love her converse!

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

You have no idea how much I like you, how much you make me smile, how much I love talking to you, or how much I wish you were mine.
—  You texted me again

she tells me,
“your eyes, they shine bright like the galaxies;
their many colors dazzle like stars,
and they hold so many secrets, so much beauty.
but my eyes, dark and void of color,
are like the black holes,
sucking the light out of everything,
ugly and selfish.”

and i object.
“black holes?
yes, your eyes are exactly like black holes.
not because they are ugly or selfish,
but because when i look into them,
i can never look away.
i’m in awe of the vastness and complexity they hold.
their gravity is so immense that they catch me off guard
and suck me into their universe –
your universe.
and though the galaxy is large and bright,
the black hole lies at the center.
you are at the center of my heart
and i am hopelessly caught up in yours.”

My Sister Thinks Reylo is Obvious

Yesterday I got to spend a spend some time with my 23 year old sister, and I was in a great mood for a lot of reasons. She was the one that took me to see The Force Awakens three times when it first came out, so she likes Star Wars too.

Last night I couldn’t contain my excitement over the change in database/Judi thing. So I finally opened up about my online obsession with Reylo and my various other ships.

One of the first things she said was: “wait, isn’t reylo pretty obvious?”

My sister, who doesn’t care too much about fan theories or anything outside just viewing the movie. She thinks reylo is obvious!

Not over the fact that Melissa Rosenberg, who wrote Jessica Jones, was the screenwriter for all the Twilight movies. Killgrave is the deconstruction and brutal condemnation of characters like Edward Cullen: powerful men with a dark past who fixate on the heroine, deeming her exceptional, stalking and controlling her and calling it love – men who claim to know the heroine, know what’s good for her, better than she knows herself. 

Guess we know what she really thought of Edward now, ha. 

Sometimes she's a pain, but I love her.
  • Me: Don't fall in
  • Me: while you're in the potty
  • Me: brush your teeth
  • Me: get some food
  • Me: Okay, princess?
  • Princess ♥: I'm too fat to fall in
  • Me: Stop
  • Princess ♥: XD
  • Me: You're beautiful
  • Princess ♥: Still too fat to fall in. :3 no toilet monster for me!
  • Me: And I will kiss every inch of you and never stop letting you know how beautiful you are. Because even that word alone, will always be a mere understatement. Stop putting yourself down.
  • Me: There will be none of that.
  • Me: Do you understand?
  • Princess ♥: Yes daddy. =3=
  • Me: Good girl. You are beautiful and don't you ever forget that. Daddy loves all of you forever and ever <3
  • Princess ♥: ^-^ I love you too daddy
  • Me: And all my love with always be yours, my little princess.
  • My little girl loves putting herself down so much, but there wont ever be any of that.
  • You're beautiful, princess. Inside and out. And you are not fat, you're gorgeous and I will spend every day of my life proving to you that you are. Caring for you and loving you unconditionally is my job, and it truly is a job I love more than anything.