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My Concepts for my Modern Olympian sets explained (part 1)


This is just my explanations for all my Modern Olympian Greek God aesthetics series. The concepts I had in mind while making it, and the story behind each one. If you haven’t seen it, the link is HERE

This is part one, there are too many to put all on one post, and I keep making more. So here are the first six concepts.


Cronus, Zeus’ father, used to be a corporate monster. In fact, he was greedy, and terrible, and wouldn’t even let his sons inherit the business. Zeus inherited nothing from him, essentially building himself from ground zero. He overthrew his father, becoming even more powerful and appraised by the nation. Zeus is now a powerhouse of a businessman, now grown to political power. He’s fair to the people, as well as making making more jobs and saving money for the middle class. He’s no saint though, he likes to spend tax payer’s money on things for himself and his family. Not to mention he’s a known playboy, and has openly slept with other women that have not been his wife. And has many bastards, some he knows about, and others he doesn’t. Opinions of Zeus among the citizens are conflicted; while many still support him, and others believe he is only a tamer version of his father.


Hera is a woman that you do not want to cross or upset. She’s a strong and independent woman who is married to someone that takes her for granted, or so some people say. Though Hera does not need Zeus’ money to be stable; she is the Editor and Chief of a bridal magazine, as well as owns her own bridal chain store that have many locations all over the nation. When you meet Hera, you know she can get any man she wants; she’s a gorgeous woman who demands your respect. However, unlike her husband, she values marriage above all things and endures Zeus’ scandals with grace… and a little bit of revenge. Hera is a strong maternal figure with her kids, putting them above everyone else, and would do anything to protect them and steer them in the right direction so they can become their best. However, as their kids could attest, but never out loud, they are more afraid of mommy than they are of daddy.


Poseidon has power on a different level. He has various hobbies, including surfing and building cars, but he does not lead a chill lifestyle. He conquers the urban beach cities with his MC (Motorcycle Club or rather Motorcycle Gang). He is a rather likeable man, but like the ocean he lives next to, Poseidon can be as unpredictable as he is deadly. Insult him, and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes. Literally. Poseidon has a colourful set of skin, littered with various oceanic tattoos, as well as slightly tanned from living on the beach. As the MC leader, he has branches all over the nation, all of which run garages and other establishments that he all owns. He makes quite a bit of cash for someone who looks like a beach bum. Like his brother, he has a young and beautiful wife, but has one too many concubines and bastard children spread around in the nation. Though his true love is his 67 Blue Mustang.


Living a simpler life than the others, Demeter took after her grandmother in way of life. She lives on a farm with acres of barley, and tends to everything mostly by herself. She also has an apple orchard, and during the fall, she grows pumpkins. Demeter loves to garden and getting her hands dirty; feeling her fingers push into the soil and feel the roots reminds her a lot of embracing her grandmother. It was mostly the smell of the earth. She had once lived with her darling daughter, Persephone, and life was so much brighter than. She would chase her little flower through the fields and together they would braid their hair and make crowns with wild flowers. They would play with the piglets in the mud and nurse then after a long day of playing. Though now her daughter is all grown up, she has her own life. And while Demeter does not approve of Persephone’s husband, she is content enough that she found someone she loves. Only now without her in the house, every season feels like winter. It’s only when she visits her that she feels as warm as spring.


A man that people seldom talk about in a conversation. Hades is a mob boss who has businesses in the underground of the nation. A filthy rich man who a lot of people owe money to. His debt collector? Charon. Everyone has to pay the ferryman eventually, and if they try to run, Hades has an arsenal of gangsters to find them. His prize hitman, Thanatos, and of course, his three faithful dobermans who are all too willing to rip a man’s throat if given the command. Despite being someone that many fear, Hades is a complex individual. On his exterior he comes off as foreboding, ominous and terrifying. Though who he is, is truly different. Hades is a romantic, and he is the most faithful out of his brothers. He would be too, because falling in love with Persephone was unexpected. She is so much younger than him, so full of life that he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. In Persephone, he sees what he lacks, and is devoted to his queen, because her love balances his life, which has always been full of death.


