love her glasses


- German Junkrat line 2016

Today while I played I got to hear a new line from Junkrat when he’s talking to Mei.
I play the German version of the game and when Mei asked her no-good-bully-question Junkrat replied with this.
“Ich mach’ einfach nicht den selben Fehler wie du und setze keine Brille auf.” (I simply don’t do the same mistake as you and don’t wear glasses)
I thought it was kinda adorable (and sassy) so I felt like doing some doodles to it. Simple man with simple solutions.

When you realize that an entire Chaol novel also means an entire Nesryn Faliq novel and an entire fantasy novel from SJM about a WoC:

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Me: "not as much as reading Empire of Storms.”

yes I told her my witch nickname so she’d write it in my book


last year vs. this year’s NYE! this is my best friend elizabeth! thanks to me she’s also obsessed with tøp (as you can see) and dan and phil. currently trying to get her to watch death note 1 lik = 1 prayer. here’s to a happy 2017!! <33


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January: Manon and her thirteen. 

“At last, Manon found Asterin’s gaze, tears now rolling down her Second’s face. Not from fear or pain, but in farewell. A hundred years and yet Manon wished she’d had more time. For a heartbeat, she thought of that sky-blue mare in the aerie, the wyvern that would wait and wait for a rider who would never return. Thought of a green rocky land spreading to the western sea.                         Hand trembling, Asterin pressed her fingers to her brow and extended them. "Bring our people home, Manon,” she breathed. Manon angled Wind-cleaver, readying for the strike. The Blackbeak Matron snapped, “be done with it, Manon.” Manon met Sorrel’s eyes, then Asterin’s. And Manon gave the thirteen her final order. 


 Then Manon Blackbeak whirled and brought Wind-cleaver down upon her grandmother.