about the foresight. He lets her crawl into bed with him and her mother when her strange dreams scare her in the night.

- He teaches his eldest how to rule, how to run a kingdom and command an army. He teaches her to be strong, to not bend beneath adversity, that women can be rulers with the men. “Your grandmother was a great Queen, and even the one who killed her was a formidable woman. You are strong, capable, smart. You will show the world what a Queen and shieldmaiden can do.”

- He is not adverse to his daughters finding husbands of course, but he is wary of every man that shows interest. If one so much even looks at one of his girl wrong, he is in for a world of pain. He is surly and grumpy to any man they bring home to meet him. Sometimes, he even forbids them to see the man again (even if he likes him, he isn’t quite ready to give up on of his precious little ducks).

- His daughters have to get creative to see their beaus then, and work together to keep each other’s secrets. He often knows exactly what they are doing, but he lets them think he’s clueless. He likes to watch them think and plan and strategize; all signs of good leaders.

- He challenges them with games and puzzles, to hone their minds and keep them sharp. They in turn, try to find riddles and puzzles to stump him with. He’ll never admit it, but his youngest did once and he’s never been prouder.

- All in all, they are his little girls no matter what, and he loves them more fiercely than anything. They know Papa is always there for them, through everything, and they have never cared that he cannot walk without help. He is their hero, their champion.

- When his wife gives birth for the sixth time, him and his ducklings huddle around the birthing bed, waiting for the midwife to bring back their new little addition. When she finally does, she lays the new babe in his arms and smiles with a twinkle in her eye. “Congratulations, my King. She is beautiful.”
His daughters shriek with joy. His wife gives him a sheepish smile. He simply holds the precious little bundle tighter, and gives thanks once again to the gods.

for @hpwritersnet‘s prompt: james potter

he falls in love like this: six years old giggling in the treehouse with sugared lips. they fight dragons and travel through jungles from the safety of the garden. they are young and the way she laughs, with her nose scrunched up and eyes closed makes him laugh too. and just like that, marlene sits in his heart.

he falls in love like this: a train carriage, wind rattling the windows and bertie botts beans littering the floor. he falls in love with carved cheekbones and a love of puns, with grey eyes and that feeling already that the same blood runs in their veins. he falls in love with a brother, with sirius.

he falls in love like this: a silent dormitory with a skeletal remus hunched in the corner. he has hollowed cheeks and purple bruises under his eyes. he falls in love with jokes muttered under breaths and a knowing twitch of the lips. there is a stirring in his bones and he knows, he knows he will protect this one with his last breath if he can.

he falls in love like this: the early hours of the morning, practicing with him again and again and again until peter can get it right. watching the watery eyes light up when the spell finally works or the essay is done. watching as he tries so hard to fit in without knowing he already does.

he falls in love like this: sixth year on the quidditch pitch, mary’s lilting voice through the megaphone, jokes and goddamn awful puns trickling out of her as the game plays on. he’s laughing so hard he nearly falls off his broom and he thinks he can’t live in a world without the warmth she makes in his chest.

he falls in love like this: the months between january and february, the days inbetween monday and tuesday, the seconds between night and day. he falls in love in the time that doesn’t exist, surely, because how could he forget falling in love, how could he not remember the moment? he falls in love with a girl with flowers in her name and in her ribs; with the pure sunlight in her veins, with the kindness overflowing from her pores. he falls in love with her smile and her lips and her soul. he falls in love with lily evans, or maybe he just always was.

he falls in love like this: a tiny baby balanced in his arms, black hair dusting his tiny head. He coughs in his sleep, eyelids fluttering open to reveal forests. there are tears in his eyes and he wants to hold him forever, to wrap him up and lock him away where he will never feel any pain or hurt. he falls in love with the future, with quidditch matches and christmas mornings, with tantrums and hugs and motorbike rides with sirius. he falls in love with his son, with harry.

he falls in love with life, with nature, with his beating heart and expanding lungs. he falls in love with a world that doesn’t love him back, with people who betray him, with people who leave. he falls in love with a life he cannot have, a life he will never live.

he falls too easily, james.

like a marionette whose strings were cut.

Second Time Around

Requested by anonymous

There was an almost otherworldly hush in the crypts of Winterfell. Dany pulled her cloak around her more tightly, each sound suddenly magnified until it was all she could hear-the rustle of fur, the swish and click of their boots on the stone floor, the sound of their breathing. 

Jon placed a hand on her shoulder, as if to steady her. There was something tender in the gesture, but also something protective-something that made her want to turn to him and reassure him that she was fine, that everything would be all right. Even if nothing seemed that way. 

They walked silent through the rows and rows of dead kings, asleep forever in their stone tombs. Some of their names Dany knew from the histories, but most were new to her-their faces were impassive and their eyes seemed to look right through her. Something about it felt wrong, like she intruding on an extremely private moment. She’d never been more aware of what she wasn’t, how her hair and eyes set her apart, how her ancestors had conquered the skies while his ancestors had lived and died on an harsh and unforgiving continent, enduring like the wolves that roamed the woods at night and howled at the moon (Jon would always pull her a little closer when that happened). The Starks had always endured. 

And whose family was nearly extinct now? 

Jon stopped about three quarters of the way down and pointed to another cluster of statues. Their faces were smooth and unlined. “When Sansa, Arya, and Bran die they’ll be laid to rest here.” 

She shivered. It seemed an awful fate, to sleep for eternity so deep underground. She couldn’t imagine it-Sansa and her embroidery but always with her bite of strength, Arya’s blaze of energy, even the way Bran always seemed to look at her like he knew something that she didn’t. “What about you?”

“I’m not a Stark, especially not now.” He took her hand and guided her to another tomb. This one looked newly carved; there were a few rock shavings still littering the marble floors. “My lord father-uncle. Sansa’s right; whoever carved him really didn’t know his face.” 

Eddard Stark. The Usurper’s Dog. She should have been glad he was dead and rotting, but she couldn’t be. If he’d been so kind to his children…surely he hadn’t been all bad. 

She felt she should say something but she didn’t. There was no one in her family that she’d ever loved enough to miss. Perhaps her mother, but she’d never known her. It was hard to miss someone she’d never known. Even now she only missed Viserys sometimes, for the brother he’d once been-not the man he’d grown into. Only Viserion, and Rhaego of course. And losing a child was very different than losing a father figure. 

He took her hand again and led her to another crypt. This one was a woman; even in death her face was beautiful. She had long dark hair and someone had carved a flower into her hair. But her eyes captivated Dany most of all; they seemed young, but sad. “My mother, Lyanna.” 

“Robert’s Rebellion was started over her, was it not?” 

Jon nodded. “For years we were told that Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped and raped her.” She noticed that he didn’t say Your brother. 

“But he didn’t. They were married, in a secret ceremony.” 

He caught his breath, just slightly-but Dany heard the hitch. “He loved her, and thousands died for it. But…she loved him back. Everything that we thought we knew was built on a lie. Thousands died for a lie.” 

“Love is an easy catalyst for wars. But history has a strange way of repeating itself.”

He looked at her curiously. “What do you mean?”

“You share my name, but you’re a Stark at heart. You know what happened the last time a Stark and a Targaryen fell in love.” 

He shook his head. “We’ll be better. We’re going to save the world, not destroy it.” 

“We’re going to make this right.” She took his hand and squeezed it, making it a promise there and then. 

She knew without asking that he would do everything to see it through, just like she would. 

Cafe Magnifique

@akumainoue​ brought this lovely idea to my attention and then it snowballed from there.

Waiter/butler cafe au where all of Tony’s boy toys go to the place where he works just for him.

And his boss/bff Pepper is shamelessly using that to her advantage for the business while keeping a close eye on them to make sure they don’t overstep their boundaries

Bonus for Rhodey coming back from his tour in Iraq, walking into the place, seeing all these guys shamelessy flirting with Tony, and being all, “what the fuck. Who the fucking fuck do you fucking think you fucking are.”

So Imagine Pepper is Tony’s Aunt who took him in when his parents died. It was really hard because Pepper not only lost her sister but was/is really young. Let’s say Maria and Howard were high school sweethearts, married right out of school and had Tony in their twenties. So Maria and Howard are 36, Tony’s 16 and let’s say Pepper is 22 when Maria and Howard die in the car accident.

