love her face in the 2nd picture


I love this picture. Robert Pattinson’s face reveals exactly how he feels in the moment- happy. That’s a genuine smile. He smiles at her when she’s not looking. In the 2nd pic she noticed he’s looking at her. She smiles back and his smile doesn’t even falter (that’s exactly how i want my boyfriend/husband to smile at me) <3


And thus the January emergency commissions are complete!

1st picture for
When I read she likes cuddles I though that it would look nice if she welcomed somepony into her hug! :D
I dunno what’s with the BG though, just experimenting :s

2nd picture for
It took me a while to think of how could I draw him but then I sketched this face and it’s just really cool I love this expression XD
I don’t know what his cutiemark is though, so I hid it P:

3rd picture for
They didn’t ask for a picture, but I drew a portrait anyway! Decided to experiment with the shading and believe me I have no idea how I did that with the tear.

I hope you’ll like it guys!

Here’s the timeline of what happened in my opinion (of course we will probably never know):

May 19th: Taylor posts picture of 1989 being number 3 on the iTunes chart and scrolls over to show TIWYCF.. Later that day Tayvin get back from vacation (and this is what I think happened) after discussing how the relationship wasn’t working and they decide to end it.. They have a goodbye kiss and head their separate ways (Taylor flies to Nashville, Calvin stays in LA).

May 20th: Taylor posts video of Andrea grilling with a frog making noises in the background, Calvin likes (I think he did this so people wouldn’t be like WHY didn’t he like it?!! They wanted to announce the breakup on their terms).. Later that night Calvin gets in car wreck in LA on the way to the airport for his Las Vegas show.

May 24th: Taylor is spotted in LA at the gym and at a flower shop (I assume she’s flown back to make sure Calvin is okay because even though they’ve broken up she still cares for him. They also discuss when they’re going to release the breakup news to the media).

May 27th: Tom is spotted in London for work.

May 28th: Calvin flies to London.

May 29th: Calvin posts picture of half his face so we know he’s okay on snapchat.

May 30th: Calvin posts shirtless picture on Instagram (which he later deletes, not sure why).

May 31st: Calvin lands in LA. Taylor hangs out with Abigail in Nash and Abi posts video of the cats and he Apple presents Tay got her.

June 1st: It’s announced that Taylor and Calvin have broken up. Tom lands in LA.

June 2nd: Taylor is spotted in Nashville furniture store. Calvin tweets “love and respect” tweet and Taylor retweets it..

June 4th: Taylor attends fans wedding in New Jersey with her parents. Tom attends a fan event for Thor in Philadelphia.

June 5th: I think right around here is when Tay and Tom started talking (now this is me GUESSING).

June 6th: Taylor, Karlie and Gigi are spotted at home goods store in NYC.

June 7th: Taylor is seen leaving the gym in NYC, reportedly leaves that day (we assumed she went to RI BUT I did get several anons that said she went to Pennsylvania and at the time we thought, oh she’s visiting Brit, but maybe she was meeting up with Tom?).

June 8th: Taylor signs a year long lease to rent the NYC apartment while her place is being worked on.

June 10th: Tom is spotted in NYC at a pizza place right near Taylor’s new apartment.

June 12th: Taylor is seen leaving the gym in NYC.

June 14th: @kanenicholas23 tweets that Taylor is at her Rhode Island house (anons told me he has been accurate in the past, can’t confirm though). According to The Sun that’s when the Hiddleswift kissing pictures were taken (and it follows this timeline so it makes sense).

June 15th: Calvin unfollows Taylor, Austin and deletes “love and respect” tweet and deletes Tayvin pictures from Instagram. Taylor later deletes Tayvin pics from hers as well. Pictures are released of Taylor and Tom kissing in Rhode Island.

These are our beautiful rescue girls, Harley Quinn (black and white kitten) and special agent Dana Scully (chocolate kitten). Both rescued from 2nd Chance Cat Rescue in Melbourne, Australia about a year apart. The very first picture that was put on 2nd Chance Cat Rescue’s page of Harley Quinn made us absolutely fall in love with her gorgeous little face and bent over ears. She’s a fiesty cat with a beautiful personality and loves cuddles from dad, definitely a daddy’s girl! Special agent Dana Scully one of two identical kittens put on the 2nd Chance Cat Rescue Page, she is the calmest, most patient kitten I’ve met and absolutely loves her mummy! She has the tiniest meow I’ve ever heard, practically inaudible,but she knows how to get what she wants. They love each other and love us as much as we love them, complete our little family and make us laugh every day, and because of them I now help 2nd Chance Cat Rescue by making posters, flyers and cover pages for their Facebook so they can raise funds as they are a not for profit organisation. 


the our lil family had a fantastic 4th of July together, enjoying the lake, the sunshine and lots of BBQ’d meals…

…and we finally made it known that BABY #2 will be here in December! and Baby #2 is a BOY! 

Here I am yesterday at 17 weeks along. Feeling good, a lot less nauseous and a lot less tired - grateful for the 2nd trimester burst of energy. Moving while pregnant with a toddler has been quite the (exhausting) experience but we’re finally settling into our new life and routine. 

also, I love Annabelle’s face in this picture… she’s like, “I’m sorry, but no one consulted me about this.” don’t let her fool you, she’s very excited to be a big sister. :) 

cheers to big life changes… and additions! 


So like, remember I posted something similar a while back?

Great, so here I just want to show you what it looks like when Elsa is looking at Anna’s face, I mean sure you may argue about where she’s looking in the first picture but there’s absolutely no denying where she’s looking in the 2nd and 3rd pics, and the last one is for reference to see that in 2 and 3 she was NOT looking at Anna’s face OR at her feet! ;)

Thank you for your time :D