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beka’s beautiful sisters

beka has five gorgeous sisters. their family is casually muslim, which is looked down upon in their community but works perfectly well for them. beka and three of his sisters are atheists, while their parents and two of his youngest sisters pray nonchalantly.

first, there’s anara (23) who is very rebellious and cool. she’s the oldest, so she doesn’t get away with much, but that didn’t stop her from jumping fences to drink stolen wine with her girlfriend after her parents were fast asleep. she was the first to buy a motorcycle and she taught otabek everything he knows. 

then, there’s medina (20) who is much more traditionally feminine. she’s the most femme lesbian that you’ll ever meet and i adore her. i hc that she moved to paris with her girlfriend a few years ago because she was entranced by the city of love. and the city treats her well. she’s a lovely makeup artist who has her own cruelty free line. she also has about thirteen thousand dogs.

amina (17) is the one who is dating otabek’s best friend, sapphire. she is muslim, and happily color coordinates her hijabs to her pretty dresses. she’s very timid and beka worries about her the most. she’s just two years younger than him, but she is very much like he used to be in the sense that she is less vocal when feeling uncomfy. but dating sapphire has broken her shy streak quite a bit. they’re a couple very much like otabek and yuri.

mira is only fourteen. she takes after amina and her parents, as she casually prays, but she doesn’t feel as close to the faith. she’s currently going through the motions of having her first serious crush, even though she’s a baby in middle school. i think she would like more masculine styles of dress and she probably kicks ass as a soccer player. (her almost-but-not-quite girlfriend comes to every game to cheer her on.)

farida is such a baby. she’s only ten, but she’s the closest to otabek. she’s super popular in school because she’s just so cool?? everyone loves her!! she’s the sweetest little bean who spends her time between ballet classes and ice hockey. right now, she wants to be a princess when she grows up. she tells beka that over skype every night. 

Vanity Fantasies (Biadore) - Lemonade

AN: I promised I’d write more Biadore, and here it is!! I had a whole other story planned out for this but…smut happened. This is my first time writing it, so I hope I did an okay job (if I didn’t I have a bunch of fluffy fic ideas to make up for it).  

Summary: Bianca can’t say no to Adore, and Roy can’t say no to Danny. So Adore get’s a makeover, and Danny gets bent over a vanity.

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FINISHED VOILA!! God they’re so cute ^u^ i love them!

@starrycove‘s breakdance AU!!

@purplecomputermusiclove lol i did this bc i loved the references u found!!! thank u for the inspiration ^^

Here’s the link to their post, i used the last image as ref lol!


(A snippet from THR Actress Roundtable 2010)

THR: What about working in Hollywood has most surprised you?

Hilary Swank: Meryl [Streep] said she used to just take something out of her closet and go to a premiere. And now we’re expected to be a model and wear something that no one else has worn.

Helena Bonham Carter: You don’t have to, though. I just think we are expected to, but we don’t have to. You’ll get criticized for it, but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, when we die they aren’t going to be like, “Oh, you were on the worst-dressed list seven times in a row.” When I started, people didn’t ask and they weren’t interested in what you were wearing. You didn’t even have to wear makeup.