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now or never // sweet pea imagine part 2

Title: now or never

Warnings: none really just your bright mix of fluff, angst, anger

Summary: Sommer decides to take matters into her own hands and confronts our favorite tall serpent at the Whyte Wyrm. 

A/N: literally embarrassed i set the comma in the direct speech wrong all along lmao i’m sorry. aslo i’m really happy how this turned out since i took more time in writing it, trying to really make you feel with the characters through their body language. i’ve read over it so there should be no typos. if you find some, just message me if they’re major and annoying. PLEASE

now have fun!

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Veronica Lodge had called Sommer naïve on my occasions. Like when she came to Reggie Mantle’s defense about listing her name in the playbook, saying he was most likely forced to do so by the other football players. Veronica had only scoffed at that, Betty gently touching her shoulder as if to console Sommer.

If Veronica knew that Sommer was walking down the dimly lit streets on the Southside of Riverdale, she would be furiously dragging her back to the Harris’ residence by her hair.

The wind was howling through the small town, Sommer’s heels clicking on the floor. She wrapped her black coat tighter around her frame, damning herself that she thought wearing a velvet dress underneath was a good idea.

One week had passed since Sommer had seen Sweet Pea last. Whenever she relived his words, they felt like a knife plunging through her heart repeatedly. She doesn’t exactly remember how many times she called him and then hung up quickly because she was unsure of what to say. Should she apologize? For what? For making him feel something other than anger and rage.

Sweet Pea wasn’t one to talk about his feelings, he had never been. But Sommer didn’t need him to.

When he thought she wasn’t looking, she noticed the way his eyes would follow her every movement, the way he would smile affectionately at her when she talked and the sweet nothings he whispered into her ear when he thought she was already sleeping.

It was fear that held him back, that she knew. The fear of loving someone, the fear of being vulnerable and not being able to do anything about it. He was scared she was going to slip through his fingers one day, without him being able to pull her back.

Sommer looked around, checking her surroundings occasionally, making sure she wasn’t being followed as she knew how dangerous this side of town was at night. She checked her phone again, making sure her GPS was leading her in the right direction of the Whyte Wyrm as she had never been there.

Sweet Pea would always tell her that the bar was a local spot for the Southside Serpents to hang out at. Since he used to go there when they couldn’t meet up, this was the place she was most likely going to find him since she didn’t know where he lived.

She checked her attire and sighed. She really could have thought this through, she couldn’t look any more like a prestige Northside girl.

Sommer might as well have worn her River Vixen uniform to paint an even bigger target on her back. She put her hands in the small pockets of her coat and gripped her pepper spray tightly.

The Whyte Wyrm wasn’t like any other bar Sommer had been to. It wasn’t as fancy and exclusive like the one her uncle owned in New York.

As she pushed the red doors open, it reeked of cigarette smoke and a sense of danger hung in the air. As Sommer stood at the entrance, now regretting her decision she even came here, she wished the floor would swallow her in whole. She was sure she had the attention of most of the serpents on her and it wasn’t one she could particularly enjoy.

Sommer closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reminding herself who she was here for in the first place. She quickly scanned the room, looking for the tall, raven-haired serpent but he could nowhere be found.  She spotted a few serpents surrounding a pool table. She took a step forward, hoping Sweet Pea might be amongst them but she felt a hand grip her shoulders.

She froze, her breath quickening as she slowly turned around and looked into the brown eyes of a girl. She was short and had a slim complexion. Her long, wavy hair had streaks of pink in it and she wore a bandana on top of it. Her left eyebrow was furrowed, looking the girl up and down.  She sneered at her and crossed her arms over her chest.

“So, you’re the girl Pea has been going on about,” she declared amusingly, a small smile gracing her face as she bobbed her head. Sommer’s eyes widened in uncertainty.

“He told someone? I mean – it’s not a bad thing you know – but, I mean considering the circumstances.” Sommer let out a breathless laugh and tucked a lock of hair behind her ears, a habit she had, signaling she was nervous. The serpent rolled her eyes.

“Considering you’re from the Northside and he’s a serpent, you mean?

“I don’t care that he’s from the Southside. I don’t care that he’s in a gang. I care about him. And I need this boy to understand that no one walks away from me!” Sommer scowled and the pink-haired girl let out a soft laugh.

