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You’re Alive

Request from @ezrasrosewoodliars: Hey!! i’m such a big fan!! please can you do an imagine where Draco sees reader for the first time since the night dumbledore died and he thought she was dead because the reader is friends with the trio and goes hunting for horcruxes etc so he sees her and it’s so cute and stuff!! thank you!!

Thanks, I love PLL! Sorry this has taken a while, I’ve had so many imagines to do. I really enjoyed writing this!! Also, sorry if this is a bit crap, I got so carried away I wrote it all in one take, and it’s also really long because I wanted to make sure I got as much in as I could.

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For the meme thing: Boku no Hero Academia (also sorry I haven't been around a lot stuff been going on in my life right now)-Kes

Oh no, don’t apologize!! I have been a bit worried though, so thanks for letting me know. I hope you’re okay sweetie!!

And thanks for asking for BNHA XD Not enough people ask me about the fandom and I was really hoping I’d get to do it.

Favorite Male Character: All Might | Yagi Toshinori

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He is everything that is good in this world and I love him more than air itself. All he wants is for everyone to be safe and happy and he loves Izuku so much!!! 

Favorite Female Character: Uraraka Ochako!

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Uraraka Ochako is best girl, and anyone who disagrees is wrong~! She’s sweet and adorable, but can fuck you up if you mess with her friends. And honestly, I respect her so much.

Least Favorite Character: Endeavor

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He’s a fucking shitstain, and I honestly don’t know how he became a hero. He’s abusive and manipulative and honestly I feel so bad for Shouto T^T

Favorite Ship: Tbh, it’s a three-way tie between Iideku, Tododeku, and Todoiideku~!

Favorite Friendship: EraserMic!! I mean, I ship them too, but their friendship in canon is the funniest and most entertaining thing ever and I love them both so much XD Izuku, Iida, and Uraraka’s friendship is another one I really really appreciate. They’re all so good for each other <3

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Favorite Quote: “There’s a difference between something you were born with out of pure luck, and something you won after busting your ass for it.”

This quote basically sums up what the premise of this series is, and I feel like it’s such a good message to send to readers. And it’s not just about Izuku either. Like yeah, all the other characters in Izuku’s class were born lucky with these amazing quirks, but the only reason they’re as amazing as they are is because they all work so hard to master their quirks. Even someone with an amazing quirk like Todoroki’s or Bakugou’s would fall into mediocrity if they just tried to rely on the natural power of their quirk instead of working their asses off to get stronger.

Worst Character Death (if any): Mm, I don’t think this one really counts, since it’s basically the only one in the series and it happened before the canon storyline, but I’d say Shimura Nana’s death is pretty sad.

She was beautiful and amazing, and yeah she had her faults, but she was always doing her best to make the world a better place. Also, she’s big and buff and gorgeous.

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment:

Yeah I know, kinda a weird thing to be happy about. Nut I’m ngl, I had chills like woah when he showed up at the end of the USJ arc because this man. He can smile at literally anything. But the moment you hurt his kids? All fucking bets are off. And I adore that I love that he cares about his students so fucking much. All the teachers at UA are amazing and would fight to their dying breath to keep their kids safe, and this arc did a really good job of showing that, and I love it.

Saddest Moment: 

Favorite Location: UA!! The entire campus is just absolutely gorgeous and awesome and like damn, I would LOVE to attend school there. The dorms too look super amazing!!!

He’s My Friend (Percival Graves x Reader)

Request: Graves being jealous from afar and/or up close because the reader is paying attention to someone else.

A/N: Okay this ended up being somewhat sadder than I originally planned so please ensure your seatbelts are strapped in tight before the flight thank you

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“Take that bucket over there, that’s for the mooncalves.”

You glanced at Newt, who had his brow furrowed in concentration as he reached into the occamy nest to inspect one. Even though you had known him for a while now, he never failed to fascinate you. Especially the way he would drop everything he was doing just to help one of his creatures. He was a caring man, and you deeply valued the friendship you had with him. 

