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Ed Sheeran Lyrics for the Signs

Aries: “Me and my friends at the table doing shots, drinking fast and then we talk slow.”

Taurus: “I gave all my oxygen to people that could breath. I gave away my money and now we don’t even speak. I drove miles and miles but would you do the same for me?”

Gemini: “I gave you all my energy and I took away your pain, ‘cause human beings are destined to radiate or drain.”

Cancer: “Cause baby you look happier, you do. My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too. And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth. But I know I was happier with you.”

Leo“Well get up, up on the dancefloor tonight. I’ve got two left feet and a bottle of red wine.” 

Virgo: “When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath but you heard it. ‘Darling, you look perfect tonight.’”

Libra: “She is the lighthouse in the night, that will safely guide me home.”

Scorpio: “Oh, maybe I came on too strong. Maybe I waited too long. Maybe I played my cards wrong.”

Sagittarius“The future’s in the hands of you and me, so let’s all get together we can all be free, spread love and understanding, positivity.”

Capricorn“And to the next generation, inspiration’s allowed. The world may be filled with hate, but keep erasing it now, somehow.”

Aquarius: “And when the world’s against me is when I really come alive.”

Pisces: “Oh I’m in pieces, it’s tearing me up, but I know a heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved”.

All from his brilliant new album, Divide.

Enjoy, loves. xoxo Admin S.

7 kisses;

member- yoongi

genre- fluff, smidge of angst, lovey-dovey

words- 1, 818

summary- kisses are a way of showing love, and you and yoongi know that best

a/n- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HEART, MIN YOONGI. i love him so much :’) it’s also @bangtanshopex‘s (aka tina!) birthday!! go wish her a happy bday ❤ this scenario is also based off of ed sheeran’s song kiss me.  i love ed sheeran, definitely check him out if you haven’t!! his new album is amazing!

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settle down with me, cover me up, cuddle me in 

The night was cool, with the chirping of crickets echoing throughout the room. A gentle breeze flowed through your bedroom window, causing you to shiver slightly as you pulled your comforter closer to your chest.

“You’re too far away,” Yoongi mumbled against his pillow. You felt his cold fingers grab hold of your wrist as he whined. “Come closer.”

With a grin, you rolled over and fit yourself against Yoongi’s body. Warmth immediately encompassed you and you sighed happily. His arm instantly found purchase wrapped around your waist, his hand resting on the small of your back lightly. He hummed in content as he breathed in your scent.

“Did you miss me?” you whispered. Days when your boyfriend was away were always hard, but you cherished the ones when he came back.

He gently dragged his nose across yours, giving you a sweet Eskimo kiss. “Always, my dear.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi. Would you consider writing a bughead one-shot that was a romantic date night? It's up to you if you want to make it a fluffy fic or smut. xD Anyways, that's my request and its a super broad one at that.

Modern Love

Summary: Rising movie star Jughead Jones takes seasoned pop star Betty Cooper on a date unlike any other. 

Words: 4,487

Warnings: Mentions of miscarriage, drug use, smoking, drinking, slight sexual situations. No smut. 

A/N: Here is my take on the romantic date night cause I can’t do anything like a normal person. I posted on AO3 as well. 

I edited this myself so there are probably errors. 

Betty Cooper had been famous for most of her life. When she auditioned for X-Factor as a fourteen year old, she was put together with three other girls to create the next big girl group, Aurora.

They came in third place on the show but became one of the biggest girl groups since the Spice Girls. Four years and three albums later Betty was ready to move out on her own as a solo artist and was met with astounding success. Not only was Betty a talented singer but a gifted songwriter as well.

Her first solo album went on to win 4 Grammys and sky rocketed her into super stardom.

It was around this time she met the much older Academy Award winning actor, Archie Andrews. Their courtship was a whirlwind and four months later the couple was married.

It was a rocky marriage at best that lasted a little over two and a half years. Unknown to Betty when they wed, Archie was a heavy drug user and this made him erratic, unsupportive, unreliable and, at times, violent.

The marriage ended after Archie had gotten them into a serious car crash. Betty had broken her arm, both of her legs and had technically died for two minutes. Neither Archie nor the former Mrs. Andrews ever spoke about the accident and Betty filled for divorce the moment she recovered.

Betty was twenty-two, divorced and had just released her sophomore album. It was an album about Archie and it showed. Beautiful heartbreaking songs about love, loss, mistakes and an eyebrow raising track called “Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth” got people talking.

She refused to confirm if it was a song about her former husband but there were already plenty rumours about Archie Andrews alleged drug use. Archie had a great PR team but people and the tabloids could speculate but it was never harmful enough to ruin his career.