“I’m Toni. Toni Topaz,” she introduced herself. Sommer smiled. “Sommer Harris. But you probably know that already.”

“Just so you know, I texted your lover boy. Should be here any second. It wasn’t hard to figure out who you are. What exactly were you thinking when you came here, girl? You’re lucky no one else approached you, might not have ended as nicely.”

“To be completely honest with you, Toni. I didn’t have a plan B. Only a pepper spray which sounds ridiculous now that I say it out loud. But I just…needed to do something.”

Toni gave Sommer a comforting smile, which quickly turned into a grimace as she looked behind the Northsider.

Sommer turned around and saw Sweet Pea taking long strides towards her, his jaw clenched, and anger radiating from him. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. He quickly grabbed her by the arm, pulling her with him towards the door. Sommer took one last glance at the pink-haired serpent who waved at her and mouthed a Good Luck to her.

The cold air hit Sommer as Sweet Pea angrily pushed open the doors of the Whyte Wyrm.

Sommer looked up at Sweet Pea, taking in all of him. His messy, dark hair she loved running her fingers through. His plump lips she had missed so dearly and his broad shoulders she would cling on to for dear life.

He looked furious. His brown eyes were narrowed, his muscles tense under his leather jacket and the veins throbbing in his neck.

“What the hell are you doing here, Sommer?” he spat, a scowl on his face. Sommer balled her small fists and took a deep breath as her expression hardened.

“What I’m doing here? What I’m doing here!?” she screeched, her face flushed. “I’m here for you, you cretin. You can’t just expect me to forget about you and move on!”

“Do you know how dangerous and stupid it was of you coming here from all places? Wearing…that! You’re lucky Topaz recognized you and texted me!”

His loud voice boomed through the air and the girl took a step back, wincing at him. His eyes softened at her movement, clearing his throat and opening his mouth to say something.

“I know, okay! This was probably the most stupid and dumbest thing I could have done. But I knew you wouldn’t answer any of my calls and I didn’t know where you lived so this was my best shot. Also, I’m wearing custom-made Louboutins and a Vera Wang coat, thank you very much. I was supposed to go to Nick St. Clair’s party but he’s not worthy of my time.”

Who the hell is Nick St. Clair!?” His shoulders tensed. He couldn’t bear the thought of Sommer getting close to another boy. Sommer rose her eyebrows challengingly, a twinkle in her eyes as she put her hands on her hips, looking up at his tall frame.

“None of your business. Anyways, I’m not here to talk about him. I’m here to ask you something.” Sweet Pea ran his fingers through his hair, seemingly annoyed and wanting Sommer to leave.

“What are you afraid of?” His brows furrowed, looking at her in confusion.

“Is it commitment?” she pushed. He stiffened, and realization dawned on his face as his head lowered, not daring to look Sommer in the eyes. His expression dulled, and he stayed quiet for a few seconds, contemplating on what to say. The silence seemed deafening to both teenagers.

“You should go. I’ll wait for you until you call someone to pick you up.”

He pressed his lips together, though, not being able to hide the crack in his voice and the gloomy look in his eyes as he looked up again.

She inched forward, slowly draping her arms around his neck to hold him in place, hoping he wasn’t going to turn away from her. She looked up at him, eyes gentle and caring.

“I’m not going anywhere, I think you should know that by now,” she said, her voice low. His breaths quickened at the proximity. He had felt lonely for the past few days, yearning to touch her, to hold her close.

He cleared this throat. “I never meant to hurt you,” he began, voice shaking as he was unsure how to put his feelings into simple words. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, Sommer,” he admits, pulling her small frame closer to him by her waist. “I have never felt like this before with any other girl,” he explained, shutting his eyes.

“I’m scared one day you’ll see what I see every day when I look at you. That… you’re simply too good for me, princess.” For the first time in his life, Sweet Pea had laid out his feelings openly, leaving him utterly vulnerable and Sommer stunned and unable to move.

His face twisted. “I can’t afford to lose you,” he added with a mere whisper. Her mouth turned into a smile, her eyes sparkling at his confession.

“Listen here, Sweet Pea. You’re stuck with me now, okay? You have been since the very first day. Don’t ever think for one second that you’re too good for me. Because you’re not. You’re everything I could have asked for,” she said, looking him deeply in his eyes, hoping she would remove every trace of doubt he had in himself.