Pepper opens the cafe as it was a dream and it helps keep Tony out of trouble . And Tony learns to love it, plus it lets him feel like he’s not being a burden to Pepper when he helps her out in the shop.
Since it’s Pepper’s restaurant but it’s themed so Tony has to wear this cute little uniform

A vest with a white shirt underneath and a cute little tie. Oh and short shorts cause why the fuck not
Maybe Pepper buys Tony a white orchid to put in his hair every morning he works .

It makes the customers swoon

Head to Toe, Tony’s go to outfit is his hair clip (a butterfly and a gift from pepper) holding his bangs out of his eyes, and a white flower behind his ear. (Which are pierced and he has a bar in the opposite ear.

(hair clip and uniform)

He wears a white colored shirt and black vest. Black watch and bracelets. Nice silver rings.
Black short shorts, black fishnet stockings and black boots. 

Tony is a well loved employee at the shop (Plus all the sales he brings in helps put him through college.)

Now Tony is 21, just graduated College and taking a break to help Pep with the shop
Pepper and her Partner Natasha, who is a fashion designer love dressing Tony up for the shop
In this AU I feel Tony is gender fluid so he doesn’t mind being dressed up like a girl

Of course the shop has other employees like Clint, Natasha’s free spirited cousin that can never be tied down except for his dog Lucky
Happy (the baker) is Pepper’s best friend since childhood
Peter Parker (the poor newbie) and Kamala Khan are the youthful high school students that were cool enough (and good enough) to work in the shop
and then Christine (Everheart) because she keeps the customers in line.

When Tony got back from College , cause he took a year off to focus on school - word got around that he’s back and sexier than ever
the high school girls have a fan club , the locals indulge , the tourist are confused . its a big place but popular.

It’s more of a sit down cafe although they do have take away options. Pepper runs the place, Happy cooks, Tony is the main server from lunch into the afternoon and Saturdays cause he’s popular. Clint and Christine are the morning shift. Natasha helps on Mondays during lunch and on Sundays.

Peter and Kamala work afternoons til close and weekends.

anyway they all wear these cutesy outfits , although Tony is the only one that has to wear short shorts or mini skirts but anyway they all have their regulars but everyone knows that Tony is in high demand.

Wade comes in looking for Peter a lot , Kamala has a few kids from school come see her and her brother, Christine has Justin and she hates it and Clint has his best friends Phil and Maria stop in

Natasha (when she helps out) gets along with Fury who’s a grumpy old man but somehow she is able to get under his tough exterior . and then there is Tony’s regulars

Tony has Sarcastic Loki
Beef cakes Steve and Bucky
Dorky Peter (Quill)
Asshole Namor
Big Tipper Mr. Wayne
Strange Stephen (lol)
Abroad Student T'Challa
Flustered and Stuttering Jarvis
Mr. Smooth Wilson
Cutey Brucie
Loud mouth Thor
Straight Forward Victor
Big Bad Brock
and slightly stalkerish Killian

not to mention the high school girls/boys and all his admirers from the less frequent customers

What Wizarding Wars do to Children

Harry: warm, crooked grin, running until he’s out of breath, furrowed brows, coffee, butterbeer, laughter, dancing, quidditch, apricity, fire crackle, music, love, pecks, stretching, flirting, jokes, tapping things, daydreams, laughing so hard it hurts, fresh air, cold water

Harry: forgetting to eat, night terrors, hidden wands, paranoia, pacing, claustrophobia, tying back hair, jumpy, anxious, taping his foot, looking up to avoid spilling tears, hidden scars, screaming sobs, slouch, grinning teeth together, forcing himself to laugh, tired eyes

Draco: dramatic, smirks, cunning, practiced smiles, perfect posture, fuming, cursive writing, quills, classical music, cracking knuckles, whisky, eutony, socks, pale, curiosity, running water, french, deep laughter, deep kisses, closed eyes, admiration

Draco: pursed lips, clenched jaw, zoning out, numb, scratching at the dark mark, anxious, insomnia, knuckles on a table, long hair, quiet, invisible, afraid of fire, long sleeves, flashbacks, breathing quickly, the sting of eyes that have been open too long, hard mattresses, closed windows, anger, regret, wrecking his mind for a memory to cast a patronus, change, obliviate

Luna: wind chimes, iridescence, bubble wrap, horse hooves on gravel, rain on glass, pleasantness, tea pot, mismatching shoes, flowers, whimsical, candles, mustard boots, quibbler, genuine

Luna: overly quirky, constantly smiling, irritated, claustrophobia, grinning through tears, random facts, running her tongue along the edge of her teeth, coin laundry, scars, forgetting to water plants, painting to ungodly hours of the night

George: laughter, homely, bliss, tea, breathing in cold air, loads of blankets, jokes, running, jumping on beds, Fred , love, warmth, wide eyes, dimples

George: Cutting and dying hair; he can’t stand looking like-, shattering mirrors, turning to say something to someone who isn’t there, tired eyes, breaking into sobs every time someone calls him Fred, sleeping without a pillow, puffy eyes, those few minutes of bliss just after he wakes; before he realises he is awake, coffee that’s too hot, a perfectly made bed next to his, weak knees, breaking down when he accidentally puts on a christmas sweater with an F on it and walking down to breakfast


Part Seven in the series

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Part Six

It’s a sad day for Y/n.

She knows shes being a little over dramatic about this but she really wanted to go. 

Tonight was the night. 

But she couldn’t go.

Tonight was the Nick Jonas Concert.

She wanted to go so bad but she couldn’t afford tickets. She was devastated. She had never been to a concert before, and she was like in love with Nick Jonas. It just seemed like it would be right. 

“Hey you.” Shawn called as he walked up beside her. He took her hand and tangled their fingers together. “Ready for the History test today?” He asked.

“Yeah, studied all night.” She looked over at him. He noticed her off mood, he kissed her cheek. 

“Let me take you out tonight?” He asks pulling her a little closer.

“I don’t…” She started before he cut her off.

“Let me take your mind off of the concert. Let me distract you? We could go to dinner, a movie?” He asks raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, you know what that sounds amazing.” She smiles at him. 

“Good, dress up. We’re going fancy tonight.” He said before kissing her. She nodded and pulled him back for another kiss.


They got to school parting ways for first period but meeting back up again for second. Shawn waits until Y/n is seated before taking a seat next to her. She leans her head onto his shoulder, taking a deep breath. 

“Did you get new cologne?” She asks looking up at him. He blushes a bit and nods.

“You like it?” He asks trying to read her face again. She takes another inhale and smiles a bit.

“Love it,” She smirks at him. 

“Oh yea?” He asks smirking too. He leans in and kisses her. 

When they kiss at school, they are respectful of their peers. No one wants to watch a make out session, that’s just gross. So its’ a peck her, a peck there.

But when their lips connect, she deepens the kiss. Slipping her tongue into his mouth, inhaling his scent again. When she pulls back Shawn stares at her in shock.

“Whoa.” He breathes out. 

“Sorry.” She mumbles. He takes her hand, pulling her close.

“Don’t ever apologize for that. Especially for that.” He says in a hushed tone. She laughs and shakes her head. “But what the hell was that?” He asks.

“Just, wear that cologne more often.” She shrugs getting her notebook out for class.

“My cologne got you all worked up?” He quirks an eyebrow at her. 

“And your shirt.” She tries to hide her smile. He looks down and gives her a humored look. 

“Too tight for you?”

“Nope, it’s just right.” She confirms giggling. He nods and kisses her cheek as class starts. 


“Y/n! Shawn’s here.” Her mom calls out, time for her date. 

She is in black flowy dress. Her hair is in a ponytail, with her bangs pulled back. She is wearing a pair of strappy black sandles.

“Wow, you look amazing.” Shawn says taking in her appearance. She blushes and lets her eyes rake over his body. 

He’s in blue jeans and a black button up. He’s got his hair styled a up a bit and holds a single rose. 

“Awe baby did you get me a rose?” She asks smiling at him. He smiles as he nods, handing her the rose. “I love it, thank you.” She smiles, her mom offers to take it. 

“Wow.” Her mom says when she takes the rose.

“What?” Y/n asks.