Betty assumed she would never fall in love again. She couldn’t date like regular people, she couldn’t do anything without it being looked over with a fine toothed comb. Archie had messed her up too badly and she knew she would never be who she was before she met him.

And then Jughead Jones came out of nowhere.

He was listed as one of the actors to watch in 2017. The year before he had been in six movies working with Martin Scorsese, Jennifer Lawrence, Damien Chazelle, Anton Yelchin, Jeff Bridges and Mike Nichols. He had worked on the reboot of Twin Peaks and had four more films coming out in 2017, including a role in the newest Star Wars movie.

He had been working on a film with David Fincher in Los Angeles when he met Betty. She was a friend of actress Veronica Lodge who was currently working on the movie as well. They had all been invited to a party Charlize Theron was throwing.

He met her on the terrace after he snuck out to have a cigarette he wasn’t supposed to be having. Veronica was trying to ween him off the cancer sticks, as she called them.

“You’re not supposed to be doing that.” Betty chided coming out of the shadows. Her soft blonde hair whipping around her face.

Jughead jumped and clutched his chest in surprise. “Fuck!”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you but those things will kill you and if they don’t, Veronica certainly will. She’s been telling me all about her mission to make you smoke free.” Betty joked taking a step towards him.

“Can it be our little secret? I’m still not used to all this Hollywood stuff and the cigarettes calm me.” He admitted.

She smiled and nodded her head. “Sure.”

“You want one?” He offered her the pack.

“No thanks, it’s not good for my voice.” She informed touching her throat.

Jughead moved his head in understanding and put the pack in his pocket. “I love the new album by the way.”

Betty felt her cheeks flush, still not able to understand why anyone would praise her. “Thanks. It turned out really well but it was hell to make.”

“Yeah, I heard about all that stuff. I’m sorry.” He took a drag of the cigarette looking out to the city.

She shrugged, ripping up a leaf she had pulled off a plant. “I made a bad choice, we all make them.”

He stood up straight and stuck out his hand. “I’m Jughead Jones, by the way.”

Betty laughed. “I know.”

“You do?” He asked shocked.

“Well, yeah, Veronica pointed you out almost the second we got in here and I’ve seen your movies.” She smirked when his eyes went wide.

“You have?” He said still shocked.

“Yeah, there isn’t a lot to on a tour bus so I’ve seen La La Land and X-Men and Green Room, you’re good.” She tucked her hair behind her ear.

Jughead blushed. “And how did you meet Veronica?”

“I did a song for the Hunger Games movie she was in and we met her at the promo party. I found her in a bathroom, drunk and throwing up. I held back her hair and cleaned her up. We’ve been friends ever since.”

“What a strange thing to bond over.” Jughead remarked.

“Jug?” Veronica’s voice rang out. “Bets?”

Jughead started panicking, not knowing what to do with the cigarette. Betty giggled as she watched him struggle before taking the cigarette from his hand and throwing it over the side of the building.

They both turned to watch Veronica, the statuesque brunette, step out onto the terrace. “Good! You met, sorry I didn’t introduce the two of you sooner but these parties are so exhausting.” She stopped in front of the pair. “Were you smoking?” She asked, eyeing Jughead.

He shook his head. “It must be from one of the buildings around us or something or maybe a raccoon carried a cigarette up here-”

Betty cut him off. “There was someone out here smoking. They went in just before you came out.”

Veronica’s eyes narrowed. “Let’s go inside. James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender showed up and they are singing karaoke.” She clapped rapidly before turning on her heels and skipping back into the apartment.

Betty glanced at him with a grin. “You know, for someone who lies for a living, you’re a terrible liar.” She moved towards the inside and motioned her head in the same direction. “Come on, if we are doing karaoke then this is my time to shine.”

The two of them found themselves gravitating towards each other all night. Jughead couldn’t take his eyes off her when she sang a rendition of ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ with Michael Fassbender.

He immediately understood why she was the only one to be successful when the girls broke free from Aurora. She had that thing, that star quality that would make her incredibly famous even if she wasn’t talented. Your eye was instantly drawn to her.

The night came to a close but before her and Veronica left Jughead caught up with them.

“Hey Betty, do you think I could give you a call some time?” He asked feeling stupid for doing it in front of Veronica who began to smirk. “Or a text or email or call your agent? I don’t know, I’ve never asked out a famous person before.”

Betty laughed and shot a quick look to Veronica who gave her an encouraging nod. “Give me your phone.” She instructed.