“If you ride, I’m riding too,” she added, a small smile tugging at her lips.

“You truly are a ride or die, aren’t your Harris. Coming here to the Southside, all by yourself like the badass you are.” He gave her a lopsided grin as he put his calloused hands on either side of her soft face to caress her rosy cheeks. Her face lit up at his affectionate way, enjoying every second of it.

“Don’t ever put yourself in danger for me, got it, baby?” he whispered huskily, his voice laced with concern. He looked at her lips and then into her eyes again.

“I missed this.” She sighed contentedly, causing Sweet Pea to chuckle. He leaned into her, placing a gentle, slow kiss on her lips. Soft and warm, sweet, with a subtle taste of peppermint. It felt like the first time all over again, butterflies erupting in both of their stomachs. Sommer pulled away and leaned her head against his chest as he buried his face into her soft hair, as the smell of pine and lavender mixed.

“Let’s get out of here.”

She didn’t have to speak to say that she had lost someone she loved.

You could see it in her dark circles, chapped lips, and messy hair.

You could see it in the way she stopped trying to take care of herself, and how she took on bad habits.

When she rolls around in her bed, sleepless, she makes sure to stay on her side of the bed

In case, he ever comes back.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #32 // @loveactivist
Treat You Better

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warnings: some violence, cursing and smut. NSFW +18.

word count: 3135

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 I Part One I Part Four I Part Five I

Word Count: 4,808

Genre: Angst. Fluff 

Characters: Kwon Jiyong a.k.a G-Dragon (BigBang), Song Mino (WINNER) 

Synopsis: A complicated love affair takes a toll on Mia and jiyong. They must decide if they can forgive and forget or harbor hatred in their hearts and take revenge. But in the midst of this decision, a horrible accident complicates everything. 

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Jiyong was staring at her from the corner of his eye. Mia had been cracking her own knuckles, brows knit in deep thought as she chewed on the inside of her cheeks. He knew her well enough to know that she was strategizing something in her mind and thinking about every outcome her choices would cause. It was still something that amazed him, how she could calculate everything and make the ethically right decisions.

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a list of important things:

the way you speak to me and then don’t remember it when you really wake up,

first sip of coffee in the morning,

first cigarette of the day,

your touch and

the way it tingles between my tights when you do it,

post-orgasmic hugs and kisses,

pre-orgasmic kisses,

the way smile starts forming on your lips,

the not-awkward silences between us,

the way I steal your warmth,

your skin,

your hair and ears and eyes and

lips and all the things about you,

the last cigarette of the day,

the last hug before going to sleep,

the sleepy conversations just before

falling asleep,

missing you it almost hurts physically,

seeing you everyday for the rest of my life.

Okay so I had this total mind tripping moment today!

So the whole Xena: Warrior Princess show is based on “The Xena Scrolls” right? Which are basically all the scrolls that had been discovered the Gabrielle the Battling Bard had written outlining all of their adventures together…

What if, when Xena told Gabrielle in the beginning of A Friend in Need that she wanted to get away and settle down, Gabrielle decided she would make it happen?

When they were “dead” for that 20 year time jump, the girls became legends, they were just ghosts to the people.

Gabrielle would have put together that all she had to do was write a final adventure and have the heroine die. Gabrielle would have to “survive” to at least get the scroll out. But in the scroll her disappearance would also be explained because she was heading to Egypt. They could later have word sent that she got sick on board and died. Then her and Xena were free to live however they wanted!

It goes a little something like this:

“ ‘A life of journeying has brought you to the farthest lands– to the very edges of the Earth.’
‘And to the place where I’ll always remain– your heart. So, where to, now?’
‘I think we should go south– to the land of the Pharaohs. I hear they need a girl with a chakram.’
‘Where you go– I’m at your side.’
‘I knew you’d say that.’

“Xena, the Warrior Princess chuckled as they looked out into the sunset. She kissed the young bard’s forehead, expressing there, all the love she could to the one who saved her soul. The ship rolled over the waves, a single tear glided down Gabrielle’s face as Xena’s spirit faded into the mist. Gone, but never forgotten by the heart that loved her more than life itself.”

Xena finished reading Gabrielle’s latest scroll from over the blonde’s muscular shoulder.

