love his cape

there’s a really important difference between “I love this villainous evil character because they make the story way more interesting but I recognise that they’re a terrible person who deserves to be dropkicked into the sun” and “I love this villainous evil character and I will defend them with my life they are a precious sinnamon roll here’s 10,000 words of meta about why their behaviour is justified here’s 8000 angsty headcanons about how they’re secretly insecure and probably abused here’s my dubious justification for why they deserve a completely unearned redemption arc even though they’ve shown zero remorse or desire to change at all yes I know they gleefully murdered a bunch of people but if you look really closely at this screenshot you’ll see their dad didn’t give them enough attention as a child so actually they’re the real victim here” 


Go on commission her guys~! I think she still got some slots there! *7* I mean JUST LOOK AT HOW ADORABLY BEAUTIFUL THESE XTALE KIDDOS ARE ऀืົཽ≀ ͔ ͕̮ ऀืົཽ✧

Art & Xtale by @jakei95
Palette Roller by @angexci
Goth by me

luan35513  asked:

Small children Pale and Template? :3 (Sorry for bad English)

Took me long enough, but sure!! Have two smols!

This is basically their character

Template: blep.

Pale: *exists*

he’s quite the fighter

Inktober day 24: I am Darkwing Duck!!!

I made this as a thank you for @mrtigresss for (indirectly) introducing me to this cartoon! it’s… i love it. just look at this over-dramatic goofball

ooc:: this is how I picture Gaston would look if, by some miracle, he survived the fall ( years later mind you ). Sans one arm, covered in scars – and really rocking it.