He handed her the device and she punched in her number. “That is my personal number, please protect it.” She handed it back to him. “Please use it though.”

“I will, I promise.” He smiled at her.

Betty tucked her hair behind ears and laughed. “I’ll see you around then.” She gave him a small wave, got into the elevator and disappeared with Veronica.

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Imagine Chris admitting he’s still in-love with you.

A/N: Lol, what’s a hiatus? This is based on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’ in his new album ‘Divide’. First of all, I’m in-love with that album. If you haven’t heard it, go listen to it right now. Actually, listen to the song while you’re reading this. I promise that it’ll trigger all the feels in the world. I know I usually write happy stuff, but this song is too good not to write to so- here’s a little bit of angst for y'all. (Relax, it ends sweet.) Grab some tissues. X

“Why are you doing this to yourself, man?”

“I just have to see her, Scott,” Chris mumbled into the phone; his brother sighed on the other end. “This month has been terrible and-” he cut himself off with a shake of his head. “I just have to see her,” he repeated. “She’s the one person I want to see right now.”

“And she’s the one person that doesn’t want to see you right now, Chris,” he painfully reminded Chris; this time is was Chris’ turn to sigh. “You broke her heart, the least you can do is let her move on in peace. Don’t go to that bar, turn around and go home. You’re not going to feel better seeing her happy with someone else, just go home.”

There was a short moment of silence where Chris stopped and thought about what Scott was telling him. He knew himself and he knew was going to the bar anyway, but he thought about it. “Do you think I’m ever going to happy again?” He heard himself ask; he was doubtful without you in his life, but he could use a lie.

“Yes,” Scott answered. “Now go home, Chris.”

Chris hung up and continued down 29th and Park, ignoring both Scott’s advice and the better part of him. He made his way towards Carlson’s Bar where he knew you’d be supporting your best friend’s band, just like any other typical Friday night. His heart ached when he remembered that just a month ago, he was the one you took with you to Spencer’s show and now it was Nick; a co-worker that’d wasted no time to claim the opportunity of a lifetime that Chris so carelessly tossed aside. It was his fault, Chris knew that. He’d done quite a bit to hurt you in the three years you were together, he had thought he’d a lifetime to make it up to you; he didn’t. As much as you loved him, you couldn’t spend your entire life waiting on him to commit.

Chris turned the corner and stopped dead in his tracks; his blue eyes well with tears when he saw you in another’s arms. He was expecting it, but nothing could have braced his heart for what he laid eyes on. You were smiling, brighter than he’d seen in a while. Nick tightened his grip on you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear to make you laugh because there was no sound better than your laughter. Chris remembered when he used to do that, he used to be able to make you happy. He didn’t know when or why he stopped, he just knew it was the biggest mistake of his life. If he could go back, he would change everything so you’d be with him looking as happy- if not, happier than you were right now with Nick.

“Stop,” you laughed, squirming away from Nick’s clean shaven nuzzles. You tried not to let your smile falter when your heart reminded you of how Chris’ beard felt against your skin when he playfully nuzzled you. “Let’s go inside, it’s freezing out here.”

“Okay,” Nick smiled and pulled away from you to take your gloved hand.

You smiled as Nick held the door open for you. He was perfect, but it didn’t stop your mind from thinking of your Friday nights with Chris. It was never that simple with him, he always found a way to postpone joining the crowd because he preferred one on one time with you. He’d purposely walk slower or pretended he left something in his car so you’d have to turn back, only to find out that what he left was a kiss. As you walked inside, you found yourself remembering the way Chris would counter your “let’s go inside, it’s freezing out here” with a tighter hug that would “keep you warm, sweetheart.”

The more you thought about Chris, the worst you felt about being with Nick. It’d only been a month since you broke things off with him, how could be with someone else already? You spent three years with the man, the least you could’ve done was wait a little longer before you started to move on. Though it wasn’t likely that you were ever going to move on with anyone; Chris had ruined you for other men. If he had just shut up and committed, instead of making excuses and stalling- you’d be with him right now. You liked Nick, but your feelings for him were never going to compare with what you felt- still felt, despite how broken he left you- for Chris. He was the one for you, just as you were for him; the sad thing was he didn’t realize it until you walked out the door.

“I’m going to go grab a drink,” Nick told you and you nodded. “Do you want anything?” You shook your head; the last thing you needed was alcohol in your system. “Okay, I’ll be right back.” He gently squeezed your arm then disappeared into the crowd.

