love his name

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett-Salvatore ❤️

Look at his unmoving right arm. He’s not letting her slip away…. and that confident face he has with her. And she looks so unbothered, right? I feel like he’d hyphenate so she could keep the Bennett name strong! He’d want to respect her lineage and a part of her would love to take his last name, because she loves him. So they’d hyphenate. You know for their children, and they’ll be a happy, human family🙏🏽

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Here, have some more cute photos of Lauren from Michael Ausiello’s birthday party!!! (X) (X) (X)

somehow i ended up on free’s chinese wikipedia page (don’t ask me how bc i have no idea) and when i translated the page to english, nitori’s profile looked like this:

icy love?! i have no idea why his name translated to that, but it’s really cute!! i think i’m going to change my blog header to that!

alright @ DiPP verse members only u can ♥ this for a starter, i’ll get to it later !!

since this is bouncing off my post timeskip / non despair verse for kuma it’s prob worth noting for any muse meeting him for the first time, he’d definitely be mistaken for a v #edgy woman js 😭👌

Breaks my heart when beautiful animals like this are stuck in a cage with nobody to love them 😪 His name is Orbit and I couldn’t resist spending some time with him.

casual Johnny sketches

  • Atsushi: (breathes)
  • Akutagawa: Who does that bitch think he is.