“I remember when you guys were four. We were going to the park and Shawn picked you a bunch of flowers from the field. He handed them to you, but then wanted to run off and play, so I took your flowers so you could take his hand and run off. It’s just crazy to think I’m still doing that, 12 years later. He is still giving you flowers and I’m still taking them so you can take his hand and run off.” Her mom almost starts to tear up. 

“Awe Mom.” Y/n says hugging her mom. 

“You treat her right Shawn, thanks.” Her mom says looking at Shawn.

“Well Dad always told me when you love a girl you give her flowers.” He smiles at Y/n. She blushes and takes his hand. “I’ll have her home, well you know.” He waves at her mom. 

“Have fun.” She calls as they walk to his Jeep.

“Where are we going?” Y/n asks as he helps her in the Jeep.

“That my dear is a surprise.” He smirks at her. 

“Can I have a kiss?” She asks, now that their alone, she can finally act on her feelings.

“Come here.” He laughs leaning in to kiss her. “God you look so good.” He shakes his head walking to his side of the car. 

The car ride is full of laughs and giggles. Shawn sings along to the radio, changing lyrics to match them to Y/n. He holds her hand as he drives to the destination. 

“Shawn? Where are you taking me?” She asks looking around.

“Just trust me babe.” He looks over at her. She nods and smiles at him. He kisses her hand and smiles, she’s gonna love his surprise. 

He parked a few blocks away from the arena. 

“We gotta walk a little bit.” He says getting out. She gets out and meets him as he walks to her.

“I was gonna get your door.” He mumbles. She laughs and wraps her hands around his bicep. 

“Can you tell me where were going yet?” She asks. 

“No, but were almost there.” He says with a smile. 

They walk the few blocks and Y/n starts to notice the huge crowd of people they are walking too. 

“Shawn?” She asks looking at him. He continues guiding her to crowd.

“Nick Jonas Tickets are sold out bro, sorry.” A security guard says approaching Shawn and Y/n. 

“No problem.” Shawn smiles. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out two tickets. Y/n almost faints. The guard nods and waves Shawn through. They stop in line behind a huge group of girls. 

“Shawn?” Y/n asks, at a loss for words.

“Surprise?” He asks smiling at her.

“Oh my god. I love you so much.” She cheers jumping on him, embracing him. He wraps his arms around her and holds her. 

“Babe you’re shaking.” He says as he set her down.

“Sorry I’m just really excited.” 

“It’s okay. But date night isn’t so bad now is it?” He asks smirking.

“It was never bad, this is just amazing.” She says looking around.

“Good.” He says as the line starts moving.


The concert is over and Y/n is holding onto Shawn’s arm as they walk back to his Jeep.

“Well how was your first concert?” He asked looking at her.

“It was amazing. Thank you so much for getting me tickets.” She says stopping him, he looks at her. 

“No problem baby.” He smiles, she clutches his arm and pulls him a bit closer.

She’s been thinking about this a lot lately. She has never felt this way about anyone, and she doesn’t plan on feeling this way for anyone else. She wants to be his, completely, and she wants him to be hers, completely. 

“Shawn.” She looks at him, her eyes full of emotion. 


“I love you.” 

“I love you too.” 

“How much longer till I have to go home?” She asks looking around.

“Um, I told your mom that show should be over at like 12 but it’s only 10 so we could probably swing 2 hours safely.” He says catching her gaze again.

“Who’s at home?” She asks him.

“No one, Mom, Dad, and Aaliyah are out of town still. Why?”

“Can we go there?” She asks.

“Yeah, of course.” Shawn says confused. He walks her to his Jeep and drives her to his house. 

The car ride involves lots of staring, smiling, touching, and ‘I love yous’. 

He walks in after her and closes the door. 

“No one is gonna come home?” She asks stopping in the hallway. He has her hand in his and she’s pulling her with him.

“No, I’m home alone.” He says nodding. She starts to pull him upstairs to his bedroom. 

“What are you doing?” He asks before she kisses him. He doesn’t argue, kisses her back, and enjoys being her in arms. 

The kiss is feverish, like shes desperate. 

He pushes her up against the wall and holds her close. 

“What are you doing?” He asks out of breath as she starts to unbutton his shirt.

“I want you.” She says looking up at him.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to pressure you.” He looks away. 

“No Shawn,” She grabs his chin and makes him look at her. “I want you, I want this.” She smiles. He nods and connects their lips again. 


They are laying in his bed, looking at each other. 

“You are so pretty.” He says playing with her hair. She blushes and shakes her head. “I love you so much, it’s insane.” He confesses kissing her shoulder.

“I love you.” She smiles at him.  

“I need to buy you more concert tickets, if that’s the thanks I get.” He jokes pulling her closer. She scoffs and pushes his shoulder.

“Shut up.” She laughs. He buries his head into her shoulder and kisses her neck lightly. She looks over his shoulder and notices that she has to be home in 15 minutes.

“Shawn, we have to get up. I have to go home.” She sighs. He holds her tighter.

“No!” He pouts. She laughs.

“Shawn.” She says as he looks at her.

“Can we just lay for 5 more minutes. Can you just lay in my arms. Be mine.” He asks with his big puppy dog eyes.

Blue Winter Roses

Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s love started the war, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s love will end it. Spoilers for season 7.

Pairings; Rhaegar Targaryen/Lyanna Stark; Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen

Blue Winter Roses

“A blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice, filling the air with sweetness.”

Rhaegar Targaryen was the fiercest warrior in all of Westeros. The son of the “mad king” Aerys Targaryen II and the beautiful Rhaella. Rhaegar was the crowned prince of Dragonstone and the heir to the iron throne, set to take over the mighty House Targaryen when his father succeeded the throne to him. He was said to be one of the most beautiful men in all the realm with flowing silver hair, a body like one of the gods, and violet eyes. Rhaegar had a special talent that was one of his most admired traits. He loved to sing. The bards would sing songs of just how beautiful his voice was. Rhaegar was never one for the song of swords like his rivals Robert Baratheon and Jaimie Lannister. He always preferred his golden harp to the cold silver steel of his sword.

Rhaegar would often visit Summerhall and bring only his harp. His songs were said to reduce women to tears. He was desired by all the Dornish and Westorsi princesses. Rhaegar had chosen his bride to be Elia Martell, the beautiful Dornish princess. They had a lavish wedding and she birthed him two children, Rhaenys and Aegon. Rhaegar believed Aegon to be the prince that was promised, born to make the world a better place. Elia had grown bed-riden due to the demanding births of her children. She was told she couldn’t have anymore children due to the harsh births of Aegon and Rhaenys. All the more, Rhaegar had kept his vow to his Dornish wife. That is until the tourney at Harrenhall.

Rhaegar had succeeded tremendously at the tourney, even beating Ser Arthur Dayne. He had won the opportunity to crown the queen of love and beauty. A beautiful crown made of blue winter roses. The whole crowd has expected him to name the princess his queen. After all, she was the future queen of Westoros. Rhaegar gave his crown of winter roses to another, Lyanna Stark, Robert Baratheon’s betrothed.

Lyanna Stark was beautiful, although her beauty was thought to be of a wild kind. Lyanna didn’t share the features of Elia Martell. She had long raven hair, a thin frame, and eyes of grey. She was a noble and righteous woman, but wild at heart. She was born to the broody Stark family of Winterfell. She loved her brothers Brandon, Benjen, and Ned with a fierce loyalty. Lyanna was betrothed to Robert Baratheon, as her father Rickard had promised her to the young lord of Storm’s end. Lyanna had confided in Ned that Robert wasn’t one to keep his marriage bed vows.

Lyanna had come to the tourney at Harrenhal and noticed three men kicking a boy no younger than 15. The boy was Howland Reed who happen to be employed by her father. Lyanna saved the boy and cleaned up his wounds. Lyanna was a kind soul at heart. Howland Reed would always remember that women who saved him from the squires. Lyannna had attended a feast and saw the crown prince Rhaegar Targaryen play a beautiful and sad song on his harp. It made her weep. Rhaegar later crowned her the queen of love and beauty placing a crown of blue winter roses on her lap.

If the rumors were to be believed, Lyanna was kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen with the help of Ser Arthur Dayne and Ser Oswell Whent. Many tales have been told about the wolf girl and the dragon prince. If they were to believe Robert Baratheon, Lyanna was taken against her will and raped by Rhaegar Targaryen. If they were to believe others, Lyanna went of her own free will with the handsome prince. Tales of songs and stories never to be forgotten some would say. Only the truth remained for those who were there.