Hestia, like her sister Demeter, lives a modest life as well. Hestia is incapable of having children, but her heart is always in her home and with family. She holds many jobs, all of which she loves, because it allows her to be closer to people. As a kindergarten teacher, she is able to be with children, since she cannot have them herself. She even calls them “her kids”, since every year she grows to love each young heart that she has the honour of teaching and knowing. Hestia is also a realtor, which is one of her passions. To find the perfect home for a family brings her much joy. She also loves to home decorate, and provide DIY decorations for people on her etsy. Hestia lives in a peaceful suburban town with a low population, where everyone knows everyone. The winters are strong and long, but with a burning fireplace, and a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows, Hestia never feels cold in her beautiful forest home. Her walls are covered with pictures of her sisters and brothers, and her nieces and nephews, and friends she had made over the year, as well as school photos with her kids at work. 

I’ll post part two in a couple of days! (Next six is Dionysus, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, and Ares)

New Traditions

Author: lilyme (aka. redslilstories aka me ;))
Summary: Set sometime in the future. Arizona loves to decorate her home for Easter. The house then looking even more Easter-basket-y than it normally does. But what happens when she comes up with something new for this holiday? How will this be perceived by her visitor?
Pairing: Callie/Arizona
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show “Grey’s Anatomy”. They were created by Shonda Rhimes and belong to her and the ABC network. No copyright infringement intended!All mistakes are mine.

Arizona found herself confronted with the task of wrestling a heavy piece of luggage from her car’s trunk by herself.

But not for too long since, “Hang on,” a brunette rushed over immediately and helped her with it. “There,” she announced, when they finally managed to get it out of the car and onto the ground.

“Thanks,” Arizona grinned, patting her helper’s arm affectionately. “Say, how much stuff did you actually pack?” she wondered, considering that monster of a suitcase they had just unloaded.

“Only enough to last a week,” the other woman replied, feeling only mildly accused by the blonde’s probable implication of having packed way too much for that time span. “And considering it’s April, you never know how the weather turns out. Best to be prepared for anything,” she justified with a shrug and went to produce the other, smaller suitcase from the depths of Arizona’s car. “Plus… Sofia insisted on bringing along little Easter presents for each and every single one of her friends”.

As on cue, the little girl in question came running towards them from Arizona’s Seattle home where she had already deposited her backpack in her room. “Mommy, Momma, can I go see Kara?” she asked expectantly, giving Arizona and Callie her most sugary, ‘Please, please, please’ look.

The mothers briefly checked with each other, one quick eye contact still enough for them to know what the other was thinking. “Yes, okay,” Arizona consented, “but listen to Kara’s mom, okay?” she stressed.

“And home by six,” Callie added, “We’re having a pizza party tonight”.

“Yes!” the girl rejoiced and lunged forward, hugging each of her mothers before running off to Arizona’s next door neighbors’ house.

The two moms waited until they saw the door of the house open and Kara’s mom Jenny stick her head out. She waved over to them in greeting and let Sofia enter right away.

“Soo… pizza dinner, huh?” Arizona queried, casually grabbed the handle of the lighter suitcase – even though it had not been the one nearest to her - and started to pull it along the walkway to the house.

Callie smirked at the antics, but readily took care of the heavier one. Part of her regretting having packed so much. The way the weather looked now - all bright and sunny - she probably wouldn’t even need a third of the clothes. And she already dreaded dragging all that back to New York. But she was almost certain Arizona would let her store some of her and Sofia’s stuff here. For the next time…

“Uh, yeah, pizza,” the brunette finally replied. “I figured, since it’s the first day of spring recess and all… a good start into a few days off”.

“Right,” Arizona agreed. “I just thought we could have something with a few more eggs in it?” she argued and Callie frowned a little in puzzlement.

