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Do you think Historia is in love with Ymir?

How do you know that what Historia feels for Ymir is romantic love and not just platonic love.

How can you tell that Historia isn’t just emotionally attached to Ymir? What makes you believe that she’s in love with Ymir?

I hope you guys don’t mind (see me giving you any choice in the matter), but for obvious reasons, it seemed simplest to answer these three together.

Yes, I think Historia is in love with Ymir.

It’s common knowledge that Ymir is in love with Historia.

Ignoring official profiles, she’s constantly by her side; she protects her to the point of sacrificing her own life; she’s jealous when someone else has more of her attention; she gets flashback panels of her smiling. Not to mention the hysterics that come about at the thought of never seeing her again.

As Reiner puts it, “She found someone she valued more than herself. Someone so dear that she’d jump into a swarm of Titans for her.

The thing is, all of the above is true for both of them.

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