love his smile in this lol

Title: “How much champagne did you have?” (Stark! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter and the reader are the two youngest at Tony’s party, a party full of alcoholic beverages that youngsters shouldn’t drink. 

Word Count: 1750

Warnings: Underage Drinking don’t do it

A/N: I love Peter lol we all know this. I hope you enjoy this fun lil stark reader imagine! 

“Oh, thank God you’re here. My dad was just about to send me to run errands but he can’t possibly do that now that I have a guest,” you smiled as you ran to the elevator as the doors slid open and an anxious looking Peter stepped over the threshold. He smiled nervously at you while you grabbed his arm and looped yours through his, “Peter’s here!” you announced loudly, causing a pink blush to dust over his cheeks.

You smiled sheepishly, your own cheeks darkening in color when he looked at you. Your dad sighed once he caught sight of the two of you, clearing his throat loudly.

Even though he didn’t want you breathing next to a boy, he decided that you hanging around Peter was the best option, “Great, now you can have a buddy so you can keep an eye on each other. We need snacks, not the fancy kind. Here’s my card, Happy can drive you,” you groaned loudly as he placed his credit card into your hand, “Oh, come on, the sooner the two of you get back the sooner you can join the party and watch the game!” he smiled satisfactorily and buttoned his suit jacket before giving you a pat on the shoulder and joining the crowd.

“We’re on snack duty?” Peter asked with a slightly annoyed expression on his face. You gave a nod, stepping into the elevator with Happy, Peter on your heels.

You couldn’t help but feel bad about having to drag him along for a bunch of errands. All Peter wanted to do was impress Tony and prove to him that he could be a valuable asset to the team, and you weren’t sure snack duty was the best place to start, “Like Mary Poppins says; in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!” Peter laughed and shook his head at you, fixing his hair in the mirrored doors of the elevator before running after you.

The first place you stopped at was a total bust. They didn’t have any snacks, unless you wanted oyster crackers and ramen, of course. What they did have was hoards of paparazzi, one of the store clerks was acting rather suspicious on the phone and this was obviously why. You grabbed ahold of Peter’s hand and pulled him through the swarm to the next store, finally locating boxes of less-fancy snacks.

“We’re giving them a field day,” you commented, looking over at the flashing cameras from outside. First you and Peter holding hands, now you and Peter shopping together. You couldn’t wait to see how they turned this around.

Peter nodded in agreement, his face a shade of green as he took your hand nervously, leading the way through the swarm and back to the car, “I can see it now; Baby Stark steps out for errands with new teen on the scene, Peter Parker. If that’s the title you owe me five bucks,” Happy announced from the driver’s seat after the two of you dove into the car.

“Do you have to say ‘Baby Stark’?” you pretended to gag as Peter pressed his head to the cool glass of the window, his face green, “I think he’s going to be sick. Good going, you scared him,” you slid across the seat to Peter and put an arm around his shoulders, concern etched across your face.

He looked over and smiled wearily, his breathing shallow, “No vomit in this car, do you hear me Mister?”

Peter sighed and flashed you a smile before climbing out of the car, you following after him to rejoin the party with your boxes of crackers.

You had lost Peter sometime in the night, but he was probably just on the sofa enjoying the game. A smile lit up your face when you heard his bubbling laugh coming from the common area, it was so loud that you could hear it over the voices of others, “There you are!” you stepped behind the couch and peered down at him while he gazed up at you, a dreamy and airy smile on his face and an empty champagne flute in his hand, “Who let him have champagne?!”

“There you are, Y/N. I have been looking all over for you!” he laughed lightly while you glared at everyone sitting around the couch, all looking guilty. There was an empty bottle of sparkling champagne lying on its side on the coffee table, “Have you met my friend, MJ? Guys, this is Y/N Stark. You may or may not know her, she’s great! Smart and funny and intelligent and hilarious and pretty and…” the group around you laughed while your cheeks burned red.