Catching the look, the blonde elaborated, “I’m just looking for a reason to blow out some more eggs. To paint them and decorate things with them…?”

“Oh, I see,” Callie grinned. She knew Arizona was heavy into Easter-y things. Always had been. There was a reason she used to refer to the blonde’s style of home decoration as something along the lines of Easter basket-y. And during the holiday itself it used to be even more Easter-y. With little bunnies and eggs everywhere. She was almost certain this hadn’t really changed over the years. “Well, we can easily make pancakes tomorrow for breakfast,” Callie interjected, “that’d give you plenty of eggs. Or maybe omelets”.

“That’s also a valid option,” Arizona readily agreed, as they finally reached the house. “Okay, after you,” she motioned for Callie to step inside.

The brunette mentally prepared herself to set foot into Easter basket paradise. Ready for all the frillyness this holiday brought for Arizona. She didn’t really count on being surprised by anything she would see, but soon found herself mistaken.

Because barely into the foyer Callie stopped with a smirk slowly creeping into her features. “Um… what’s that supposed to be?” she coyly asked, pointing towards the construct hanging in the doorway to the living room area.

Arizona raised her eyebrows at the question, since from the looks of of it alone it was pretty clear. A couple of small willow branches, adorned with self-decorated eggs… “Well, obviously an Easter branch…,” she returned, giving Callie an amused look.

“I figured that,” the brunette nodded, the grin on Arizona’s face already confirming her suspicion that there was more to it. “But… why exactly is it dangling from the ceiling?”

“Oh, that…,”  Arizona pretended to only now realize what Callie was actually referring to. Okay, normally you’d put them in a vase ideally filled with water to help the buds grow into beautiful blossoms. But if there were ulterior motives in play, one might consider doing it a little differently. “I just thought it could be an incentive to get my extra special loved one an impulse to kiss me. You know, like a mistletoe…,” she glanced at her counterpart with hopeful eyes.

Callie laughed out loud and reached forward to grab Arizona by the belt loops of her jeans, bringing her to actually stand underneath the easterly mistletoe egg branch thing. “You do know I’m always willing to kiss you, right?” she cooed and immediately followed through with her annoucement, planting the sweetest of kisses on her blonde lover.

“Really?” Arizona replied in mock astonishment, “Oh, damn, now I already put those up eeeeverywhere in the house,” she said and went for a second treat.

“Well, then leave them,” Callie hummed into the peck. “And you know what?” she continued, looking into the eyes of the woman she never really fell out of love with and was so falling for all over.

“What?” the blonde smiled.

“Once we move back in together… we could, um…,” she played with the strings of Arizona sweater, “hang those up all year”.

“I thought you didn’t need an incentive to kiss me,” the other woman jokingly argued.

“Well, nope, but I still like the idea of it. And since I wanna kiss you all day anyway, those things would just be one more excuse to do so. It could be our very own new tradition”.

“I’d love that,” Arizona smiled. She could not wait to have her two girls live in Seattle again. For them to permanently live together as a family and as a couple again. They were just waiting out the end of the school year, and then Callie and Sofia would be back. Forever.

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So about the Voltron Family AU, we already know how Shiro and the kids react when someone is flirting with Keith but how would it looked like the other way around? I'm really curious to know (*≧∀≦*)

HOHOOHOHOH Previously on The Voltron Family, Shiro reacting to someone flirting with Keith. Always the opposites, aren’t ya? :)))

They were at the Parents-Teachers meeting in school. Shiro handled Pidge’s because it was at the same time with Hunk’s to which Keith attended to. After the meeting ended, Shiro and Pidge went out of the room holding hands.

