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five little ficlets inspired by this amazing art of sakura (and others) by @baasama oh my god i love it so much. please look at it and marvel at it immediately i absolutely love how sakura is drawn. i just love her expression. anyhow, all of the fics below are unrelated and take place at different points in the manga/different AUs.


(pre land of iron reunion)

everything is a poison, she understands. what matters is the dosage. 

when she hears of sasuke’s activities and naruto and kakashi disappear, sakura knows what she has to do. she plays along with shikamaru and the rest of them but has her own agenda in the mean time. 

sakura needs to kill sasuke.

she looks down at her creation, a light green liquid that will be entirely indiscernible as it laces her weapons. 

she fills three vials with it. one is to use to paint her blades. one is for back up in the event that she needs to inject him with the poison directly. and the last one is for herself for when she realizes she won’t be able to live with her actions.


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How do the writers of dd manage to make every single male character fall in love with their Frail White Woman while actual helpful and captivating characters like Claire and elektra are sidelined and mistreated? How sway?

i know like goddd im screaming.,.im so tired of her….people act like she’s revolutionary but how…what does she do….i get she stepped up in matty’s place for the case but like…other than that what did she do…she’s so unimpressionable but everyone’s always yelling: “YAAAAS QUEEEENNN KAREN AN ANGEL OF THE LORDT !!! BLESSING US ALL WITH THAT EXTRA WHITENESS™😫😫 THAT BLONDE HAIR HAS ME SHOOKETH ‼️‼️” all while everyone shipping her w frank even tho she literally gave him an ultimatum which is like a manipulative thing bUT ANYHOW she was scared of him in the end, why would you ship them i do Not understand but wow am i ranting or what anyway i hate her


My dear friend, @loft-meeting, created this wonderful series of metas about season 4 and the Exodus, and rather than reblogging them all cause they’re super long and in-depth, I’m gonna link them all here and tag E V E R Y O N E

(Don’t read these if you don’t want to see potentially major spoilers about season 4, honestly, I’d be shocked if most of this stuff didn’t happen)

Part 1: The Hypothesis

Part 2: Nuclear Meltdown

Part 3: Road Trip (or, Ocean Trip, rather)

Part 4: The Opening Sequence Amusement Park

Part 5: Roller Coaster Physics

Part 6: More Amusement Park Proof

Part 7: More Proof of the Exodus Location

Part 8: The Quarantine Zone and Color Theory

Part 9: The Quarantine Zone and Musical Foreshadowing

Part 10: Visual Clues to the Exodus Location

Part 11: Flora and Fauna

Part 12: Cultural Proof

I’m gonna tag pretty much everyone I know here (and some people I don’t) because April worked so hard on this and it needs to be appreciated!!!

@ginalou16 @adancergirl @geekyelvengirl @bellamypotter @jontyaxefive @kane-and-griffin @abbykomskaikru @ravenreyess @bellbearblake @whyclarke @octanakin @snowballamyblake @beautiful-rebellious-sunflower @problematic-bellarke @bellarketm @platoniceyefucking @the100-news @inreyeswetrust @muffinblake @marcuskanebeard @unitydayjuice @mermaidnatblida @marauders-groupie @emcri @hawthornewhisperer @bisexualbellclarke @artisan-kom-kabbykru @anextraordinarymuse @yes-everhopeful @sassamyblake @derofeba @nataliecrown @drelllassassinn @fandammit @missemarissa @vvivaa @historicbellamyblake @noemiette @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @spxceselkie @5boyheaven @sarcastic-sassmaster @reblogginhood @griffinskane @skaicommander @brittanias @abigailkanes

And for those of you who want to know what this big awesome theory is, but don’t have the time to read all 12 parts of the proof (April is so extra about this but I love her anyhow) I’m putting the bare-bones version, that you can read in just a few minutes, below the cut!