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Dear 560 readers, I love you all. Here’s a fluffy text !

IMAGINE : Pietro and you arguing about the fact that you don’t want to get an apartment with him. He thinks it’s stupid to almost live together but to go back to your respective flat in the morning and doesn’t understand your reaction so he takes a decision …
SONG : By Your Side - Tenth Avenue North


You screwed up your eyes as Pietro stared at you. He crossed his arms, looking determined. You groaned and said again :
“We just … can’t live together ! It would be such a mess.” You shook your head and you leant against the wall.
You didn’t think what you were saying, but you were so afraid Pietro could leave you, you just didn’t want to be disappointed in the end.
“Why ? I mean we’re adults …” You could see a frown developing on his beautiful face and you thought you were going to argue all night long.
You laughed nervously, trying to make fun of the situation but you knew it had failed when he sighed.
“I thought it was serious … You know, you and me.” He swallowed.
His voice had changed, it sounded sad. You bit your bottom lip, deeply hurt by his words. Your eyes filled with tears and the only thing you managed to mumble was :
“It is.”
“Then what ?” He seemed so upset and something in your throat made it difficult for you not to cry when you answered :
“What would I do if you leave ?”
He frowned and gazed at you, confused.
“What ? Why would I leave ?” He asked.
“I don’t know, maybe for some other girl, because that’s life … And there are so many beautiful girls who would like to …” You mumbled.
You couldn’t finish your sentence, he was already gone and you were standing all alone in the empty room. Your heart slowly broke into pieces.
But a few seconds later, his arms were around your waist and you sighed through your tears. His body against yours was the best sensation you knew. He was so close you could feel his fresh breath on your mouth.
“You’re really afraid of that ?” He whispered.
You looked at him and just nodded, already lost in his deep blue eyes. He remained silent and kissed you slowly. His tongue around yours was so soft, you could feel this tingling itching but nice sensation only him could give you from head to toe. He was breathless as he kissed you passionately but he finally moved his mouth back.
“Then marry me.” He sighed against your lips.
His eyes reflected mild anxiety and fear. Your heart skipped a beat and you stopped breathing, you raised your head to look up, eyes wide open.
“What ?…” You gasped, frowning a little bit. You thought you must had misunderstood.
He reached into his pocket and handed you a small box. It was certainly the reason why he had left a few minutes earlier.
You opened it to discover a beautiful ring with a line of diamonds. The most amazing jewel you had ever seen in your whole life was right here in your hand.
“Marry me (Y/N).” He repeated louder as you stared at the ring.
You blinked, shocked. You weren’t waiting for that, at all. You were lost for words and could barely utter :
“But …”
“I belong to you. I was upset I couldn’t find a way to show you how much you mean to me and I still think it’s not enough but … You’re my north and south, and there will never be a song, a word or anything else in the universe that explain how much I love you …” He paused, still gazing at you. “And I want to spend the rest of my life by your side.”
He took your hand to place it on his chest thus you could feel his pounding heart. As if he was reading your mind, he stated :
“Yes, you’re the only one who makes me feel like that, alive. I know it’s not pretty romantic but … I couldn’t keep that for myself forever.”
You looked in his eyes and you could say he was truly sincere. You realized how much the chromosomes of his heartbeat were an exact clone of yours and your skin started to burn as heat flooded your cheeks. You never imagined you would marry someone, even less Pietro.
“W-When … did you decide to …” You stuttered, blinking.
He ran his fingers through his silver hair nervously.
“It’s been a month …” He mumbled.
You smiled as a sweet sensation of euphoria was spreading in your stomach, then in your whole body. You had never in your life imagined it could be so perfect. The man you loved, the one and only, was proposing you.
“So …” He looked down and his voice suddenly sounded anxious.
You giggled before answering.
“Yes … Yes I’ll marry you Pietro Maximoff.” You replied with a little voice hushed by tears of joy.
He lifted his head up with sparkling eyes and you gazed at him a few seconds. You suddenly pressed your lips against his and you could hear your heart beating hard in your chest. There was not a sensation in the world, not a jump in the air or anything else in the universe that was better than this moment.
“I love you …” You sighed, grabbing his shirt between your fingers.
He was smiling like never before when he took your face in his hands to look in your eyes.
“I love you more than my own life (Y/N) …” He whispered before kissing you passionately.
All the love you could feel for him, and all the passion that burnt your heart flowed in this kiss. At that moment, you realized it wasn’t just a ‘Yes’. The fact was you couldn’t live without this man in the same way that you couldn’t breathe with no air. You loved him so deeply, more than the world, more than the sun or happiness itself.
He was your everything and you were his.

