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Thanks Jed, now we also have a view from above (and back) of Iain’s head. All hair is accounted for and of acceptable length. Our shaved nightmares belong to the past. 

Thirty One/3 ~Day 24


Angst, Violence, Major Character Death

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Trowa had been the assistant to the lead prosecutor, responsible for bringing marked members of the village to trial for witchcraft. It was his job to make sure those dangerous heathens were brought to justice so as not to endanger the good, God-fearing people of the village.

He never expected to see his love brought in, adorned in heavy chains around his wrists and ankles, when he’d been preparing the next case for the docket. When the burlap sack was removed from the prisoner’s head and familiar blue eyes blinked wearily up at him, his heart momentarily stopped beating. Someone had fingered Quatre as a witch and now his love was facing trial and ultimately execution. Trowa was also arrested when he refused to try the case, the court citing personal bias. He stood before them, weighed down with chains of his own. He was inevitably declared to be under a spell from the blond witch and therefore unable to perform his duties as an officer of the court. He was forced to witness the love of his life hanged from the gallows before he was banished from the village, never to return. 

But he did return. Two years later, in the dark of night, he returned with glass bottles, filled with moonshine of his own making, a single torch, and all the wrath he’d carried within him since he’d watched the brutal murder of his lover. He lit the strips of cloth that protruded from the ends of the bottles and threw them with a strength powered by black rage and the need for retribution. He watched his former village, his once home, burn to the ground and reveled in the screams that echoed through the night. When he could no longer stomach the carnage, he turned away, back into the forest and was never seen again. Quatre had finally been avenged.

My favorite thing about the pap photos of Tom being used in articles stating he’s in love is that his face is actually, ironically, a perfect reaction image for people who know it’s a stunt. Yeah, he definitely looks into her, folks. Totally.


so i drew equius putting vriska’s robo-arm together and figured i needed to do tav too! so here he is. (i got a little carried away lmao)