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Bajirao Mastani: SLB’s best work yet in classic SLB style

Quick synopsis: Brave and powerful warrior Bajirao is asked to help win a battle for another King and meets his lovely daughter Mastani in the process. She falls madly in love, but there are two problems: She is Muslim…and he is already wed.

  • Let’s just get out of the way the promise that if you do not see this movie in theaters you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Because I can proudly and confidently say that it is the most dazzling and elaborate Bollywood film I have ever seen in terms of sets and costumes. Like W O W
  • There were times I literally laughed out loud in the theater because I was so enthralled by the visuals.

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Broken Promises (A Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Hi guys! So this is the very emotional imagine I’ve been talking about. Let me warn you ahead, it is very different from what I normally write. I guess I should put a trigger warning, but only because there is talk and mention of stuff like that. It is quite depressing and darker than I would usually write, but I figured it was a new thing to try out to shake things up a little bit! I really hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think! - Mikenna 

Storyline: Luke and Y/N are in a committed relationship, were at least before Luke left for his six month tour. Y/N has always been depressed and Luke knows that. Throughout the six months Y/N and Luke found themselves slowly losing it, before it came to the point of barely talking. Two months ago Luke came home, and it has been miserable and lonely since. Y/N’s found herself falling deeper into the darkness. Luke finds himself questioning what he could have done to fix this. Will the two of them be able to pick up the pieces? 

Requested: Yes. I had already begun it but someone requested for something along the same lines and I figured this would work.

Smut: No. 

Word count: 2,600+

Broken Promises

It was winter, and it was cold. It was the kind of night you’d expect the two lovers to be curled up together on the couch, legs intertwined as the fire burned in front of them. But instead she sat cross-legged on the kitchen floor, her fingers drawing over her skin aimlessly on the scars she had put there. It hadn’t always been so quiet. She had always been depressed, but he’d fallen in love with her anyhow and promised her of change. She was still waiting for that promise.

 He was sitting on the back porch, a lit cigarette between his chapped lips. It was crisp and cold, quiet and lonely. The way it had been for the past two months. They didn’t say much to each other, pretended as if they were just two people living together. He’d missed her. Oh how he’d missed her while he was half away around the world. He missed her still. He blamed himself for the distance between the two; leaving her in her fragile state, and though she promised she’d be fine, he was still waiting for that promise.

He had left her, and it had hurt the both of them. There were days where she had felt like she couldn’t go on. And there were days he had to be forced onto stage, mouthing words he knew all too well. She’d known the risks of falling for the awkward, talented boy she’d met two years ago in that small pub on that strange street, but when she turned to question it, it was too late. Her heart had been stolen away from her, and became his. He still remembered sitting bored, drinking to forget things that hurt him when the girl had walked into the bar, her cold eyes sweeping the place. He had called her an angel, and he fell under her wings.

 It was the major trip that had done this. Six months of separation. Phone calls and text messages had only gone so far before the both of them had started to lose it slowly. It wasn’t their fault. They were young. Twenty year olds in love weren’t meant to be pushed apart, it wasn’t fair. But they had agreed to it when they chose to love each other. The day he had arrived home had been important, special to the both of them as tears and ongoing hugs and kisses were shared. But that only lasted a few days or so. They had found a routine of awkward quietness and lonely living while they had been separated, and it had managed to creep it’s way up between them.

 He took one last inhale before putting out the cigarette and pushing his weight up off the steps. He shoved his hands in his pockets as he made his way into the warm home that had once seemed so lively.  He had decided today was the day. There was nothing he was going to let get between them anymore. He wouldn’t give up, no matter how hard it was to get her to let her walls down again. Walking to the kitchen he found her in her usual spot, staring aimlessly at the floor. Slouching to the ground he leaned against the wall, stretching his long legs out.

 She didn’t move. She didn’t want to. There was nothing she could think of to say so she continued to stare at the ground. The smell of winter air and cigarette hit her nose, and she flinched, craving for his arms.

