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Can I ask a happy Wilford, King and Dark cuddling? Cuz I need to heal my broken heart ;-;

“Move over, love.”

Wilford wants to question it but he’s so tired he just does as he’s told. A smaller body curls up beside him, and then the bed really dips as Dark climbs back in.

Wilford blinks his eyes open to find King tucked against Dark’s chest and smiles softly.
“Nightmare?” He mouths to Dark, who nods his head.

Wilford throws his arm over his son and husband and breathes out a sigh. Peace at last.

As both a story creator and a story consumer, I love bookends and circular themes; that is to say, I love it when a story is set up so that the ending is a parallel to the beginning. This is due to two parts:

1) history is constantly repeating; people live, love, fight, and die. A bookend story helps to reinforce this idea.

2) while history is constantly repeating, people can learn from previous mistakes. A good bookend story takes that idea and makes the ending smarter, better than the beginning was.

Take GoT for example, and more specifically: Jon/Sansa

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BTS Reaction: You Finally Remember Him

Continuation of: BTS Reaction: You Have Amnesia

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“Bts reaction when you finally remember them or fall in love with them again. 💟 (to heal my broken heart from the last ask ❤)”

I was hoping someone would request this. I didn’t want to leave my beloved followers with a broken heart 💔💖

I’m so sorry this took so long. Hope you enjoy! 😘


Even though you can’t remember him, Jin loves making you laugh. In fact, it seems to be his favorite thing to do. He turns some music on and dances rediculously around your apartment until your stomach is burning from all the laughter.

You’re slumped on the floor, holding your stomach as you fight for breath, tears of laughter in your eyes. He picks you up from the floor and sits down on the couch, setting you in his lap. He’s happy he was able to take your mind off things.

He plays with your hair, braiding it loosely when you sit up, somehow knowing that’s what he wanted to do. As you feel his hands in your hair, you gradually remember other times like this, where there was laughter and cuddles. It all comes slamming back into your mind and you quickly twist around, staring at Jin’s pout when your hair is pulled from his hands.

You turn around, straddling him and sitting back on his thighs. You bring your finger up to trace his plump lips as you remember what it felt like to kiss them for the first time. His eyes are watching you carefully as you lean forward.

“Jinnie,” you breathe just before your lips meet his and his eyes widen at the nickname, tears pooling in them as he kisses you back.

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He did create new memories with you. But also relived old memories, hoping it would help you remember. He took you to your favorite date spot, by the river, after the sun had gone down. He prepared a picnic for you, all your favorite foods. And, although you had no memory of your relationship, he was so obviously in love with you and just so caring, it was impossible for you not to fall for him. You two drew close again, but you always noticed the sad look in his eyes.

You’re finally comfortable enough to go to his studio while he is working on a new song. When you step into the studio, you hear him quietly rapping his new lyrics. This is the first time you’ve heard him rap since you lost your memory. You stop in your tracks, head tilting to the side as you listen. The lyrics are sad, and it breaks your heart to know you’ve caused such sadness.

A memory flashes through your mind. You see Yoongi on stage, passionately spouting his lyrics. Then he looks at you in the crowd and smiles. You get the same jolt in your chest, butterflies fluttering in your stomach, as you see the look of love in his eyes. It all comes flooding back to you and you gasp at the pain in your head. You drop to your knees and Yoongi’s immediately at your side asking frantically what’s wrong.

“I remember,” you whisper. Flinging your arms around his neck, you let out a sob. “I remember.”

Yoongi squeezes you tightly, burying his head in your neck, and you feel the dampness of his tears against your skin as he cries in joy.

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You’re constantly remembering things…except Namjoon. When your family came to see you at the hospital, memories flooded back and you were plagued by a migraine for days.

You remember how Namjoon cried at your bedside and it breaks your heart that he’s so devastated. You relearn the things he likes and dislikes. He’s always drinking coffee, so you learn to make it the way he likes.