Okay my wonderful cupcakes with sprinkles it’s time to get a grip

Hello my lovely fandom family. At this point my inbox is starting to fill up with sheer and utter panic. 

The concerns post Olicity break up are thus:

- Oliver is going to sleep with Cupid

- Oliver is going to sleep with Samantha

- Oliver is training with Laurel, while Felicity is in a wheelchair. HOW COULD HE BETRAY HER LIKE THAT?

- Oliver training with Laurel is just further evidence of them getting back together.

- Oliver is going to sleep with Laurel 

- Oliver is reuniting with Laurel. We’ve been duped by the writers. There is no Olicity. This is all about L*uriver. They never changed the endgame.

- The picture of Laurel will reemerge in the flashbacks and this means L*uriver is getting back together

- Flashback Ollie will look at Laurel’s picture, stop banging the Unpleasant Looking Woman (aka Whatshername) because he’ll remember he’s suppose to love Laurel.  Flashback Ollie will borrow the LOT time machine, probably bang Sara on the trip, and then show Present Day Oliver Laurel’s picture. Present Day Oliver will see Laurel’s picture, remember he’s suppose to love her, train with Laurel, propose to her, kick Felicity out of the loft (while she’s in the wheelchair of course) and then they will have all the sex. All in episode 4x16. 

***It’s possible I made the last one up. 

Before you ask, yes these were Olicity fan messages. 

Around the middle of the season the Olicity fandom begins their reenactment of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. 

It’s okay. I anticipate it. It’s sort of watching Ruldolph The Red Nose Reindeer at Christmas every year. It’s just the time of year that happens.

But could we, I don’t know, maybe attempt a level of reason that borders on sanity? 

After FOUR YEARS the writers have shown the following:

- They adore Olicity

- They understand Olicity is a core component of their show

- They understand with CRYSTAL CLARITY that 98% of their audience loves this relationship

So, maybe, could we show just a little faith in their writing abilities? I’m not asking you to abandon your livelihoods and follow Guggie wherever he goes. I’m just saying take a breath. View things in a calm manner. Approach the story with reason, not panic. View spoilers with logic, not fear. 

Offer the love story you adore a smidgen of belief.

I’m not going to address each of these concerns because

That said… a couple of points. Any training with Laurel is the writers checking off the fanboy list before they ship Buckles off. 

Whether she dies, leaves town, starts the first colony on the moon - whatever. Buckles is not long for the Arrow world. The writers are tying up loose ends & wish list requests so they can boot her ass with a modicum level of peace & quiet in regards to her fans.

Additionally, I would like to say this. At some point, we need to believe in the heart of the hero in this story. 

We have to believe in the goodness of Oliver Queen. He’s come a very long way since Season 1. He has more than proven he loves Felicity Smoak. She is air to him. He loves her more than life itself. 

Yes, he screwed up. Big time. But this break up has NOTHING to do with Oliver not loving Felicity or Felicity not loving Oliver. He will desperately want her back and will do anything to win her back. His plan to win her back will not include include sleeping with (INSERT RIDICULOUSNESS HERE). Oliver went an entire season without sex because he simply couldn’t fathom being with anyone else. And that was when he had absolutely no hope of ever being with Felicity Smoak. 

You honestly believe his next move after this break up is to bang the next woman he comes into contact with? 

