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eeep i wrote something for your beautiful au i hope you like it

Hoseok had made sure to program Yoongi properly, of that he was sure. However, there was a lack of understanding what exactly happened the night Yoongi reprogrammed himself.

“He might have some..kinks.” A raised eyebrow was all Namjoon needed to jab his elbow into Hoseok’s rib cage with a small ‘pick your words better, Hobi.’

“I mean, he’ll work perfectly fine, we think, but there will be some differences.” Sighing, Jungkook leaned back into his sofa, turning towards the soft chuckles coming from across the room. He could see Yoongi gently waving at the window, a small dog licking the glass on the other side in an attempt to get closer to him. He could barely make out the smile on Yoongi’s face, but the sound of his laughter assured him that it was there, firmly planted on his silky skin.

“Differences I should worry about or differences like he’s allergic to milk?” The giggling subsided into gasps as the dog let out a bark, startling Yoongi slightly as he turned to Jungkook, gray eyes meeting warm brown ones.

“Different like, a child. He wants to learn on his own the way this world works. Which is either good or bad, based on your opinion of that.” Jungkook was certain Namjoon kept talking, his voice still hanging through the air as Hoseok made comments here and there, but Jungkook kept his eyes on Yoongi, watching him slowly stand, moving closer to them.

As he stopped beside them, Jungkook let his voice be the one to cut through the noise, a quick, “Yoongi?” as he let his eyes meet the robotic gray ones.

“I think I want to step outside. They say that it’s necessary to receive 10 minutes of sunlight a day for sufficient Vitamin D. I haven’t even left for a minute.” His words were chirpy, but somehow the voice was a bit more gentle, as though he spoke without full understanding of the words he said. Smiling, Jungkook stood beside him, turning to his friends on the couch with a quick “we’ll be right back,” before disappearing outside.

“You don’t have to join me if you don’t want to, Jungkook.” Yoongi opted for siting on the lawn, the small blades of grass tickling his skin while Jungkook remained on his feet, leaning on the side of a tree as he watched the other interact with the world.

“I want to join you.” Yoongi blushed, the red painting his cheeks in a way that tugged a laugh out of his chest.

“But I thought Namjoon and Hoseok came to see you?” Nodding, Jungkook raised his head, watching the leaves dance in the breeze, before letting his sight trail back to Yoongi. Somehow he found his gaze always landing on the humanoid, whether for curious or humorous reasons, he found the other’s presence to be a comforting one. It was nice to know he wasn’t coming home to an empty house any more, and maybe Hoseok and Namjoon had that in mind when they made him.

“Something like that.” Yoongi tilted his head slightly, a flower twirling between his fingers as he let the words sink in.

“I think you’re hiding something.” Jungkook laughed, pushing off the tree lightly as he walked over to Yoongi. Crouching down, he took the flower from his hands, sticking it between his ear and his head, the petals pressed gently into his black hair.

“Why would I hide something from you, Yoongi?” Letting his hand stay on the male’s cheek, Jungkook watched a burst of red tint Yoongi’s cheeks, the tips of his ears bright as Jungkook smirked. Standing slowly, Jungkook extended a hand to help him rise off the ground, Yoongi taking it gladly. Their hands remained intertwined as they made their way back inside, Jungkook savoring the feeling of their palms pressed together.

“Jungkook?” Yoongi stopped him at their doorway, biting his lip almost frustratingly as Jungkook hummed in response. “I think I’m sick.”

“What?” The comment was so out of place, it caught Jungkook completely off guard as his eyes roamed the other’s body, checking his joints and limbs before Yoongi spoke up, stopping him.

“My mind seems to be malfunctioning when you’re really close and whenever your hand is in mine. It’s strange, almost intoxicating. I don’t think it’s healthy.”

Jungkook exhaled, his heart racing as he pressed a hand to his cheeks. “Gosh, Yoongi. I don’t think you’re good for my health, either.”

“Maybe we should ask Namjoon for a diagnosis.”

“That sounds like a great idea.”



my favorite things about doyoung:

- the way his face scrunches when he smiles
- his cute bunny teeth
- the shape of his lips
- his slim figure
- his veiny arm/hands
- his voice when he is talking
- his beautiful singing voice
- the way he takes care of of his members, especially the dreamies
- his relationship with the older and younger members
- the savageness towards his members
- his ability to roast people
- his love for dabbing
- his cute reactions to his fans
- his rad dancing skills
- his ability to pull off all the (ugly) clothes SM puts him in every comeback
- the way he takes responsibility for a himself and the members
- his stage presence
- his love and passion for singing/performing
- his love for his members
- his love for his fans
- him being awkward
- vroom vroom talk show
- his English covers
- his ability to pull of any hair color
- his skills for talking/MCing
- his ability to hit that high note
- his ability to make people happy (including me!!)
- him<3

Suga’s gummy smile is everything

Appreciate that. It warms my heart. 

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Haechan teasing Mark with his own rap 😂 ❤️️❤️️


Johnny please let Doyoung love his baby ♥♥