love his costumes

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Scott's Carmen costume is like the most perfect costume design ever. It subtly highlights everything that is hot about him. Of course it's skin tight, but the mesh shows off his long neck, the way he moves his arms, and of course the cut on the upper back shows off his perfect posture. Fingers crossed that whatever they wear during their Olympic season is as good as this was.

I love his Carmen costume, so good. So perfect for that program

I did like the mesh detail that was added to his Latch costume this past season. And I liked that it was meshed down his waist so you got a peak at his sides, it was a nice touch. I also love that his costume was dark blue. Both her and Tessa look amazing in dark blue. 


a stage manager and her crew


David Tennant on the Tenth Doctor’s outfit

highlights of 4x07
  • shirtless Bellamy HELLO 
  •  honestly Kane is hot too 
  • and Harper DAMN 
  • “I just needed to see my mom” aw Clarke baby 
  • “Go take a shower” thank you Abby making sure Clarke is clean 
  • BELLAMY SUITING UP TO SAVE ONE OF THE HUNDRED that boy loves his costumes 
  • Honestly Bellamy is so BRAVE and GOOD I love him so much 
  • Becca’s house is amazing but there’s no way that pool stayed clean the whole time 
  • Shower time for Clarke hell yeah I love this new soft look 
  • Why won’t anyone let my baby girl rest 
  • …Oh Bellamy…such a sad moment but GOD Bob is so good 
  • Murphy and Emori, the morally gray murder children 
  • Ilian is such a cutie patootie but I want Octagon to stay the hell away from him!!! Don’t taint him with your shitty ways!!! 
  • Bellamy and Kane’s relationship is so important and their talks break my heart 
  • “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” YES Bellamy time to focus on people who actually care about you 
  • Oh hi Roan 
  • Omfg did Emori plant that guy here what a devious little bean I love her

delicacy and vibrancy