Single Mom: Hello, Mr. Shirogane. *taps Shiro*
Shiro: *turns* Hello. Mrs. Harrington, right?
Single Mom: Yes, well. I’m divorced so Olivia is just fine.
Shiro: Apologies then, Olivia.
Olivia: Why, aren’t you quite a charmer. I’m sure your daughter here finds it troublesome.
Pidge: *shakes head* Not really no. *tightens her grip on Shiro* Daddy Shiro, we need to go to D–
Olivia: If it’s alright I’d like to talk to your daddy just for a second regarding something from the meeting, sweetheart? *smiles*
Pidge: *pouts* Okay.
Olivia: I was interested in your proposal on making cupcakes to raise funds. I think it’s a really good idea and I was wondering if you’d like to talk more about what cupcakes to bake for next week? I’m a baker myself.
Shiro: *smiles* Oh, that would be lovely. I have a few ideas up in my head. I’m pretty sure kids might like them.
Olivia: I’m pretty sure they will. *smiles*
Shiro: My lil chipmunk here loves cupcakes herself and helps decorate them at home with her Daddy. *squeezes Pidge’s hand*
Pidge: I do. It does get messy though but it’s alright.
Olivia: *smiles* It does. Cupcake decorating is messy and fun. I’d like to invite you both to my house so we can get started on them? Is that alright? 

Keith was just done with Hunk’s meeting so he was making his way to Pidge’s classroom when he sees Shiro talking to this beautiful tall blonde woman who was perfect for Shiro’s height. Keith knew that Shiro loved him but sometimes he just couldn’t help but think he deserved someone better. Someone who could actually give him kids his own blood. Keith can’t give that and he deflates at the thought so he slowly pulls Hunk and Lance away when–

Shiro: *shouts* Keith! Over here!
Keith: *silently curses himself* *turns around and smiles at Shiro* *grabs his kids so they can walk towards him*
Olivia: *eyes widens* *smiles* Oh, who might this handsome man be? *looks at Shiro* A friend of yours?
Keith: *winces*
Shiro: *seems to have muted Olivia* *IS ONLY LOOKING AT KEITH* *smiles at him and kisses him on the lips* I’ve missed you. *breathlessly* So How’s the meeting with Hunk?
Keith: *shocked at the boldness* Uh…
Hunk: *smiles* Daddy Keith proposed to have a book sale!
Shiro: *smiles* That’s wonderful.
Keith: *gulps* Yeah… *looks at Olivia* 
Shiro: *suddenly realizes that he was talking to Olivia* Oh, apologies. This is my husband, Keith. And that’s our children Hunk and Lance.
Lance: *smiles* Hello, pretty lady.
Keith: Lance. 
Shiro: *chuckles* Sorry about my kid, he can be pretty bold.
Olivia: *chuckles nervously* *looks at Lance* Oh that’s alright, young man. *turns back to Shiro and Keith* I don’t want to disturb you much further. I’m sure you and your family have somewhere else to go. I’ll have to attend to my son myself. *smiles* I’ll see you around then?
Shiro: Yeah, sure. Goodbye. It was nice meeting you, Olivia.
Olivia: *smiles genuinely* Likewise. *turns to Keith* You have a wonderful husband. You’re quite very lucky and the kids. 
Shiro: I’m the lucky one to be honest. *laughs* *pulls Keith closer*

As soon as Olivia left…

Keith: *pinches Shiro* You totally knew she was hitting on you.
Shiro: *grins* Yep. And I totally knew it was making you uncomfortable that she thought we were friends. So I thought of setting the record straight.
Keith: *smiles* You’re just so—
Shiro: I honestly get offended when people don’t think we’re married! I mean, why wouldn’t I marry you?! You’re the most wonderful per–
Keith: *rolls his eyes* *hugs* Thank you.
Shiro: *smiles down* You need to stop thinking that I’d rather have someone else than you, you know? Even the kids know that.
Pidge: Yep. Daddy Shiro’s totally lovesick with you, Daddy Keith.
Lance: Don’t be so blind.
Hunk: Daddy Shiro told me one time he misses touching your hair when you had to work overtime.
Lance: While he was hugging the pillow you usually slept on!
Keith: *so amused* *kisses Shiro* So, you  miss touching my hair?
Shiro: *rolls his eyes while smiling* Don’t flatter yourself. *kisses Keith back*

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Annie? She seems so kind and gentle. I felt terrible when I frightened her.