You scanned the room for familiar faces; it was the same group every Friday night. Spencer’s and yours mutual friends, as well as his other group of friends and his co-workers. It was always a good night, but it wasn’t until the first Friday night without Chris that you realized it was only always a good night because of him. You felt your vision blur as your heart wrenched in your chest; you really needed to get out of there.

The cold outside felt more inviting than the warm, slightly easing the emotional grief you’d been carrying on your shoulders since you broke up with Chris. The past month had been incredibly difficult for the both of you. The experience was about the same, neither of you liked living by yourself after living with each other for the past two years. It felt like a punch to your gut when you’d wake up without him by your side; the apartment you were now living in felt like it was constantly trying to suffocate you with isolation and loneliness. Every day, you’d wake up wondering if leaving him was the right thing to do. A month had passed and you still didn’t know if you were happier now, or happier with him.

“Y/N,” you heard Chris’ voice and you flinched. You shook your head, not wanting to turn around because there was no- “Y/N,” his hand wrapped around your wrist and he turned you around; you swallowed the urge to start crying.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, yanking your wrist out of his grip. You knew you’d break if he continued to touch you, you’d just melt right back into his arms despite everything he’d put you through. “We said clean break,” you reminded him.

“No.” He shook his head, his pretty blues glistened under the flickering street lights. “You said clean break, I told you I didn’t want to break up.” You turned away from him, taking slow, deep breaths; he didn’t need to see you cry.

“You didn’t want to commit either,” you bit as you turned back to him. “We were together for three years, Chris. We lived together for two. But still, whenever you were asked- you couldn’t admit you were in a relationship. You went out and partied like a bachelor, traveling the world like you had no one waiting on you at home.”

“Y/N, it was part-”

“It’s part of your job,” you cut him off. “Yeah, I know. That was always the excuse, wasn’t it?” Tears rolled down your cheeks and you quickly wiped them away. “I didn’t know being an actor meant you couldn’t be a boyfriend- that you couldn’t be a husband. But I do now, so- thank you, I’ll know better next time than to fall in-love with an actor.”

“I was just trying to protect you-”

“From what?” You scoffed. “From the media, from your fans? Newsflash, Chris- I knew what I was getting into when Captain freakin’ America asked me out. I didn’t need protection, I needed you to be proud to be in a relationship. I stood by you through everything; your work schedule, the distance, the tabloids and the rumors because- I loved and trusted you. But I guess all that wasn’t enough to be able to be Chris Evans’ girlfriend. You say you were protecting me, but you were just protecting yourself from commitment.”

“I know,” he nodded, agreeing with you for the first time. “I was stupid,” he said, taking your hands in his. “I wasn’t ready to settle down. I thought if I kept it from the media then- it wouldn’t be real and if we ever broke up- I wouldn’t have to deal with it. I thought if I could just get through my Marvel contract then- I don’t know, Y/N! I don’t know what I was thinking, I just-” He started to cry, making you cry. “I made a mistake, I was an idiot who didn’t know any better. But I do now, I am so in-love with you and I can’t- I can’t do this without you.”

“Am I meant to just forgive you?” You didn’t pull your hands away because you’d missed his touch. “You broke my heart, Chris,” you told him and he nodded in acknowledgment. “Do you know how much it sucked hearing people talk about how I was in a relationship with a man who couldn’t even admit he was taken? Do you know how much it hurt to see you with a fan who thinks it’s okay to get touchy because you’re apparently single? Do you realize how many of my friends’ weddings we’ve attended in our three years together? I can’t keep waiting for you to commit, Chris. I don’t want to,” you shook your head.

“I know, I’m sorry- I’m so sorry, Y/N. I just- I know how much I’ve hurt you, but I also know that no one is going to love you as much as I do. I made a mistake, that’s all- and I’m going to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Just-” he pulled you into a tight hug, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “Please,” he begged, crying. “Please let me.”

“I’m with Nick,” you cried softly, fighting the urge to just hug him back. It broke your heart to see him like this, and God- you just wanted to kiss his sorrows away. “I’m with someone else, Chris.” You repeated and he started crying harder, clutching onto you like you were his oxygen. “I can’t-” you gently pushed Chris away, “it’s not fair on him.”

“I know,” he whispered, wiping his tears away with the back of his hand. “And it’s not fair on you either, you deserve better than me.” You tried not to cry at that. “Are you happier with him?” He asked and cupped your face in his hands, gently brushing your tears away.

“Yes,” you lied with a nod.

“Okay,” he managed a smile. “Just know that- If he breaks your heart, I’m going to be waiting right here for you.” You nodded, crying softly as Chris pressed a kiss against your forehead. “I’ll see you, Y/N.” He said as he reluctantly pulled his hands away.