 “Y/N.” The boy breathed. It was surreal to her to hear him say her name, it seemed so long since the last time he had. “What has happened to us? We used to be so in love.” He shuddered as the words slipped past his lips.

 “You went away.” She sighed, her voice already tinted with tears. “You went away when I was broken, and you had promised to fix me. You promised to help me. You didn’t. And I will never blame you for that. No one can fix that but me.”

 “But I should be there for you.” He trembled. “I am here for you. But you don’t seem to want to let me in.” His voice hushed to a whisper that only she could hear.

 “You know I do that. You know I protect myself.” She tried, her eyes tired from weeks of sleepless nights.

 “But from me? Y/N, you are my girlfriend. You shouldn’t feel the need to hide from me.” He gulped, looking straight forward, begging her to meet his eyes.

 “But I do!” She snapped, her anger rising to her cheeks with a rosy glow.

 The boy stared forward, mouth agape as he watched her.

 “You don’t mean that.” He stammered. “You know I’m here for you no matter what.”

 “How are you here for me when you’re halfway around the world!” She cried. “Luke, you made a promise to help and you didn’t.”

 “You think I didn’t try!” He screamed. “You think I haven’t given it my all to watch you be happy! That is what I want more than anything in the world, but I cannot help you, if you aren’t willing to try.”

 “I have tried so hard.” Her angry tears spilled onto her hot cheeks as she looked to him. “Do you have any idea how fucking hard it is to wake up in the morning and wish you hadn’t? Do you have any idea how miserable it makes me to see the one boy I truly love, torn down and soulless because of my mistakes? Luke. There are so many things I’m sorry for, so many things I wish I could redo. There is so much I’ve tried to do to make things work for us. But I’m so fucking sick of saying sorry when I’m the one collapsed on the ground.” She quaked, anger and pain present in her voice.

 They sat there in silence, both questioning where this was going to go. She hadn’t meant to yell. She hadn’t meant to hurt him, she never had. But she knew just being with her was hurting him. It was him who broke the silence as he moved towards her, sitting down next to her.

 “Show me your scars.” He requested, his eyes holding hers with a stare.

 “But… Why?” She stuttered, her lashes coated with ruined eye makeup and tears.

 “I want to see how many times you needed me and I wasn’t there.” He whispered, a tear rolling down his cheek.

 Her breath caught in her throat, but she obeyed. Slowly she dragged the soft material of her sweater down her wrist, revealing the faded lines along with the all too new ones. He gently took her arm into his large callused hands as his eyes danced along the marked skin. The tears fell from his eyes rapidly now and she watched as he brought her arm to his lips. He trailed kisses slowly down her arm; his tears wetting her arm every once in a while. Her tears had begun to flow as well, slowly as she watched him.

 “I am so sorry.” He breathed against her arm, his voice cracking. “I will never leave you again.”

 “I don’t want to make promises we can’t keep.” She whispered shivering as his lips applied pressure to the marks of hate on her skin.

 “I am keeping this one. I don’t care where in the hell they want me to go, you are coming with me. I will never leave you again. I am so sorry. I don’t ever want to hear you say sorry again. Please, never say sorry again.” He sobbed into her arm. She smiled through her tears as she lifted his face up to meet hers, trying to meet his eyes with hers. The piercing blue eyes circled in red met hers, searching sadly.

 “I never wanted to hurt you.” She assured, her hands finding their way around his neck.

 “And I never wanted to hurt you either. I am so lucky to have you. To think tha-that you could have taken your life while I was gone” his voice shook “scares the living hell out of me. I have no idea what I would do without you. I would be so lost.” He trembled.

 “Luke, it’s okay. I’m here.” She began as she tugged at the nape of his hair on the back of his neck.

 “It’s so far from being okay. I could’ve lost you Y/N. That is no where near okay.” He croaked, his throat sore from crying.

 She sat with her arms around his neck, looking into his eyes. There was sadness there, sadness that only she would notice.