When you walk through his studio door with another cup of coffee, he doesn’t notice you. Headphones over his ears, he bobs his heat to the beat he’s making. You stand there and watch, laughing softly at his random hand gestures.

You walk up behind him and tap him on the shoulder. He jumps, spinning around and knocking the coffee from your hand. It spills down your shirt.

“Shit, I’m sorry!” He runs to get a towel and cones back to see you standing frozen in the exact same position.

“You okay?”

You turn to look at him, eyes wet with unshed tears. “Remember how we first met?” You whisper. “You spilled your coffee on me…you said the exact same thing you did just now.”

Namjoon’s lip trembles in emotion as he walks to you, gathering you in his arms and burying his face in your hair.

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You and Hoseok had moved in together before the accident. Now, you’re staying with a strange man, sharing a bed, eating breakfast at the same table. It’s very weird, but you get used to it. You relearn Hoseok’s habits. How he’s slugish and a bit grumpy in the mornings, but otherwise always smiling and happy. He tries to mask the pain in his eyes, but he’s not good at hiding his emotions.

One night you dream of him. He’s teaching you their choreography. You two are laughing and so happy; much happier than you’ve been lately. You wake up to a splitting headache and groan, clutching your head as you roll into Hoseok.

“What’s wrong?” he mumbles.

You open your eyes to see him looking at you in concern. You gaze at him, all the love you’ve ever felt shining from your eyes as you remember. You smile brightly, tears blurring the vision of your beautiful, sleep deprived boyfriend. You roll on top of his and kiss his. “I remember,” you whisper against his lips.

He lets out a whimper as he wraps his arms lightly around your waist, tears already flowing freely from his eyes. He kisses you back, all the pain and love he’s felt the past few months on his lips.

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He tries to hide his sorrow from you; you’re one to feel guilty over a situation you can’t control, and he doesn’t want that.

Once you’re home, you always wake up to him singing. He’ll either be in the kitchen, cooking you breakfast, or walking around the apartment, straightening it up.

This particular morning, though, he’s singing a song that really hits you. It’s beautiful, and emotional, and so sweet coming from his lips. You know it’s your favorite, that it’s one of his group’s songs. Instead of your memories flooding back, they come in waves. Your first time meeting Jimin, your first date, your first kiss. You slowly rise from bed and walk into the living room, where he’s neatly arranging your favorite novels on the book shelf.

“Chim,” you whisper, barely audible, but he spins around at the sound of your voice. He knows, not just from the nickname, but the tears in your eyes and your sweet smile. His face mirrors yours as he rushes to pick you up, your legs wrapping tightly around his waist. You squish his cheeks as you press a kiss to his lips already salty from tears.

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After another week in the hospital, you’re discharged and Taehyung is able to take you home. You learn that you two had moved in together a couple weeks before the accident. There are boxes still waiting to be unpacked, pictures waiting to be hung, and a bedframe waiting to be assembled. A queen mattress lies on the floor of your bedroom, a fluffy comforter thrown haphazardly over it, and it’s such a welcoming sight. You take your shoes off and lay under the warmth of the blanket as Tae carries your bag in the room.

You started calling him Tae as soon as you learned his name. It just seemed natural and made him smile so brightly, a little hope shining in his eyes.

You quickly drift off to sleep. You don’t know how long you were asleep, but you wake up to the sun going down, warm light shining through the uncovered windows. You roll over to see your boyfriend sleeping beside you. You smile fondly, thinking that you’re always the first one awake.

You shoot up in bed and let out a gasp, jolting Tae awake. In his sleep-induced haze, he doesn’t recognize your tears as happy and panics.

“Jagi, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” You let out a watery laugh and you don’t have to explain. Tae knows you remember.

He gives a joyful shout and tackles you, planting wet kisses all over your face, his tears mixing with yours.

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He’s been giving you space. He doesn’t want to smother or overwhelm you. The times he does talk to you makes you realize how sweet and loving he is. It hurts him that you can’t remember.