The real truth behind Rhaegar and Lyanna’s story was simple. A true love story. Although the rumors told of a grim tale of the two star crossed lovers, the reality was far from it. Lyanna had willingly gone with her prince to Dorne. Against the advice and pleading of her brothers and family, Lyanna had unwittingly caused a War in the Seven Kingdoms that would last years. Much like Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships. Rhaegar abandoning his duty to wife Elia Martell, and Lyanna abandoning her duty to betrothed Robert.

Rhaegar had his marriage to Elia annulled. A secret hidden away in the lost pages of the citadel. Until a man named Samwell Tarly came upon them years later, but that’s a tale for another time. He and Lyanna married in a forest wedding deep in the woods of Dorne. Lyanna had looked truly radiant in a deep blue violet gown, flowing raven hair, and a bouquet of winter blue roses. Rhaegar looking like the Targaryen he was in full red and black armor with three dragon heads on the crest. They had recited their undying love for each other in the woods on the that moonlit night.

The tales tell of the love that started the war, or as many know Robert’s rebellion. Robert seething with jealousy and wrath at Rhaegar for taking the one women he couldn’t have. He became obsessed with the wolf princess, even as he took Cersei Lannister as a bride. Cersei knew he never truly loved her, but Cersei had a secret of her own. She was fucking her twin brother, Jaime. Although that’s a tale for another time as well. This Jaime Lannister, also known as Kingslayer, had slayed Rhaegar’s father “Mad King” Aerys Targaryen II. Aerys wanted to burn King’s Landing to ground with wildfire. They say Targaryens are born with the flip of coin due to the rampant incest in their lineage to keep their bloodline pure, one side is madness the other side greatness. Aerys had landed on madness. Rhaegar on greatness.

Although Rhaegar had greatness in him, his love was selfish. He chose love over duty and honor. He had foolishly and recklessly caused the marriage of three great houses to collapse. One with a mad king, one with a jealous fat cunt, and the other with wolf blood. This selfishness is what ultimately led to his death at the trident at the hands of Robert Baratheon. He had fought valiantly. Although Rhaegar had betrayed his marriage and family name, the people still loved him. He was brave, noble, and kind. Rhaegar was foolish though, blinded by love for a woman who smelled like winter roses. The fall of House Targaryen laid at his feet. Robert Baratheon crowned king of the seven kingdoms after the Kingslayer killed Aerys. Robert later betrayed by Cersei, and the Lannisters held the throne for years. Alas, the wheel continuing. “Starks,Lannisters, Baratheons, Targaryens, Tyrells, they are just spoke on a wheel. This one is on top that one is on top and on and on it spins.” It wouldn’t be until 20 years later that the wheel was finally broken.

Howland Reed, the young boy Lyanna saved from the squires, happened to be there that day Ned Stark brought a screaming baby boy from the Tower of Joy. A beautiful boy with grey eyes and dark hair. ”Promise me, Ned.” Lyanna begged of her brother to keep the boy a secret. If Robert knew of her child with the dragon prince, he would kill the boy. Ned had tried to urge Lyanna to keep fighting for her life, but a bed of blood claimed the light from her eyes. Ned would keep this promise till his death at the hands of the Lannisters on the block.

Ned had taken to name him Jon, and passed him off as his own. The boy Jon growing up to be Jon Snow, the bastard of Winterfell. Ned Stark had told his wife, Catelyn Tully, of the bastard boy fathered by him and a tavern wench and she had despised the boy his whole childhood. Ned loved Jon as if he was his own flesh and blood, although never revealing to Jon the truth although Jon begged him to tell him of his mother. Jon growing close with siblings Arya, Bran, Robb, and Rickon. Sansa Stark learning from her mother’s hate never treated the boy with kindness when he was a child. Ned had been summoned by Robert Baratheon to be his Hand. Ned took Sansa with him to the capital. Sansa always dreamed of marrying a young price. Catelyn had forbid Jon from Winterfell. Jon went North and took the black becoming a man in the Night’s Watch. He was to take no wife and have no children. Jon believing to be a bastard never thought he would find love as he had been looked down upon by Catelyn his whole life, never knowing a mother’s love. Little did Catelyn Tully know that boy would become King in the North, and command the very castle she forbid him from.

The King in the North was much like his father, but his looks took greatly after his mother. Jon was brave, noble, and kind. He was selfless and honest as well, a trait Rhaegar lacked greatly. Jon always assumed he gotten those qualities from his mother. Jon still baffled by the whole reveal of his lineage. He never truly thought of Rhaegar as his father. Ned Stark being the one who raised him from birth and taught him the morals of honor and integrity. He was never a Targaryen, he’d always be a Stark. Jon wish Ned would have told him of his mother, Lyanna. He had only heard tales from Howland Reed of how she saved him from the squires during the tourney at Harrenhal. Howland Reed told Jon as much in the tents outside of Greywater Watch during the War of the dead. So little time did he have to learn of his mother. Jon knew she loved blue winter roses and he somehow came upon them when the war ended at the remnants of the wall. He would always pick them for his wife after she had told him of her prophecy so long ago in the House of the Undying. “A blue flower growing from a chink in a wall of ice, filling the air with sweetness.”

Jon’s wife, Daenerys Targaryen, was the most beautiful women in the world. Long silver blonde hair and violet eyes like her brother Rhaegar. Daenerys was the very embodiment of house Targaryen, she favoring with the side of the coin that held greatness. Daenerys was strong, fierce, compassionate, and selfless. She had committed her dragons and armies to the war of the dead after rescuing Jon from his foolish attempt at trying to capture a wight to show Cersei Lannister the threat. She had lost one of her children that day, Viseron, named after her madman brother Viserys Targaryen. Jon had nearly lost his life that day after falling into a frozen lake. He will never forget the awe he had when Dany rode her three dragons into the battle against the army of the dead beyond the wall. She had saved all of them that day. When he awoke from his state of unconsciousness to her sitting at his bedside, Jon knew he had found the love he had been craving since he was a boy.

Jon had been in love once before, he thought. Circumstances and deception at play when he met the wilding Ygritte. She had been kissed by fire with a head full of bright red hair. Wild, bold, and fierce she worked her way into Jon’s heart without him knowing it. Jon knowing fully well the deception he was doing for his brothers, as he pretended to deceive the Night’s watch. He broke every vow he had with Ygritte that night in the cave. He only ending up leaving her, while she put three arrows in him. Funny how fate has a way of being cruel to him, as his wilding girl died in his arms with an arrow to the heart. Knowing the love he holds for Dany now, his love for Ygritte was a foolish youthful obsession and lust. He always had a place in his heart for Ygritte, but he had felt he didn’t love her out choice only out of sheer and dire circumstances.

His love for Dany grew out of choice, although the timing couldn’t have been worse. They were first at odds when he came to Dragonstone seeking help for the war against the dead. He furiously demanding her help and alliance, she furiously demanding he bend the knee to her cause. Daenerys was the rightful and last heir to the throne and Targaryen dynasty she thought at the time. The war for the throne still ongoing years after Rhaegar and Lyanna had died. Cersei Lannister the crowned queen of three, not seven, kingdoms Dany would always joke as Dany had alliances with Highgarden, Dorne, and the Iron Islands. Jon had grown to respect and admire Dany after he saw what kind of leader she would be. Still unwilling to bend the knee to, she let him mine the precious dragonglass under Dragonstone.

Jon, unaware of his blood at the time, even had the courage to pet one of her dragons. Dany teases him that he accepted them as his children that day even though he didn’t know it. Jon only truly realized his love for Dany when she sat at his beside and pledged herself to his cause while asking for nothing in return. He eventually bent the knee, although Dany never took the Northern title from him after the war ended. Jon’s love for Dany ran more deeply than even he could process. She had been afraid at first to accept his love and show her love in return. They were at war, and there was no time for such things. Selfless they were always putting their duty and their people before their own desires. Dany ending her war with Cersei Lannister to fight with the dead, Jon nearly giving his life fighting the Night king beyond the wall.

