love how he just gives up :')

no but you know what i love? michael’s guitars and how used they look like here

like luke always has those brand new guitars and calum’s TWLOHA bass is from like three years ago but still looks like new but michael’s two guitars are so old and used and there’s something really punk rock about the way he just leaves it be okay i love michael

Courfeyrac had, in fact, that animation of youth which may be called the beauté du diable of the mind. Later on, this disappears like the playfulness of the kitten, and all this grace ends, with the bourgeois, on two legs, and with the tomcat, on four paws. The others gave more light, he shed more warmth; the truth is, that he possessed all the qualities of a centre, roundness and radiance.

Les Misérables


I will not leave you by yourself.
I’m sure that is the reason I was granted this eternity of time.

As much as I love the idea of Sherlock and Molly having a big fancy wedding with hundreds of guests and a honeymoon on a private island that Sherlock was given as payment for a case, I also can’t imagine either of them wanting that kind of attention on them all day. My alternate idea for their wedding is when they’ve been together for a few years - Molly is 6 months pregnant when Sherlock puts his newspaper down and asks if she wants to get married. Out of the blue, but it’s not like they’re not ready to commit to each other. 

The main problem is that it’s a week before Christmas, and they won’t have the time to plan a wedding when the baby arrives… so they hatch a plan. They invite their family and closest friends - 15 people in total - to Baker Street on Christmas eve, with a dress code of ‘semi-formal’. The women are sent to the living room of 221B, while the men meet Sherlock in Mrs Hudson’s flat, and it soon becomes clear that it’s not a normal Christmas party. After the situation is explained, there’s a rush to get Molly’s hair done and her dress on, while Sherlock gets the generic ‘how to be a good husband’ speech from his father, John, Greg, Mycroft, and Molly’s younger brother. Mycroft calls in a favour and the groomsmen make their way to the nearest registry office in a fleet of black cars, followed by the bridal party. 

After the ceremony, they all go back to Baker Street, where Mrs Hudson and Mrs Holmes put on a slapdash wedding breakfast - including a Christmas pudding that Sherlock and Molly burn the brandy off (using a blowtorch) to a round of applause from their guests. The wedding party lasts until 9pm, when Sherlock’s parents kiss him and Molly goodbye for the 5th time, drag Mycroft from the chair he’s dozing in, and leave the newlyweds alone to celebrate with their first dance.


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I would give him anything. I would do anything. I'd be anything to 
make him happy.

As much as I like fics about Eggsy moving into Harry’s house and transforming himself into Harry’s ghost, I love the idea of Eggsy stripping away that armor, even with Harry gone. This is Eggsy Unwin we’re talking about. Harry—the love of his life—is not coming back, and Eggsy’s suffered so many terrible things in his life that are beyond what an average twenty-something has gone through. But Eggsy doesn’t give up. He keeps living, even if that life isn’t perfect.

I love the idea of Eggsy waking up each day, then slowly getting used to his new life, befriending his fellow knights who respect and begin to like him for who he truly is, strengthening his connections with Roxy and Merlin and his family, being able to be there for his mum and sister the way he wasn’t fully able to before Kingsman, and learning to love what Harry loved about him. It’s not the posh accent or the parted hair or the fancy suit that makes the man; it’s the man underneath all that glitz and glamor.

Eggsy doesn’t think he can live or cope with V-Day coming up, and dreads the anniversary with all his heart. He begins withdrawing, begins retreating back in Harry’s house, and begins to take the more dangerous missions. But his friends and family notice. Roxy takes him out, and they spend many a time and many an illegal amount of Kingsman resources to travel and have fun and spar and burn through their Netflix queues. Merlin periodically checks up on Eggsy and secretly arranges for meals and treats and tea to be delivered to Eggsy after missions and at home. Percival sits down to lunch with Eggsy and talks to him about small things (and later, big things, like James). The other agents keep him busy with gadgets and sparring and stories. His mum invites him over whenever he can and cooks him dinner, while Daisy gives him as many hugs and cheerful babbling a about her new school. Even his old mates, Jamal and Ryan, offer him a pick-me-up at the Black Prince—which is free of Dean and his goons since Eggsy’s little stunt—and pakouring all over the East End.

V-Day is as terrible as Eggsy thinks. He cries. He goes through a lot of the liquor cabinet. He hears stories on the radio and telly and people about everyone who they’d lost. He has nightmares of Harry being shot, Eggsy shooting him, Harry coming back and dying in his arms. He pulls on Harry’s suit and looks at the newspapers on the wall and goes over everything that day, trying to see if he could have fixed it.

But V-Day passes. He and Roxy save the world again. They fly out to America to complete the mission, then come back home safely.

Life goes on.

It’s not ideal. It’s not perfect. But Eggsy eventually combs his hair the way he likes it, speaks in his natural accent, and doesn’t always adhere to Kingsman standards of manners. He packs away Harry’s newspapers and starts his own headlines. He starts putting up his own pictures and knick-knacks from his missions in the house. He begins treating himself not like a guest, but as a permanent resident. Eggsy doesn’t completely purge the house of Harry—for example, Mr. Pickle stays—but it’s definitely his. And if Eggsy holds onto the robe and carefully brings it out from underneath the folded clothes in the bottom drawer on bad days, no one but him needs to know.

He will always love Harry. He will always miss him. But Eggsy will go on to propose his own recruits, make more friends, defeat more villains, lose a few more loved ones, get his heart broken, and fall in love again.

Eggsy does what Harry proposed him for: to live a better life than he’s known.

And that’s exactly what he does.

What about a really calm confession? 

Harry and Eggsy going for a walk, and Harry sits him down and says, “Eggsy, I have romantic feelings for you. I want you to know that I have no agenda or expectations, and if you don’t feel the same way, I will still respect and cherish your friendship. You don’t have to answer me either, but if you would be willing to think on it, and consider whether or not you might ever be able to return my feelings, I would appreciate it.” 

Then he’d smile and resume their walk. 

at which point eggsy would trip over himself and yell what the fuck of course im into you what?!!

Hopefully it’s some BDSIII pre/production news!