You’ve been watching their music videos and Bangtan Bombs, just trying to jog your memory. What ultimately gets you is a video you find saved in your phone. It’s from their last tour when Jungkook was really missing you. He tells you how much he loves and misses you. That he appreciates your support. By the end, he’s tearing up and you’re remembering.

You run all the way to the practice room where they’re practicing their choreography. When you barge into the room, winded and sweaty, all seven boys look at you in concern. Jungkook is about to take a step towards you before you run at him, jumping into his arms and wrapping yourself around him. You don’t care that his hyungs are watching as you kiss him passionately. You tunnel your fingers through his sweat-drenched hair and his sobs are muffled by your lips.

It’s so beautiful and emotional that the others tear up, even Yoongi.

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RFA +minor trio reacting to MC getting hurt (crack version, so much crack)

So we were trying to finish our request, it’s really late, we’re both sleep deprived, and in our break, this happened. We don’t know what this is and we sincerely apologize. 

Hopefully when we wake up tomorrow and look at this we won’t hate ourselves *passes out on bed*


  • Your leg is broken
  • You cling to his rat tail upon falling and RIP IT STRAIGHT OFF
  • My leg tho Zen, my leg
  • He takes one look at your broken leg, “shhh it’s ok, it’ll heal in one day, if I can do it then you can, don’t be so dramatic, omg”
  • You show that your leg can bend the wrong way around
  • “Ok okkk omg, one and half day tops, because you’re not a beast, like me”
  • Proceeds to show you his muscles
  • Then he saw his ripped-off rat tail and broke down crying, “it took me 26 years to grow this tail, never had it cut since I was born”, he sobbed miserably
  • “Shhh you’ll grow a new one”


  • You broke your leg
  • Yoosung tries to help you
  • He was a good vet, but inexperienced doctor
  • “MC, do you think you need more or less tranquilizer than the cow Betsy”
  • Yoosung WTF
  • Tranquilizer
  • More than a cow


  • You got burned by coffee while working at the café
  • “Sorry MC we can’t close this café, I’m too broke for that, just drink some coffee, I heard ‘like heals like’”
  • Brings you more coffee and tries to homeopathy her way out of this
  • Coffee helped her through her pain, surely it must help u


  • You broke your ankle in the cherry farm
  • Jumin tries to heal you with “the essence of Elizabeth III”
  • Rubs her on your ankle
  • She bites you and claws you
  • “Umm Jumin, I don’t think it’s working”
  • “Shhhh,” he says, now rubbing Elizabeth in your face, “just let her work her magic”


  • First thing he does is to change into a sexy nurse costume
  • “Let me heal you~ with love~”
  • “Ooohohh where does it hurt? Is it here?”, He places his hand on your chest
  • “What about here?” He moves it downwards
  • “Ooh you’re being so loud, does this mean you like it ~”
  • OMG DOCTOR WTF JUST CALL THE DOCTOR PLZ, you don’t have a medical license
  • “Oohh MC I can hack out any license I want”

———Minor trio————————


  • This man walks around with a broken, untreated arm
  • When people question, he responds that “it’s a symbol of the last memory of his girlfriend, who clung to the cliff with one arm, and asked for his help, the very last time he went photographing”
  • He sighed, and looked up at the sky. “Some even say I pushed her, but they have no proof.”
  • He shook his head, tears shining in his eyes, “Others say, I could’ve helped her, instead of capturing the moment with a photograph, but little do they know about art”


  • Saeran straight up shot you
  • He was feeling so bad because he was aiming for V
  • But V managed to push you in front of him (Afterwards, V tattooed a bullet hole in the center of his chest, as a metaphor of your bravery)
  • So Saeran accidentally shot you instead, and now he felt sad
  • He lives the rest of his life trying his best to shoot V
  • But he managed to get a shit ton of other people killed in the process
  • V is a sneaky bastard


  • You were pulling a prank
  • Vanderwood disapproves
  • He has had enough now, so he slapped you
  • This was you: (◕︵◕)
  • “Wipe that ugly smirk off your face”, he commanded
  • (◕︵◕)
  • He slaps you again
  • (◕︵◕)
  • He bursts out of the door, crying, screaming that he deserves better
taking flight

I see the look in your eyes
a wounded animal
I’m so sorry, you deserve better
let me kiss the pain away

I shoulder the weight of your sighs
yours - an act so criminal
no amount of kisses can unfetter
the soul’s ache after an ‘I just don’t care’?