 He sat there with his arms loosely gripping her sides staring directly back into her tear brimmed eyes. His eyes found the pain hidden there, that only he could recognize.

 “It’s okay to hurt. And it’s okay to open up to me. This is who you are. You know that, and I know that.” He nodded pulling her into his lap. Her eyes became full of tears again, and within seconds her face was pressed into his shoulder soaking it with sadness. “And I will spend the rest of my life, everyday making sure that you’re happy. I don’t care what it takes. I will do anything for your happiness my love. There is nothing in the world I could want more.” He added, wrapping his arms tightly around her frame.

 Soft sobs came from the both of them as they sat on the cold floor, rocking back and forth. Hers had become uncontrollable, pent up anger and pain after months of waiting, finally released and absorbed by him. His sobs were controlled, but loud still as he shook with her.

 “Everyday.” He whispered. “Everyday for the rest of my life. I will fix you, and I will help you find the happiness you deserve my angel.” He continued pressing his lips into her hair.

 She stiffened in his arms, the thoughts of him leaving her coming back to her like a tidal wave of painful daggers.

 He noticed and pulled her from his chest searching her eyes. He opened his mouth to speak but it was too late, she was up off of his lap and walking away from him, her anger bubbling beyond control.

 “Y/N! Where are you going?” He yelled panicked as the tall blonde boy scrambled to his feet pacing after her in long strides.

 “Luke, I always forget how brilliant you are at getting away with things. Especially when it comes to me.” She hissed, her eyes falling on his face.

 He stood staring at her shocked, the words slicing through him sharply like knives. Had he not just expressed how much she meant to him only minutes before? He wiped the hurt expression off his face before meeting her angry eyes with his soft ones.

 “Y/N, what is this about? We were fine. We are fine. Why are you so upset?” He questioned stepping closer to her.

 “Luke you still left me. You left me when you knew I wasn’t okay. I was in a dangerous state, and you left me alone to deal with it. You broke your promise.” She began shakily. “You didn’t put in the effort like you promised. You can’t use distance as an excuse! You were the one who told me no matter how far apart we were; you’d make it feel like you were lying right next to me! You can’t blame distance for the way we are now and the way you left me because you sure as hell could’ve patched this up and made things right!” She raged viciously.

 “Y/N… I would never try and use that as an excuse. I know I fucked up. I know. I fucked up big time, and I’ve regretted it everyday since I got on that bus and left you standing outside of the house with that smile that I knew so very well was fake.” He began, putting out his hands at his sides innocently.

 “So than Luke, tell me. Why’d you do it?” She hissed, her cheeks still flushed.

 “Because… because I thought that it was better that way.” He admitted, his eyes falling to the bedroom floor.

 “What?” Her brows furrowed in disbelief.

 “I can so clearly now see what I did was the wrong decision. But at the time, I thought I was the one making you that miserable. I figured if I left you at home for a while you would find someone else, fall in love. Someone who was better for you. Someone who could always be there for you. I knew with touring I wouldn’t be able to keep those promises so I left with the hopes that things would get better for you. But within the first two months I could tell they hadn’t. Then they kept getting worse. Then it got to the point we were barely talking. I didn’t know what to do, and when I got home two months ago, I didn’t put in an effort. I know I didn’t and I’m sorry for that. I regret the past eight months more than anything in the world and if I could go back and fix them I would. But I can’t. And I have to live with my poor decisions, and looking at them and seeing how much they affected you makes this that much harder.” He swallowed as he looked up to the girl, who’s expression was blank.  

 “I see. Well that’s definitely something to consider.” She sighed. “But that still doesn’t make it okay.” She added quickly.

 The both of them stood there, unsure of themselves at that point.

 She was still angry, her mind scrambling all over the place trying to comprehend what he had just said.

 He was scared. Scared to lose her over his stupid decisions that at the time seemed right. The silence was eerie to him, so he figured he might as well say something.

