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My dude! I just realized something, so Henrietta is in prison currently so she very well could be telling her fellow inmates what a special boy(tm) she has. Even when you just hear about someone you can start to care about them. MITCH POTENTIALLY HAS LOTS OF HARDCORE LADIES WHO CARE ABOUT HIM and also know some embarrassing stuff about him too lol. (I don't know why but that made me happy for some reason)


Mitch walks into the womens prison for a visit to a chorus of “Mitchell! Hello! You’ve gotten so tall! So handsome, you look just like your mother! Are you eating enough?? Mitchell, Henny tells us you’re going to graduate this year, we’re so proud!! How many boyfriends do you have, Mitchell?? Mitchell, did you sneak us in some smokes??”

He pretends to be embarassed but he laps up the attention!!!! He loves it!!!! His mom gives him 10 min hugs and he has an audience of tough ladies, half of whom are as gay as he is, who don’t care that he curses and smokes to run his mouth of with.

(Also he totally provides all the ladies with cigarrettes lol)

A little brainstorming session about pynch having an affair at Declan’s wedding and having to hide it. (A gratuitous play into Jasmin’s wish.) @adamsrcnan

A friend on twitter conveyed their wish to have a pynch AU where they hide their relationship like Monica and Chandler do in FRIENDS. If anyone doesn’t know how M&C do it, they’re kind of a mess at it. Chandler keeps kissing Monica and then having to kiss everyone else because it’s his “new goodbye” lmao.

So, here’s what I’ve been thinking: I like the “hiding our relationship cos we kind of did it out of pathetic reasons…” So, since Monica and Chandler have sex at Ross and Emily’s wedding, Adam and Ronan could do it at Declan’s wedding. Hear me out: Some old woman from the bride’s side tells Ronan that he should “hurry up and snag someone” and Ronan, who was decent enough to show up to the rehearsal dinner at all because it’s part of his twelve step program at being a better fucking brother.

Anyway, so Ronan just goes “nope” and picks up a flute of champagne. Thankfully, Adam is there to just put a stop to That. Nobody likes a drunken Ronan, especially Ronan. Then the whole: “Any man would be lucky to have you.” Coming from confirmed bisexual Adam Parrish, his brown eyes kind and his mouth slightly curled? Call Ronan a goner because no other word better describes him.

So, they kiss. And then they go to Ronan’s room. Poor Matthew is locked out but Hey! Ronan sounded really happy when he was telling him to crash with Adam. Adam is nowhere in his room (don’t question me, in this AU they’re staying at a friendly hotel that allows them access to their friends’ rooms…) so Matthew stays there.

There’s the whole: Holy Shit This Is So Great eye-contact they do at the wedding (Declan is a piece of shit but not as big of a piece of shit like Ross, so he says the right NAME) and then in the plane back (The Wedding Is Held Abroad Because Declan Is Extra) Adam and Ronan mess around successfully in the bathroom (unlike Monica and Chandler, lmao, I love Joey.)

Back in Henrietta, they’re not getting over the whole “It’s an Ireland thing” and can’t help but end up in bed together. It doesn’t help that Gansey and Blue and Henry are back in town. (This is set somewhere during Adam’s third year summer vacation from college, so… ages are around 21?) They’re all crashing at Ronan’s place (he’s got a house, because the barns are nice and all but they’re whack and his therapist told him that he has to face the trauma that location contains. Ronan does that and thinks that he could keep the Barns but he doesn’t have to live in them. After all, it is still painful to live there without his mother and with Matthew away in school.) The house Ronan owns is pretty neat, it’s a perfect size when it’s Ronan, Opal (who stayed with the 300 Fox way witches when Ronan went to the wedding; Apparently she didn’t want to go because uhm?? Weddings suck and I agree, Opal.) Matthew. But with the Sarchengsey back (Gansey refused to get a hotel room and Blue didn’t want to be the only one stuck at Fox Way again. Henry… is Henry, he’s gonna be there no matter what.) the place is all arms and legs and bonfires and sweltering heat and GOD DAMN IT HENRY SHUT THE DOOR WHEN YOU’RE GETTING YOUR DICK SUCKED please. They’re horrible roommates but they’re great friends so it all works out.