The words that escaped
I’d eat them all like shattered glass
To bring the sun back to your eyes
To tape up your broken heart

Acts of indulgence  
cry louder than your words of porcelain.
As night follows day, mistrust followed love
with fragments lost, is it possible to go back?

I’ve damaged the nest you built for me
I broke the windows in our home
There’s nothing I regret more
than bringing winter to your love.

Regret, regret - always the undoing,
the unspeaking, impossible as the sun
rising anywhere but East; where have our
swallows flown, this stormy love to weather?

Birds soar back as weather grows warmer
They fly North once again
Returning to climes familiar
like the sparrow, please come home 

my heart knew the way once
yet I have no map of lips, compass of kisses
and no breadcrumbs left
but tears to navigate the stars with.

Is there no way
to recover the shipwreck?
to turn your gaze upward?
to follow the northern star?

On fiery waves, our flotsam shall sway
eternal; all good intentions lead here -
where is north of hell in the mind
but hell ascended?

Is there flint in your soul?
stone walls too tall to mount.
I scream till I’m hoarse
you’ve simply stopped listening.

My soul is ash,
wasteland deep and empty;
after such betrayal it hears nothing
though the heart submits at the whisper of a kiss.

I want nothing more
than to bandage your wounds
to return your smile
you seem to have lost it.

Then, love, hold my broken nothings
in your healing arms.
say nothing but kisses
do nothing but prayers.


The fruits of working with with the sunny, witty, talented, and delightul @drearydaffodil . So much fun! Thank you for the collaboration! :) 

My art teacher once said:
“Don’t fall in love with artists.
They are broken. They are misunderstood.
They’d color your life with all the brightest colors,
Then they’ll bring you thunderstorms and rain,
They’d bring you pain, suffering and disaster,
Then they’ll bring you flowers and sunshine.
They’re too dark, they’re too pure,
They’re too raw or just insecure.
Their souls are crushed, their minds are crowded
They’d smile while burying you alive
They’d laugh while waving their last goodbye.”

She said:
“Be careful when you paint, be careful when you write, focus on your thoughts, don’t let them tear you apart.
You know even the smallest mistake can mess everything up.”

Same thing with people.
Don’t run into love if you’ve never been loved,
It’ll break your heart too soon,
Don’t think your loved one will wait for you forever
If you keep on changing your mind,
Your dearly beloved will find his soulmate
And all the things you’ve done for him,
all the words you’ve said,
Will feel like they never even existed.
Oh, darling, a love you’ve never had will break your heart more than any shitty lover could.
Be passionate, be artistic, be raw
Love forever, kiss like never, die together.

She said:
“When you write, be exciting, be raw, make one sentence long, next one short, make them sound fast, make the reader’s breath stop.”

Same thing with life.
Live your life like a movie,
Talk like a poem,
Think like a book,
Make your life a story worth telling,
Make your life a book worth selling,
Make your life a poem worth listening.

But I never listened…
I made my life a movie - but a movie you’d never watch,
I talked like a poem - but like a shitty one
I thought like I was writing a book - but not the good one.

My art teacher said:
“Don’t fall in love with artists,
They’re toxic, they’re like a grenade,
They’re dying inside,
They got feelings they can’t hide,
They cry and can’t sleep at night.”

I laughed.
That wasn’t only the lover I wanted to have,
That was also the person I wanted to become.
So I worked on myself, I worked on my art,
I worked day and night,
And few years later, i’m better at making art
But I fell apart
And I still can’t sleep at night.

