love her as a redhead!

adrienne de lafayette: the woman, the icon, the legacy
  • was only FOURTEEN when she married sixteen year old, awakward, lanky, redheaded fuckboy lafayette
  • (her mom loved laf but hated them together so she almost didn’t let them marry, didn’t let them sleep in the same room on their weddng night, and sent people with them on outings well into adulthood)
  • her dumbass husband ran off to america to fight in a war without telling anyone including his wife, so nice job on that one gilbert
  • her first daughter henriette fucking DIED as an infant, when laf was still in america. so adrienne dealt with that without her husband even being there
  • she was actually without her husband for quite a while come to think of it. like around 4 years total
  • handled their family’s finances on her own, because she was a fierce and brilliant woman
  • popped out four (4) of laf’s weird lookin kids
  • joined an abolitionist society along with her husband and purchased a cinnamon plantation with the sole purpose of freeing the slaves on the land
  •  had to deal with her husband doing stupid things like naming their child after general george washington and changing their family motto to “why not?”
  • and then, to everyone’s surprise and shock, her husband took up another post during the french revolution and went away for five months only to get sent to jail
  • she and her daughters were put on house arrest
  • oh and also a bunch of her family and friends had just been beheaded
  • while on house arrest, she sent letters to a whole shitton fuckton of people to try and get her husband out of an austrian prison and back to france
  • yeah she didn’t hear from laf for like two years while he was in prison because no one would let him write to her
  • smart smart woman burned any document or letter that could get laf in trouble 
  • anyway she finally got to this prison with her daughters except they would let laf out so she was like “fuck you and fuck your rules if he can’t come out i’m coming in”
  • (did i mention he cheated on her? twice? and she still went through all this shit and never had a bad thought about him :)))))))))
  • oh and! surprise! she got lead poisoning from the dirty water in the prison ah what a life
  • so they get out of prison and do you know what she does? she regains all their property, all their money, and gets them out of 200,000 livres worth of debt, because she was a badass
  • the hilarious end to her story is that she died a very painful death when she was 48 due to the lead poisoning she got n the prison
  • her last words ever spoken were to laf. and do you know what she said? “i am entirely yours”
  • anyway i’m dead inside and this woman deserves a bajillion dollars and a halo
"Mom’s going to kill us.”

George Weasley ~ Harry Potter

You are pregnant, fam.

Requested by: No

Written by: Head Honcho

Reader: Female

Warning: Teen pregnancy

A/N: Order of Phoneix time frame when the twins are in their last year, also idk if there is a difference on how wizards find out they’re pregnant ant muggles/humans do… so I just went with the good ol’ test.


Order of Phoneix Headquarters
Beginning of Christmas Holiday

You bury your face in your hands as you sit on the edge of the bathtub. The literal fate of the rest of your life is resting on the three sticks sitting on top of the basin of the sink.

You take a glance at your watch and let out a deep breath. There is still two minutes left and you’re dying inside. All the thoughts on how this will affect your future along with George’s… don’t forget the timing of it too.

Your thoughts get cut off by the bathroom door flinging open.

“Ron!” You shout.

“Oh… sorry.” Ron awkwardly apologizes, eyes snapping from the basin to you then he slams the door close. You can feel your heart pounding against your chest.

Living Room Area

You plop back down on your spot on the couch next to your lovely red-headed boyfriend. He wraps his arm around you, pecking your forehead causing a smile to appear on your face.

Once you hear him go back to the conversation, you take a glance over at Ron. He raises his eyebrows, silently asking, you nod. His eyes light up and he looks over at his older brother, a different kind of feeling when he sees him talking.

He turns back to you, mouthing a ‘congratulations’ in which you smile at him. Your focus gets snapped back to George when he squeezes your thigh, signaling you to join the conversation.

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I just couldn’t resist after the new update. I loved it so much and I hope Old Xian knows how much her work means to us. 19 days is a fucking blessing, my heart jumps whenever I re-read it.

(Have an older He Tian and Mo Guan Shan cuz I hope they’ll end up together, stay a (gorgeous stupid bitch ass) couple for the rest of their lives and love each other like idiots. I have this headcanon that Satan-Tian has this scars on his neck and hand and proudly shows them off cuz he protected his property back then. Btw, dunno what He Tian did this time to piss Momo off, but I bet it wasn’t just a dick pic XD )

America Singer Week 
Day 5: America & Kids


America & Eadlyn

  • Eady was always a Daddy’s girl because she needed to step into his shoes one day and spent most of her days following him about but when Ames comes in for mother-daughter time, it was the best thing ever. 
  • America calls her Kitten just like Shalom used to call her. 
  • Ames was the one who taught Eady Spanish. She taught her daughter  lots of things, how to play the piano - though Eady cannot carry a tune to save her life - and without realising it, Ames got Eady into fashion. 
  • One day as a little girl, Eady was sneaking around in her mother’s room when she sees the maids going over dress designs with America for an event and it sparks her interest. She then follows the maids to the needlework room to see them bring the dresses to life. 
  • She goes back to her mother’s suite with an awe-filled expression on her face and Ames sees this and asks about it.
  • After finding out, Ames is the one who gets Eady her first sketchbook and colour pencils. 
  • Most of the time, their life is a bed of roses but even they can’t be all perfect so of course, there is going to be fights. Eady is just as headstrong as America and we know that Ames always clashes with headstrong people like her (Magda, Aspen, Clarkson) 
  • Just like all mothers and daughters, they get into fights over the littlest things and Maxon is left to clean up after their blazing trails of tempers. 
  • The important thing is that at the end of each fight, they always make up.
  • Both America and Eady are so excited when Kerttu comes out being a redhead because Ames has always wanted a little redheaded girl and Eady loves how her daughter looks just like her mother. 

