love his stupid smile

James Potter accidentally shifting into Animagus shape when someone gives him a scare, and the first night Harry starts screaming in the middle of the night Lily isn’t sure if she’s still dreaming when she sees a distressed deer jumping against the bedroom door


I rewatched this scene like 30 times and I thought I should redraw it and so here we are

•how he laughs at stories or jokes I tell him, when even I know they aren’t funny but he does it to make me feel better
•when he knows that something is wrong in my head, even when I say that I’m fine
•Whenever were laying there and he brushes the hair out of my eyes
•No silence is ever awkward with him, I cherish those moment the most with him
•Being stopped at a red light and he will quickly sneak a kiss in before the light turns
•He begins to tell me how beautiful my eyes are, because he knows that’s something I can’t change about myself whether I like them or not
•He doesn’t boast about me alot on social media, because not everyone needs to know all about us
•Holding his hand while he drives and how he will rub his thumb slowly on the side of my hand
•Falling asleep on his chest while he rubs my back feels like it’s the safest place on this damn planet
• Feeling like time doesn’t exist when I’m with him, and time stops, but in reality hours feel like minutes
•Whenever were just laying there and he starts to tickle me because not everything needs to be serious all the time, and loving him is better than any movie could dipict
—  Ten reasons I’m absolutely crazy about him
i love the way he always sticks his tongue out after he gets tongue tied and i love how he always talks to himself and then starts laughing and i love how he doesn’t care about what other people think and i love when he starts talking about something and he just stops and laughs and i love how whenever he talks about something bad he always ends with so uh yeahh with a nervous laugh and i love when he looks at me like i put all the stars in the sky and i love how he always tells people to be careful and i love that he sleeps without a shirt on and i love that he always grabs me when i’m about to fall and i love how he calls all of his friends buddies and i love how he always holds the door open and i love how you never know what’s going through his head and i love how he sleeps with his hand behind his head and i love the way he sticks his tongue out just a little bit in pictures and i love his cute little smile when he laughs at something stupid and i love his goofy smile and i love that he drinks tea and i love how he acts when he gets hyper and i love the kind of stuff he finds funny and i love his smirk and i love how he cares about everything and everyone and i love that he doesn’t want to hurt me and i love that he cares about what he looks like and i love how he laughs and i love that he puts up with my rambling and i love how he messes with people and i love how tough he is and i love that he is so selfless
—  yet it still wasn’t enough

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Just discovered your blog, so if this was already asked my bad! Can you do MTMTE bots (your choice) telling their human s/o "I love you" and mean it for the first time scenario? Like what are they doing that makes them say it, do they just blurt it out, do they mumble it under their breath, or do they run for the hills cause they're so embarrassed haha thanks!

I really only do one bot for a scenario (ficlet) I hope you like Whirl ^3^

           The good thing about the Lost Light’s medbay is that it’s not like the hospitals on earth. Not that it’s particularly pleasant, but it doesn’t have the same stale scent and harsh lighting that sets you on edge.

           You go to scratch your arm and groan when you hit your cast. This itch is going to bother you all day. ‘Well,’ you think. ‘At least I wasn’t killed.’

           You very well almost were. While the thought of space pirates may be cool in theory, they’re significantly less cool to deal with. You don’t remember much now with the pain medicine clogging your brain, but you remember the terror you felt as you were told to hide. You remember the excruciating pain of being knocked aside by a hand twice as large as you. And… You remember Whirl; his garbled shouts, the hellfire that burned in his optics as he blew your assailant into a mangled mess.

           After that, you don’t remember anything.

           There’s a crash outside the curtain around your medberth. You heart jumps- are the pirates back?- but then there’s Whirl’s voice over the shuffling of pedes and Ratchet’s gruff allowance of five minutes.

           Whirl pokes his head through the curtain. You pat the space next to you, giving a small smile, and he plops down on the berth. He looks you sternly up and down, lingering on the bump on your head and your broken arm. Squirming, you wonder if this is what it would feel like to be under Perceptor’s microscope.

           “Hey,” says Whirl.

           “Hey,” you return, then add hastily. “Thank you… for saving me.”