His plan will entail becoming MORE honorable, not less, and this is one pretty honorable guy already. You either believe in Oliver Queen or you don’t. 

And if you don’t… it’s time to turn the channel.

There is no L*uriver. It is over. Everybody on both sides of the fandom needs to embrace the story the writers are telling and this is simply the reality.

I have explained to near ad nauseum the necessity for this break up. It is 100% business driven. It’s a TV show. This is how they work. The end result will be a marketing blitz promoting the Olicity wedding the likes of which this fandom has never seen.

Just think about the promotion for the first date. Now multiply that times 10. Then add 2 million to it. That will be the sum total of the promotional power behind the Olicity wedding. It will be ALL. SUMMER. LONG. It will be the focus of SDCC. It will be the focus of the entire first half of Season 5. Felicity trying on dresses. Bridesmaids trying on dresses. Discussions of venues, food, bachelor and bachelorette parties and all the villains trying to gum it up along the way. Then 5x08 will arrive. It will be the episode of your dreams. Actual fanfiction come to life. ON STEROIDS. Arrow, Flash, Legends - all your favorites, every character, celebrating one glorious couple: OLICITY.

All we need to do is just… relax. 

Let it happen. 

Let the dream come to you. 

You don’t have to chase it. 

The writers are going to wheel it into your living room. They are going to present it to you on a silver platter. You just have to sit and watch.

All they are asking from you is a few measly little weeks. Just a couple of episodes of Oliver and Felicity in total and absolute misery so they can get to the date they need to get to. 

If it helps, pretend like the writers have sent you a “Save the Date” card okay? Because, trust me, they have.

Just a little calm okay? Some chill. A fraction. 

We can do it. We have achieved far greater feats my friends. That is all I have to say my wonderful blueberry muffins with extra crunchy munchies on top. 

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if you could write the script/direct the episode where Johnlock becomes canon, how would you do it?

*rubbing hands together* welly well

I’d either use the Three Garridebs scene or get them into a huge arguement. I loved (well, “loved”, it fucking broke my heart but you know what I mean) the post when one person came up with this scene in which John would yell he wishes Sherlock was still dead and Sherlock screams back “me too”, so yeah that would be a good one, or when John finds out about Sherlock’s scars (see: the beginning of TEH, the scene in Serbia). You know, kind of John asking many questions “who did this to you?”, “why didn’t you fucking tell me?” and Sherlock just staring at the floor until finally he cannot just stop himself anymore and shouts “FOR YOU, ALRIGHT! I DID ALL OF THIS FOR YOU, SO YOU COULD HAVE WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED, SO YOU COULD HAVE MARY, AND A WEDDING, AND A BABY, AND A NEW LIFE WITH OR WITHOUT ME!” and John just kisses him… If it’d be the Three Garridebs scenario then I guess John would get shot, flatlined or something, and Sherlock would just go crazy because remember how he completely lost his shit in TEH? Now imagine what would happen if he’d see someone shooting John or hurting him in any way…. yeah… so yes Sherlock would lose his shit and hm for example on the way to the hospital beg John not to leave him, tell him his life without John has no sense, no meaning, that John’s everything he lives for, that he needs him more than he needs air, that he loves him, loves him so much… and that’s when John would open his eyes. Or I don’t know, came back to life.

As to directing… I don’t know much about it (sadly, but I promise to get better :-P), but I think it should be simple, with few or none shot changes, no music, warm lighting (preferably the type they used in TBB as far as I remember, when Sherlock looked like the moon, and John looked like the sun, that was absolutely beautiful)… 

So yeah. Hope that answers your question.