Her home is very cozy, so many books and lovely decorations. Such an adorable home, I can see why people love visiting her.

Although… the guilt over frightening her still lingers. The poor soul.


If you don’t know who this is,

let me introduce you ASAP & flip things into awesome lady overdrive! 

Meet Suzy Hanson, also known as Mortem3r on Youtube & FlipFlaps on Tumblr!

She is a kickass princess with eyeliner wings so sharp that they could kill a man.

As Mortem3r, she makes videos of awesome diy projects (like a 10$ Zelda heart corkboard!), has helpful beauty tutorials (Smashbox, Lush, etc), fashion reviews & amazing outfit/s of the day, hosts a card/game playing show (aka Table Flip) playing games like Cards Against Humanity with friends in old timey costume & setting, video gaming with “Date Grumps”, & creates adorable+funny animations about adventures working in retail, etc…

She has two cats named Mochi & Mimi, she paints bunny women, pins insects, has a twin sister, loves macabre oddities (which decorate her home *think Disney’s haunted mansion*), she wears a lot of D.I.A. Jeffery Campbell & Black Milk clothing,! She is married to youtuber-gamer-animator-comedian: Egoraptor (Arin) whom she has been with since high school days.

So in conclusion,

You should go check her out NOW…

Go! :)

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Alana has been taking care of Will's dogs (all seven of them!!!!!!) whilst he was in the BHCI so why has Alana suddenly collected her own stray, Applesauce?

What’s one more dog when you’ve got seven already?

Actually, I skimmed the scene in “Futamono” when Alana is walking the dogs with Jack to see if I could spot Applesauce in the crowd. I could not, so maybe Alana rescued Applesauce after she knew Will was going to be freed and she was going to be giving his dogs back to him. Her big house might seem lonely after all that ruckus.

It’s about time Alana got a dog. She loves dogs. You can see dogs all over her home decorations in the deleted scene from “Savoureux.” Who decorates with dog patterns and doesn’t own a dog? She was obviously attracted to Will in the first place because he was a stray puppy. She loves to rescue and protect. That’s what she does. 

Alana says to Will that she’s picking up his best habits, and she tells Jack that she looks at the dogs and sees the best in Will. I think she’s adopted a stray of her own to keep the piece of Will that she loved with her, since the man as she believed him to be has died (if he ever existed). She says she’s letting him go, but I don’t think she has, not completely. Symbolically, the tidbit is there to let us know that there’s a piece of her dedication to him still alive in her, in memoriam if nothing else.

What’s funny to me is that Applesauce has been around Will all of one minute, but still wants to follow him into his house. Yes, I know it’s the rest of the pack, but I’m amused that she’s disobeying Alana and trying to follow Will, given their argument in this scene. (The gif is poor because it’s taken from a wide shot of the property so it’s way zoomed in, but you can definitely see it.)

Headcanon time! The reason Alana didn’t have a dog before taking in Will’s was because she told herself that as a career woman without a family, she didn’t have the time or energy to properly take care of one. Owning a dog just seemed like something for someone who’s settled and stable, and even though Alana’s hardly unstable, she doesn’t think of herself as settled. She has intimacy and control issues. She likes to keep everything compartmentalized. That’s one reason Hannibal’s the “safe” choice between him and Will. Will is intense, passionate, mutable. You could never be in a relationship with Will and protect yourself by keeping a safe distance the way you could with the calm, aloof, steady Hannibal (pretending for a minute that Hannibal is what he seems). She had her life in tidy, neat little boxes–organized, stacked, labeled and indexed–before meeting Will. There was no room for a dog.