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Do you have any soulmate au fic recommendations?

Why yes I do!

Signs - BiJane

Word Count: 3, 297

Summary: Everyone on Earth is born with a tattoo of a compass, always pointing them to their soulmate.

Kara doesn’t have one, being an alien.

Lena’s pointed her to a sunny reporter that walked into her office. While she was thinking about how to bring up the subject over the following days, she met Supergirl.

And Alex kinda thought she was straight, but the universe has other ideas.

The Song Stuck in My Head - Marzos

Word Count: 5, 232

Summary: The songs you can’t get out of your head? That’s your soulmate singing.

For Lena, it’s far from romantic. Her soulmate loves rock music in the morning, then singing pop songs all day. It’s enough to give a woman whiplash, and she has had enough.

(A tribute to all those super annoying songs we’ve all had to listen to at some point. Alex and Lena get petty, and Kara just wants to sing. AU with no powers.)

Of Soul-Mate’s and Heart-ache - Rykeral

Word Count: 12, 052

Summary: Soul Mate AU: Where when your Soul Mate dies your world is cast in grey.

When Kara Zor-El, of House El, of Krypton first landed on earth she was mesmerised by the colours. Krypton had nothing on the radiance of a sunrise, or the ethereal beauty of a moon-cast waterfall, or even the rolling lush greens of the forests.

Earth was just sooooo bright…until it wasn’t. That was the day her Soul Mate died.

Happy ending, I promise.

Kaleidoscopic Love - misssuchaflirt

Word Count: 9, 076 (and counting)

Summary: Soulmate AU Prompt: Everything is black, white, and grey until you meet your soulmate. Anything that your soulmate touched before you meet them shows up in color only briefly before they fade away. It’s to help you lead your way to them. When your soulmate dies, the world is colorless again.

90408 - WritingStag

Word Count: 2, 072

Summary: When you turn sixteen a tattoo appears on your body, timed to the exact second you were born. It can be anywhere but it’s always your soulmates first words to you. Kara, despite being Kryptonian gets her tattoo in the middle of the night on her sixteenth birthday. (aka yet another soulmate AU)

If you would like any more, you can check out this tag: soulmate au

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson pays emotional tribute to late mum on her birthday

Singer Louis Tomlinson has paid tribute to his mother on what would have been her 44th birthday, months after her death.

The One Direction star’s mother Johannah Deakin died in December after suffering from an aggressive form of leukaemia.

Tomlinson, 25, wrote to his 24.3 million Twitter followers on Saturday: “Happy birthday Mum. I love you x.”

Following her death, the pop star released the song Just Hold On - his debut solo single - in her honour and he performed it on The X Factor just days later.

His sister Lottie, a beauty blogger, also posted her own tribute to her more than 2.5 million Twitter followers.

She shared a picture of herself and her mother, and wrote: “Happy birthday Mum miss you and love you forever.”

Happy birthday Mum. I love you x

— Louis Tomlinson (@Louis_Tomlinson)

March 25, 2017

Mother-of-seven Mrs Deakin had been cared for at University College London hospital since May before being moved to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield for the last few weeks of her life at the end of last year.

She died on December 7.

A mere week ago, Los Angeles newcomer Billie Eilish made me fall head over heels in love with her when she gave us a bewitching pop song named Ocean Eyes. Its icy sparkle reminded me of AURORA, while its melancholic tendencies evoked Lana Del Rey. Today, we get to listen to a new breathtaking rendition of Ocean Eyes, thanks to UK singer songwriter Astronomyy. He’s remixed Ocean Eyes, giving it a full bodied and expansive atmosphere that has me subliming into thin air. Astronomyy plunges us deep into those ocean eyes. We find ourselves in a vast sea alongside Billie Eilish, carried away by cresting waves that swell and engulf us with electrified beauty.

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BONUS- radio-friendly pop song-matt fishel