Luke Request for @meghanlawley13

I’m doing this on my mobile app so hopefully it all makes sense! Xx

I was sitting in the car with Luke. We were driving to his parents house,it was New Years and we promised we would spend New Years with them. As we pulled in I replied my lipstick and adjusted my skirt. After Luke turned off the car he looked at me and took my hand,”Don’t be nervous babe. It’s just some of my family”. I took a deep breath and nodded my head. He leant over to me and kissed my forehead. He was such an angel always taking care of me and putting me first when it came to everything and anything.
He came to the passenger door and opened it taking my hand in his. Walking towards the the front door. He opened it with one hand never leaving my hand and I only gripped it harder making the moisture between both of our palms grow. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by his mom “Ahhh Luke hunny! And how are you y/n? I’m so glad you guys could make it! I hope you guys are ready for dinner!” Luke of course answered for me knowing how nervous I was.
We went and shook hands with the rest of the family. Getting introduced as Luke’s fiancé to say the least I was more than happy that I held that title. I loved him more then I loved himself. More than the air I took.
We finally made it to the dinner table. We ate our dinner everyone talking over each other. After dinner I checked my phone it was nearly 10:00 they had pushed dinner back since we’re going to have a long night. All I had to do was stay up for 2 more hours and then I could go to sleep. Time of course passed quickly,playing monopoly and watching the New Year Eve show. It was finally 11:59 and everyone started to count down. Luke took my hand and pulled me in to him. Being the sweet angel that he was he said “I can’t wait to spend every New Year with you for the rest of my life.” As the time ticked he just kept holding me until it was time, he leant in to me and fully pressed his lips in to mine. Trying to still remain pg-13 for his siblings since they were still awake. It had been my 1st New Years kiss…. And the rest that was to come was the best part.
After hugging everyone goodnight as the party continued downstairs. I dragged myself in to Luke’s room. I would sleep here for the night. I took off all of my clothes and just found one of the shirts Luke had left for when he spent the night. I put over my body and couldn’t help but to smell the aroma it have off. It smelt like Luke… My Luke.
I finally crawled in to his little twin size bed. And covered myself with his Penguin comforter. He was an odd one that’s for sure. As soon as I closed my eyes I was brought in to a deep sleep. Losing all conscious of what was happening.
I was woken up to something wet flicking at my clit. I panicked, I quickly lifted up the covers and found Luke in between my legs, he looked up at me and said “Hi babe,sorry I got hungry.” I looked down at him and have him an arched eyebrow, I then bit my lip and said “Oh ok. Finish up now I don’t want my baby not to get enough nutrients and be weak”. I winked at him and he went back down,slightly laughing causing vibrations to hit my body. I laid my head back down and as his tongue started to swirl around my clit I brought my hands to his hair lightly tugging on it.
His tongue ran up and down my folds. Licking up all my juices and then adding to them. He would come to my clit and start sucking on it for just a little bit before,he would move around. Constantly moving his tongue I started to move my hips in to his mouth. I wanted more contact, I wanted him. I stared to feel my climax rise. My legs started to shake and my back arching in the air while I pulled harder on his hair and he continued with his tongue. He then pulled from me and said I’ve had enough.”I think you’re hungry now.”
I smirked at him,and waited for him to come and lay on the bed. I pulled down his jeans and boxers while he pulled his shirt from his body.
I straddled him and without further warning I took his thick veiny shaft in to my hand and pumped it a few times until, I had him begging for my mouth. I went down and started to do light flicks at the tip of his dick, and then I went to the underside of his cock and started to swirl my tongue around him. “God yes y/n. That feels so fucking good”. I then started to push him inside of my mouth. Trying to relax my muscles until he was in. The tip of his dick hit the bottom of my throat and I deep throated him over and over again the saliva coming out from the sides of my mouth. He would push my head in to him needing and wanting more of me until, he spoke up and said “Stop I need you babe”. I pulled away from him and went to straddle him. I took him in my hand and rubbed my folds against. I looked down to him and his eyes were black with lust. He was gonna lose it if I didn’t take him. I slowly started to let him inside of me feeling every inch of him fill me. He let out a soft grunt trying to keep quiet for the sake of his family. I bit my lip and continued my way down on him until I hit his shaft. I then instead of going up and down on him, I started to swirl my hips on him. Making deep circles so her got a 360 of me he then took my hips and held me down he looked at me and said “I can’t handle it. I’m making you mine”. I simply replied with “I’ve always been yours”. With that he flipped me on to my back a she started to pound in to me. His rhythm so steady and firm,always hitting my gspot. I started to squeeze my core muscles around him. At that,his lips went to my ear,”God fuck fuck babe don’t stop doing that”. I loved knowing that I could add to his pleasure,I smirked until came down to my lips and presses them to mine. He lost himself in to me. His thrusts going sloppy,his balls hitting against me over and over,my breasts moving to his movements. My nails started to dig in to his skin, I knew I would leave deep purple marks from them. He never lost contact with my mouth. Yet my moans were coming out,splitting apart for a bit to breath. He finally broke away from me for more than a second and said ” I’m going to cum y/n.” I bit my lip and nodded my head to let him know I was close too. He then pressed his lips to my mouth and started to pound harder in to me,my legs started to shake,my toes curling in to the bed and my nails digging lines to his perfectly sculpted back. With one last thrust I felt my self hit climax I stared shaking and moaning to his mouth,him relentlessly pounding inside of me. Mid way through my orgasm I felt him pulse and go stif inside of me his hot liquid filling me. His lips never leaving mine. He finally fell on top of my chest, my body covered with his sweat. He laid on top of me until he pulled himself out and laid next to me on the twin size bed him. His legs hung over the edge of the bed, and I couldn’t help but to giggle. “What’s so funny y/n?”he asked. I looked at him and said “thefact that we just made love in your bed that you’ve had since you were like 5.” He turned on to his side and pulled me in to him. Him spooning me up and holding him in his arms while he ran one of his fingers down my stomach. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted in to sleep while he continued to run his fingers along my body.

