love his cape

there’s a really important difference between “I love this villainous evil character because they make the story way more interesting but I recognise that they’re a terrible person who deserves to be dropkicked into the sun” and “I love this villainous evil character and I will defend them with my life they are a precious sinnamon roll here’s 10,000 words of meta about why their behaviour is justified here’s 8000 angsty headcanons about how they’re secretly insecure and probably abused here’s my dubious justification for why they deserve a completely unearned redemption arc even though they’ve shown zero remorse or desire to change at all yes I know they gleefully murdered a bunch of people but if you look really closely at this screenshot you’ll see their dad didn’t give them enough attention as a child so actually they’re the real victim here” 

he’s quite the fighter


I know technically yuyear is over but I still have two drawings to go because for some reason this happened to be probably THE BUSIEST week, possibly ever. But I managed to fit some art in there too.

This is Hiei from before the Jagan implant, when he would wear his hiruseki necklace so he could fight and kill pretty much everyone. I loved his huge ragged cape, and the one I drew didn’t end up as full of holes, but it’s not bad.

endless list of marvel AUs (17/?) [for @holdendadcliffe]

Fitz & Simmons: Superman

With Krypton dying, Kal-El’s parents send their infant son millions of light-years away with hopes that he may survive the Kryptonian extinction. When his pod lands on Earth in rural Scotland, a pair of humans by the name of ‘Fitz’ raise the baby as their own, calling him ‘Leopold’. However, as he grows, it becomes clear that Leo isn’t exactly… ordinary

Determined to use his powers for good, but certain that doing so could put his adoptive parents at risk, Leo leaves Scotland for London, England, where he conceals himself day-by-day as a photo journalist working for the Daily Planet. But when trouble strikes, he steals away in a blue suit bearing his Kryptonian family crest and does all that he can to help.

Jemma Simmons, the Daily Planet’s lead reporter who just happens to be one of Leo’s closest friends, dubs London’s mysterious flying hero “Superman”. He’s like nothing anyone had ever seen before. He had superhuman strength and speed, no sense of gravity whatsoever, and he could set fire to things with his eyes. Was he a radical government experiment? A mutant? An alien? Jemma was determined to find out.

So, when Leo lets it slip one day while they’re working at their desks that he knows the Superman, she sets on him like a lioness.

“You know Superman? How?” “I don’t think he’d want me to say.” “Oh, Leo! I’ve been writing stories on him for over a year; if I were to get a world exclusive interview, I could be running this place by the new year!” “I don’t think he’s really the interview sort-” “-but you’re friends. Surely you could pull some strings? For me?”

It was a dirty move. He fancied the lead reporter like mad; he had since his first month at the Planet; and it was impossible to say no to her whenever she ended a request with “for me?”. So, he “set up” the interview with Superman.

He’d expected her to write her story, get even more famous for her extraordinary writing than she already was, and that would be that. He certainly wasn’t expecting Jemma to fall in love with his caped alter-ego. It made things… rather complicated. After all, how does one compete in a love triangle… with oneself? 

Autistic Headcanons : Eridan Ampora

-Has a superiority complex like Equius
-what the heck are social cues
-Seriously, guy has no capacity to read people whatsoever. He just launches straight in to whatever it is he needs/wants (very similar to how Jane does)
-He struggles to process emotions on his own so needs to talk them through with other people.
-His typing quirk is based off of something that started off as a vocal stim and has since reinforced itself into a tic. He can’t help but stutter over Vs and Ws.
-The good thing about this is he gets really nice echolalia from W words! (He likes making wuhwuhwuh sounds to himself when no one is around)
-Generally not too sensitive to touch but h a t e s anyone touching his hair
-His clothing is all stim related; heavy jumper and scarf are both pressure stims and the scarf and cape are both materials he loves to touch
-Flapping his cape about is also a fun stim!
-He spends most of his time on land because the feeling of being underwater is really disorientating for him (and Sensory Hell for his hair and gills)
-He likes shiny things and likes to collect them, his rings for example
-Special interest in cryptids. Tell me i’m wrong.
-He is the guy who will spend hours proving the nonexistance of troll Bigfoot by scouring the internet for every scrap of information on it.
-This plus hoarding is why he has so many wands (magic isnt real so let me jusT TEST EVERY WAND TO PROVE IT)
-He also has a special interest in tactics and game mechanics, similar to Vriska but more focussed on crafting legitimate strategies.