love his new hairstyle

New Konoha Outfit? Oooooh have to do it with Kuroha |DDD All the new Outfits…some of them are cool some of them are…meh, but I think Konoha’s is my favourite of them with Mary. I love his new hairstyle~ ♡  The only thing I don’t really like that much are the sandals…but maybe it’s because I don’t like sandals at all and yeah don’t know…I think Kuro isn’t the sandal type too?

I guess he would be like: Come on! Gimme some nice boots so I can crush their heads…..or something like that lol. Ok never mind. Bye!

Good/Quality Things about the Prequels: Revenge of the Sith

-Hayden’s improved acting (and his lovely new hairstyle this film)

-The one liners in the beginning (and throughout, but especially here)

-Palpatine continuing to nudge Anakin towards the Dark Side, this time not so subtly

-Obi Wan and Ewan Mcgregor who plays him continue to be fantastic

-Anidala happy moments before everything comes crashing down

-Anakin trying so hard to save his wife

-Anakin struggling with what the Jedi are doing, and how Obi Wan seems to just go along with it

-Anakin being against being a spy for the council

-Even the heartache of Padme not knowing where Anakin is or what he’s doing

-that scene when the tables turn, and Anakin finally makes the turn (it’s heartbreaking)

-Obi Wan confronting Padme

-and later, being there for the twins’ birth, and their mother’s death

-Padme’s funeral, and seeing that little charm Anakin once carved for her

-Obi Wan defeating General Grevious

-Obi Wan looking more like the Ben Kenobi we all know and love

-Padme realizing that her husband is lost to her

-the tear on Anakin’s face when we see him on Mustafar, knowing he feels regret about the terrible things he’s done

-that final battle between Obi Wan and Anakin, and Obi Wan’s final words (not trying to mock anything, but I remember as a young teen, watching clips and trailers over and over, and seeing Anakin try to lower Obi Wan’s arm to bring the light saber closer and kill him, and me whispering dramatically “Ani, what are you doing”)

-when we hear Darth Vader’s iconic breathing for the first time, and see the Star Destroyer that would become very familiar in the future

-Peter Cushing look alike

-Luke being delivered to his aunt and uncle

-Leia with her new parents

ok but forreal gokudera’s perfectionism gets joked on in the series but he’s the kinda guy that just finds comfort in keeping things organized and methodical, so video games where you clear through levels or collect / catalogue things are so IMPORTANT to him. there’s pokemon, of course, but imagine him with animal crossing?? he keeps a schedule of everything, he has everything in his town running like clockwork, he absolutely LOVES coordinating his character’s outfits and trying new hairstyles and making his town freakin BEAUTIFUL, the music is so SO SO soothing for him — and then there’s the little cute animals in town striking up conversations and asking him for help finding lost items and sending him sweet messages like “ these flowers reminded me of you ” or “ hey come over for a visit some time ” — it helps w/ his mental health so much, i s2g. #letgokuderarest #gokuderadeservesgood

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Billy Wiggins, who was perched on a unused lab bench, eating a packet of crisps he’d begged out of the detective, watched in amusement as said fool flirted with his missus (he could deny it all he wanted, he was probably lying anyway). Sure enough, seconds later he smiled as she fired off deductions. He rolled his eyes; what was he if not helpful?

“Molly, I love your new hairstyle,” he smiled, shoving the remainder of his crisps into his mouth, “parted in the middle; suits you better.”

Both of them whipped around at that. He could have burst into laughter at the murderous look on Shezza’s face. As for his significant other…well, the poor thing didn’t know what to do apart from flush a pretty pink. She tucked a loose strand behind her ear, stammering her reply, “oh. Erm, thank you.”

Shezza’s eyes swished between the two of them before he sighed, peeling off his gloves like some movie villain, “Billy, do we need to have another little ‘chat’?”

Billy smirked as he recalled their last ‘little chat’: I am well aware of Molly’s lovely outfit but I sure as hell don’t need you reminding me every second. Stop looking at her! He held up his hands.

“Sorry,” he paused, swinging his legs on the bench like an excited kid, “the lipstick, I must say is absolutely delightful.”

Oh, he’d touched a nerve.

“Right, that’s it,” Sherlock stuffed his magnifyng glass in his pocket, striding to the door; he dramatically pulled on the heavy door and pointed to the corridor, “outside.”

He jumped down from the bench with a flourish, flashing the confused missus a grin, inclining his head towards the detective, “he fancies you, you know.”

“Wha-” Molly gaped but, with Sherlock’s furious shout of “NOW!” Billy decided it was best not to stick around and explain.

based on Jealousy, part of my #sherlollytextchats series

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Heloww!! I was dying to come and talk with u' I missed you! T__T I been so busy and tired, but see Youngjae always lift my mood <3 I love his new hair style! He looks so handsome and manly! I just love it! <3 And I just see the scans of the Monograph version, and it's so cute and sdñfhdñas I'm so happy that I bought it!! haha And don't apologize for being busy! Don't worry, you're always so kind and sweet with us, people should understand! So don't worry and don't push yourself!! I Love u' <3

Helooooo dear, 

I miss you too TT_TT How are you? I hope you have enough rest despite your busy schedule. Thank you so much for always understand me and I really appreciate that.  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I think every Youngjae’s fan has the same thought like you where Youngjae always manage to lift us our mood whenever we feel down, sad or tired. Even for me. I always smile whenever I update my tumblr. Choi Youngjae is such a sunshine who shining us all with his aura and presence. I love his new hairstyle too!! I totally agree with you that he looked more handsome and manly even in that dress…hahaha I just don’t know if I’m able to take it if our Choi Youngjae keeps getting handsome and hotter in the future. He’s just too irresistible. 

Oh I bought GOT7 monograph too but mine still haven’t arrived yet. I can’t wait to see the beautiful pictures of our sunshine and watch his adorable self in that DVD. 

Anyway dear, these are for you…I hope we both can get through this busy time together with Youngjae by our side. Hwaiting dear and I love you too  (✿◠‿◠)

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I love sano so much bless him and his galaxy leggings and beautiful blue ocean hair hes number one in my books

“I am somebody’s number one??”
AHHHHhhHHHhh WHO ARE YOU ANON thank you so much!! Sano’s a heavy lover of blue and likes ANYTHING pretty and blue. He used to hesitate on dyeing his hair forever, but loves his new hairstyle and cheesy galaxy tights thanks to tumblr (he has a blog so haha). It always makes me giddy when someone likes Sano, SO THANKS AGAIN<3