 “You know I love you, right?” He asked her, his eyes searching her face intently.

 She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair, licking her lips as she nodded.

 “Yes Luke, I know.” She replied emotionlessly as she looked at him.

 He looked at her with wide eyes, wondering if she didn’t realized how much she meant to him. He took a step forward making sure not to break eye contact with her as frustration ran through his veins.

“No, I don’t think you do. I am in love with you. The kind of love that keeps my mind wandering till six in the morning with crazy thoughts, the kind of love that makes my chest go tight when I see you smile, the kind of love that makes me forget to breathe whenever you show up at one of my shows all dolled up, the kind of love that makes me look forward to coming home every day no matter where I might be to see you, the kind of love that gives me a stomach full of butterflies when I hear your name. The kind of love that makes an absolute shit day amazing, just from hearing your voice on the phone. I love you Y/N.” He burst out, hardly pausing to breathe.

 She looked at him with her mouth open as she tried to find her words, stunned.

 He stared nervously praying her silence was a good thing.

 “Luke, I knew what you meant.” She giggled.

 He turned bright red, realizing what she had said and that he had just made himself look foolish.

 She smiled as she made her way towards him and pushed him onto the edge of the bed, so he was sitting up. She stepped in-between his legs and smiled down at him.

 “You’re lucky you’re so cute.” She marveled. “I love you.”

 “I love you too.” He responded simply and sweetly.

 She brought her face to his and lowered her lips onto his, soft and lovingly.

 He kissed her back, wrapping his long arms around her waist.

I lied. I wrote this in one sitting after all. Blame iamangstville for this one. Prompt was injured Felicity with angsty Oliver. This is that… Mostly. But also with fluff. It’s also 100% unbetaed. Ummmm here you go. Set in the ‘Stop the Presses’ universe and would fit as eight months later were it in the epilogue.


She’s never having egg salad again. Ever.

Who cares that it used to be one of her favorites? At this point she’s pretty sure she’s never going to be able to even look at an egg again without heaving and running for the bathroom. The last day or so has been brutal, basically. She’s entirely too familiar with how badly she needs to clean the grout in between the tiles of their bathroom floor.

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Oliver got her sister "killed" after cheating on her. She has every right to lash our. BUT despite that she still said she was sorry and wanted to be there for him. Now you bring up Laurel during her depression where she STILL said she was sorry.

True story: when I woke up this morning, I did the same thing I do every morning. I checked my email and then I browsed Twitter (and then I read some fic but that’s not relevant to this story so I’ll just wash over that bit).  I saw these anons, smirked, and then headed over to Twitter where I posted this: 

I got several lovely replies that made me chuckle.  Thank you, Twitter crew. You guys are real. 

Honestly? I kinda wish I’d written down last night exactly what I expected to receive in my inbox because it’s uncanny how spot on I was.  Right down to the blaming my hate for Laurel on being an Olicity fan (that’s supposed to say “bitter”, not “biter” in that second ask there). I mean, the whole reason I stuck in the bit about forming this opinion before Felicity was even introduced was to underline that my feelings for Laurel had nothing to do with Olicity (and vice versa), but that’s fine.  This person clearly can’t spell, I’m not sure I should hold them up to reading comprehension as well.  Plus, I suppose I should give props to them for finding then post since I went to lengths to assure that it wouldn’t end up in the tags.  Which tells me they go looking for anti LL posts.  Which, omg you guys, that’s so depressing.  Stop.  Embrace the light.

I have a few minutes so I thought, hey, why not address these?  The first anon starts off with saying that LL had very good reason to be upset.  I DON’T DISAGREE.  Here’s the reading comprehension thing again.  Go back to my post and read what I said.  Oh here, I’ll just excerpt it for you: 

You see, LL had this undeniably sympathetic situation and somehow STILL MANAGED to be completely unsympathetic. 