“Peter, those all mean the same thing,” You stomped your way around the couch to stand in front of the television, “Do any of you know how old he is?” you frowned, pulling Peter up by his jacket. You couldn’t believe you were scolding your father’s A-list party guest, but it needed to be done.

“What’s going on here?” Tony trotted in, smiling sheepishly at his guests. He was obviously embarrassed, but what like at Peter made the embarrassment go away, “Jesus. He’s not drunk, is he?”

A hard stare was answer enough, “You’re so beautiful, Y/N. Mr. Stark, you’re like, really lucky to have such a great daughter,” Peter smiled at you, his eyes shining. Your dad looked over at you with a raised eyebrow, but you merely shrugged, your cheeks a dark shade of red. You could even feel the heat rising in them.

“Thank you, Peter,” you said quietly, practically holding him up as you dragged him down the hallway, “What are we going to do? I guess we could keep him here and tell May that he fell asleep early or something.”

Tony pondered for a moment and finally shrugged, “I’ll call her and let her know that she can pick him up in the morning. Who even, how did he get ahold of alcohol?” he asked himself, already walking off to call Peter’s aunt.

“You’re going to stay here for the night, okay?” you smiled at Peter as you helped him to the couch, trying to hold in your giggles as he clumsily tripped over his own feet, “How much champagne did you have?”

His eyes widened as you began to take his shoes off, “Enough,  I’m sure,” he said in a whisper. Now that the two of you were the only ones in the room, talking in normal voices felt too loud. Everything outside was dark and quiet, the only noises you could hear were from the party starting to wind down, “What about saving the city? I am Spider-Man, after all. They’re gonna need me!”

“The city will be okay for one night, P,” you said as tiptoed around to grab blankets and pillows, “Plus, you can’t drink and swing,” you snickered at your own joke while Peter simply smiled a lopsided, puppy dog grin that made his eyes crinkle up.

You tossed him a blanket and placed his shoes at the edge of the couch, helping him take off the bomber jacket that would surely be too uncomfortable to sleep in, “Are you sure your dad will be okay with me sleeping here? I-I can go home, I’ll be super fast,” Even when drunk, he was still the adorably nervous Peter you were best friends with.

“He’ll be fine, he knows you’re staying. Plus; I’ll be in my room. I’m sure he’ll make sure of it,” you cracked a smile, Peter turning to face you with a childlike grin on his face, “There’s a bottle of water on the table that you might want to drink. No need to be a stubborn hero.”

He nodded sharply, wrapping the fluffy blanket around himself like a cape, “You mean superhero, Y/N. I’m a superhero,” he said, looking down at his socks, “I guess I should get some sleep now, huh?”

“Maybe,” Peter giggled, his eyes widening as he did so. You pressed a kiss to his cheek and placed a pillow on the couch, “See you in the morning!”

You heard loud conversations happening in the early hours of the following Saturday morning, so much so that you rolled out of bed to see what was happening. You’d forgotten that a drunk Peter had stayed on the couch until you saw him being reprimanded by his aunt, “Morning!” Tony smiled mischievously at you, taking a loud slurp of his coffee as he watched the exchange.

Peter looked absolutely miserable. His eyes were bloodshot, a frown was on his lips, you could practically feel the headache he was experiencing.

“I can’t believe you would do something so irresponsible! You’re lucky you have a nice man like Mr. Stark here to look out for you. You’re grounded, Peter,” she announced with an affirmative nod, crossing her arms to seal the deal, “and you’re all over the paper! This is…I’m just going to stop talking.”

Peter looked up at her with puppy dog eyes that would surely win her over later, “I’m sorry. So sorry, really,” he said, getting to his feet quickly. She sighed and thanked your dad one last time before stomping right out of the door, “Wait, on the paper?”

“Well, thank you for, everything,” he rubbed the back of his neck nervously, smiling nervously at you one last time before running after his aunt.