“Gabrielle, could this be a little more depressing?”

The fire they were cuddled near was burning low, casting an eerie light around their campsite.
“Well Xena, it is your death, so how cheery did you really want it to be?” Gabrielle rolled her eyes at her companion, “I mean, it’s supposed to be believable.”

Argo the second knickered from across the camp, “See! Even Argo thinks it’s too much of a downer.”

“Listen, you’re the one who said you wanted to settle down right? Well how can we ever do that if all the people around here either want you dead or want you to help them with something? Trust me, the darker and more shocking the details are, the less people will question it,” the bard declared confidently.

“All I’m saying is that it seems a little harsh. You know how your following is Gabrielle, they read your scrolls obsessively, and they are all way too emotionally involved, if you ask me. Me dying and then you sadly sailing around with an urn, the chakram and an imagined ghost of me is going to break their little hearts. Not to mention that it’s a little creepy.”

“Are you saying that if you died, you would leave me to roam the world alone?” Gabrielle asked pointedly.

“Well, no.”

“Exactly!” the bard exclaimed as Xena rolled over and sighed. “Besides, this is the ending you want, trust me. The only other alternative I had in mind is way worse.”

“How could it possibly be worse?” Xena questioned as Argo snickered in the background and shook her head at her two humans.

Gabrielle laid down next to her partner, gazing into those blue eyes that were almost rendered violet by the light of the fire. “If you ever really did die,” the blonde paused as she brushed her fingers across the warrior’s cheek, “I would never survive it. Don’t you know that by now?.”

Xena’s breath caught as she was reminded again of the love that burned between them. “I know that.”

“So unless you want your story to end with us both plunging into the afterlife together, I think this is our best bet,” Gabrielle stated logically as she brushed her lips across Xena’s cheek.

“And if it comes down to it, and we need to come back, then we will. But Xena, you have fought so hard for your redemption, and we both deserve a break to be happy,” the bard’s heart sped up as it felt the warrior’s hand placed right over it.

“Where you go, I go,” they said in unison, as they started to drift off underneath the stars.

“You still can’t throw the chakram.”

“Xena! You promised!” Gabrielle whined into the darkness.

“No, you’re not ready. I refuse.” Xena said, amused at her companion’s pout.


“Okay, okay… how can I resist that face?”

Gabrielle smiled ear to ear and did a little happy dance under their shared furs.

“Hey, stop that! You’re letting all the warm air out!”

“Oh yeah? I’m pretty sure we can think of a way to keep us warm…” Gabrielle slid her hands into her love’s dark hair as their lips met.

Their love lit up the night, always together, two halves of one soul.

So this is my first try at this whole fanfic thing, so take it easy on me

Airplane buddies

This is so bad!!!!! I am so incredibly sick and have no inspiration at all, but I tried writing something … totally bad sorry!! 
I have been gone for A LONG TIME, I am getting settled into university at the moment, and everything has been so hectic so sorry, but send me ideas/prompts, so I can really get into this again. Missed a lot of you guys!


“Flight 647B leaving for Toronto is ready for boarding now.” 

It wasn’t the holiday season, hell it wasn’t even warm in Canada or anything, but somehow the flights were packed. It was almost impossible to get tickets last minute. However,  Andrew was able to get a oneway ticket for him just last minute. It wasn’t business class, and he wouldn’t have anyone else from the crew travelling back with him, since they all wanted to stay in LA for an extra vacation. Shawn however, he was ready to go back home, and stay with his family and finally sleep in his own bed.
The airport was a huge mess, everyone seemed to rush around and run into each other. Shawn almost missed his gate when a huge mass of elderly people blocked his path. And with the very minimal sleep he had gotten since last night’s show, he was cranky. He only prayed that no crying child was going to sit near him. 

“Excuse me, but your bag is in my seat.” She was lovely. Her hair was long and dark, her lips were pulled up into a kind smile, and those eyes, it was almost like they were sparkling. Shawn was sure he had made a fool of himself when he didn’t respond to her, and he also looked hideously stupid with his mouth wide open. “Oh sorry! I forgot about that bag, here let me just get it up in the cabin.” He mumbled the last few words, again mentally hitting himself. Why was he telling her that, she didn’t care! “It’s alright, here let me.” She took the bag from the seat, before he even got up, and pushed it into the back, and repeated it with one of her own. She settled into her seat and smiled at him. “It would just cause more chaos in the aisle if two people were blocking it.” He laughed and nodded, but mentally hit himself again, she wasn’t trying to be funny you idiot. 