I stand by what I said.  Because she wasted the sympathy that the audience wanted to have for her for her very righteous position by saying some of the most hurtful things.  You think her apology towards the end of the episode made it all okay?  How about the next day when he’d just got done recounting his father’s dead in front of a crowded courtroom and she basically told him the same thing again?  How about all season 1 when she continually told him what a terrible person was, how he couldn’t possibly be the Hood because he’s far too selfish?  I get it: some people lash out and then apologize.  Sometimes, that works.  Sometimes, it doesn’t.  In Laurel’s case, in my esteem, it does not work because her reactions to Oliver show me a side of her personality that I find utterly repulsive.  

Here’s the thing (and I’m about to get a little more personal than I usually do on this blog but bear with me): I’ve faced loss in my life.  Terrible, tragic, gut-wrenching loss.  And in the darkest moments, when my heart felt like it was being torn from my chest, I remember having one devastatingly clear thought: 

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

I’m not a hero.  I don’t have some grand comic book destiny, a leather jacket or a hood or a mask or anything waiting for me after I’ve endured my crucible.  I’m just an average person.  I’m not more special, no more kind and compassionate than anyone else out there.  But believe me when I say: when you’ve endured the depths that this life has to offer, the last thing you want is for more people to suffer that same fate. That doesn’t make you a good person, it makes you a decent person. Laurel did not show that quality in the slightest.  And they expect me to believe that she’s a hero?  HOW?!

I’m not saying that she had to forgive Oliver or even not be angry with him.  Again, if you notice my initial post, my issue was how she expressed that anger.  Because the things she said to him, both in the pilot and the episode(s) that followed crossed a line for me.  And it wasn’t just about Oliver and the horrible things he did to her and her family.  What about Thea?  What about Moira?  Laurel was basically saying that she wanted them to suffer as well, all because she’d been betrayed.  Is it somehow better to excuse it as “she wasn’t thinking of them right then”?  Because for me, its not.  

On top of all of that, I was supposed to believe she was still in love with him?  HAHAHA… no.  Everything I’ve said is based on her just treating him like a fellow human being.  Would you ever say that to someone that you love with all your heart?  God, you guys.  I honestly don’t know if any of you could actually say that you would, but if you can then I just find that so … sad.  Legitimately SAD.  

As for the rest of what these anons brought up: I get that they’re trying to rehabilitate her character but I’ve yet to really see Laurel do anything that isn’t at least slightly informed by her innate selfishness.  I haven’t seen her have a truly heroic moment.  I just got done rewatching all three seasons, believe me, I looked.  I wanted to give her a chance this season but it was too little, too late. 

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What do you think dd loves best about Gillian and vice-versa?

DD –> GA

Her energy
Her talent
That intoxicating giggle
How she does that thing with her hips when she’s on top
That she’s a great mother
That she’s matured from a flighty and sometimes rebellious girl to a grounded woman
When he calls her and she answers her phone using her English accent
Seeing her wearing nothing but one of his dress shirts, unbuttoned, and red panties from Agent Provacateur
That she reached out to him to repair their relationship
How the back of her neck smells first thing in the morning
How successful and acclaimed she’s become
That she knows everything about him and loves him anyhow


His passion and intensity
That he’s a terrible singer and still recorded an album and went on tour
His arms, oh yeah, those arms and how they hold her
How the New York creeps back into his accent when he’s tired or angry
His lower lip and how much fun it is to pull it into her mouth and suck on it
How ridiculously smart he is
That he made the effort to be a humbler and kinder man
That he’s a great father
How he sends her handwritten letters sometimes
The way he looks when he’s wearing nothing but a hotel bathrobe
When he does that thing with his tongue that makes the eyes bug out of her head
That he knows everything about her and loves her anyhow

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"Gone to the dogs" prompt: Belle and Gold talk about their little kiss and go on a date, they bring their dogs to "chaperone" them...