America & Ahren 

  • While Eady is a Daddy’s Girl, Ahren is a classic Momma’s Boy. His first word was literally Amedica! (yes that is an intentional typo) because he hears Maxon yell that a lot of times when Ames gets up to her usual trouble.
  • Her petname for him is Angel because before he got his golden locks, he used to be have really pale blonde hair that circled his head making it look like a halo. 
  • He literally goes to Ames for everything; girl trouble, piano, violin lessons, ballroom dancing lessons to impress Camille with. Ames is the one who teaches him French as well.
  • Ames was the first one he turned to when he realised he liked writing. It started as a small interest because he wrote Camille. Later he realised that it was his passion and he couldn’t breathe when he wasn’t writing.
  • She gets him his first personalised notebooks and stationary. She helps him seek out local writing competitions and asks him to submit for every one of them. 
  • Ahren doesn’t want to win on the account of being a Prince so Ames and him come up with a pseudonym which is so obvious, they are surprised that no one figured it out. 
  • It was Aaron Singer. 
  • Throughout his whole life, he has always turned to his mother and told her everything. There was no secrets between them. That’s why Ahren’s departure and elopment was such a huge blow of betrayal because there was literally no warning. It was the one time she didn’t know what was going on in Ahren’s head. 
  • She felt so lost and the shock of it all almost killed her. (THANKS A BUNCH AHREN!)
  • Of course she doesn’t blame him when he finally does come crawling back to ask for forgiveness. 
  • Because he will always be her Angel and even angels make mistakes sometimes. 

America & Kaden 

  • Kaden is also a Momma’s Boy but isn’t as dependant on America as Ahren is. Kaden has always been independant.
  • Especially with his studies which is how America came up with the petname Smarties after their favourite candy to share together and on the account of him being so intelligent.  
  • Ames was the one who introduced him to Gregory’s diaries. Since then he spends all his time in the secret archieve library, he even tries to work out how the computer works. (Spoiler alert, he ends up manufacturing computers and making them a norm again). 
  • While she is closer to Ahren, she does check in on Kaden in the library occasionally. They always end up on the floor reading something together. She also helps him with the computer.
  • She is also his fencing partner, she taught him the violin and he mastered both Spanish and French just like his mother. No one knows this but he is the real singer in the family after his mother. The other Schreaves can’t carry a tune to save their lives (Eady could to a certain extent but is nowhere as good as Ames or Kaden). 
  • Ames is the happiest when Kaden married Josie because at one point or another she genuinely thought her baby boy was going to build a robot girlfriend at one point or another. 

America & Osten 

  • Everyone would think these two would be the closest but no, they are too alike which makes them clash all the time. She calls him Mini Me because of that. 
  • She lowkey hates that she produced a mini version of herself because at this point she knew how problematic she used to be and now it’s reflected through Osten who is twice as active because he is boy. 
  • But she loves how smart and devious he is  because he could hold his own for a boy his age. 
  • So while they do clash sometimes, they also get along marvelously especially if they have an agenda against something. Which is why everytime Daphne visits, she loses a piece of jewelry right till she has to go back to France and then they mysteriously show up in her car seat that is leaving for the airport. 
  • She is always proud to see that Osten is becoming a fine young man, possibly better than she was at that age. He knows how to have fun but also knows his limits. 

EDIT: I was just too happy to be done with this long ass headcanon list that I forgot to tag my dear friend @not-your-dear who helped me figured which of the Schreave kids would lean more towards America and which would be closer to Maxon

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Hi! 15 and/or 25 with archie from the dialogue list? x

15. “I fall for the worst ones.”
25. “I told you not to fall in love with me.” (w/ Archie)

You sighed as you got pushed off the swing and pushed yourself up with your chubby 12 year old fingers.

“Do you need help?” Asked a voice that was slightly deeper than your own.

You glanced up to see a lanky red-headed boy. You nodded and he grabbed your hand and helped you up.

“I’m Archie!” the boy exclaimed.

“(Y/N),” you replied.

“Did Reggie push you off?”

You nodded.

“Well stick with me and I’ll help you get away from him.“

You looked at Archie hesitantly before nodding.

“Great! Before we become friends, I have to warn you: don’t fall in love with me,” he said, chuckling.

You laughed and gently pushed his shoulder. “No problem there.”

That was three years ago and now, in sophomore year, you had ignored Archie’s warning.