“So,” it was a while into the flight time, and the food had been passed around, when he finally tried to strike a conversation, “how come you’re going to Toronto?” She smiled at him and pulled her earphone out, which Shawn didn’t even notice, and he had to repeat himself. “Oh, actually I live there.” His eyebrows raised to which she laughed. “I know, typical reaction. It’s the accent, I sound american right!” He laughed and wanted to agree, but her talking was much better than him doing anything. Her voice was too sweet, and god dammit he was sounding like a 2017 version of Romeo.

“Actually I have family in America, and I visit them sometimes. But originally I am from Canada, and love it there too much, even though it is freezing right now, absolutley nothing could make me move!” Somehow the conversation went from being Canadian nationalists to job and education, to hobbys, to families, and to preferred types of food. 
“I don’t think you’ve lived (Y/N) if you haven’t eaten salmon after directly fishing it up from the sea.” She laughed at him, but it was a tired laugh, he could feel she was going to pass out anytime soon, and she leaned her head back in her seat and smiled. “That’s easy for you to say rockstar …” 

Whatever she wanted to follow her sentence up with didn’t pass her lips, the sleep took over, and Shawn watched as her long lashes caressed her red cheeks, and her lips pulled into sweet almost unnoticeable smile. He sighed and returned to his movie on the screen, which had been paused for almost an hour, when suddenly he felt something on his shoulder. She had shifted so her head laid on his shoulder, and her small sighs of air breathed out onto his skin.

“Good god.” But it was okay, she was gorgeous. 

And her phone number was already saved. 

aphrodite and persephone sit together
pressed too close their breath mingling
eyes shining
what is love
persephone asks and aphrodite chokes on her tongue

love to her has always meant sunlight and a dark haired girl with red lips and wild eyes who sits
pressed too close
love is her hands as she dances in the sand by the shore
her feet that kick up the surf when she spins and laughs with pure joy

aphrodite says
love is soft and pink and flutters like the heart of a dove
when love has always meant blood and shark teeth and firelight

persephone nods because aphrodite just described herself and persephone loves her fawnsoft hands and hair like gold and the way her smile starts just at the corners and then spreads
a flower blooming

when persephone is lead in by hades silver tongue and spider traps aphrodite watches and feels her dove heart die a tiny sobbing death

persephone returns yes

but aphrodite says
what is love
and she answers
it is roots and darkness and the taste of pomegranates
because she has a husband now and it won’t do to live in silly childhood fantasy dreaming of kissing the inside your best friends wrist just to know the taste of her skin

aphrodite nods because persephone has a husband now and it won’t do to wonder what your best friend feels like pressed to every inch of your body or what it would feel like to press yourself to every inch of hers

and besides
she worries what she would do if persephone still tasted like pomegranates

—  the worst tragedy is a goddess made of love who’s heart is broken
Next in The Fox and The Maiden Fair

Ivar was cupping her face as if she were the most fragile thing in the world. He made her lie down covering her body with his. Emer started caressing his chest and Ivar let out a groan. When Emer looked up at him, she had the evidence of his love for her. His blue eyes were dark with desire and in his lips she saw one of his rare smiles.

“Minn vif.” Ivar grunted possessing her mouth in a desperate kiss.

Tagging: @anniemar, @skadithegoddess because they look like the ones who are suffering the most.

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Do you prefer Lou or Molly based on their: -personality -appearance? I'm really curious about this so thanks for answering! :D

i don’t prefer one over the other, they’re both very dear to me and i feel like comparing them would almost be unfair because they both knew santi at very very different points in his life. also the fact that they’re basically alternate versions of each other. it makes me sad when people pit them against each other lmao (i do understand that people just have preferences tho)

like i’m not saying that just to sound fair or pull a lucille bluth LMAO

but really i just love them in different ways. molly is a firecracker yet totally scared and unsure of herself due to the abuse that’s shaped her, she’s quite literally a golden girl with her hair and eyes, and i love her nose and her tooth gap and her heavy-lidded gaze. she is kind of the personification of childlike innocence marred by the traumas in life, and she knew santi when he was still unlucky (well, he’s always been unlucky) but largely undamaged by the world, kind of pure in a way. (at least in the beginning)

