love her ahhh


Keiji showing MC a beautiful night scenery full of stars.

MC: “Beautiful…”
Keiji: “Right ~ ?”

Keiji smiles lightly as usual. 

MC: “But, why…?”
MC: (Showing such scenery to me…)
Keiji: Because I thought that Mimi seems tired and worn out (from working all day everyday)

He answers without hesitation, quietly coming near to her and put his lips close to her ear.

Keiji: “It’s a secret from everyone.”

I like him before this, but not so much. This AU Special Story just kill it for me and I fall hard. So attentive and sweet ~ I would make immediate buy when it comes out in SLBP later xD

A Klance collab between me and @fonbella, I just did the base sketch and she drew over it, inked and colored<33 And it came out GORGEOUS, srsly, I should just dump my art to Bella from now on, she can make even my doodles come out awesome! ;D

Anonymous said to dwimmerlaiks: Would you be okay with doing Aredhel in 16?

yes!! anything related to aredhel is always an excellent idea. tbh doubting at this point that im doing the palette challenge right but I’m gonna get the hang of it if I do enough of them (i hope)

Honestly, I live for ace/aro Reyna. Like, Reyna wasn’t attracted to Jason, she knew she should’ve been but she wasn’t. Despite her lack of sexual or romantic attraction toward him, she knew it’d be the best diplomatic choice to pursue a relationship with him. And besides, she loved him as a friend, she could just learn to love him as more than that, right?

And of course then he goes missing and when he turns up again, she clearly sees his feelings for another girl. And she knows that she should be jealous, and she is. But in a completely different way. She’s jealous that he disappeared and showed up with a group of new friends. That she was the person he used to confide in but now he always turns to Piper.

And Jason obviously interprets this as Reyna being (rightfully) jealous of his feelings for Piper and Reyna doesn’t correct him because why should she? That’s how she’s supposed to feel, right? Why correct him when it would do no one any good?

And by the end of HoO she’s so confused. Because someone should love her and she should love someone. Look at all her friends, all of them in relationships; Jason and Piper, Percy and Annabeth, Nico and Will. Even Leo turns back up with a girlfriend. Why was she the only one incapable of finding someone she legitimately loved in a romantic way?

And over time she realizes that she simply doesn’t want nor does she need a romantic and/or sexual partner. All she really wants is companionship; a friend. And she finds that in the seven and Nico. And she bonds with Rachel because Rachel isn’t allowed to have a romantic relationship and Reyna doesn’t want one, so they kind of just form this friendship built on the mutual lack of desire for romance and that grows into a sister-like bond.

And just, I love Ace/Aro Reyna so much.

IM SCREAMING I LOVE HER SHES THE BEST AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME OTHERWISE im weak for smooth talkers okay but also like shes so handsomely beautiful

just look at her!! she even cosplayed as sebastian like making my heart weak more

shes so cuteee she even said adieu i cant

but then im like WAIT COME BACK I LOVE YOU 

shes back and im like yasssss

bonus even mustumi can see her greatness lajsdflas