The difference between his love for Dany, and his father’s love for his mother was that his father was selfish. Rhaegar didn’t think of the consequences of running off with his mother. Blinded by pure love his father started a war that killed him and his mother. Lyanna no better herself as she left her family and brothers behind. He didn’t blame them for their selfishness, if he had the choice to do the same with Dany he may would have in different circumstances. Jon didn’t have that choice as Ned Stark had fashioned him for duty and honor. The War for the dead loomed upon them when they met, and the Night King wouldn’t wait.

Although Jon was different from his father in many ways, he was somewhat the same. He held a fierce, true love for Dany bound by an unwitting, stubborn honor for his pride and morals, and sometimes it made him think unrationally. When the war for the dead had ended, and Dany and Cersei battled with what armies they had left, Jon found out his true lineage from Bran and Sam. He was shocked to say the least. His whole life seemingly a lie now. Jon was no Targaryen. Dany had been thrilled when she had found out. “Blood of my blood.” she said to him as tears of joy streamed down her face. Jon wasn’t having much joy. He and Dany were related by blood. Dany being his father’s sister. Jon was at a standstill, Dany was the love of his life but his upbringing had taught him incest to be immorally wrong. His Stark values getting the best of him, he told Dany it better to not be together.

Furious and heartbroken, Dany took off on Drogon to go burn King’s Landing and take what was rightfully hers. The dragon blood of the Targaryen running through her veins, Dany was venomous towards Jon. How could something they could do nothing about tear them apart? He was a coward, just like his father. Rhaegar abandoning his house to run off with Lyanna Stark and starting a war, and Jon being the stubbon Stark he was ending any hope she had for a future with him and a house with a red door. So different father and son, yet so the same. Dany was no fool. She would never be like Lyanna Stark and foolishly hope for love and run away from her path. Dany would forget about Jon, and take what was rightfully hers. How had she strayed for so long from her goal? The war of the dead being a rightful purpose, but now that she had defeated the Night King with fire and blood why had she waited so long? Just like her brother, blinded by foolish love. Jon had torn down her walls and she felt as if she could finally be the girl she was again. She loved him like she had loved no other. How could he abandon her after all they had been through? Dany cried as Drogon flew towards the mad queen’s keep. Dany hadn’t wanted the throne after the war was over. She would defeat Cersei of course, but she had wanted to marry Jon and live in Winterfell. How desire can make people do such foolish things. Rhaegar was killed for it. Lyanna as well. Dany would not be.

It took Dany two days to burn King’s landing to the ground. Drogon spewing fire on the city below. Luckily most of the residents fleeing south to Dorne during the war of the dead. Jamie Lannister eventually slaying the mad queen with his own hands. King’s Landing lie in ash. Dany had become the queen she had never wanted to be. The queen of ashes. Most of her armies gone, Daenerys stood in the rubble of the Red Keep with her hand Tyrion at her side. What would Rhaegar think of her now? He always the valiant fighter and noble prince. He would never use dragons to burn the world.

Too enthralled in her fury when leaving Winterfell, Dany had forgotten Rhaegal was behind in Winterfell. Choosing to stay with his rider Jon. Dany seethed at the thought of one of her children staying behind. As much as Dany wanted to hate Jon with all her veins, she couldn’t. He was only doing what he thought was right. How could she blame him for choosing honor over love? His honor one of the qualities she loved him most for. Dany thought of Lyanna Stark. Dany may be more like the wolf princess than she thought. Jon had taken greatly after her. Daenerys had hopelessly followed Jon until the ends of the earth when the Night King arrived. Long forgotten her duty to the crown. Lady Lyanna had followed her brother to ends of the earth, not thinking of the consequences. Hadn’t Dany done the same? Risked her life for the one she loved. She had nearly lost it when following Jon by herself when he charged at the Night King. Only to be protected by an injured Drogon’s fire when a walker almost toppled her over into the frozen ice lake. Tears streamed down her face as she stared at the ash of the Red Keep. She didn’t want the crown anymore, all she wanted was him.

It took Jon two days to realize how stupid he had been. He always chose honor and duty over love. This time it had cost him the one thing he only ever chose for himself. Truth be told, Jon didn’t care about the blood relation. He had never known Dany growing up, and they got together without even knowing of the relation. He loved her, and he had broken her because of his own foolish pride. As little as he thought of his father, they did have one thing in common. A desire to be with the one they loved. His father risking everything to be with Lyanna. What had Jon risked for Dany? She had given him everything to defeat the night king. She had given him her word, her body, and her heart. She never strayed from her promises. Jon broke her trust at the first sign of misfortune. Jon raced to his dragon, named after his father, Rhaegal and flew for King’s Landing.

It took him a day’s ride to get there. Plumes of smoke rising from the city. Rhaegal sensed where his mother and brother dragon were. It didn’t take the dragon long to land on the ground right by them. He saw her there staring at the burned down Red Keep with her back to him. The Imp noticing him first with a hard stare. He made his way over to his queen. He knew she could sense him behind her and she tensed.

She looked at him with heartbreak and sadness behind her violet eyes. What had he done?

Dany felt his presence when Drogon screamed for his brother. Had he come to mock her for rushing off furiously to defeat Cersei? No that wasn’t Jon. He had come to say goodbye. Tears sprang in her eyes. This was it. She would accept his decision because she loved him. Even if he didn’t want to be with her, she would still respect his choice. She still needed to clean up the mess from the wars and she needed his help to unite the people.

To her surprise, Jon had tears in his eyes when she looked at him. They just stared at each other and she began to understand. He hadn’t come here to say goodbye, he had come back for her. They had always said their emotions through their eyes. He had grabbed her and pulled her into a tight embrace and whispered deep apologies to her and told her how much he loved her. Dany melted in his arms. She told him that the world needed them to help make it a better place. She couldn’t do it alone, she needed him to help her. Together. They flew on dragon back to Winterfell the same night.

Like time repeating itself Jon and Daenerys got married in the moonlight under the godswood, just as Rhaegar and Lyanna married under a beautiful tree in the forest in Dorne. Jon wore grey and white armor with the stark direwolf on the crest. Dany wore a dress of black and red with flowing braids in her silver hair, and she carried a bouquet of blue winter roses.

Dany and Jon later ascended their claim to the throne to Tyrion Lannister as Warden of the Seven Kingdoms. A democracy with each Kingdom choosing their own leader. Jon had named his sister Sansa head of the North, and Gendry Baratheon warden of Storm’s end. Daenerys gave the Iron Islands to their rightful owner Yara Greyjoy, Highgarden to Bronn (he had always wanted a castle), and Casterly rock to Jaime Lannister. Tyrion diplomatically bringing peace and diplomacy for years to come.

Spring had finally come for Westeros, the wars coming to end. Peace and prosperity raining until their deaths. The love that had started the wars long forgotten in song. The love that ended the wars sung to all the children in the land.

Rumors were told of the great love story of the dragon queen and the wolf prince. Some say they ended up traveling to Essos and disappearing from the world, and some say they ruled secretly with Tyrion Lannister the whole time. Only the people who were there knew the truth.

Lyanna Targaryen told her children the tale of two star crossed lovers who ran away together and married in a forest. Their love had started a war for decades.

Lyanna Targaryen also told her children a tale of two star crossed lovers who raised her in a house with a red door and lemon tree growing outside in small village outside of Winterfell. Their love had ended that war.

Peg’s Flowers (Laurens x Reader)

Words: 2100+


Warnings: None, just fluff my dudes

A/N: i wrote this in a hour so im hope it’s halfway decent, enjoy! and i havent wrote any soulmates so i hope i did this right??

“Well, you’re pretty beautiful.”

Those were the words on your skin. Those were the words that your soulmate would say to you. Overall, it was quite uncommon to see soul mates together. Most people gave up on the idea, marrying someone other than their soulmate. But you, on the other hand, were determined to find them, whomever they may be. But every time you looked at those words, you worried that you would never find them. That you would never experience seeing and hearing your soulmate for the first time.

And it was killing you.

You worked at a flower shop, across the street from an office building. Some days, you would encounter customers whom worked in that building. A lot of them told you about their jobs, some more than others. As you were unlocking the door to the shop, your boss, Peggy Schuyler, sneaked up behind you.

“Y/N! Why are you coming in so early?” She asked, perky as always. You smiled at her, unlocking the door. You held open the door for her, and she bounced in with you.

“There’s a big order for flowers that came in yesterday. I just have to make sure everything is ready for the delivery.” She nodded, sitting on top of the counter. You rolled your eyes at her, smiling softly.

