love hate realtionship

  • Me: What makes you think I like anime?
  • Person: I don't know. Maybe its the figurines lining your shelves, the posters on your wall, the manga and body pillows-
  • Me: What made you think actually LIKE it though?

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Having a Love/Hate Realtionship with Chibs would include?

Him probably having more hate than love because he seems like a relatively easy going guy

Him not really wanting you around because he gets annoyed by you

But also not wanting you away because you could get hurt and he wouldn’t be there to help

Him torn between wanting to bring you in for lockdowns when there’s not an established relationship between the two of you

Especially if he really does have thing he hates about you

The guys sometimes trying to figure out what the deal is between you

Clay just making sure Chibs is responsible for you

Chibs keeping you on a short leash so that you don’t get out of hand

Gemma not really caring but just making sure that you’re not getting him in a bad place emotionally that could hurt the club

Everyone else eventually just kinda minding their business and ignoring your relationship because they’re confused

151 of 365
I hate that you’re walking around the town with no worries - I look at you but you don’t even bother to look at me. I hate the fact that you can find another one but all I can still think of is you. Even though the last time we spoke to each other was a few years ago, you’re still on my mind everyday.

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Having a Love/Hate Realtionship with Tig would include?

Him being unbelievably annoying

Him only wanting to see you periodically

Probably for sex

Not necessarily enjoying your presence in any other circumstance

Him throwing you off the bed like he did to that croweater when he’s finished with you

The rest of the guys ignoring it because they don’t need anymore crazy in their lives

Tig bring you in for lockdown but not even speaking time with you when you’re there

He just doesn’t want you to die


Clay just making sure he keeps you in line or he’ll have his ass

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Have you seen any of the animated x-men series? Because I fucking love X-Men evolution and it sparked my love of Quicksilver, if you haven't seen it, he's a total dick and for whatever reason that's a turn on, anyways, what i'm getting at is being in a love hate realtionship with Quicksilver would include?

Yes i did as a kid XD lol sure I can do that!!!! I MEAN IT’S HIM WHO ISN’T TURNED ON BY HIM XD

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so, u have made some supercorp 🤣 stuffs in the past but ur icon makes me think you're apart of our sweet ♥️Karamel♥️ family. like are u both? 😀 I haven't heard of shippers doing both unless u 💞OT3 💞 them? I mean Chris Woods 🔥is hot as hell and so is 💯 Mel & Katty 🇮🇪🍀so yeah go for it. 😯😋😍 no judgement from me. I mean lena was kinda bitchy but love hate realtionship 👀👌👌. Im just wondering what u ship??? ty. 💘

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally enjoy both. I don’t OT3 them at all, but I love both ships seperately and honestly the only reason I slowed down on making super©orp fan sets is because when I’d get followers from them, and then reblog K*rmel stuff, I’d get hate on those gif set from followers and it was just too frustrating tbh. I hate all this fandom discourse, and when you work really hard making gifsets or edits and people crap all over that, it doesn’t make you feel very good.

Honestly, I didn’t find Lena bitchy at all, I love her Characterization so far! 

and to answer your final question: I ship both, very much. (With a slight preference for k*ramel). 

had a love/hate realtionship with kilkenny 76… so much fun to dance because i love rhythm sets but it was sooo long and hard. so here’s the sound of the set part since i can’t share the choreography :) kilkenny, you will (sorta) be missed

if max/warren is forced upon us i will be so pissed like you have 4 possible f/f pairings with great dynamics, you’ve got max/chloe who are amazing, lots of hints and potentional flirting , chloe/rachel who maybe had a relationship, max/kate which are just supporting loving dorks and max/victoria who have a great love/hate realtionship. please do what tlou did and just give me canon f/f pairings