You smiled after him as Tony sipped at his coffee as you tiptoed into the kitchen, “Anything you want to tell me about?” you raised an eyebrow as you poured your own cup of coffee, shrugging your shoulders. What was there to tell?

He casually lifted a newspaper that had a large photo of you and Peter holding hands, trying to weave through the crowd. The title of the article was “Baby Stark steps out with new teen on the scene, Peter Parker”.  The article featured photos of the two of you laughing and grabbing snacks, along with gobs of hand holding photos. Seriously? This was not good, especially not to your dad who didn’t want you breathing near a boy.

“Looks like I owe Happy five dollars,” you gave a groan and took a gulp of coffee. It burned your tongue, but you didn’t care. Nothing could burn as much as your father’s eyes as they bore into you like lasers. He wasn’t too thrilled.

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🤔 Can you share what is your favorite thing about each nu'est boys? (Something like: his voice, eyes, something about them that make you love them even more; in my case: I love JR's eyes when smiles 😍, The way Minhyun looks at JR...)

Aw bless this is a such a cute ask, thank you my love. Well I love a lotta things about them so this might be long lol

Ren- The way he cherishes each love deeply. Despite being the most recognizable member until recently, he never became vain. He always makes awareness posts about human tragedy which has happened (e.g. sewol) and you can tell he cares deeply about it, he is very empathetic. His flirting with fans and cheesy romantic lines always make me happy!

When some interviewers are rude and misgender him by calling him a women/ saying he looks like a girl, he only says “Thank You” with a serious face, despite being the babied maknae he is super brave when it comes to dealing with hate. He fearlessly pushes gender boundaries and I love him for it! But deep down hes still insecure so we need to look after him. My favourite feature of his are his heart shaped lips.

Aron- I bias ot5 put ive been exposed for fangirling Aron the most by fellow loves many times lol. I love that he gave up his place of the prestigious NYU just to follow his dream. He went alone to Korea at 17 without knowing the language, so he was super brave. I love how he’s the Hyung but doesn’t act like it lol he doesn’t see the age difference between him and the other 4. I love his cringey Aegyo. I love how his main reason for doing this is his fans, and how he remembers every love who listened to his radio show.

 His voice is very distinct and stable live I love how it sounds I wish he got more lines. Lastly, these 5 months have been hard yet Aron did well, he knew fans wanted him to step up more. And his Instagram post after his hiatus was very emotional to me, he promised he would work harder for us, and I 100% believe him. Despite being the least known member right now, he still will work hard in the future. My favourite feature of his is his cute little nose and thick eyebrows. 

Baekho- THIS GUY LOVES FOOD AND AINT AFRAID TO SHOW IT. His voice?? er?? so strong?? so powerful?? is it even real??. I love how blunt he is, he says want he thinks, and he isnt afraid to make stupid puns even when the members roll their eyes lol.  Baekho is the backbone of NU’EST truely. He has AMAZING compositional skills (composed Canvas and Q IS with Bumzu and members) and his ears are sharp AF (when he called ‘avengers’out for doubling). When his dad got ill with Leukemia he stayed strong. When he had vocal surgery he also stayed strong. He is a very strong person who is also a puppy on the inside with the most ADDICTIVELY cute laugh. Even through this terrible period when he’s being attacked by so many people, I will protect him. He is strong and will make it through it.

My favourite feature of his are his sexy thighs!

Minhyun- I MISS YOU BBY PLS COME BACK HOME- what … er I mean Minhyun is a literal prince. A TRUE VISUAL. He is graceful in everything he does and yet has the soul of an old ajumma raising 4 kids alone lol. I love how he looks after the members like their mother (bc they became trainees so young and moved away from home) and is constantly making sure the members are OK. I like how he is clean and organised. I like his eye for knowing how to create a balanced group, his eye for talent, as shown on pd101. I love how crazily optimistic he is. Even when NU’EST were in hell he was always looking on the bright side and NEVER giving up on NU’ESTs dream. His work ethic is CRAZY he will work did his body gives out and he collapses tbh. He will work until everything is PERFECT. I love how despite being in Wanna One Minhyun is loyal to NU’EST.

