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Jun saw it coming, but it’s gonna bite back someday, Wonwoo. Took an entire year for him to take revenge on Dino though.

20 minutes into Game Theory and Chill and he gives you the look.

TItled: Pitchy Black Background Story

So here is some more background information on Pitchy Black.
(sorry for the small print)
I had a lot of fun with this and I can’t wait to do more art in the future involving this character, especially interacting with Pitch and the other cousins.
(I can imagine some shenanigans with Proto and some other fun scenarios.)

Pitchy Black is my OC~<3
Pitch Black belongs to William Joyce and Dreamworks~<3
PLEASE do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

Here is a bit more additional information on Pitchy if you’re interested:

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For Megan,

Happy Birthday you silly dork!!!<333

I feel so happy, to be able to see you alive and safe, after everything that you’ve been through. It’s kind of hard for me to find the right words for such a message, im not that good at explaining or talking;;;, but as nerdy as this message will come out i guess it wouldnt matter. ;^)

Everytime i check your blog, i see it full of love from people and from you aswell, which aways cover the sad moments the blog had. I still remember the first day i found your blogs, the first day i baked a cake as a gift, drawing you stuff although i suck at drawing;;; , or the emotional messages- ah man ,were those so long ago? It literally feels like yesterday. And months by months you seem to be growing so much,and weird coming from me considering that im younger than you..haha. You’re that kind of person who wouldnt be forgotten that easily, and i mean in a good way.Remembering the pickle family, all those pants eating thing, the stickers,drawings,comics,the gifs, the minecraft times too? hahaha. They were all such great memories that were created with your help, with your positivity and with -just you,existing.

Im happy that i met you, and although i couldnt help you that much in the past year, at least i know i tried and that im happy i got to know many sides of you, personalities and of course friends of yours.

Look at you know, strong, indipendent and ready to fight whatever comes in your way. Many people told you in the past that if you keep fighting you’ll get strong, lets face it, they didnt slutter ;D 

You are amazing and we are all trying to be there for each other.

This year might be different than the others that you had celebrated, but i just want you to know that you are loved by so many people, just by your smile, laugh or you being a smol dork.You care so much for people Megan, please continue being the amazing person you are, we all are so proud of having you here, spending all time together and having fun. 

                                   Happy Birthday, pickle mom(yup, didnt forget about that)

   @sai-shou                                                                                 with love  Cat.

How the RFA + V + Unknown Text Their S/O (MC)

(AN: Mini headcanon post that suddenly came to mind and I had to write it down. I’m sorry for the inactivity, I’m in the middle of exams, preparing to start work experience, and am also preparing to move house ^^” I’ll be very inactive for a while)


Basically loads of hearts and kisses in every text, and he texts constantly. Any time he has a spare moment, he’s checking up on you, making sure you’re doing well and that you know he loves you

  • Hey babe, good morning, I hope you’re doing well <3
  • Need anything from the store? Love you x
  • Can’t wait to see you again <3


His texts are so cute tbh. Full of hearts – he signs off nearly every text with them, or a star – and exclamation marks!!! He’s so excited to get to talk to his brilliant S/O!!!!!!

  • Hi sweetheart, hope u r having a good day!! <3 <3
  • Will u b home soon? :( Missin u!!! <3
  • Need anything? Will c u soon! <3
  • I miss uuuu!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Very proper texts, unless she’s had a bit too much to drink. Not very showing of her love through texts, but every now and then she’ll put a kiss in them.

  • How has your day been? I hope you’re doing well x
  • I’m just down at the café, sorry I left before you woke up. I knew you weren’t feeling well, so I decided I would do most of the preparation today to give you a bit of a break.
  • I’m so glad you agreed to be my partner.


He doesn’t really get the point of texting. He prefers to call or to actually be with you. Someone has to explain what the ‘x’s mean in texts. Loves putting the cat face (:3) in his texts, especially if it makes you laugh. He’s very proper in his texts though usually.

  • I love you, my princess/prince/prinxe. I hope you are well, and I cannot wait to see you.
  • You mean, this face? :3
  • I am very sorry, but I have more work than expected today so I will not be back until quite late. I hope you have a nice dinner with Elizabeth the 3rd :3 I will be back as soon as I can, I miss you so much x


Lots of emojis. Lots of memes. One second, he’ll be sending you ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ lyrics, line by line, through text, and then he’ll start sending lines from romantic songs or lines from your favourite songs. Also, sends you pictures of cute cats or dogs that he sees throughout the day.

  • *picture of a cat* Look!!! At!!! This!!! Fantastic!!! Creature!!!!!!!
  • *picture of scratches on his arm* ;; I tried to lift the cat, I just wanted to give it a hug, and this is the thanks I get ;;
  • I love you babe <3 You are my world
  • :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
  • A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of. You wouldn’t get this from any other guy ;)

V/Jihyun Kim

Oh shit guys he’s so sweet and adorable and lovely. He will text you regularly to make sure you’re okay – you can almost predict when you’re going to get a text. If he’s very busy, he’ll slip in to text talk or just send a heart. He tends to send kisses here and there, but not incredibly often. He’s quite formal and proper in his texts usually, but not as much as Jumin. He understands text talk really well, but doesn’t use it.

  • I love you my dear, I hope you are doing well x
  • I miss you
  • Busy day, hope u r okay <3
  • Will b home late, so sorry <3
  • You mean so, so much to me. I hope you never forget that. You’re amazing x
  • Hello there, MC. This is your daily reminder that you are brilliant and beautiful and Jihyun loves you with all his heart.


Texts you when he misses you. Doesn’t get text talk; he thinks it’s stupid. If he’s going to say something, he’s going to say it properly. Responds with one or two word answers when you text him – he’s not trying to be cold or distant or anything, he just wants to actually be with you if you two are going to talk.

  • Will you be back soon?
  • Where are you?

  • I miss you, MC (you know he’s really lonely or upset or scared when you just get this. He’s still working on reaching out for help)

[7/8] an underrated villain - Shere Khan
↳ “Ah, you have spirit for one so small. And such spirit is deserving of a sporting chance. Now, I’m going to close my eyes and count to ten. It makes the chase more interesting… for me.”

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ur art is a really huge inspiration to me tbh. I really like the colors you use and the way u shade ?? and your sona designs are PERFECT??? the way u draw expressions is v cute and.. have I mentioned I LOVE ur sonas. I also love that ur art is like.. shiny. it makes me happy to see it and I just. Love it sm and I just felt like saying it to u. I'm still kinda insecure abt sending this but anyways I hope youre having a great day n I hope you see a very cute dog (or a cat! u decide) today!!!!! <3

hi anon love u

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Hi! :) I love cats and I was wondering if you could tell us more about yours? (I mean, apart that he likes to lie on your keyboard xD)

This is Spook. She is a nerd.

She likes fuzzy blankets and cuddling. And computers/phones/notebooks/anything that steals the attention she rightly deserves.

Her people are nerds, too, and also call her Chat Noir, Shiro, our little Black Lion, Toothless, Peridot, Sophie, and Spookarin (Yes… yes, that is the name of my still-kind-of-a-favorite crack Cosmere crossover ship, Spook/Renarin. No, I don’t have an explanation for why we call our cat that. It just works as a cute diminutive of Spook.) (Also, she has like 20 names and they’re all references to fictional characters, and I can never remember them all.)