Except it doesn’t. Not when Adam and Ronan are super entangled with this new thing they feel. It’s mostly lust and Wow I Can’t Believe We’ve Never Done This Before but it’s consuming their time so nicely.

There’s the wee hours when Adam is the first to wake up, or so he thinks, but he sees freshly showered Ronan making coffee and breakfast for Everyone cos he is apparently capable of so much kindness when he’s not twisted around in agony. Adam leans back against the kitchen door and watches Ronan. His hair grows in such pretty curls that are so obviously damp. Trickles of water slide down the column of his neck and Adam’s blood stirs. He reaches behind him to lock the door and the sound gets Ronan’s attention. He looks up from buttering the grilled cheese sandwiches he was making and his eyes are like hooks, piercing into Adam’s chest and pulling him further into the kitchen. They’ve been sneaking around, kissing in the darkness of the back porch is easy at two am with the gang’s soft snoring coming from inside but they’ve never done this in daylight. He drops the knife in his hand, the sandwiches forgotten. Their height difference isn’t much but it allows Ronan the advantage of being pulled down by Adam. He loves the coarse fingers, ever so beautiful, cupping his face, Adam’s breath sweet and gentle as he kisses the side of his mouth. The soft area behind Ronan’s ear gets kissed so softly and Adam smiles into the warm skin when Ronan’s hands twitch. He prods Adam into getting on the counter and Adam obliges. Hands roam and mouths barely touch. It’s putting them on the perfect edge of not quite there. There is no urgency, no worry of being found out, they just want to drag it out. Eyes speak so clearly of how dangerously entangled feelings are getting but for now hands continue to encircle waists (Adam on a good diet is an Adam with a little extra skin that Ronan loves to grab onto) and marvel over shapely arms (All of Ronan’s labor work is paying off.)

BUT THEN! The door is shaking. Someone’s trying to get it. “Ronan!” It’s Gansey. The lock gives the same second Ronan steps away and Adam jumps from the counter.

“What were you doing on the counter?”

“It’s… my new exercise…”

“To jump from the counter?” Gansey sounds awfully believing.


“That’s cool.” Adam and Ronan breathe in relief but the glint of interest in Gansey’s eyes is dangerous. Hence, Adam is stuck explaining (fake) information about how it helps him attain better control over his core.

Ronan grins and at some point cackles at Adam’s bullshit but at the hot glare Adam serves him (which isn’t that hot anyway) he shuts up. He makes extra sandwiches, thinking of feeding Adam and willing his blush to subdue.

That’s just what I came up with. You can all thank Jasmine for this.

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Idea. Mitch asking Jonas to come with him to the women's prison to see his mum. He's ashamed and doesn't wanna go alone cause he blames himself for her being in there. And the whole time Jonas is reassuring mitch. (Gets him to leave his life in a flowerpot by the bus stop before going in) and Henrietta is so happy to see her baby and to see the cutie mitch brought with him ('pumpkin why didn't you tell me you bagged yourself such a cutie?!') It ends in smiles and Jo promising to drop by again


the raven cycle network: week one challenge → favourite quote

“At night, Henrietta felt like magic, and at night, magic felt like it might be a terrible thing.”

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So I saw that ask about Henrietta as a grandma but have you considered Henrietta and Jonas interaction? I feel like she'd be super happy Mitch is finally happy with someone and at first she'd be a little disbelieving that Mitch somehow managed to date this adorable and smol nerd that is nothing like him. She'd love Jo all the same, and she'd be super happy for them, and on their wedding day (which is definitely happening) she'd cry happy tears.

oh absolutely!!!! Gosh, I love Henrietta so so much and she’d love Jonas like he were her son! (Technically son in law HAHA)

She’d love their relationship and be so happy for them, she’s so proud of Mitch too!!! He got himself a keeper and happiness is all she ever wanted for her little man!