My favourite feature are his small hands, fox eyes and bright red ears.

JR- Oh God. Where do I even start? This boy is truly the nation’s Leader. I love how despite having to shoulder the hardships of the other members probably took all the blame from their failure from Pledis, he still never ONCE complained. I love how he starting searching for his dream (and his father’s dream) at 13 (pledis first ever male trainee) and even now at 22, he has not given up on it! As shown on pd101 he puts other before himself, teaches others even if that means sacrificing himself. He has seen so much misery and pain as leader of NU’EST, yet he stuck with it for 5 years, and now things are looking brighter. I love how he gives 500% always (first one to wake up in pd101)

I love how innocent he is. I love his unique high voice lol. I love his emotional, intense and powerful lyrics and rapping ability. I love his amazing dance skills which he got into Pledis for in the first place (b-boying).

I love how he will always protect the NU’EST members with his entire being. I love how much he cherishes and deeply loves each member and would do anything for them. I love how he wears his heart on his sleeve and how emotional he is. I love the fact that he is such a ridiculously hard-working, beautiful, sincere and talented person he is my main inspiration in life.

My favourite features are his aegyo, eyes that shine like diamonds and his skin.


Got these boys deserve the world I promise loves will make it up to them!! First win is on its way and more success will follow.

God knows I love NU’EST will all my heart, it’s been years and it hasn’t changed, I will stick with them forever <3

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in the annie au, how would finn set jyn and cassian up? I NEED THIS

Anon 2: Hi! Didn’t know that you had an Annie plot! Do the head of security and the billionaire socialite realize that they like each other?

Anon 3: What were some tactics Finn and company used to get Cassian and Jyn together?

First, tell me the truth: Is this just one anon who loves the Annie AU or are there are bunch of you who are into this idea? lol.

Finn notices things, and he notices how Cassian smiles when Jyn’s around and she’s not looking. He notices how Jyn watches Cassian leave when usually her interests drops away completely when a conversation is done. And Finn is an optimist. Despite his hard life, he believes that if you just do something about your own fate you can change the trajectory of your lives. He sees how Jyn and Cassian have changed his life, so why not give them something in return? In this case, a little push toward one another.

The first time Finn “sets them up,” it’s not on purpose. Mr. Ren at the First Order Orphanage notices how billionaire Ms. Erso has taken a shine to him and thinks that maybe he can use Finn as leverage or as a trump card for himself. Snatching Finn off the street and dragging him back to the orphanage, Finn is able to escape again–this time with the help of a new kid there–one Poe Dameron. They “borrow” a moped and go for a crazy escape ride down the city streets and are picked up by the police. Detective Organa gives them both a side eye, but when Finn says his “parents” are Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, the savvy detective, who knows exactly who Jyn Erso is, calls his bluff and makes a call to both. But to her surprise, not only does Jyn show up, so does Cassian, but separately. They fuss over Finn who thinks, well, wouldn’t it be nice if they were actually my parents one day?

I just find it so interesting how tough and edgy Keith comes off to most people

But around Lance he’s so carefree, it’s like he’s a totally different person.  

He likes to tease and joke around with him (or more like flirts with him)

He likes to show off and try to act cool sometimes (cough more flirting cough)

He’s not afraid to have fun with him 

He’s literally so cute with him sometimes

And he’s shown so many other emotions around Lance that I honestly haven’t seen him make with anyone else

Like heartbreak (LOL)


This (I just want my boyfriend back) grumpiness

This cute, impatient look??

And this (I think I’m falling in love with you) smile 

Honestly I think he can act so different around him because Lance is able to bring out so much of his emotions, he can really be himself around Lance. That literally just proves how good of a match they make for each other. 

