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there’s nothing i love more than hoodyoncé popping off to her own songs

Love on the Ice ~ Klance AU

-Lance is a World Champion ice skater and Olympic Gold Medalist

-Keith is an All-Star hockey player and on a World Champion NHL team called Voltron

-Hunk is also on team Voltron as the goalie and he’s quite popular for his excellent blocks

-Pidge is an Olympic silver medalist and is being coached with Lance

-Shiro is a retired Voltron player and is now the coach of Voltron

              -Him and Keith are stepbrothers

-Allura and Coran are retired couple skaters and now are coaching Lance and Pidge.

-Shiro and Allura dating but no one really knows

-Lance and Hunk are childhood friends and they never miss each other’s games/performances

              -If they can’t make it they would watch them together on Youtube  

-Keith is new on the team but earned respect when he basically won the championship with the most goals

-Pidge is a very smart person so her performances have clever stories and choreography that people just love

              -her favorite types of songs to skate to is techno pop

-Lance loves to skate to pop songs and Spanish songs

-Keith and Hunk become friends after a while of Keith ignoring his introductions

              -Hunk gave him and the rest of the team cookies

-Hunk convinces Keith to go an ice skating competition close by

              -Keith thinks it’s too girly

-Keith watches Lance’s performance and falls in love with the sport and the boy

-Lance and Pidge goes to one of Hunks games and oh boi you know what happens

              -Keith took off his helmet and lance melted

-Since their careers are more important than a love life they pretend to hate each other

              -Hunk and Pidge made them meet each other

-They almost always go out to eat after to eat after practice, so hunk and pidge have to eat through constant arguing

              -Hunk and Pidge are suspicious

-Lance is insecure and homesick cause we have to have some Langst

              -He moved from Cuba to America to train


-Hunk and Pidge finally make them hang out ALONE

              -they give each other skating tips

-Mutual Pinning

-Lance spills his insecurities on, the one and only, Keith

               -Keith hugs lance

-They become more flustered with each other after that

-Private skating sessions become more common

-One day one of Lance’s favorite cousin dies from suicide and goes into a state of depression

              -he and his family are really close and since he moved to America he                 hasn’t talked to them much

              -he feels like it his fault since he hasn’t been there to notice anything                   wrong

              -he doesn’t eat, sleep, practice, or leave his house for days

              -Hunk forces him to go to the rink with Keith to get out

              -at the rink, with Keith he almost passes out

              -Keith, of course, catches him and takes him home

              -takes care of him for a few days and talk about his family

-Lance and Keith become really close and their fans start to notice

              -Klance is trending on almost everything

-Voltron is in the NHL championship and everyone is there for support

              -They win of course

              -Keith and Lance hug and Klance is trending on everything again

-Ice skating comes into season and lance makes it into the finals

              -It was lance’s toughest performance on an emotional level

              - Same thing again, everyone come for support

              -Lance gets gold

              -Lance and Keith kiss after his performance and Klance is trending                     for a week


Okay, I have no idea if this has been done before so please forgive me if it has.

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i'm huge trash of soulmate AU, could you pleeease make me a list of some ? <3

Hey there Anon!

I have so many soulmate AUs in the collection and queued up. I’m going to rec you a few. The rest you can check out in this tag: soulmate au

Pain - cautiouslyoptimistic

Word Count: 4, 303

Summary: lena’s never felt her soulmate’s pain and she’s sure that it’s because her soulmate doesn’t exist at all

or, it takes twenty-one years and thousands of light years for lena to find kara

Signs - BiJane

Word Count: 3, 297

Summary: Everyone on Earth is born with a tattoo of a compass, always pointing them to their soulmate.

Kara doesn’t have one, being an alien.

Lena’s pointed her to a sunny reporter that walked into her office. While she was thinking about how to bring up the subject over the following days, she met Supergirl.

And Alex kinda thought she was straight, but the universe has other ideas.

Scars - damniamgay

Word Count: 10, 574 (and counting)

Summary: Soulmate AU
Prompt: You live in a world where each lie creates a scar on the liar’s body. The bigger the lie, the deeper and larger the mark. Every time you lie your soulmate gets a scar.