Peggy was the most energetic boss you’ve ever had. She didn’t seem to be too concerned about sales or anything that seemed too troubling to her. She always called you her boss, saying that this place would not run without you. You didn’t mind, since being around flowers all day was pleasant. As you cleaned up the shop, she grabbed a flower, sniffing it.

“You know, Y/N, you’re amazing. You keep up with this stuff more than I do.” She winked at you, helping you fix up the shop. The hours in the shop were short, opening at 7am and closing at 2 in the afternoon. Honestly, this was the best job you’ve ever had. And she paid you more than what you needed. You even told her that she gave you too much, but she shook her head at you, saying that you were her best employee.

Oh, by the way, you were the only employee.

“Did you go and see your boyfriend yesterday? You were talking about how excited you were to see the movie.” You said, fixing a display. You grabbed the order form, and began filling it. She nodded, giggling.

“Herc brought me to a restaurant afterwards. He’s so sweet.” She has a dreamlike gaze in her eyes, and you smiled at her, feeling a small emotion called jealously full your heart.

Peggy was one of the lucky ones. She bumped into her soulmate on the way to her shop. She almost dropped flowers that she was carrying, but Herc helped her, asking if she was alright. And that’s how they knew. It was a love story unlike any other; they were complete opposites, she was all smiles and laughter, and he was loud and sorry to say, obnoxious. But the look on her eyes when they were together told you that they were meant to be.

“When you get married, you better invite me.” You teased, winking at her. She blushed, putting her face in her hands.

“I’m so nervous, Y/N. What if Mull doesn’t want to marry me? What if this whole thing is a dream and I’m actually a single, lonely Peggy.”

“Trust me, this is real, Peg. And I could tell he’s ready to be with you forever. Did you forget that you were soulmate? You’re meant to be, And the universe picked for the two of you to be together. Don’t worry about it.” She beamed at you, running to the back of the store. You noticed her trip over her feet, but she caught herself, continuing to run to the back.

She’s an interesting woman.

The bell pinged, indicating a customer walking in. You glanced up, seeing a man with straight brown hair walking in. He wore a dark green suit, looking around the shop. You greeted him. “Good morning, sir. How can I help you?” He looked at you, his brown eyes meeting yours. He gave you a warm smile.

“Oh. Hi. I’m just looking for lilies. My wife is kind of stressed, since we have four kids at home. I wanted to give her something to remind her that I love her. And her favorite flower is lilies.” You nodded, guiding him to the white lilies. He smelled the flower, then looked at you. “Do you ever smell anything but plant when you sniff flowers?” You laughed.

“Actually sir, I do. Yes, they do smell like plants. But certain ones have a sweet plant smell that I just love. But yes, plant smell.” He chuckled.

“Can I get two dozen of these?” You raised your eyebrow, and he shrugged. “She’s the love of my life, so there’s no limit for her. Have you met your-“ He glanced at the black tattoo on your arm, and stopped talking. “Sorry.”

“No biggie.” You replied, smiling.

The people who have met their soulmate have their tattoos faded into a light red, still permanently on their skin. You already knew he was telling about his, since you noticed the color peeking out of his sleeve. He smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck.

You took two dozen lilies off the shelf, and as you were packing them, you told him how to care for them properly. You heard Peggy come out of the back, her grin widening when she saw the man. “Alexander!” She squealed, running into his arms. The man, you now knew as Alexander, widened his eyes, and pulled her into his arms.

“Peggy! How are you?”

“I’m well. I thought you knew this was my flower shop? Didn’t Eliza tell you?” He shook his head.

“Eliza told me you owned one, but I didn’t know which. I should have noticed, since it does say Peg’s Flowers.” He joked. She laughed, then glanced at you.

“Oh! This is Y/N, Alex. She’s the manager and my only employee. She pretty much runs this place, I just do the accounting.” She smiled, and Alex held out his hand. You took it, and shook his once. “Without her, I think nothing would get done.”

“Well then, thank you for dealing with Peggy.” He said smiling at you. You shook your head.

“Peggy’s the best boss I’ve had. I’m sure I should be the one thanking her.” As they talked, you packed the flowers, making sure that everything was okay. After you were finished, Alex handed you cash, in which Peggy quickly took away. You raised your eyebrow. “Peggy, that’s two dozen.”

“Anything for my brother-in-law. But if you come back, Alex, you’ll have to pay.” He laughed, shaking his head.

“I’ll pay now. I have no problem with doing so Pegs.”

She refused to let him pay, ushering him out the shop. Once she went into the back, Alexander quickly came back in, handing you the money. You thanked him, giving him the change. He waved bye to you, running out into the day. You continued to fill the big order, finishing just in time for the customer to come in.

You looked up again, seeing a group of men walk in. One was taller than the rest, his curly hair pulled back into a bun. Lafayette.  As he was speaking to his friends, you noticed a distinct accent. There was another almost as tall, wearing a light gray hat and was bulky. Hercules. The shortest one, had a freckled face, his wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail. This was one you didn’t know, so you kept your eye on him. They all wore suits, so you assumed that they were coming from the office building just across the street.

“Good morning, love.” Lafayette said, winking at you. He already found his soulmate as well, the red bright on is dark skin.

“Good morning to you!” You said, smiling. “How can I help you?” You asked.

“We ordered flowers yesterday, for a proposal.” He said. “Well, it’s not mine, it’s this fellow right here.” He pointed at Herc, and Herc winked at you. You rolled your eyes.

Why would you but flowers for your future fiancée at her own shop? “Nice job, Herc. That’s the smartest idea you’ve ever had.” He frowned.

“You know, Y/N, I feel like I sense some sarcasm in your voice. How dare you treat me this rudely.” He crossed his arms in mock anger. You stuck your tongue at him, taking the flowers out of the back. You heard the smaller one talking to the others, and you heard your name in the conversation. You walked back with the flowers, frowning.

“You know, it’s rude to speak about someone when they’re not in the room.” You said to the freckled man, which then, his smile grew, looking at you. His eyes twinkled, and you wondered what his problem was.

“Well, you’re pretty beautiful.”

You almost dropped the flowers in your hand, looking at him. He smiled, showing the words on his forearm. You looked at it, seeing the words that you just said glowing on his. You looked down at your, seeing the words glowing as well. “You’re my soulmate.” You whispered. He smiled, helping you with the flowers in your hands. Your fingers brushed against one another’s, and you felt that spark that people talked about.

“And you’re my soulmate. Nice to meet you, I’m John Laurens.” He placed the flowers in his friend’s hands, holding out his to you. You touched his, feeling the warmth going up your arm. “Wow, so this is how it feels, to finally be with the one.” You noticed that his arm was shaking, probably from his nerves. You didn’t blame him, you were still shocked as well.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N. Nice to meet you as well.” You replied, smiling shyly at him. You didn’t know why you were so nervous, since he was the person you were supposed to be with for the rest of your days. You heard a laugh from Herc, his grin almost cracking his face.

“Wow, Laurens and Y/N? I should have guessed this before.” You sighed, your hand still in Laurens’s. You took it out, unwillingly. He laughed, touching the back of his neck.

“Do you want to go somewhere?” He asked, “I mean, after work. Do you want to get some coffee?” You nodded.

“I would love that, but I’m paying.” You replied, and he shook his head.

“No, you’re not, I am.”

“Are we having our first argument already, John?” You said, joking in your voice. He laughed, it now becoming the most beautiful melody you’ve ever heard. Lafayette and Herc coughed.

“This is how it feels to be a third wheel? Wow, now I know what Laurens has been talking about,” Herc mumbled, his frown becoming wider once he saw Peggy running out of the back. She jumped in his arms (that’s seems to be her usual greeting), and kissed his lips. Lafayette looked at the flowers in his hand, then back at Laurens and you. You quickly took the flowers away from him, placing it back on the counter.

“Babe!” She squealed as Herc put kisses all over her face. After a couple of seconds of this, you sighed. Laurens looked at you, a warm gleam in his eyes.

“That’ll be us soon enough.” He said, and you blushed. He placed his hand in yours, rubbing it softly. Peggy was finally out of Herc’s arms, and looked at the two of you together. Her eyes widened at the contact, and she leaped happily.