You were in love with him and the only one who knew was Betty. Things had gotten tense between the both of you when you told her because she had also been in love with the redhead. At least, she was until a certain raven-haired beauty showed up.

But a few days into the school year and Jughead Jones (your other close friend) had spilled Archie’s secret: he was having an affair with Ms. Grundy.

I fall for the worst ones,” you groaned as you slid into the booth across from Betty and Veronica. Jughead had decided to tell you what he had discovered face-to-face and as much as you hated to admit it, the news had basically shattered your heart. “I can’t believe he would do that.”

“Who would do what?” grinned Archie as he arrived at the table, sliding in next to you and pushing you further into the booth.

You hated the fact that you couldn’t stop the racing of your heart as his thigh pressed against yours and his arm was swung casually over your shoulder. You hated the fact that he had that effect on you. You hated the fact that you were in love with your best friend.

"Uh, Reggie,” Betty stumbled. “She can’t believe that Reggie stood her up.”

Archie’s eyes widened. “You were going out with him.”

You glanced at B & V, who glared at you, before swallowing hard and turning back to Archie nodding furiously. His jaw clenched as he got up and walked away. “I thought you knew better than to date him (Y/N/N).”

Betty and Veronica squealed as soon as he walked out of the diner.

“He was totally jealous hon,” V said.

You nodded absentmindedly.

The rest of the week passed by slowly. Archie had been ignoring you all week until he finally talked to you on Friday.

“Listen (Y/N), I don’t think you should go out with Reggie,” he said.

You snorted softly before looking up at him (he was quite tall). “I’m not going out with him.”

“What?” Archie asked.

“B & V lied. I’m not interested in him Arch. I’m- I’m interested in you,” you admitted quietly.

You heard his sharp intake of breath and you glanced up at him shyly.

“Oh (Y/N),” he muttered. “I told you not to fall in love with me.”

You swallowed back you tears as you nodded. “I know.”

Archie stared after you as you walked away.

You made your way to the drive-in, knocking on the door. A disgruntled Jughead answered, ready to scold whoever was outside before he caught sight of your face. “He knows doesn’t he?”

You nodded as he stepped aside to let you in. You hadn’t cried and you would not cry over Archie Andrews.

“You wanna see a movie?” Jughead asked quietly.

You nodded as he started playing some cliché horror movie, sitting down next to him and losing yourself in the film as you both told cheesy jokes and ate the crappy snacks from the concessions stand.

You wish you had never met Archie Andrews.

(very poorly written but I think its decent enough to post.)

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Request: If you are still taking the specific Bucky stories how about a Bucky x reader where the reader and Bucky are friends but the reader is a bit childish abs likes to put cute magnets in his arm. Mostly where he can’t see them but others can.

Summary: You sneak some magnets onto Bucky’s arm and one of them happens to be an Inigo Montoya quote. The teams sees it and starts making Princess Bride jokes, confusing the hell out of Bucky.

Warnings: Best friend fluffy fluff!

A/N: I laughed so god damn hard while writing this, I do apologize for how short it is though.

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isn't it weird that jian yi and xixi are all buddy buddy with the guy who hurt them..?

sure is, but literally no one in this comic holds a grudge XD 

like technically jian yi should still be mad at xiao hui for saying this 

and mad at redhead for choking him out and attacking zhan 

and mad at zhan for punching him in the face and rejecting him viciously

but jian yi readily accepts her help and delivers her love letter even tho it hurts himself

he protects redhead from she li 

he uses xiao hui’s help to save redhead

and tries to convince zhan that its not his fault even tho zhan had just torn his entire soul into shreds and fakes being happy so zhan doesn’t worry

 yes its true that these people hurt him deeply

but in the end he will always forgive and try to help them, cause thats the kind of guy he is. 

7. Could you be happy here with me?

A/N: all aboard the angst mobile. I really liked writing this one and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much I as loved writing it. And awayyy we gooo.

read my shit here. 
The list of prompts
1. Oh my god you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about time!
4. I just had to see you
5. Please let me help
6. H-How long have you been standing there?

three weeks until worlds

The retreat was a bust.

Beca wasn’t talking to Chloe. Chloe wasn’t talking to Beca.

SS Bhloe was sinking.

Not that it had set sail yet, because Beca was a chicken shit, but it seems everyone knew about it but the two captains themselves.

“I don’t get why you can’t talk to her Becs. It’s just Chloe. You love her, remember?”

“And she doesn’t know that and at this point I’d like to keep it that way, thank you. I’m not talking to her. I have nothing to say.”

“That’s a lie and you and I both know it.” Stacie wasn’t letting her win this one. “You two can’t even go two days without talking let alone a week. I know you. You need to talk to her and stop sulking around this stupid house waiting for her to come running back to apologize.”

“I have nothing to apologize for! I took an internship! I’m moving on! I’m graduating! She needs to just move on and get over it. And I’m most certainly not apologizing when she’s the one who freaked out on me in the first place.” Beca was fuming and her nostrils were flaring. Stacie took this as a sign to stand down and try again later.

“Whatever dude. Just think about it. You’re both miserable as hell and it’s getting unbearable to even be around you let alone all of us living under the same roof.” 

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