lou is on a whole different level just because she met santi at a vastly different stage in both of their lives. at this point, they’re adults, she’s sure of herself, but not in a haughty way, she’s stronger than she knows, she’s an observant listener more than anything, but she still holds that youthful heat that comes out in biting remarks from time to time. her hair and her freckles own my heart, and i love her lips and her nose and her dark and shiny eyes. if i had to pick which character i identify with the most/which one is most like me, it’d be lou. but it’s hard to talk about her in depth because you guys don’t know her back story yet heheh

but anyway. i really honestly don’t prefer one over the other, i appreciate both of them because they are kind of symbiotic in a strange way, especially because they’re kinda sorta parallels of each other and the story wouldn’t exist without one or both of them.

fatale-distraction  asked:

🏫 desk sex Solas and your choice of Surana or Lavellan <3

Glimpses: Freed


Rating: Explicit

Genre: Romance/Smut

Pairing: Solavellan

Warnings: Age gap

Yvelle leaned forward, a small candy between her fingers, and pushed it between Solas’s soft lips. He smirked and took it, raising an eyebrow at her. “You are supposed to be dictating,” he said, his voice low.

She smiled and ate one of the candies herself. “I want to finish the chocolates first. Besides,” she nodded at the messy pile of paper on the desk. “I’m pretty sure you ignore what I say and write whatever you want anyway.”

“Blasphemy. Going against the words of Her Worship, the Herald of Andraste?”

She shoved him backward and he laughed. “You know I don’t like that.”

He sighed, still smiling, and went to organize her desk “So the title does not turn you on, Inquisitor?”

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Sleepless Nights Pt. 4 (Newt x Reader)

Chapter 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5 Part 6

Word count: 1750 Warnings: none. Its mostly just fluff


For once, you woke up before the red-haired man.

You laid there, nuzzled between his arm and chest, pressed firmly to him with your hand against his steadily beating heart.

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CHARDEE WEEK – day 3; favorite headcanon

There are nights when Charlie shows up at Dee’s door, silver-nosed and red-eyed, looking lost and confused. Dee lets him inside, every time. 

Dee was sleeping quite peacefully, having had two or three beers before dozing off to sleep. She’d watched three quarters of 27 Dresses before getting too irritated with Katherine Heigl’s character and turning it off. It had been surprisingly easy for her to fall asleep that night. It was unusual, but she wasn’t complaining. 

However, her sleep was interrupted around 1 AM. There was a loud knocking at her door, loud enough to hear in her bedroom and to wake her up. She blinked her eyes open, squinting in the darkness as she looked at the clock. Dee knew almost immediately that it was going to be one of the guys. She was going to kill them for waking her up at this hour. 

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Percabeth 29

“I thought you were dead.”


She has thought him dead before. The first day she ever saw him, watching him crawl up bloodied and shaking over Half Blood Hill and collapsing on the porch of the Big House. Dueling Luke, and falling. And then Mount Saint Helens–she’d kissed him then, for the first time, grabbed him and pressed her lips to his, a kiss for luck if they’d ever needed one, every passing second with her skin against his, her breath against his–every second a prayer. Be safe. Don’t be stupid. Live.

At his funeral, she’d stood there and listened to the distant rushing shore, listened to the crackling fire as it ate up the shimmering green sea silk of his shroud. He was probably the bravest friend I’ve ever had, she’d said, and she’d meant it, meant it fiercely and truly and without any doubt.

I am tired of losing friends, she’d thought just after, watching fire bite at the blackening threads of his shroud and remembering so many old and broken promises. Her throat ached. Her heart ached. Please come back, she’d thought, one last second of a prayer–

And he had.

It had given her such a terrible thing to hold onto, as she held onto him: Percy will always come back.

And he had. After so much–after so much–he always came back, always found his way back to her, bloodied and shaking and crawling, eyes full of love and darkness and laughter, of exhaustion, of pain, of understanding. They had fought through wars together and held up the entire sky together and fell into the Underworld together, and this is–this is not–she looks down into his face now and tries to breathe and this is not

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