love her poofy black girl hair

Okay, but it's not just about getting paid to prance around in a princess costume

Let me tell you a story.  Once at a party, I had all the little girls sitting around me and I was asking them about their favorite parts of all the princess movies.  The birthday girl was sitting next to me, and tells me, “Princess, your skin is the same color as mine.”  I smile and agree, and try to move the game along, but she interrupts and says, “Your skin is brown and you’re a princess.  It’s the same color as mine, but you’re a princess.”

“Well, if my skin is brown and your skin is brown, and I’m a princess, then you must be a princess too.” I tell her.  And then I spent the next 10 minutes assuring all the black girls at the party that yes, they have lovely skin and yes, they can be princesses with me.

This happens at most of the parties I go to.  I have had my arm stroked, my hair patted, my skin color commented on more times than I can remember. I am not simply hired out to entertain a bunch of cute little girls dressed in poofy skirts who want to play with a big girl in a poofier skirt.  I am hired out because I am an affirmation. For these little black girls (and boys!  I’ve dazzled a few of them too) Princess Tiana is proof that for once, they can be special BECAUSE of the color of their skin, not IN SPITE OF.

Headcanon Bee Miraculous Sketches;3;
I love drawing her hair TT^TT
I was lowkey hoping the bee miraculous was going to be a black girl with poofy hair;3; (thinks of bumble bee from teen titans whoops)
If anyone remembers when Mr Thomas Astruc tweeted something saying, that anyone who is bad or has been akumatized will never be a miraculous superhero.
Its been a long time since he said that. Sooo did he change his mind?
Im not sure but i am sure as hell excited to see who holds the Bee miraculous(even though all arrows point to chloe) *cough cough*
I hope you guys like my doodles;3;
Shes so much fun to picture and draw^^

So I put on Jem for my niece while I was trying to brush her hair (white chick trying to brush a little black girls hair did not go well. Things got hella poofy hella fast) and I thought she’d hate it. Turns out she LOVES it.
Her comments: “they’re all best friends and they’ve got each other’s backs”
“What’s the deal with the misfits anyway. Jem is way better. I like Stormer though.”
As I was yanking through her hair, “I really like this show. I hope they have it all on here (netflix)”
“I like Jem the most. Jem and the one that looks like me (Shana)”
She’s also been singing the songs and humming the theme while she does stuff in the kitchen
She wants to be Jem for Halloween and she wants jemstar earrings for her birthday.
She’s 9.
I feel so proud. We’ve been watching Jem all weekend.

And also what i loved about that episode is that someone called Garnet beautiful and said that they love her hair and asked her out on a date and i think thats amazing because by appearance shes black and has natural, poofy hair and i bet its giving black girls everywhere that watched that episode more confidence because someone that looked like them was called beautiful on a popular children’s tv show