Hope you enjoy this one, anon!  (And others!)  Was hoping to have this done for Valentine’s Day but better late than never!  Enjoy!  :)

This is Part Six of my GoneTo the Dogs series. 

Dinner Date

“What do you think they see in each other?” Gold asked as he and Belle sat on the park bench watching Stewart and Sophie play. He was back to wearing his three-piece suit once again.

“Haven’t you heard the phrase ‘opposites attract’?” Belle asked.

“That isn’t opposite, that’s – ridiculous.” Gold said.

“Why?” Belle asked. “Their personalities click somehow, and they both spotted that instantly. You can’t help who you’re attracted to. Besides … beauty is skin deep, right? It’s what’s on the inside that counts. I know that Sophie is a bit awkward and different, but – that’s part of what made me love her. She’s a beautiful soul, very kind and gentle. No one else wanted her, did you know that? I was volunteering at the shelter, and she’d been there for nearly a month. She was the sweetest thing, but no one that came there looking to adopt would even give her a second look. Some of the volunteers were afraid to play with her because she looked so big and scary but she wasn’t like that at all. She just wanted someone to love her. Anyhow – no one had claimed her and no one wanted her and I didn’t want her to be – you know. So I decided to adopt her.”

“Well, apparently Stewart sees things as you do.” Gold said.

“And you don’t see past what’s visible? Why not?” Belle asked.

“Never had much of a reason to.” Gold said. “Things – and people – tend to be just as they appear to be in my experience.”

“I don’t think that’s true at all.” Belle said. “I’ve been hearing things about you, Ronan. I try not to listen to that sort of gossip but people have seen us together and they tell me things.”

“What things?” Gold asked.

“Oh – it’s nothing really. Nothing I believe.” Belle said.

“Well, you can’t just leave it at that. Tell me.” Gold insisted.

“Just that you – you have a lot of money and power in this town and you got that by being ruthless.” Belle said. Gold chuckled a bit.

“That’s it?” Gold asked. “I honestly expected worse.”

“Well, most people said you’re – a bit of a beast.” Belle admitted. “But I just don’t see that. I mean – you obviously love Stewart very much, you take wonderful care of him. And your son – he loves you and I can see that he’s everything to you. If you were a beast – none of that would be true.” Gold didn’t say a word in reply. “I um – I have a confession to make. About when I came into your shop a couple weeks ago.”

“Did you break something else and not tell me?” Gold asked, and Belle smiled.

“No, nothing like that. I just – I didn’t come to see your shop. I came to talk – about – what happened that day the young man came here with his beagle. I mean – after he left.” Belle said.

“You don’t have to talk about that, I know why you did it.” Gold said.

“Do you?” Belle asked.

“I am not immune to understanding that I am, in fact, the butt of quite a few practical jokes in this town. Don’t flatter yourself to think that you’re the first to try and taunt me in order to get a reaction. You’re not.” Gold said.

“Taunt you? I – I kissed you because I wanted to.” Belle said. “I like you, Ronan.”

“Nobody likes me except for my son and Stewart.” Gold said.

“And me.” Belle replied. “I thought maybe you – felt the same way. I guess I was wrong.” Belle stood up, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I should probably go. Sophie! Come on sweetheart, we’re going home!” Belle called out. Both dogs came running toward them. Belle clipped the leash onto Sophie’s collar. “See you next week.” Belle said quietly. Gold hesitated for a moment as Belle and Sophie started to walk away.

“Belle, wait!” Gold called out when she was halfway to the gate. Belle stopped and turned around, and Gold put Stewart on his leash and walked toward her. “Would you like to have dinner this week?”

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Sylvia x Yandere!Jean PART 1
Helene Daviau
Sylvia x Yandere!Jean PART 1

And I’ve done it AGAIN!

Thebunnyofevil made a Yandere Jean script that was read by Jonah Scott (askjeanvoice)

Sylvia, is yet another OC for AoT. She’s a tsundere and awesome. I love her.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy it~