           “I…” His optics shutters as he trails off. It focuses on you, then anywhere but you, and then zeroes in on you again. Slooooowly, he moves a claw to your face, gently holding it against your cheek but not pressing.

           You lean into his touch.

           “I love you,” Whirl says. “Isn’t that stupid?”

           You smile. “You know what else is stupid? I love you, too.”

24 Hours with Suga [ Min Yoongi ]

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From the prompt: 

“I thought you didn’t like cats?”

“Way to go, kid.”

“Stop looking at me like that, weirdo.”

A.N : Let me know what you think! Not really proof-read to there may be some mistakes  


Yoongi scrunched up his nose as he stared down at the black fluff in front of him, his girlfriend standing across the room with her arms crossed, eyes daring him to make a stupid comment on her newly adopted cat. He glanced up at [Y/N], lips pressed into a thin line as he forced himself to smile instead of coming up with unnecessary remark.

“A black cat.”

“What’s its name?” Taehyun sat up from the couch. The rest of their friends paused the game on the TV screen and focused their attention on the small commotion behind them.

“His name is Suga.” [Y/N] proudly beamed, earning loud snickers from the boys. “Well, he reminds me of you.” She shrugged her shoulder when Yoongi sent her a glare.

“He does, hyung.” Jimin nodded his head in agreement, grinning in amusement while the older male grumbled quietly.

“I have to go meet a client and won’t be back until tomorrow, so can you guys please look after him? I have his food and all his stuff in my car.” She explained in a hurry. “I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t that urgent.” She added when she looked at her boyfriend’s displeased expression.

“Sure.” Namjoon easily agreed and moved on to approach the cat, stumbling a little in the process.

“Yeah, why not, noona.” Jungkook nodded. “We don’t have anything to do anyway.”

Yoongi didn’t have the heart to tell her no when he saw her bright eyes and felt her lips touched his. One day. It was just one day and he won’t have to deal with this… impostor anymore, he told himself as he walked her out of the house he shared with his best friends.

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Falling in love:

>At first he’s unsure what these feelings were, but didn’t want to ask the others and come across as a pussy
>Will be confused and just watch how the other guys act towards women
>He doesn’t have the best influence around. A lot of jeering.
>He’ll become quite vulgar towards you
>Probably be the type to do catcalling, though if you don’t respond too kindly, he’ll change gears. Would also be more in love than before.
>Likes to call you baby doll
>Will sit in his room and just silently scream into the void as he tries to figure out his emotions,
>Doesn’t understand why you aren’t his…yet
>He will wait until the two of you are alone before blurting out his feelings to you. Though it comes across harsh, they are sincere.
>If you accept his feelings and go out, he’s super pleased, but if you brush him off due to his previous advancements, he will get flustered and just storm off. 
>He would then become the sweetest thing towards you.


>He’ll do all within his power to make sure it’s known to the other that you are his.
>With him around, you will always be protected.
>If any of the others even glance at you wrong, there’s a chance the person might end up dead.
>Still calls you baby doll, but with a much more loving tone to it
>Might try to grope you when with the group. He has to prove a point.
>But when alone he’s very caring and tends to your needs. There’s no need to put up the facade when it’s just you.


Falling in love:

>won’t say a single word to you, just watches from afar
>might ask the other members about you, pretending it’s nothing but casual conversation and slight curiosity
>Reyes tends to roll his eyes a lot at McCree when you’re around. It’s obvious to him that the two of you have the hots for one another, but don’t know how to go about it.
>McCree would leave flowers for you with a “from your secret admirer” note and try to play it cool if you brought it up to him
>He would be less flirty than his usual self. With everyone. Feeling it wrong if he was leading others on while he was only pining for you
>Basically everyone at this point is tired of McCree that they get Reyes to give that boy a talking to. 
>The cowman will come up to you, face beet red, he’d be fumbling his words, and be laughing as he runs his fingers through his hair as he asks you out


>Now that he has you, there’s no holding him back.
>All the things he wanted to tell you before.
> Like how he loves your smile, your little laugh at his stupid jokes, and all the other small things that made him fall for you
>He’d be at your side for as long as possible, making Reyes frustrated when they had to leave for a mission, but McCree couldn’t leave before getting one last kiss from his sugar. And another……okay one more.
> The way you two flirt have made the entire team sick
>He’s 24/7 McSmitten with you

