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Look at the surprise my friend @djfatchip​ did for me for my non-Shepard oc! Seriously, I’m still screaming about it! She commissioned the wonderful artist @choco-minto​ to do an art of my oc Gustav Bertrand in chibi version. He looks so cute! I just loved it

I really don’t have words to describe how much it means to me. I was screaming and I can’t stop looking at it. Seriously, you are a rare gem in this world and I’m honored that I met you and your wonderful ocs and that I can call you a best friend Those are gifts that life bring to me and I will always hold it close to my heart! You are amazing and you deserve all the happiness and best things in this world! I also thank the wonderful artist for accepting this commission and bring my beloved character into life in a wonderful, beautiful and adorable way! I love your art style and I can’t stop looking at it! So thank you both for this amazing surprise, I don’t have words enough to thank!

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I fell for namjoon so hard... I wasn't super into BTS yet but had always liked him, then one day I was scrolling through tumblr minding my own business and I found this gif of him feeding a girl a grape (from the boy in luv mv from AHL?) and was like "WHO IS THAT??" annnnd the more I learned about him the more I loved him

How dare you make me look up this gif.

(I’m Jimin)

tell me about the moment you fell for your bias!

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You could make an army of all of the thicc sky drawings you got.

I could!!!

btw, can I just praise you guys for a moment??

I love the fact that I can post something about myself and you guys would love it, for example all these thicc drawings, all my life I have felt like my body wasn’t good enough for anyone, and I tried everything to slim myself down for people

years later here I am, I have people drooling over the fact that I have thicc legs, I love how all of you don’t care what I look like [which is a good thing]

You guys will praise me for having this body type, or you guys will tell me I’m cute when I post a picture of myself

and that helps my self esteem a lot!!

I just want to say thank you for all the support I’ve been getting with all my thicc/face stuff

Kisumi x chubby reader | You are stunning.

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You and Kisumi were supposed to go on a date today but you were feeling down, it wasn’t because you were feeling sick you weren’t very fond of how you looked. Kisumi absolutely loves how you look and your personality and he does try to give confident boasters too which makes you feel good but today you were thinking the worse. You stood infront of your mirror you saw your tummy, big arms, thick thighs and those tiger strips of yours. You hear a knock on the door, you grab your robe and go head for the door. You swung the door open to see the one and only Kisumi looking cute for you, he gave a small smile, “y/n why aren’t you dressed?” You felt yourself tearing up and he automatically knew what was wrong. Tears had fell down your face and you wanted to know why you have this feeling. Kisumi had engulfed you into his arms, you weren’t sobbing. No in fact you were so quiet. “Y/n don’t cry, I know you get frustrated but you are the most beautiful, stunning, gorgeous woman I had ever met. You make me proud to be your boyfriend and that is a great feeling. Please don’t cry baby, your stunning.” With that Kisumi had kissed your forehead and you had held onto him. You know he’s right, you know that you are stunning queen, you know it’s ok to have a body like this. You gripped onto his shirt and pulled him into sweet/soft kiss, oh how he makes you feel incredible. | I hope this was good💖Norah

happy birthday to this lil munchkin! minseok ah, i hope you’ll be showered with blessings and love because you deserve it ♡ it’s absolutely amazing how you still look like you’re 20 years old when you’re actually 27 lmao i love your baby face ;u; honestly, i love everything about you. you’re so stunning yet humble and so freaking talented in so many ways ♡ thank you for being a part of your fans’ lives minseok, we love you :)

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Random but concerning your search to look at all the Ryder's, what if we used default Sara/Scott ? Would you accept that lol. I personally love how the defaults look c':

I don’t mind reblogging default Sara/Scott (I’m playing default Scott right now), as long as it’s not spoilerish but the otherryders thing is mostly for custom Ryder so I might not use that tag

Also I love how you framed the question, as if I’m “accepting” Ryders :D 
I just asked for specific links so I wouldn’t be spoiled ;)


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