The Song Stuck in My Head - Marzos

Word Count: 5, 232

Summary: The songs you can’t get out of your head? That’s your soulmate singing.

For Lena, it’s far from romantic. Her soulmate loves rock music in the morning, then singing pop songs all day. It’s enough to give a woman whiplash, and she has had enough.

(A tribute to all those super annoying songs we’ve all had to listen to at some point. Alex and Lena get petty, and Kara just wants to sing. AU with no powers.)

Put These Battered Bones to Rest - glaeson

Word Count: 7, 666

Summary: Lena gets her soulmark at thirteen. The name that’s written on her hip, she thinks, is the oddest thing she’s ever seen.

One of my headcanons for Trini is her secret love of pop songs??? but none of the other rangers know about it.

So of course Kimberly finds out when she’s driving the two to her house from one of their bonfire nights with the guys because Trini had a little too much and feels comfortable enough to start singing along to the T Swift song playing. Kimberly is shocked for a second and Trini stops but Kimberly tells her to keep going and joins in.

The boys never find out but every once in awhile while they’re all together, Kimberly would hum that song under her breath to get Trini to blush.

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Do you have any soulmate au fic recommendations?

Why yes I do!

Signs - BiJane

Word Count: 3, 297

Summary: Everyone on Earth is born with a tattoo of a compass, always pointing them to their soulmate.

Kara doesn’t have one, being an alien.

Lena’s pointed her to a sunny reporter that walked into her office. While she was thinking about how to bring up the subject over the following days, she met Supergirl.

And Alex kinda thought she was straight, but the universe has other ideas.

The Song Stuck in My Head - Marzos

Word Count: 5, 232

Summary: The songs you can’t get out of your head? That’s your soulmate singing.

For Lena, it’s far from romantic. Her soulmate loves rock music in the morning, then singing pop songs all day. It’s enough to give a woman whiplash, and she has had enough.

(A tribute to all those super annoying songs we’ve all had to listen to at some point. Alex and Lena get petty, and Kara just wants to sing. AU with no powers.)

Of Soul-Mate’s and Heart-ache - Rykeral

Word Count: 12, 052

Summary: Soul Mate AU: Where when your Soul Mate dies your world is cast in grey.

When Kara Zor-El, of House El, of Krypton first landed on earth she was mesmerised by the colours. Krypton had nothing on the radiance of a sunrise, or the ethereal beauty of a moon-cast waterfall, or even the rolling lush greens of the forests.

Earth was just sooooo bright…until it wasn’t. That was the day her Soul Mate died.

Happy ending, I promise.

Kaleidoscopic Love - misssuchaflirt

Word Count: 9, 076 (and counting)

Summary: Soulmate AU Prompt: Everything is black, white, and grey until you meet your soulmate. Anything that your soulmate touched before you meet them shows up in color only briefly before they fade away. It’s to help you lead your way to them. When your soulmate dies, the world is colorless again.

90408 - WritingStag

Word Count: 2, 072

Summary: When you turn sixteen a tattoo appears on your body, timed to the exact second you were born. It can be anywhere but it’s always your soulmates first words to you. Kara, despite being Kryptonian gets her tattoo in the middle of the night on her sixteenth birthday. (aka yet another soulmate AU)

If you would like any more, you can check out this tag: soulmate au

Batfamily Music Tastes:

Bruce: unironically, genuinely enjoys opera music. Also Taylor Swift.

Dick: Likes something with a consistent beat. Marina and the Diamonds, White Stripes, alt-rock hipster crap in general. Really likes music festivals and concerts. He doesn’t specifically dislike any genre. If you hear him playing the Mountain Goats, get him to Alfred ASAP.

Babs: accidentally types lyrics if she listens to anything with words while she tries to work, so listen to a lot of instrumental stuff. Lots of electronica, but also really loves piano covers of pop songs. Will defend Kesha to her grave. Occasionally DJs patrol if its a particularly quiet night.

Cass: Childish Gambino, early Death Cab for Cutie, Grimes, Laura Mvula, Five Finger Death Punch. Will only shrug if you ask her why she likes a song. She just does. Has a Soundcloud. 