I started looking for my soulmate
A guy or a girl who could heal my wounds and my broken bones,
Someone who’d love like there’s no tomorrow.

I fell in love with an artist,
And i bought one way ticket to disaster,
Bought one way ticket to suicide of my own mind,
Yeah, i buried myself alive.

—  Don’t fall in love with artists // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #4

Foolish heart, you had just started to heal.

But as I hold you in my hand you once again bleed; old wounds torn open, new wounds raw and vivid against achromatic flesh.

I examine the damage. Once a pure canvas, you are now a war zone, disfigured by the stories you will never tell.

I count the bruises first, trace a finger along your scars, some more faded than others. My finger rests on the one from the first time you were hurt. It was always the deepest one, wasn’t it? I don’t need to look closely to know it still weeps. To know it never healed like you pretended it did.

You were so quick to forgive, to trust again.

You begged to lay upon my sleeve. I warned you against it, that it would make you too vulnerable, but you insisted. You believed in the hearts of others, in the goodness of them. You believed all hearts were the same as you.

You believed in love, for is that not what you were made for?

But you didn’t know how cruel other hearts could be.

You were a soldier on the frontline and you battled hard against the ones who tried to bring you down. Over and over I stitched your wounds until you were a patchwork heart, held together with little more than frayed thread and faltered hope, and yet on my sleeve you stayed and fought until there was too much blood and not enough thread and I placed you back in my chest, determined to keep you safe.

But dear heart, you were so stubborn, and though I told you, “No more!” I could not keep you in my chest, so determined you were to prove me wrong. To prove the power of forgiveness, grace, second chances, unconditional love.

But you weren’t healed. You weren’t ready.

And this time, the wound struck too deep. You couldn’t get back up.

Now you lay limp in my hands, surrendered, defeated. I zigzag the thread through your wounds, pull them closed, hope my saltwater tears cleanse the place where his words plunged into your fragile core.

Precious heart, you have withered, paled, turned cold and stone-like. You no longer believe in love, or in the goodness of other hearts.

But I will keep you safe in me, and you will heal. Soon, the bleeding will stop. Your wounds will become scars, and they will fade with time, reminders of how strong you really are. With each new day I will hear the sound of your resolve as you beat harder against my chest.

Dear heart, I am proud of you. You are right to believe in love and to fight for it.

Don’t allow the ugliness that resides in others take away the beauty in you.

The world is full of hearts like you. Kind hearts, merciful hearts, brave hearts, compassionate hearts, generous hearts, forgiving hearts, loving hearts.

And when you find them, you will know recognize them.

For they too bear the scars of a warrior.

Foolish and determined, just like you, to believe that love can heal a broken world.

—  Kathy Parker (To My Foolish Heart:Keep Fighting; Elephant Journal; edited by Emily Bartran)

1. You smelled just like the hand soap my mom bought for our downstairs bathroom. It was my first kiss, and even then I knew you were built on mistakes. Your foreign hands ran over my untouched skin and all I could think about was your girlfriend. Before anything else, I was the other woman. I was 15.

2. We got drunk in a strangers basement and made out on the pool table. You were short and sweet and your tongue felt like a pillow against mine. I laughed between each kiss, wishing this could be something, wishing we could be something, wishing we weren’t from two separate worlds.

3. You were the first man I was scared of. The first man to pin me to a wall and kiss me, the first man to drive me around in his passenger seat and steer with no hands, the first man to roughly force his fingers into places they shouldn’t have been. Every time I smell a cigarette I think of you. Every time I see the color red I think of you.

4. You gave me your sweatshirt with a hand-written note in it. For three weeks, I believed in us. For three weeks, your eyes melted every time they looked at me. For three weeks, we were almost in love. Three weeks went by and then you were gone.

