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Lili is the Queen of seducing her instagram followers haha she’s mastered the art of the wink and pouty look xD after her hot peachy photoshoot session….. and then there’s Cole with Salem a cat in his lap sending hearts to his followers. Just a daily round up of these two’s instagram stories. 


for @abloodneed ❤️

So… I got bored and decided to make an aesthetic/mood board. I decided to go with the theme of a stargazing date with Jungkook! Why Jungkook? I don’t know lol but what you do you guys think? I might make this into a thing, like take requests for aesthetics/ mood boards! :)

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It might not seem like much but I really appreciate it ^^ And to repay you guys, I thought I’d do a shoutout/tag my followers type thing 😁 So without further a do ! THANK YOU!!!! @ohsnapitsmayy31 @maknae-dumb @awkwardawesomenessoflife @ultimatekurofan @dragonskateroffabulousness @papivtae @gzjj1069 @sassycolectionartisansworld @phemdom @evverything-in-enochian @alwayshorny789 @ollyollyoxen3 @born-sinner-bangtan-lover @ulikemynicetits @min-wifeu @dainealjpg @charcolate @iuhhimrandom @asutu98 @sugawarvara @natalieistoawesome @taeguboi @kjhkpop @partly-insane @better-by-your-side @neesty @aloisskelington @multi6fandoms @cloutsavage1 @anime-nerd04 @imaginacontusidols @hit-the-bangtan @neko-sas @stillintojimin @k-popcumsfirst @baekhyunsyeollie @flxffycxshtxn @x-sugadaddy-x @i-tselementary @aeriaan @dismemberx @ghostlylover5-blog @jung-hoseok-1802 @nsfw-vmin @bts-is-liffee @fxckjiminie @my-little-dirty-world @csmozar @dosmilseventeen @f-unsub @locaporgames @btskoreantcwn @chicdeedee3 @lena-love0711 @whinychim @miraclesgg @spoilmemoredaddy @xi-na @canunotv @xxbtsxcouplesxx @chimxhim @minyoongi-genius @fvxkboiitae @heey–stay-with-me @jaynie-got-a-gun @huthy @jemenrose @im-so-bittersweet @its-alysonflanglais @parkjimet @cuteyoonseok @floatxbotery @dellykitty @xoxo2910 @trashbby-guk @adidashoseoks @alyssa-perkins @cacey247 @salad158 @honetseok @kimrapmoonie @adllaps @betataeil @brattybts @taehyung-aah @psychopharmakologie @trashy-matsuno @mydirectionergir3posts @daddy-sf9 @chipa-el-oompaloompa @kinkyseoks @rivertoforever @ropebunnykook @s-threestars @parknicolegd @extrajungkookie @arcticcrybabyy @manataes @bottomhoseokie AGAIN HANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH !!! AND I HOPE YOU GUYS WILL CONTINUE TO ENJOY MY CONTENT !!! ❤❤❤

Hey hey♥︎

Sorry for being absent a lot of time and don’t update a long time ago!! But I guess in a few days I’ll post new stuff and also new specials coming!!! But btw I just want to fix some emotional stuff cus’ u know sometimes self-stem is a hoe and life too haha. Anyway hope u still having a super nice moth and a yay life!❤️❤️❤️

I don’t care what anybody else says, Midorima’s dorky extra game haircut is super cute!! I will fight you on this!!!! (ง •̀_•́)ง

anonymous asked:

It's so good to be you 'cause no matter who is on the podium you r happy

i’m not really sure how to take this bc it does kinda sound sarcastic but i’ll just give you the benefit of the doubt lmao

and obviously there are jumpers i would prefer to get a medal more than others, but honestly at the end of the day, ski jumping makes me happy as it is, i just want them to have a safe and fair competition and if we get that idk why i should be bitter about the podium?

like yes if one of my faves who had a chance to get on the podium really messes up his second jump (kinda like michi did yesterday) i’ll be sad for that person, but that doesn’t stop me from being happy for the guys who did get on the podium

all these guys fight so hard and they have fought so hard to get to where they are now, they train so much, they have so much passion for this sport, they are what MAKES the sport what it is and i think it’s just kinda disrespectful when the first comments i see after a competition are about how someone didn’t deserve the podium.. and tbh i refuse to contribute to that bc i don’t agree, everyone who was on that podium got there bc they did a great job and yes i’m happy for everyone who does great