BTS at the BBMAS
  • (Sitting next to Justin Bieber)
  • Jin: hi, I'm jin. You know anneyonghassayo?
  • Justin: yeah
  • Suga: dis..(points at Justin's necklace) dis 3 dollar chain?
  • Justin: what! No it's expensive
  • J-hope: (goes a bit too close and whispers) I hate snakeu
  • Justin: ...okay
  • Jungkook: (mouths I love you @ JB)
  • Justin: ....
  • Justin: (looking at Jimin)
  • Justin: you seem like the normal one here lol, what's your name man?
  • Jimin, with the cutest smile on his face: hi ^^
  • Justin: ...(triggered bc Jimin is really cute)
  • Rap monster: I apologize for all this, we're really nervous that's why
  • Justin, not paying attention to RM, still looking at Jimin: ..I'm gay
  • Justin: ...I MEANT IT's okay...

My fave moments from that scene that I felt needed to be highlighted. :)

  • Magnus’ hand getting caught in Alec’s shirt.
  • Magnus’ running his hand up Alec’s arm.
  • Magnus chasing Alec’s lips (again); Alec pressing their foreheads together.
  • Alec closing his eyes; Magnus’ smile after the kiss, and that jaw-clench. (UNF!)
  • The way Alec nuzzles his face into Magnus’ shoulder.
  • Magnus’ thumb caressing Alec’s shoulder.

You were able to reach within everybody’s souls with every song you write and every melody you create. And although you have a way with words that makes it seem like every song you write is a story that everyone has personally been through even if they haven’t., the creative combination of notes and elements you create even without the words is enough to make a person emotional and I think that’s why I truly believe that you’re meant to be where you are right now.  But you know what makes people—your members, your colleagues, your fans and even non-fans—regard you with respect shining in their eyes? It’s the blatant truth you say, the unfiltered thoughts that slip past your lips, and even the reality in jokes you spout.. It’s quite endearing and refreshing to see someone like you—an idol. a celebrity—so, so relatable that unknowingly, in a way, you blur the line between you and us, your fans. Honestly, I could go on and on and on that I’d even rap on the spot about how precious you are to me and to everyone else. *clears throat and bobs head to the imaginary beat* Uhuh. Yeah. Okay. Let’s go. This is a rap. I am rapping now.  About Min Yoongi. And his gummy smile. And his—OKAYYYYY I think that was enough. But just know that I’d do it….. lol. 

Never stop showing the same burning passion you have for music (and your dream to become a rock) because that’s how you’ve inspired people in different parts of the world. Never stop letting people believe to keep dreaming and dreaming and dreaming. Never stop saying the truth as it is. And I hope you continue to share parts of yourself in every music you create. Suga. Agust D. Min Yoongi. Min Yoonji. I love you so much. You deserve the world and nothing lesser than the world. The universe even. Happy Birthday, my grumps! #HappySugaDay

Shigezane's Intro
天下統一恋の乱 Love Ballad
Shigezane's Intro


No one asked for this, but I couldn’t… just…. not share this. He speaks with such a playful, carefree tone it makes me want to jump & hug him through the screen~ I think I like his voice best, actually.

And his cute little “ Hmmm ~ ! ” towards the end (*≧∀≦*)

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Can you improve my outlook on life and write a very drunk draco clinging to Harry please?

(LOL, I love the way you phrased that and also, I love drunk Draco.)

Potter sat there, leaning back in the booth with his arm slung across the back of the faux-leather seat, his shoulders shaking as he threw his head back and laughed at something the Weasel said. Granger shook her head with a smile of fond exasperation and leaned up to kiss her husband’s cheek. The weird blonde (”Loony Lovegood,” his booze-soaked brain provided) was waving her wand over the she-Weasel’s head in circles - ‘cause that’s normal behaviour for her.

Draco supposed that the thought of going over there ought to feel intimidating - he was completely outnumbered. But perhaps it was because of the eight or so shots of tequila Pansy had dared him into guzzling, or because he was randy as fuck.