~Mod Tea

Luck Be A Lady

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Title: Luck Be A Lady

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

Word Count: 1,568

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I wrote this a long time ago. It was probably one of the first fics I’ve ever written. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

You stood in the elevator of NCIS, your headphones in your ears as you listened to music.  It made the commute to work less stressful and put you in a better mood.  You swayed your hips slightly in the elevator as you waited for the ding.  In a few seconds you heard the ding that lead you to the squad room floor.  Tony and McGee were already chatting away, Tony smiling when he saw you.

You walked up to both of the agents, “good morning McGee, and DiNozzo,” you said cheerfully, taking out one of your earbuds.

“What is our fellow Agent [Y/N] [Y/L/N] listening to this morning,” Tony asked, walking over to you and taking the earbud you had taken out.  He listened for a few seconds before his face lit up like a Christmas tree.  “No way,” he exclaimed.  “You listen to Sinatra?”

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He’s one and there is a smile when he speaks his first words and a hand that guides him when he takes his first steps. Neither belongs to his father.

He’s four and there’s an arm that catches him when he falls and an embrace that comforts him when his knees are bloody and tears are streaming down his cheeks. Still, neither of them is his father’s.

He’s ten and there are soft words and warm dinners for him when he returns from school, tired and a little bit hurt (because his classmates made fun of him again). It’s not his father who provides them.

He’s thirteen and there’s a needle stitching him up after his first hunt and a quiet “I’m proud of you, Sammy” whispered in the dark. His father is not there. His father is never there.

He’s fifteen and he’s so, so, so afraid, because he’s never kissed a girl and he doesn’t know what to do, but there’s a clever mouth that tells him, and a sure hand that shows him. His father doesn’t know anything.

He’s seventeen and his head is spinning, because he’s feeling things he isn’t supposed to feel, but he confesses anyway. There are fierce kisses and lingering touches to reward him and show him that he’s not the only one who’s lost. For the first time he’s grateful that his father isn’t there.

He’s twenty-one and he misses everything, even the bad things, but especially the good ones. There’s nothing there, nothing physical, just the memories and a distant voice on the telephone. His father can go fuck himself.

He’s twenty-two and he’s just lost the girl he wanted to marry, but he’s sitting shotgun in the most beautiful car in the world next to the most beautiful man he’s ever known, and in a way it’s more perfect than it has been for a long, long while. There are looks, and touches, still, and kisses, and there’s lovemaking (sometimes languid and slow and sometimes more like fighting), and he feels complete. They’re searching for their father, but somehow he doesn’t matter anymore.

He’s hopelessly, helplessly, forever in love with his brother, green eyes, crooked smiles, leather jacket and stupid jokes, whiskey and gun oil and an old, black car. His father will never know.

Dean’s version

I love Deadpool. J love Wade Wilson with all my heart. I love him. I love his pansexuality. I love his cute lil smile. I love his stupid freaking puns. I love his love for pancakes and for food in general. I love his tendency to want to help people. I love his humanity. I love him and the fact he’s trying so hard to be a good person. I love him for being so strong and working so hard to overcome so much. I love how he’s survived and how he’s managed to cope with so many things. I just…. I love Wade Wilson man.. he’s just…. *inhales*…. perfect

You Could Be My Woman

 Request: Can you do an imagine with bjorn lothbrok when he is protective with her when someone flirt with the reader and finally admit that he love her please

 Word count: 621

 You and Bjorn used to be good friends before he left Kattegat with his mother. When he finally came back, after years, he was no more than a stranger. Secretly you always loved him, and he never abandoned your thoughts, but now you’re angry. The reason for this fury you couldn’t tell.

 Unfortunately for you, Bjorn is more handsome than ever, completely different from the little boy you remember. He’s trying everything to get closer to you, but you rather keep your distance. He’s the first son of the great Ragnar Lothbrok, you don’t want to fall too hard for him just to suffer a heartbreak.