Okay my heart is broken

But like what is happening to my baby? How is he getting home? Is someone taking care of him? Is he all alone in the dark? Is he really spending the night crying and shivering, thinking that all of the love Even has given him was nothing but a symptom of his illness? The worst part is we know Isak does not have much insight into mental illness and doesn’t understand much about it, so he will believe Sonja in a heartbeat. He will immediately think that he is bad for him, that their love is nothing but a result of mania. He will hate himself, think that he drove Even crazy. That everything he feels is one sided. He will stay away thinking that Even is better off without him.

When the sad truth is Even needs him more than he needs air to breathe. His love for Isak is the one thing that will make him strong enough to get better again. Because true fact, Love is not a symptom of mental illness, Love is the one thing that can pierce that veil of darkness and shed enough light to make you see the entire world around you again. Love is the one thing that wakes you up and reminds you that you can feel things other than pain and loneliness. Love is the reason we fight the darkness, instead of taking the easy way out and letting it consume you.

Isak was and is the light that Even’s love for him let through, He is the thing that has been making Even question everything that people (Sonja) have been telling him he should feel, versus what he really feels. We can see now that he has been trying to come to terms with these feelings while also having an overpowered need to be around Isak, because Isak is the light that is making Even truly see the world and everything in it. He is helping him not be afraid of his feelings, to embrace them. Accept them. Just like Even has helped Isak not be afraid of his own feelings and to accept his sexuality and love for Even.

I do believe Even has turned his back on the treatment for his illness because he is afraid of losing the light his love for Isak gives him. He is terrified of losing him. And this is the most humane thing in the world. To try to ‘fix’ yourself to be enough for the person you love, even if it means endangering yourself.

I also know for sure that the only way for Even to get through this is if he has his light by his side, and for that to happen we need Isak to understand that he is not the cause of the illness, he is Even’s saviour.

Together they will save each other. <3

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This is my swallow. It represents the love and loyalty I have for the man of my dreams. It is also a symbol of freedom and hope. I am grateful for everything that Grant is doing to keep me free.

Swallows return to the same location every year to mate and nest…I know he will return to me. Swallows also keep the same mate for life, and well.. I have found my mate. He is my best friend and the love of my life. I need him more than I need air and water.