“You and Laurens? I should have guessed!” You smiled at the same phrase that Herc just said, come out of her mouth. She pulled the two of you into a group hug, kissing both of your cheeks. You laughed at her excitement as she pulled away.

“Go and get some coffee! Get anything! I’ll be here to watch the shop, don’t worry. Wait, you know what, take the next few days off. That’ll give you a chance to know each other more!” She said happily, looking at the two of you.

She really was the best boss you’ve ever had.

“Are you sure, Peggy? I don’t want to leave you alone here.” She shook her head, pushing you out the door with Laurens. After she left you two outside, Laurens looked down at you.

“Coffee or Brunch?” He asked, entwining his fingers with yours. You felt a swell of emotion, looking at him. His freckles shined in the morning light, and you hoped soon that you’d be able to memorize how many he actually had.

His smile was contagious, making you break into a grin as well. You bit your lip, looking out into the street.


gladioli | yoongi

genre: floof
warnings: language??? thats abt it
word count: 2.8k

a/n: this is sooooo long overdue, but i’d gotten a request from one of my cutest most wonderful friends to write this forever ago, and finally got to do it! u know who u are nd ily

The sound of a bell twinkling drew your attention from the bouquet of flowers to the door, watching as a customer walked in. You smiled bright in greeting, your hello returned only with a small nod and a cast glance. The man, you saw, was clearly deep in thought and unwilling to be drawn out of it, so you decided to give him his space and admire him from afar. Bleach blond hair fell into his eyes as he stood there, staring at the white gladiolus flowers, and you sighed softly to yourself. You had noticed during your time working here that people seemed to be drawn the flowers that described their situation, ones that they could apply to themselves. You’d find a cheerful man picking up gardenias for his lover, a message of secret love communicated by the flowers without the customer even realizing it. A woman would walk in and sorrowfully grab a bouquet of purple hyacinths for her significant other as an apology, unaware that the flower meant just that. It was something interesting you’d noticed time and time again and, while not always accurate, it was certainly something that you were curious about. 

That’s why your interest was peaked when the man, a handsome one at that, gently rubbed the petal of the gladiolus in his hand, clearly taken by their beauty. The flower symbolized strength, but also infatuation — receiving even one meant that you had pierced the heart of whoever had given it. The man gingerly picked up three, eyeing them, before continuing to look around the store. You watched curiously as he softly stepped towards the baby pink balsam flowers, also known as Touch Me Nots, and picked up another three. He had communicated not only infatuation but ardent love as well through six flowers, and you watched. If only someone loved you as much as he loved the recipient of this bouquet. 

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normal problems

[read on ao3 / read on]

Emma can’t sleep.

She’s tucked up against Killian in their usual tangle of limbs, listening to the steady sound of his breathing. The house is quiet, without even the usual creaks and groans of the boards settling to distract her; outside, the faint breeze is barely enough to stir the branches of the trees she can see through the window. It should be peaceful- it is peaceful- but the ball of anxiety in her stomach only tightens, because what if-?

“Emma,” Killian says softly, his voice bringing her out of her reverie, “what is it?”

“I thought you were asleep.” Tipping her head up, she meets his gaze, unable to keep a smile from tugging at her lips as he smothers a yawn.

“If you were thinking any louder, the neighbors would be coming over to complain,” he says dryly, pressing a kiss to the crown of her head. “What’s wrong?”

She sighs, toying with the neck of his shirt. “You’re not going to like it.”

“Out with it, Swan.”

“It’s…well.” Shifting slightly, she props her chin on his chest, letting her arm slide low around his waist. “It’s the wedding.”

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American Ways - Sirius Black x Reader

Request : @claireisreallynotonfire  hello my dear!!! could you do a sirius x reader where the reader is a transfer from ilvermorny in like the 6th year and immediately hits it off with the marauders. and sirius is infatuated with her, always calling her pet names, flirting, hugging, and touching and stuff. and reader just thinks it’s a joke but one day sirius gets mad bc she’s not taking him seriously ( lol pun ) and they end up together bc i really need some fluff with a teaspoon of angst. thanks love
Warnings: My English? Language (always lol). Late night, crappy writing.  The image isn’t mine. Credits to its original owner. Also, I am so sorry for making you wait this long but the new semester has already taken a toll on me. 
Word Count: 1848
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It was one thing being the new student but it was completely another thing being the center of attention. It felt weird and… you kind of felt like you were an exhibit when people would stare or point at you. Yeah, okay, maybe you were the ‘American girl’ and yes, you had an accent and blah blah, but you hoped that after a day or two, they would leave you alone. You were being bombarded with questions about Ilvermorny, about your country, about the male population and so on. Well, that happened until four boys had walked on you and literally grabbed your arms and dragged you all the way to the Gryffindor common room. You were about to protest when you realized that they were doing you a favor. You had grown tired of answering the same questions and being looked at… strangely. So, you never really complained. When they finally let go, you just smiled and greeted them.
“Hello, boys. Thanks for the rescue” you simply said. They didn’t expect that-far from it, actually.
That’s when you became a ‘gang’ as you named it. They were punks and jerks but they were amazing people and really funny. You had no idea why you hit it off so fast but it felt natural. James was the love-struck one, with his hazel eyes and his messy black hair. Lily-pad, Lily-flower and so on, the poor girl must suffer from those awful nicknames. Remus was the ‘dad’; he was a bit more mature and poised but you could see the mischief in his soft caramel eyes. Peter was the little guy, blushing and being quieter than the others, but he was a Marauder after all. And then, it was Sirius. That guy didn’t know how to talk to a girl without flirting with her. His gray eyes would roam the girl’s body, he would be touchy as fuck when he wanted something, he would use cheesy pickup lines and he would always find a reason to pull off his shirt. He had a nice body, yes, you weren’t blind… you could see it. But it was ridiculous how many times he pulled that damn shirt off. In the brief week, you knew them, it must have been ten times already-and the week wasn’t over yet.  

It was official. Sirius Black was the biggest flirt you had ever known. The guy would flirt with you without hesitation, he would call you names, be touchy even clingy. And today was no exception.
You were able to stroll around the castle without getting lost like the first weeks. After all, it was almost Christmas. You had to admit that Hogwarts was breathtaking covered in snow. Everything seemed so magical, so serene and so otherworldly. Ilvermorny might held your mind- your friends were there, your ex-boyfriend, your beloved teachers- but Hogwarts stole your heart. You had made more friends than you could believe. Lily was a Muggle-born, as they called them, but she was the brightest witch of her age and uncommonly kind. That last trait seemed to vanish every time James was around, though. She had admitted that she liked him a lot but she could never agree on a date if he was going to ask her three or more times a day. It was infuriating. You had helped James a lot and for that he was grateful. You had told him to leave her be for a while. It was tough for him and you couldn’t help but chuckle every time he opened his mouth only to close it again and walk away. Lily thought it was strange but she missed his crazy ways-and that’s when you played cupid and informed James. And they had the most romantic date ever. Not thanks to him but thanks to you and strangely enough, Sirius. He could be romantic when he wanted to. But that was a very rare sight to witness.
Remus was probably the one you were closest with. He was so kind and sweet but he could be cocky and sarcastic that he could out throne Sirius himself. You had put two and two together relatively easy but you didn’t care. If anything, you wanted to help him in any way you could but you were going to let him tell you, whenever he felt like he could trust you enough to do so. You were in the Great Hall, eating breakfast-well, you were drinking a cappuccino(Dumbledore’s courtesy)- with Remus while you were waiting for the other three troublemakers to appear. It was a cold, breezy morning, but it felt so refreshing you didn’t mind wearing two jumpers. It was just a day before the full moon and he was worn out already but he had his nose stuck in a book, nevertheless. You placed a chocolate bar in front of him and he caught the action as he looked worriedly at you.
“Eat. You’ll feel better, Moony” you said, emphasizing his nickname. He was smart and he got it immediately. A relaxed smile was plastered onto his lips as he understood that you weren’t going to go anywhere.
“Hello, beautiful” a silky voice greeted you. You didn’t really want to admit it but you were smitten. You truly liked him. You liked his steely gray eyes, his aristocratic features, his tousled dark, long locks, his toned torso and his delicate hands. But most importantly, you liked the real him. Not the flirtatious, cocky jerk but the one you had the pleasure of meeting one very cold and lonely night. You couldn’t sleep and you were sitting by the common room’s fireplace. That night you had seen the real Sirius. The one behind the façade and the masks. The one who suffered the effects of insomnia because of his past, the one who was always too scared that he would lose his friends. That Sirius spoke to your heart. And you found yourself falling… hard.
“Hello, handsome” you greeted back with a playful smile. That was just his thing. He would flirt with you but you never thought he meant it. Like, how could he? You had accepted the fact that you didn’t really stand a chance with him. He was out of your league. He could have any girl he wanted and of course, you weren’t one of them. He just played with you-not in a bad way, but still. It was just a game. You couldn’t resist, though. You had to play as well.
He sat next to you, his hand resting on your knee and his mouth forming a devilish smirk. He kept his eyes fixed on you until you felt uncomfortable.
“You’re staring” you commented, hoping that he will stop playing the damn game.
“I’m gazing” he retorted nonchalantly, as he drew patterns with his fingers on your thigh. He had to stop.
“It’s creepy” you tried to sound stern but you failed miserably. You smiled and shrugged it off as he whispered under his breath, something you couldn’t possibly believe you had heard correctly.
“It’s romantic”. Yeah, you had probably heard wrong.