You closed your eyes as he walked off into the night because you knew you’d run after him if you watched him leave. You’d rather be with Chris, everyone- including Nick, who had watched the whole thing go down from the inside- knew that. So why didn’t you go with him? Why were you so stubborn? Why didn’t Chris stay and fight for you? Nick didn’t get it, none of your friends watching did. Then, it was as though a jolt of lightning went off in both yours and Chris’ brains. You opened your eyes and started towards his direction, just as he turned around and ran back towards you. You met halfway and shared an embrace that ended in a kiss so passionate and deep that on lookers blushed.

“I’m happier with you,” you whispered when Chris broke the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours.

“And I’m only happy with you,” he responded then kissed you again, smiling. “Come with me to the premiere of Gifted,” he told you. “We’ll walk the carpet together, we’ll announce our engagement.” You felt your eyes narrow at that, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face; it was finally happening. “Just let me show you off to the world, let me tell everyone I’m taken.”

“But we’re not engaged,” you chuckled softly.

“Not yet,” he smiled. “The ring’s at home so I can’t-”

“Yes,” you nodded and his smile widened. “Yes, I’ll marry you.” You told him and he hugged you tightly, breathing you in. The engagement was long overdue, he wished he’d done it earlier so he didn’t cause you as much grief as he did but- he was happy things ended the way it did.

“I’m never letting you go again.”

“Me neither,” you agreed, smiling.

Louis Tomlinson opens up about how his mum told him to 'make it up' with his former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik
JUST three days after the death of his beloved mum, Louis Tomlinson left the nation in tears with an emotional performance of his first ever solo track. The One Direction bad boy bravely stepped on…

JUST three days after the death of his beloved mum, Louis Tomlinson left the nation in tears with an emotional performance of his first ever solo track.

The One Direction bad boy bravely stepped on stage in front of seven million viewers on the final of The X Factor, fulfilling Johannah Deakin’s dying wish.

But it turns out that was not her only loving act for her heart-throb  son  from  her deathbed.

The 25-year-old today reveals his mum, who suffered from leukaemia,   initiated a secret reconciliation with his former best friend Zayn Malik, who he had not spoken to for a year since Zayn bitterly quit 1D.

In an emotional interview, Louis recalls: “My mum said, ‘You’ve got to get back in contact with Zayn. Life’s too f*****g short’.

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Seth Rollins | Happier

Title: Happier

Pairing: Seth Rollins/OFC

Summary: “…I knew one day you’d fall for someone new.”

Words: 2,646

Warnings: Past infidelity; Angsty Angst.

A/N: I wrote this based heavily on Ed Sheeran’s “Happier” from his new album Divide. I hope you lovelies enjoy this sort of upsetting little fic.

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Forbidden Fruit - Jared Leto x Reader

Title: Forbidden Fruit

Pairing: Jared Leto x Reader

Word Count: 3,250

Warnings: Implied Smut, Minor Nudity, Cheating

Summary: When you agree to take part in one of your friends’ videos you are excited. And excitment that turns into nervousness when you realize the kind of scenes you have with your crush and best friend Jared Leto.

Originally posted by vampirechelon

“Just a minute and we’re done sweetheart.” the make up artist told you with a smile and you gave her a nervous one.

“Oh no, don’t rush. Take your time.” you shook just softly your head and she chuckled.

“If I didn’t know any better and if I didn’t have eyes of my own I would say you’re not really excited about this huh?” she teased you slightly and you gave her an awkward smile.

“I- I- No, it’s not that. I’m just a little… nervous. Not- not about the scenes- it’s just that- it’s something new for me and… yeah.” you breathed out nervously and she nodded her head with a soft smile.

“I know what you mean- up to some part I guess.” she chuckled “The first time I came to work here as a make up artist I was shaking like a leaf. But then I saw that as far as it had to do with the thing I love most then- I would be fine.” she shrugged.

“I guess this can apply only if you love acting and singing though.” she added with an awkward laugh.

“Well, I guess.” you mumbled “Mostly acting, actually but- I am not doing it entire for that.”

“Then what if not your love for acting?” she asked, eyes focused on her work though.

“My love for my best friend.” you breathed out and she smiled.

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Hey sweet creatures, it’s been a while since I’ve made awards. 

So I introduce to you the Harry Styles awards. His new album is basically a gift and I loved it so I had to make awards! If you want to be considered, please read the following: 


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Imagine telling Woozi how much you love Seventeen’s new album and seeing his face light up in glee because he’s so happy to know that you enjoyed the songs.