love in an apocalypse

Carl’s thin and lovely fingers are curled around Negan’s hand, his head pressed to his shoulder, when suddenly grinning he jolts upright, says:

“Let’s get—fuckin’ married.

Negan’s mouth twitches. “We’re already there, remember?” he says, and flexes his hand.

Carl exhales like Negan’s the one being perpetually difficult and knocks his head against his shoulder. “No, like—like again. Like we could just—we could go get married like right now. Again.”

Negan makes a show of looking at the clock on their bedside table with pointedly raised eyebrows. “It’s almost three in the morning, sweetheart—”

Carl’s lower lip comes out. The pretty pink line of it a little bruised at the edges from Negan’s own teeth; he cannot help reaching up to run his thumb across it. Carl looking up at him through his eyelashes is very seductive and amused, a wry little grin tugging at the mouth as he bites gently at the pad of Negan’s thumb before pulling away:

Here, Neegs. Like, at the house. Like, in our kitchen. Or whatever.”

It’s the most Negan’s heard Carl use the word ‘like’ in a string of sentences. It shouldn’t be as endearing as it is; when the kids at school do it Negan wants desperately to go find the English teacher and bash her brains in but Carl with his voice rough from Negan’s dick and his hair a mess and his face flushed and his thighs still shaking a little and a spot of come on his chest just makes it sound—fuck. Hot. Like he does everything.

“Okay, kid,” Negan hears himself saying. “Let’s get married in our damn kitchen.”

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…actually, it’s nightcrawler, but my real name is kurt wagner.

Listen I love the X-Men movies and all but just a thought: maybe you wouldn’t have such a hard time trying to shove everyone’s character development and backstories into one ensemble film (and subsequently cutting important characters out of the majority of said film) if you gave someone other than fucking Wolverine a solo movie.

-You’re the one to disarm me-

“I’ll kiss you in a way
You’ll never forget about me.”

pencil on paper

So yeah, this drawing was on my desk unfinished for weeks and I didn’t even want to finish. It still doesn’t feel finished but I felt like throwing it in here anyway. 

listened to: The Pretty Reckless / Halestorm

Edit: Removed -Fear The Walking Dead- tag like from all my Elyza drawings for poor Anon who felt bothered by it. I didn’t mean to bother anyone. *shrugs* Pleasure.

Peter Maximoff and Kurt Wagner: Why They’d be CUTE AS HELL Together

Ok, ok, I realize it’s a rarepair.  But hear me out.

  • Kurt’s teleportation is a really good counter to Peter’s speed.  Like, Peter can go as fast as he wants but Kurt’s just gonna be gone before he gets there.  They would have epic games of tag.  New students would watch in slightly concerned awe, especially when Peter manages to grab Kurt’s tail just before he teleports to the roof.  Charles is impressed because Kurt’s teleporting reflexes have never been better and someone Peter is managing to go even faster???
  • Kurt’s first introduction to American music was some earsplitting metal that Scott was listening to while working on his motorcycle and having an Angstfest.  Peter reassures him that there is much better music out there and they spend a whole day just going through Peter’s collection of records and tapes.
  • They watch soccer together.  Kurt’s way more into it than Peter (Alles für Deutschland!  Alles für Deutschland!) but Peter enjoys rooting for the opposing and/or losing team just to bug Kurt.  They both shit all over England, much to Charles’ disappointment.
  • Peter, rebel that he is, goes up to Canada to steal contraband Kinder Eggs for Kurt because a) it’s Kurt’s favorite candy and b) it’s a chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside how cool is that what asshole made these illegal in America.
  • Look they’d just be really cute ok.
  • Also
  • We could call the ship nightsilver