You continued ignoring him and his flirty ways for a couple of hours. You had to give it to him. He had upped his game. Today, he was extra touchy, extra flirty, extra huggy, extra clingy, extra…
You tried to make it to your next class in time, he had to carry your books. You tried to eat lunch, he had to pile up your plate. You had forgotten your quill, he had to give you his. Somebody tried to flirt with you, he had to smack your bum- that was the final hit.
You were alone in the common room, as it was already after midnight, trying to study. James had fallen asleep holding Lily, Peter was all cuddly with Mary and Remus… well, Remus was actually studying. But you didn’t miss the side looks he was giving you.  
When that guy had come up and told you that you looked very beautiful in that jumper, all hell had broken loose. Sirius marked you- yes, he did- as his when you weren’t and you didn’t even have a chance. Once the guy left and you were among friends, you snapped at him and scowled him, waking up the sleepy heads.
“How thick can you get?” you questioned angrily but from the looks of it, he was a bit angrier. He stood up abruptly, while the rest of your friends were trying to pretend that they didn’t exist.
“How thick can I get? How dense can you be?” he spat at you, his silver eyes twinkling with madness and… desperation?
“You know what? Screw it! I don’t want to play your little games anymore, I am so done. I don’t like that you are making a fool out of me every time you are all flirty when you don’t mean it in the first place” you practically screamed at him. His cheeks were red with anger and his pupils dilatated.
“You are crazy! You are insane if you think I just flirt with you so I can play. You are delusional if you believe that I am not absolutely infatuated with you and your American ways. You are just stupid if you think that I am playing. I am so fucking in love with you and it scares the shit out of me because I have never- EVER- fallen in love before and I have no idea how to deal with all those damn butterflies- YES, you gave me butterflies, and my stomach flips every time I see you and I-”
You grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close, crashing your lips to his with force. He finally shut it. His hands were wrapped around your waist immediately as he deepened the kiss, biting your bottom lip hard, demanding permission to explore your mouth. Exactly before a moan could escape your mouth, people were fake coughing to make you realize that you weren’t alone. You pulled apart but he didn’t let go.
“So, you like my American ways?” you asked softly as you made eye contact with him. He smiled brightly yet seductively and he kissed your cheek.
“I do. You know what else I like? Your sweet American ass” he said loud enough for everyone to hear, as his hands slipped down to your bum.  James laughed but Lily called him a perv. You just blushed but you couldn’t really believe that you had kissed him and that he had never played with you. He was being honest and he was showing you all the affection in the world. You had to make it up to him.
“Maybe we can continue in my dorm?” he suggested, wiggling his eyebrows cheekily, making you chuckle at his childish action, when three, big, fat, loud no’s were heard. You turned and witnessed three frightened faces looking at you with utter terror.
You found yourself laughing along with Sirius and Lily.
Yes, Hogwarts had stolen your heart for sure. And you couldn’t love it more

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Evermore Reprise (headcanon/ mini-fanfic)

So I have been musing amongst the land of Beauty and the Beast Headcanons in my brain (specifically Belle and Adam as parents posted here) While I am still contemplating whether or not to dive into writing a full on fanfic, this little scene where Adam holds his little girl for the first time just begged to be written. Enjoy! 

The first few rays of dawn had begun to spill into the west wing. It was the first official day of spring. Somewhere in the garden a lone songbird was trilling their cheerful melody. Adam sighed, taking in the moment. His beloved Belle lay against his shoulder, exhausted, their newborn baby girl in her arms. 

“Isn’t she beautiful, Adam?” Belle murmured. 

Adam gently kissed Belles head. “Just like her mother.”

 There were wisps of chestnut hair crowning her tiny head, her little lips exactly like Belle’s. But the eyes that stared back at him were identical to his own. She had his eyes. His mother’s eyes. It was almost too surreal to comprehend. 

“Little Amélie Rose.” He breathed, examining her tiny fingers.

“You’re sure you like the name?” Belle asked, glancing up at him.

“Of course! It is perfect. Just like our little girl. Amélie for my mother. Rose for yours. I still find it charming that that is why you love the flower so much, by the way.” Adam teased.

Belle smiled weakly. “Well I’m glad you like it.” She yawned. “I just wanted to be sure because after today we are not changing it.”

Adam laughed “It was a rose that brought you into my life, my darling. Because of that I can forgive the flower for the part it played in the enchantress’s curse.”

Belle nodded sleepily. “I think I need to sleep now, my dear. Would you hold her?”

“Are you sure? She’s so tiny…”

“You’ll be fine.” Belle assured, positioning the baby in his arms. “There you are sweetheart. Come see your papa.”

Adam could feel a tear well in his eyes as Belle spoke the words. Papa. He was a Papa. “She really is incredible, isn’t she?” he breathed.

Belle mumbled an agreement but was already half asleep. Smiling Adam got up from the bed and carried his little girl over to a chair near the balcony where he could watch the sunrise. He looked down at the precious girl in his arms.  Amélie Rose. His daughter. As the golden streaks of dawn filled the sky, he quietly sang…

“I was the one who had it all
A second chance to change my fate
I had all I needed in my life
now this new life awaits…

I’ll try to chase away the pain
So close your eyes ‘cause I’m right here
As you steal into my ever-growing heart
It all becomes so clear

Now I know I’ll never leave you
Even as you grow someday
I will still protect you, calm you, teach you,
love you, come what may

Livening these ivory towers
dancing through that open door
Just call my name, I’ll walk right in
And be with you for evermore

I marvel at these gifts of love
I watch the fading of the night
Though I know you’ll fly so far beyond what I can teach
I’m never far from sight

Now I know I’ll never leave you
As my old life fades from view
You will now inspire me, be a part of
Everything I do

Livening these ivory towers
dancing through that open door
Just call my name, I’ll walk right in
And as this bright new life begins
I’ll see you through it, lose or win
With you here for evermore…”

Flowers for my Girl - an Everlark drabble

Originally posted by warlockmagnsbane

My very talented and lovely friends @thegirlfromoverthepond and @litlifelover joined me in another drabble challenge. 

We assigned ourselves ‘flowers’ for the topic, 1,500 words max. This is what I came up with.  Rated G.

(Thanks to @peetabreadgirl for eyeballing my words)

Edited to add: Find their drabbles here: Flowers and here: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

He takes entirely too long at the airport flower shop, moving from bouquet to bouquet, looking for the right one. Though Peeta Mellark isn’t usually indecisive, he wants the flowers to be perfect. He wants everything to be perfect, for her. It’s a special day, after all. It’s not every day you get to meet the girl of your dreams for the first time.

And he’s been waiting so very long for this day.

The florist grins as he wraps the stems in paper. “Special lady?” he asks, and Peeta can’t resist pulling out his phone to show the older man the picture she’d texted him last night. “She’s a beauty,” he says, and Peeta nods. He’s already memorized every pixel of the photo, traced every curve and line with his eyes. Thick, jet-black hair, smooth olive-tinted skin, plush lips puckered in just a hint of a pout. She’s the most gorgeous thing Peeta has ever seen. He’s absolutely head over heels in love with her, and they haven’t even met in person yet.

But today is finally the day.

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