Tim: 90s/2000s trash. Listens to a lot of Matchbox 20 and The Script. He went with Kon to a Reel Big Fish concert once and wore a hawaiian shirt for a month before Alfred burned it. Doesn’t know why people make fun of Nickleback. To be fair he also listens to a lot of folk punk and a reasonable amount of pop.

Steph: Girl loves her country music, but won’t listen to anything with bullshit misogynistic cliches. Has a crush on Maren Morris. Also really likes Grimes. Met Amanda Palmer once and freaked out. 

Jason: disturbingly into KPop. Had a Phase where all he listened to was angsty pop-punk. MCR still features heavily on his iPod, but he’ll usually put on classic rock or Buddy Holly if he knows other people will be listening.

Damian: listens to the most music by sheer volume, which is only made more impressive when you realize that he once listened to a single Mumford & Sons song on repeat for 34 hours straight. Also went through Eminem’s entire discography in one sitting. He has two settings: the lowest volume possible on his headphones or the second-highest volume on his stereo. Mostly rap and dubstep but has been known to enjoy metal and classical. 

Other notes: There’s occasional nights where they’ll put showtunes on over the comms. Dick and Steph always sing along, jumping between parts. Tim starts out huffy but goes along with it. Damian acts mad, but will also be humming Disney for weeks. Jason knows all the words to everything and is highly territorial over “his” parts (Puumba, the Pirate King, Enjolras AND Javert which is so unfair). Babs DJs. Bruce has only sung one (1) time and absolutely kills Let It Go. Dick nearly died a week later fighting Mr. Freeze because he was laughing so hard.

A mere week ago, Los Angeles newcomer Billie Eilish made me fall head over heels in love with her when she gave us a bewitching pop song named Ocean Eyes. Its icy sparkle reminded me of AURORA, while its melancholic tendencies evoked Lana Del Rey. Today, we get to listen to a new breathtaking rendition of Ocean Eyes, thanks to UK singer songwriter Astronomyy. He’s remixed Ocean Eyes, giving it a full bodied and expansive atmosphere that has me subliming into thin air. Astronomyy plunges us deep into those ocean eyes. We find ourselves in a vast sea alongside Billie Eilish, carried away by cresting waves that swell and engulf us with electrified beauty.

Made with SoundCloud

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Part one;Why do I hate Juliet Simms?Let's take this from the beginning. I discovered BVB only like, two weeks ago, and I thought they're pretty good, so I decided to look them up and get to know not only the band's work, but also the members. And that's when I found Juliet – she's basically everywhere. I figured she's the girlfriend of Andy, and I swear I tried not to believe my first thought –