 Today, like usual, you walk fast past him, not even bothering to look his way. You’re out to meet a friend, who you’re helping with training.

 “(Y/N)!” Bjorn calls you, but you pretend you can’t hear him.

 Then you find Asmund, who stands on your way to the beach. He loves to annoy you, with that stupid smile on his face. Asmund is very strong and you know many women would die for him. But you’re different, you can’t stand the man.

 “Hello. Where are you going? ”

 “It’s not your business, Asmund.” You answer him and keep walking, rolling your eyes.

 “Is that Ragnar’s son who’s coming this way?”

 “Ignore him, ignore me. Just keep walking.” You would cut off his arm, but you don’t want any problems. You can see your friend from a distance, sitting on the sand.

 “Why don’t you stay away from her?” Bjorn’s voice makes you stop and turn around. He’s holding Asmund by the collar of his clothes, as the man tries to avoid being choked.

 “I just want to make her a proposal. I don’t think she’ll refuse me.”

 You were just about to curse Asmund when Bjorn punches his face, making him fall heavily on the wet ground.

 “If you think I’ll let you touch her then you’re even more idiot than I thought.”

 “Bjorn! What the hell is this? I can say no for myself. ” You throw your sword and shield on the ground, walking to Bjorn, angry as hell.

 “What? You want me to watch from a distance? ” He comes even closer to you, and you can feel his breath on your face.

 You can see in his eyes that he’s the same boy who left Kattegat years ago. And that childhood love is now completely different. Is stronger. But of course, you won’t tell him that.

 “Sweet Bjorn won’t let anyone flirt with his woman.” Asmund manages to get up, but gives up the argument and walks away, slowly.

 “I’m not his woman.”

 “But you could be.”

 “Excuse me?”

 “You could be my woman and I could be your man.” Bjorn stares at you with kind eyes. Is he for real? You try your best not to show that your hopes are getting higher.

 “You’re insane.” You turn around, ready to leave this nonsense and head to your training. But Bjorn pulls your arm, making you turn back to face him.

 “No, I’m not letting you go like that. I love you, and it’s time for you to know. ”

 “This is not fair! You can’t say these things when you don’t mean that. ” You whisper, not wanting anyone to hear you.

 “I mean it. I want you. And I know you love me otherwise you wouldn’t avoid me. ”

 “Fine, fine.” You surrender. His words making your heartbeat run faster. ”We’ll talk about this later.”

 ”Where?” Bjorn’s smile is the most beautiful thing in this world and you struggle to stop looking at him.

 “Right here, when I’m done training with my friend.”

 “I shall watch you train then.”

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What do you think would have happened if Gadreel and Gabriel ever met? Would they get along? 'cos Gabe seems to never care (openly) about anything while Gadreel cares way too much.

Gabriel loves his overgrown baby bro. He’d watch that kid work in the garden for hours, clapping whenever he created a new plant. Gabe would make sure that the sunlight hit Gadreel’s flowers juuust right, he’d even send in little rain clouds to water the plants when the pour little guy was too sleepy to finish (It was always heart warming to see the little tuckered out angel sleeping next to his flowers.)

He grew protective of the little gardener, even when little Gadreel grew to tower over him. Gabriel has a collection of flower crowns from Gadreel, every now and again he’ll revive the flowers so that he can wear the crown again.

Gabriel’s dislike of Lucifer started when he framed Gadreel, seeing that son of a bitch got his younger brother locked away was the worst day of his life.

As Gabriel wanted to protect Gadreel, Gadreel wanted to make Gabriel proud. It’s no secret that Chuck wasn’t the most involved father; he was always busy with the humans and Earth. But Gadreel was always content, because he had his doofy older brother around. He loved Gabriel’s stupid jokes, the smile on his face whenever Gadreel made a new flower, and the long conversations they’d have on their “angel radio” (A contraption Gabriel coined himself). Though Gadreel seems to take himself seriously, he always relaxed around gabriel. He could laugh and joke and do everything that brothers did. His favorite thing to do was try to spar with Gabriel, though his elder brother was always stronger (even when Gadreel grew taller)

Anyways they love each other bahaha

ask me shit about Gadreel