love his face

Paris, July 2015 - 2 lovely couples who made my heart melt.

The guy with the hat was taking pictures of his girlfriend, while she was asleep. He had the most genuine, tender, and loving look on his face. He was looking at her and touching her like she was art.

and in the background, these two beautiful girls kept hugging and nuzzling each other. The gestures felt so intimate, the whole world around them went blurry whenever you’d focus on them.

BTS Reaction: Saying They Love You for the First Time

This. Cute.

-Admin VP

Jungkook: “Soooooo Y/N, I need to tell you something…”

You: “Ya?”

JK: “Oh I..ummm…..I just wanted to….ummm…..say…i-i-…” *quickly whisperers that he loves you and runs away hiding his red face*

V: “Hey Y/N guess what.”

You: Yes, Tae?”

V: *looks at you over his pillow* “I think I’m in love with you.” *recovers his face with the pillow*

Jimin: *sighs and runs his hand through his hair* “Y/N……I love you more than I love Jungkookie.”

Rap Monster: “Hey, Y/N, come here!”

You: *playfully runs away*

Rap Monster: “No! Come back, I need to tell you that I love you!”

J-Hope: “Y/N?”

You: “Hmmmm?”

J-Hope: “iloveyou!” *starts doing gif cause he didn’t do it how he wanted to*

Suga: How do I do this? *doesn’t know how to tell you*

Jin:  *says with such confidence* “Y/N, I love you.” 

~see, Bangtan loves you too ^-^