which was something like „Holy fuck, who’s that bitch.” So there I went again, looking her up this time. (Ignoring the several hate-blogs I ran into… though this gave me a hint that I’m not going to end up liking her. Whatever.) First, I saw she’s a singer /songwriter. Good good, I thought to myself, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Needless to say, I was not. I’m not saying she has no talent, but definately, it’s not like she’s ever going to be the next Joan Jett or anything like that, nor will she get near to that. Someone needs to inform her, that screaming and trying to make her voice sound raspy is NOT going to make her punkrock, badass, etc. But honestly, when she’s not making attempts at sounding raspy, her voice is even more un-tolerable, in my humble opinion. Song-writing. Average, nothing outstanding. Sappy lovesongs, songs on heartbreak an Anyone cares to inform me about what makes her a wild child? Colorful hair? Piercings? Playing guitar and failing miserably at trying to look oh-so badass? (Yes, she’s a child actually for many reasons. LOL.)Let’s move on to her behaviour during interviews, online communities, social media, and onstage. I’ve noticed (others did too, I’ve read that), that she just walks in on Andy/BVB during interviews and takes the words. Also, when they were doing an interview for Rock Magazine (if I remember well) at Warped Tour, she continously cut off Andy, and just kept talking talking talking. Social media. She disses people who are much more famous and talented than she’ll ever become, as if she had the Holy Grail. Someone asks a question, she goes off on them and blocks them. What a way to treat fans! Also she sells her stuff for ridiculous prices. Who is she? Karl Lagerfeld or something? Let’s not mention that she keeps bringing Andy into everything. Okay, girl, we get you are dating Andy but… get a fucking grip! Onstage. That’s what got to me the most. When she’s „performing” she constantly runs off to Andy to cling to him, kiss him. No one’s EVER going to make me believe that she’s not rubbing him into the BVB fans face. (Many of them are somewhat in love with Andy, and she’s very aware of that.) That’s just so un-professional and childish. Seriously, you are dating, so.  Oh, and grow the fuck up. Some personal stuff here – I myself dated a musician once. (He was a drummer/guitarist/bassist.. basically whatever instrument was needed he played it, and also did background vocals.) They didn’t get far but had quite a few shows, which I of course attended, but I NEVER went up to him during the show to hug him, kiss him or whatsoever. I was either waiting for him in the so-called backstage or was in the crowd having fun in the moshpit. Also when they were doing rehearsals, they were in the garage doing their business, and I (with the girlfriends of the other dudes), was in the house minding my own stuff. We went to join them only if asked. (Like, they needed our opinion or were finished, you get my point.) And I was around 20 during that time, young, punk, and still, more mature than a chick that is nearly 30. And then came that EP. I looked it up, she was promising to release an album for 2-3 years now, and she releases an EP with 6 songs on it. (Am I right?) Also I saw she was telling people to give her money so she can release her stuff and so on. 3 years, one EP, 6 songs. So much for someone who was in „The Voice”, coming as second. This kind of leaves me thinking that there’s something.   At first they really looked happy together, but if you look at their recent photos, Andy just looks tired and bored. Juliet is never looking at him, but into the camera. To me, it’s pretty obvious she’s using him, and is only with him because of his fame. If I’m correct, they got together when she auditioned for the Voice (Whoosh, already some kind of a recognition, girlfriend of Andy Six/Biersack) – coincidence? I think not. And ever since, she clings to Andy, follows him on tours – Andy said so himself – and shit. Honestly, if she was minding her business and building her career, she couldn’t be up his ass all the time. She got NOWHERE during these years, but still makes it seem like everyone wants to work with her. As if she was a rockstar. Also, Andy’s probably looking bored because he’s fed up with her ways – he’s done so much for her, participated in her video, sang with her on that sad excuse of an EP, kept promoting her… and still, she’s nowhere. And finally, how she treats fans. I’ve read stories on both sides, but the one that truly got to me is the one where Juliet damaged the girl’s phone, all for she wanted a picture with the guys. (I’ve read that on your blog). This PERFECTLY shows that not only she’s insecure about herself (and is a pshychobitch), but she’s also unsure about Andy’s feelings – which means, their relationship has a very weak base, that is weakening day by day. If they were as happy and she makes them seem to be,  Also she’s a bad influence on Andy. I have a feeling he got ruder towards fans because he doesn’t want Juliet to bitch at him. To sum it up – to me, Juliet comes off as a childish, immature wannabe, who thinks she’s all that, just because she dates a rockstar. Basically a julietsimms. That’s an insult. Thank you. Sorry, this got a little long. (if there’s any grammar mistakes, I’m sorry, English is not my mothertongue.)

My response to your (very well put and in depth) message:

Originally posted by loquaciousfiasco

This message completely puts together everything we have conjured up together in one submission. Juliet has always been a nobody in the music industry (unless you count a suck up). Her songs have always been those crappy pop love/break up songs that you hear Adele singing. Once she got with Andy (after breaking through Andy’s and Scout’s relationship barrier), she used him to get as much fame as possible. Sure maybe at first they were happy together (Andy was happy with her), but soon enough, she saw how much worth Andy is in the music scene he’s aiming for and did all she could to put herself in the spotlight to gain all the attention. She’s gone for so long trying to make her relationship with him seem as strong as one can be. Now, it’s easy to see things aren’t as honeymoon-ish as she claims it to be. Juliet has changed him; he’s easily seen unhappy, he’s been rude, and doesn’t stand up for the things he used to. Juliet is the reason many people have left the BVB fanbase and it’s NOT because of jealousy.

I just hope she doesn’t ruin any other fanbases. She needs to be out of the picture ASAP