5.  You were all: soft kisses, strong hands, quiet laughter, hidden secrets, big shoes, mixed emotions. We had our first kiss on a black leather couch in the middle of a suburban summer. When I went to college, I told you I missed you. You said, ‘How? It’s only been a week.’ I didn’t have the guts to tell you that I missed you every time I breathed.

6.  Here’s the best way to put it: you set me on fire. You lit me from the ground until my whole body burned with the thought of you. Your eyes softened every time you looked at something you loved - your dog, your grandmother, even me, sometimes, which made my heart rip from the seams. You kissed me by a creek and your hands were shaking. 'I can’t tell you how long I’ve been thinking about doing that,’ you told me.

7. You loved me in the summertime, as we roamed the mountains in Northern California. We would go on walks and name each rock we saw, laughing and laughing and laughing. We made love on a cliff with the stars freckled above us, both of us full of nerves and mischievous thoughts. You loved me so well and I was too stupid to know. I was too stupid to hold on to you.

8. You kissed me in my first apartment over hard cider and a home cooked meal. We were so wrong for each other, but here we were, spending days at a time holed up in your Brooklyn apartment, following the maps of each other’s bodies for hours on end. We’d fight until tears tore down our walls. We’d fight until there were no more words left to be said. We’d fight until there was nothing left in us.

9. My darling, we fell in love so quickly, didn’t we? Just two kids with stars in their eyes and a new sense of worth. Everything seemed beautiful in your eyes, including me. 'You are so beautiful,’ you’d tell me. 'You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.’ For two years you were everything. For two years I tried to fill every hole in your heart. One day, it became clear that my love wasn’t enough to heal every broken piece of you.

10. 'I like this,’ you said. 'Being here, with you.’ I held your hand as the sun came up, and wondered how many times we’ve pretended like we could be something more than what we were. I knew better but sometimes I liked to imagine us together, thirty years from now, waking up in the same bed. It was all pretend. It was all pretend.

11. We sat on a bench in Central Park, counting dogs and wondering if it was worth giving this a shot. You kissed me so softly, like I could have broken in your hands at any moment. I appreciated feeling fragile for once. It had been so long since someone had seen me as anything but strong.

12. We took a walk around the airport hotel in the middle of Ireland. I was flying back to New York the next morning and thought of every single way I could just stay here with you instead. Here you were: tall and beautiful with the softest soul I had ever seen. 'There are so many things I want to do with you, so many things I want to see,’ you whispered into the dip of my neck. It wasn’t the right time, we agreed. Maybe someday. But maybe not.

—  To Every Boy I’ve Ever Kissed - Isabel Klee

Once upon a time

Your love was once a sacrifice,

A love that pours to never priced.

If time can heal a broken heart

Then why my love is still apart?

Now tell me why I had to go,

And asking you of things I do.

Now tell me why you had to leave,

Because my heart is still in grieve.

I shalt not cry, I shalt not tear,

But why my guilt is still in fear?

Oh love, come back I need you here,

But now I’m sure, you care no fair.

My one, my heart, my missing piece,

My tears and fears canst shade regrets.

But once upon a time the life in me,

Had sparkle gleams the way could be.




I know it’s real when I overthink about you in every fucking single moment
I know it’s real when you cross my mind way more than you should
I know it’s real when I can’t stop putting your name in every song I hear
And when the only thing that can heal my broken heart is your voice

I love the twinkle in your eyes, your pure smile, your lips, your soft hands your touch, your smell your baby skin the mole on your cheek I fucking adore every single inch of you
Baby you’re my favorite blessing.

—  Hhis-99

Through my Father’s eyes - Holly Starr

So many days I listen to the voice inside my head

I never thought that I’d be someone who could be misled
I wanted the mirror to show me something I could not see
I needed Explanations for expectations I could never reach

I know I’m not the only one who’s ever cried for help
And Jesus did for me what I could not do myself

He changed my life, I’m changing my mind
He Healed all that was broken inside
I’m loving what I can see with His spirit alive in me
I’m finding beauty for the first time
Looking through my Father’s eyes
(Looking through my Father’s eyes)