Or because he’d just stood there hiding behind the cloak stand by the door and gazing at Potter like a lovesick halfwit far too long - he was no coward. Not anymore.

So he squared his shoulders and marched across the bar, tripping only twice, the second time because of that swaying oaf who’d nearly knocked him over.

Potter blinked up at him with his mouth slightly open.

“Potter.” Draco felt vaguely triumphant that his voice came out steady and calm - and Potter’s form was only very slightly blurry. “Potter,” he repeated, blinking slowly.

“Malfoy,” Potter replied cautiously, one eyebrow sliding up the scarred forehead. “What’re you doing here?”

“I can be here if I want to be here ‘cause I want to be here–” Draco was being very loud - his ears rang a little. Potter scrambled out of his seat, throwing a hasty glance at his friends before coming up to Draco and grabbing his elbow hard. Draco scowled around at the group - Weasley was scowling back, Granger looked thoughtful, she-Weasley looked completely bewildered and Loony, well Loony hadn’t noticed him yet; she was peering into she-Weasley’s ear as though she’d lost something in there.

Potter dragged him away a few paces. “What the hell?”

Draco tried to yank his arm out of his grip but nearly ended up overbalancing and falling onto his arse instead - Potter’s grip tightened.

“Let me go!” Draco slurred, stepping closer to Potter.

“What’re you doing here?” Potter repeated softly.

“I like you,” Draco proclaimed boldly. “I’ve always liked you. You never noticed. You have terrible eyesight.”

Potter pursed his lips, a faint line appearing between his thick brows. “I know I do,” he said, indicating to his smudged glasses.

“I like you,” Draco said once more, his voice decidedly breathy now - ugh. He stepped closer and, oh Merlin, rubbed their noses together. “So much,” he sighed, pressing their cheeks together for a swift second.

“Oh?” Potter didn’t seem put out at all. After staring steadily at him with his stupid green eyes twinkling merrily, Potter asked, “What d’you want, Draco?”

“To go home with you.” Oh shit, he was going to kill Pansy.

Potter simply continued to twinkle at him. “Well, I’m not going to say no to that,” he said very seriously, finally releasing Draco’s elbow to slide both his arms around Draco’s waist and tug him closer.

Draco gasped as he was pressed flush against Potter. He could caught a whiff of spicy aftershave, Firewhiskey and mint; he pushed both hands into the mess on Potter’s head and leaned forward to whisper, “I want you to fuck me.” He pressed his face into the crook of Potter’s neck.

Potter’s arms tightened, the world closed in around him until he was being squeezed almost to the point of pain, and then he was being pulled through dense blackness.

Everything ached. His stomach ached, his back ached, his toenails ached - his eyelashes ached. His head felt like it had exploded and had been put back together before exploding again; even his hair hurt.

He was too close to the sun, his retinas were on fire. The sheets below him were softer than a cloud and smelt pleasantly flowery - his stomach twisted.

He kicked himself out of bed, fell over onto his hands and knees and then half-crawled, half-ran to the bathroom until he was heaving into the toilet. It was another ten minutes before he was able to make himself stand, piss, gargle with half a bottle of mouthwash and wash his face - which also hurt.

Clad only in his boxers he stumbled through the house, following the horrible sound quality of the Wireless and the utterly heavenly scent of fresh coffee.

“Coffee!” he croaked, throwing himself into a chair so heavily that he slipped off the polished wood and landed on his bum. Potter turned around, a spatula with a bright red handle in one hand, took one look at him and nearly fell down laughing.

“Good morning!” he virtually screamed. Draco rested his cheek on the chair and groaned hoarsely, feebly pressing his hands to his ears.

“Coffee,” he whimpered. “What happened to my head? Coffee,” he pleaded once more.

Grinning widely, Potter poured him a large mugful. Shaking his head slightly as he walked over to the table, he set the steaming mug on the table, reached down and nearly lifted Draco off his feet as he helped him onto the chair he’d aimed for. “Let me guess - tequila?”

