love his stupid smile

Find a woman who smiles at you the way Bianca Grieve smiles at Janet King.

Find a woman who will watch over you the way Janet King watches over Bianca Grieve

•how he laughs at stories or jokes I tell him, when even I know they aren’t funny but he does it to make me feel better
•when he knows that something is wrong in my head, even when I say that I’m fine
•Whenever were laying there and he brushes the hair out of my eyes
•No silence is ever awkward with him, I cherish those moment the most with him
•Being stopped at a red light and he will quickly sneak a kiss in before the light turns
•He begins to tell me how beautiful my eyes are, because he knows that’s something I can’t change about myself whether I like them or not
•He doesn’t boast about me alot on social media, because not everyone needs to know all about us
•Holding his hand while he drives and how he will rub his thumb slowly on the side of my hand
•Falling asleep on his chest while he rubs my back feels like it’s the safest place on this damn planet
• Feeling like time doesn’t exist when I’m with him, and time stops, but in reality hours feel like minutes
•Whenever were just laying there and he starts to tickle me because not everything needs to be serious all the time, and loving him is better than any movie could dipict
—  Ten reasons I’m absolutely crazy about him

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Harry is the kind of boyfriend to pester his girlfriend while she is doing work and focusing really hard and he'd poke her side and whisper her name in her ear to get her attention and be super annoying until she responds with "hARRY WHAT" and he'll just say "I love you" with a big stupid smile on his face

PLEASE and he loves annoying you and being a little shit because he’s in love with the way you roll your eyes and giggle at him


fred: he’s my boyfriend, so i’m going to say…his biceps, his hips, his abs… ;) just kidding. i love that he’s always trying to keep the rest of us safe, i love that he’s a total momma’s boy (he and mrs. jones bake together like, all the time), i love all his stupid ‘ghostbusting gadgets’ and i love his smile.

velma: v is the ultimate cinnamon roll, literally the sweetest girl i know. i love that she’s so smart, i love that she puts up with me no matter what. i love that she can sing, i love how she lights up when she talks about something she’s a huge nerd for. she’s my bestie. i adore her.

shaggy: he’s such a goofball, i just love that he can make me smile no matter how scary a situation gets. i love that he always shares everything he has, i love that he’s an animal lover, i even love his stupid goatee, even though i keep trying to recommend my stylist.

scooby: where would we even be without scooby-doo? i used to think i was more of a…chihuahua girl ‘til scooby. he’s kinda gross sometimes, but he’s the sweetest dog ever, and even though he has no respect for a girl’s hairdo, i wouldn’t trade him for anything.

- d. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

Shin Hoseok is worth more than just his abs
Do not love him for his abs

Love him for his dedication to being an idol
Love him for his love of his parents and family
Love him for his love of his fans
Love him for his caring nature towards his younger members
Love him for his respect toward the leader
Love him for his loud and happy laugh
Love him for the stupid smile he gets on his face when he finds out someone biases him
Love him for his cute ears that poke out if his hair
Love him for his nose even if you think it’s “weirdly shaped”
Love him for his clumsy habits
Love him for his love of ramen noodles
Love him for the fact that his ideal type is another member just because he makes good noodles
Love him for his unique voice
Love him for his tattoos
Love him for his butt (lets be honest)
Love him for his cute little hands
Love him for his kinda small head
Love him for his hard work put into performing
Love him for the countless hours he spent working on his singing
Love him for his acceptance of everyone and everything
Love him for his humble nature
Love him for his everything

If you’re gonna love his body, make sure that’s not the only thing you love.

Do not help Hoseok think he’s worth nothing unless he has a nice body by being part of the problem
Help Hoseok gain confidence in himself as a person and himself as an idol
Help Hoseok realize he’s an amazing dancer, singer and idol in general

Do. Not. Stan. Wonho. For. His. Body. Or. His. Looks.

She met a boy who she loves more than music, cats, plants, coffee, & poetry.
She met a boy 2000 miles away. She fell in love with him. She fell in love with his laugh. His smile, voice, stupid stories, oceanic blue eyes. She fell in love with him despite the fact that miles of emotions & heartache are keeping them apart. He filled her thoughts. Consumed her pen
The pen used to write poetry. He’s like a weed. Except he’s so beautiful & amazing. So he’s more like a flower. A flower that has grown around her lungs & brain. Inch by inch making her poetry not so painful & heart wrenching. His roots have made their way around her pen causing her to write stupid love poems because she knows no other way to express herself. But he, the flower itself, has given her color, Life, Light, & happiness. — He is a Flower, She is in Love (via @your-favourite-poem-porn)

I’m going to say this right here, 

Italy was abused as a child 

There were no child laws at the time and Austria probably thought he was doing proper parenting but it was child abuse. 

Italy was hit, stepped on, locked in a dark room, and forbidden to eat anything.  

That’s child abuse. 

What’s more outstanding is how well they still get along in modern day because Italy never held grudges. But really, that abuse was right there, probably even there after Holy Rome left. 

Still a strong and happy character after that, I’m still appalled Italy is still mistaken for being dumb and useless. 

Like if you think about all he’s been through, with the abuse and the deaths of loved ones, his smiles aren’t stupid they’re actually very brave 

Dating Taehyung Would Include
  • always laughing at him because of the stupid thing he does.
  • you love his rectangular smile, and 4D personality that shines brightly off from him.
  • the members love you, and all of you easily get along as if you were were one of the guys.
  • Yoongi would get you to try and rap some new lyrics that popped into his head, while Jin would get you to eat his cooking.
  • he’d pull you away from the boys because he was going on tour soon and you guys won’t be able to see each other.
  • you guys would lay on the couch, Taehyung on top of you hugging you tightly.
  • you’d snuggle your head into the crook of his neck, taking in his natural scent.
  • before he left for the tour, he gave you a box and directed you to open it at home.
  • he gave you one last hug and kiss before he sent off, you waved goodbye to the boys and watched them walk to their terminals. 
  • once at home, you quickly set your things down and opened the box Tae had given you.
  • you gasped at the sight, it was a scrapbook of all of our pictures and memories which included us and the boys.
  • I smiled holding the scrapbook, and flipping through the pages it bought tears to your eyes at the sight of your adventures.
  • at that moment Tae would Facetime and ask why you were crying, you’d simply tell him because of the gift he gave you.
  • he smiled sheepishly before telling you he loves you, and being cockblocked by the boys.
  • when his tour was over, he attacked you with his kisses and his rectangle smile.
  • he’d tell you i missed you jagiya. and you’d cringe, with electricity running thorough your whole body. 

if you want me to describe what dating (person) is like just ask! c:

A Special Night [Ask cont.]

Dipper watches her when she moved from him, a stupid smile on his face. God, he loved her. He watches as the kids seem to blink in surprise from their mom’s kisses. When she leaves, he watches the door for a moment before pulling out a small black box from his jacket pocket. He was in love, but also pretty damn nervous. He sighs, glancing to the boys.

“Let’s hope she says yes, yeah?” He walks over to the triplets with a smile, and they all look at him, though one lets out a sharp cry, before chewing on his hand. Dipper snickers.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Mabel hurries in with a huge grin, knowing exactly what this night was about. “Hey Quinn! Wow, you look amazing. I love your hair.” The female twin grins widely. “Triplets are with Dip, I take it?” She inquires, already heading towards the bedroom.


What’s with you and the black wigs?

Only Lovers Left Alive interview at TIFF 2013