love heart skull eyes

A goth Mabel au
  • Half damaged stuffed animals sewn back together (making extra sure there are little hearts sewn with red thread)
  • black isn’t sad it’s just all the colors mixed together, it’s actually the happiest color 
  • And Grey is just pastel black
  • Smiling all the time is edgier than frowning
  • sweaters + leather jackets (plether of course, dont wanna hurt the cute cowsies) 
  • black booty pumps that make you taller than your lame bro
  • goth stickers
  • rawr means “Reasons A Walrus Rolls”
  • Walrus’s are prime goth bc they are pastel black and the rawr and they roll, AND they own buckets
  • tears in leggings mean adventures with friends!!! 
  • Black lipstick shows up better when u kiss boys 
  • Skulls Can Feel Love Too That’s Why They Have Hearts For Eyes!!! 
  • Emergency umbrella in case it suddenly rains at 11am on a 90° day
  • Bat purse, bat sweater, bat backpack with wings! Bat everything! they’re the puppycats of the sky!
  • Winged eyeliner to fly away from growing up

Since we’re talking about Pacific Rim and Megas XLR is Arthur’s favorite cartoon, I’d like to take this time to remind everyone that this exists.


Fledgling - DenNor Vampire!AU Ficlet

AN: Happy spoops-day! 
And thanks to @yeoldehetalian for being my awesome Beta

I had kept myself as far away from civilization as I could for a reason. The moment I had died and opened my eyes, blinking against the sudden onslaught of colours I’ve never seen before, I knew I couldn’t exist near people. It was not just seeing things I never imagined before that drove me away, but also the near constant thirst, the sounds, and the smells that people carried around with them like bags of invisible luggage. It was a war on my senses and I couldn’t handle being in such close proximity to people.

I didn’t mind, of course, I hadn’t particularly enjoyed people while I was alive.

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