“I hate Pansy.” Draco wrapped both hands around his jade green mug with the gold polka dots and drew the drink of the Gods closer to him. “I hate tequila. I hate drinking. I hate bars. I hate going out.”

“But you like me.” Potter’s completely deadpan expression made Draco scowl - aarrgh, his face hurt dammit.

“What?” He took a huge gulp and moaned a long, gurgling moan as the gorgeous bitterness spread over his tongue.

“You like me,” Potter said again, leaning a hip against the counter with his arms crossed - he looked on the verge of another bout of laughter.

Draco stared blearily at him for several seconds before fuzzy memories started leaking into his aching brain. Then he let his head thump onto the table with another groan as Potter burst out laughing again.

“I hate everything!” Draco stated miserably. “Stop laughing at me!” His head throbbed when he raised his voice so he promptly shut up.

Potter, still laughing by the way, was loading up a plate with eggs, sausages and strips of bacon fried to crisp perfection - Draco’s stomach rolled and he clamped his mouth shut firmly as the food was set down before him.

Then Draco’s husband cupped his face with both hands, turned his face up and kissed him firmly. “I like you too,” Potter informed Draco.

“I will vomit on you,” Draco threatened.

Potter grinned, kissed his nose and went to get himself a plate of breakfast.

(Any good? ❤️)

little things to love about hansol
  • literally the biggest meme ever
  • also has a big heart 
  • loves his little sister to bits ;; 
  • always wants to be the best role model for his little sister /cRYING
  • very poetic 
  • writes a lot of the hip hop unit’s lyrics 
  • his lyrics always tell an amazing story 
  • he is the peacekeeper of the group
  • his smile!!! so bright!!! so big!!!
  • both of his parents are artist 
  • himself.. not so much LOL 
  • but it’s okay he does his best 
  • does a lot of exaggerated movements 
  • has a lot of dynamic expressions and reactions 
  • little leonardo dicaprio
  • made a little snowman in front of the pledis building oMFG SO FRICKIN CUTE
  • was in “kids explore life” 
  • same birthday as dk
  • always imitating seungkwan and his adlibs
  • “mOM I WON THIS!!!!” 
  • “ur not supposed to say “oh my god”” -Vernon to his sister
  • had one great concept of “do not put up a front”
  • OMG HIS LAUGH!!!!!
  • he loves to sing 
  • if he wasn’t in the hip hop unit, he said he would be in the vocal unit
  • *dabs*
  • *running man* 
  • *hotline bling dance* 
  • *hit them folks*
  • knows all the trends, such a trendy boy
  • it’s all about self love with this boy 
  • always vibing 
  • always lit in the mixtapes 
  • pls love this hard-working, inspiring, respectful individual. 
unicorn head - rated

very beautiful!  gorgeous horn, lovely hair, she puts a lot of effort into her look & i bet she’s a hard worker! 10/10

not as multicoloured as her unicorn friends, but still very beautiful! she probably has a very kind heart. 10/10

1 word: very lovely. 
she’s a charmer, everyone loves her. i love her too. although she is blocky, she does not let that bring her down! 10/10

he looks so young and innocent! i’d trust him with my life. adorable boy, 10/10

she looks related to Apple in some way. she’s like the pastel version of her, but she’s still very lovely and unique! 10/10 i love her

very majestic. there’s a feeling of dominance around him, but i bet he has a heart of gold. probably the father of samsung and microsoft. he cares deeply about his children 10/10 loving father

wow! bold & bright! astonishing! she would get 1st place at a beauty contest. 10/10 gorgeous girl

hes very confident. he spiked his hair, & he is really beautiful! look at that smile. he’s a gorgeous boy & he knows it 10/10

mysterious gal!  shes quite reserved and tends to keep to herself, but she doesn’t mind being with her friends! you know in those wallpapers where there’s a beautiful horse at a beautiful lake? that’s her. beautiful. i love her so much 10/10